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Bankruptcy Attorney Las Vegas

Las Vegas Bankruptcy And Debt Relief Solutions Are Our Specialty

Las Vegas Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Explained – PART 1

When you are faced with overwhelming debt in Nevada, knowing your options is the first step to taking back control of your finances. Thus, when you work with MyLasVegasLawyers, our Vegas bankruptcy law firm gives you the tools you need to determine which debt relief option best fits your situation. Contact us for an expedited debt relief needs.

Our experienced Las Vegas bankruptcy attorneys will assist you with both short term and long term solutions. Additionally, you will work directly with Las Vegas Bankruptcy Attorney Erik Severino. Plus, Erik offers free consultations, either in-person or by phone, depending on which works better for you. Also, with offices in both Henderson and Las Vegas, Nevada our bankruptcy firm is convenient for your Las Vegas debt relief needs.

Keep in mind, filing for bankruptcy in Henderson or Las Vegas is not a financial death sentence. Declaring bankruptcy doesnt have to mean the end of your financial life. Plus, the assistance of the right bankruptcy lawyer will be beneficial as it helps you eliminate stress, resolve most of your debts, stop creditor harassment, and emerge from proceedings financially on a sound footing.

About Freedom Law Firm

As one of the largest, most experienced consumer law firms in Nevada, our entire focus is on offering comprehensive debt relief solutions for Nevadans like you, and helping you decide if bankruptcy is the right option for you. Everyones financial situation is unique, but if you are struggling like so many others in Las Vegas, take a deep breath and remember that you have options. Whether its stopping foreclosure on your home, Chapter 7 bankruptcy, Chapter 13 bankruptcy, Foreclosure mediation, loan modification, or debt collector harassment,

we are here to help you. Weve helped thousands of people like you eliminate or reduce their debt, save their homes, stop abusive creditors, and move on with their lives.


Bankruptcy Attorney Las Vegas

David J Winterton & Associates is a specialized bankruptcy attorney in Las Vegas, Nevada. With over 30 years experience, and over a

thousand bankruptcy filings, we have the expertise to handle your bankruptcy with the least amount of fees involved. We are respected by the judges, the legal community, and the clients that we represent. Our reputation goes above and beyond any other Las Vegas bankruptcy firm because of our integrity, knowledge, and skills. Most of our cases are referred to us by other attorneys and former clients because they know they can trust us to provide the most professional and comprehensive representation possible.

Bankruptcy is a unique field because so many of our clients, like you, are faced with financial crises that sometimes cannot be resolved unless they file bankruptcy within the framework of commercial and personal bankruptcy. Thats why it is so important to get legal assistance from a bankruptcy attorney who has the skills and expertise to handle your bankruptcy in the best way possible with the best reputation to match it.

A sample of the firms representation in the Bankruptcy Court includes acting as Debtor and Debtor-in-Possessions counsel for the Maxim Hotel and Casino, Trustees counsel for the Hotel Continental, Official Unsecured Creditors Committees counsel in the Riviera Hotel and Casino and the Aladdin Hotel and Casino bankruptcy cases, as well as counsel for numerous financial institutions in many bankruptcy cases.

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What To Expect From Your Las Vegas Bankruptcy Attorney

Our attorneys want to help you consider all your options. If bankruptcy is the best path for you, we want to help you structure your bankruptcy in the best possible way. The choices that you make when it comes to how you pursue your bankruptcy can help you get the best possible result from your bankruptcy proceeding.

Our experienced legal team will help you with every step of the process, including:

  • Knowing What Type of Bankruptcy You Can File. For individuals and couples, there are two types of bankruptcy Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. Corporations can file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. There are benefits to each type of filing and eligibility requirements to consider.
  • Explaining Whats Exempt and What Gets Sold. Depending on the type of bankruptcy you file, there are some things that you get to keep. Your attorney will explain this in full. In Nevada, personal exemptions are quite generous for individuals.
  • Guidance and Representation for Hearings. Your bankruptcy attorney will take the pressure off on hearing days because you know youre walking into court with a professional.
  • Help With Gathering Paperwork and Records. Your bankruptcy attorney is clear on what documents you need and how to gather the paperwork for your case.
  • Tips on Things to Avoid. With years of experience in bankruptcy court, your attorney knows what could hurt your case and will help you avoid these mistakes, ultimately saving you time and money.
  • Sometimes Even The Best Business People Can Face Financial Setbacks

    David J. Winterton Bankruptcy Attorney Las Vegas

    Unforeseen circumstances can make it hard to pay back creditors, and your debts can quickly pile up. At these times, things can seem bleak. If this sounds familiar, there is hope for you to have a fresh start. Chapter 7 bankruptcy can act as a financial reset button to allow you to recover and try again.

    Chapter 7 bankruptcy can help to eliminate several types of debt for you and your business. You can have a clean financial slate by eliminating the following:

    • Medical bills
    • Bank loans and lines of credit
    • Court judgments
    • Some tax obligations

    Chapter 7 cannot clear all your debt. You will still be responsible for obligations such as income tax, student loans, and spousal and child support. However, Chapter 7 can help you free up money to take care of these other responsibilities.

    If you live in the Las Vegas area and face severe financial burdens, contact the Las Vegas bankruptcy attorneys at The Rosenblum Allen Law Firm. Our team can help you to eliminate some of your debt and give you a fresh start.

    When considering filing for bankruptcy, there are common questions and concerns that people may have. Lets look at some of these and then show you how The Rosenblum Allen Law Firm can help.

    Who Can File for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

    A reasonable bankruptcy attorney can help you to navigate these terms to determine if you are eligible. The bankruptcy attorneys at The Rosenblum Allen Law Firm can help to get the process started for you.

    What can I keep if I File Bankruptcy?

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    Is This Really A $0 Down Bankruptcy Filing

    Whats the catch? How are you able to offer this? YES, THIS IS REAL! Here is how it works First, a skeleton bankruptcy filing is filed for you at no charge. Next, we file the second part of your bankruptcy petition. Our Vegas bankruptcy firm charges for the 2nd part of your bankruptcy filing, however, you dont have to start paying for your bankruptcy until 30 days after you file. Then, you make simple monthly payments to pay for your bankruptcy.

    Keep in mind, even a simple Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Nevada is still a complex legal procedure that takes place in the federal courts. Plus, we believe that you should not try to file for bankruptcy protection without the assistance of an experienced lawyer. Therefore, our simplified Zero Down BK process makes it possible for people who may not be able to afford a bankruptcy attorney, now they have an option.Call now to see if you qualify.

    The Role Of A Bankruptcy Attorney In Nevada

    Bankruptcy attorneys provide the following services:

    • Analyzing your financial situation to help you determine whether filing for bankruptcy is in your best interest.
    • Explaining which type of bankruptcy is most in line with your short- and long-term goals.
    • Handling all the paperwork and forms, from initial filing to the final discharge, and keeping you informed of your case status every step of the way.
    • Communicating with the case trustee and creditors on your behalf, and appearing in court on your behalf for all required hearings and creditors meetings.
    • Orchestrating a plan that allows you to keep as many of your assets as possible while eliminating as much debt as possible.

    In short, bankruptcy attorneys handle the entire process from beginning to end so that you can concentrate on moving on with your life.

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    What Questions Should I Ask A Bankruptcy Lawyer

    • Not sure what to ask a bankruptcy lawyer? Here are a few sample questions to get you started:

    • How long have you been in practice?
    • How many bankruptcy cases have you handled?
    • How much does a bankruptcy filing cost? How much of that cost is attorney fees vs. filing fees?
    • Where is your office in Las Vegas located?
    • What are the next steps?

    Which Debts Get Erased During A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy In Las Vegas

    PandA Law Firm – Las Vegas Bankruptcy Lawyer – Debt Relief

    In a typical Chapter 7 bankruptcy, almost all of the debts are erased, giving you a fresh start with your finances. However, you might still have to pay specific types of debts, including:

    • Student loans
    • Some charged items

    If you are concerned which of your debts might not get discharged through a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, it is best to meet with one of the bankruptcy attorneys currently practicing at May Brock Law Group to get the information and advice you need to make an educated decision.

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    Bankruptcy Lawyers In Las Vegas Nevada Can Help You

    If you’re experiencing severe financial difficulties, bankruptcy can provide a path to debt relief and help you get a fresh start. Whether you are just starting to consider bankruptcy or have already filed, getting a bankruptcy lawyer involved can help you maximize the benefits afforded to you by the United States Bankruptcy Code. We’ve assembled a list of trusted local lawyers that you can use to find the right Las Vegas bankruptcy attorney to help you stop wage garnishment, prevent creditor harassment, get debt relief, and protect your property.

    Free Bankruptcy Filing With Upsolve

    Given that youâre researching the process of filing for bankruptcy relief, chances are that you donât have $1,100 – $1,500 or more readily available so that you can pay attorneysâ fees upfront. Itâs important to understand that most bankruptcy attorneys are willing to work with their clients to make the process of filing for bankruptcy financially manageable. Many law firms charge flat fees for Chapter 7 bankruptcy assistance, as this process is particularly straightforward and predictable. Similarly, many law firms allow their Chapter 13 bankruptcy clients to pay their attorneysâ fees in installments so that the full amount isnât due all at once.

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    Skilled Bankruptcy Lawyers Serving The Great City Of Las Vegas Nv

    A financial crisis is something which, irrespective of income or past, anyone can experience. Enormous debt can be both financially and emotionally damaging. Today, many people are losing work, incurred credit card debt to meet their monthly expenses, or are entangled in hospital costs in all areas of life. There is a realistic solution, irrespective of whether you are facing unsustainable debt or simply cannot keep up with your daily bills, and you do not have to face an enormous financial strain forever. A Las Vegas bankruptcy lawyer understands the reality of these situations.

    The bankruptcy lawyer of Black Mountain Legal will help you get back on your own, clean your situation, and provide you a new beginning. The bankruptcy process can seem lengthy and daunting, with legal documentation and legal requirements never-ending, but our bankruptcy lawyers can guide you through the process to a debt-free future with their support.

    Our Las Vegas bankruptcy lawyer will help ease the burden and liability of getting out of debt, and you can put an immediate end to collection efforts and creditor correspondence by filing a bankruptcy case. You are not just a number or a file, but a person that needs the respect and recognition that your concerns deserve, with top-class customer support and personal care as our priority.

    Are You Searching For A Top Bankruptcy Lawyer In Las Vegas Nevada

    Bankruptcy attorney Goldberg pleads guilty in tax evasion

    Find a top rated attorney near you with comprehensive knowledge of Bankruptcy laws in your state one who can explain all of your legal options, negotiate with creditors, and protect your assets.

    Doing so could help you avoid costly mistakes and make an informed bankruptcy decision.

    Bankruptcy, or financial insolvency, can have a serious impact on your economic well being, family and future stability.

    Dealing with the legalities of bankruptcy, credit reporting bureaucracy, and the tactics of collection agencies can be a daunting challenge, especially for ill-informed consumers.

    Finding the proper legal help can alleviate the stress and burden brought about by bankruptcy and debt.

    Super Lawyers offers a free, comprehensive directory of accredited attorneys whove attained a high-degree of peer recognition and professional achievement in the bankruptcy field.

    Consider an initial legal consultation today.

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    Legal Fees Paid Through Plan

    You hire an attorney to handle your entire case. You pay the Court costs, and your Trustee pays your legal fees from Plan payments.

    Of course, financing your Bankruptcy costs more. But if your wages are garnished, the repo man is circling the block, or your home is up for foreclosure, this option is crucial.

    Types Of Personal Bankruptcy Filings In Las Vegas

    There are two types of bankruptcy filings for individuals in Las Vegas. You can file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a complete discharge of qualifying debts. Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a restructuring that allows you to discharge some debts and pay a portion of other debts over time according to whats affordable for you.

    What you qualify to file depends on your income and what kinds of debts you have. Our team can help you determine which type you are eligible to file and the pros and cons of Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy proceedings.

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    Contact Our Las Vegas Bankruptcy Lawyers Today

    Are you overwhelmed by your finances? Do you feel like you could use a fresh start? You have options.

    Our bankruptcy lawyers have experience helping hundreds of Las Vegas clients just like you. Were passionate about people. We invite you to come to meet with our legal team. Theres no cost for a consultation. Together, we can determine if bankruptcy is right for you and chart a course for a brighter future. Contact our team to speak immediately with a team member.

    If youre done stressing over debt, give our legal team a call. Relief may be just a phone call away. Theres no cost to call, and theres no obligation to speak to our legal representatives. Of course, at Half Price Lawyers, the price is always right. Call us today to begin.

    Las Vegas Bankruptcy Lawyer

    Bankruptcy Attorney Las Vegas

    The burden of debt can adversely affect your relationships, your physical and mental health, and your career. If you feel overwhelmed with debt that you cannot afford to pay off despite your best efforts, bankruptcy may provide great relief to you and your family. Bankruptcy protection is provided by federal law and is available to all citizens who need it and qualify for it.

    At Randolph Law Firm, in Las Vegas, we help individuals and families in Las Vegas get debt relief that greatly improves their quality of life.

    Give us a call today to discuss your specific situation. We serve clients throughout Nevada.

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    How Much Do Bankruptcy Attorneys Cost

    Typically bankruptcy attorneys take a flat retainer fee upfront that covers the whole case, start to finish. But most attorneys offer payment plans that can be paid in monthly installments.

    The price of hiring a bankruptcy lawyer depends on the complexity of the case and the amount of paperwork and court hearings involved. But in any event, bankruptcy attorneys find that the money and assets that they save clients during the court process far exceeds any legal fees their clients pay them.

    Las Vegas Bankruptcy Lawyers

    10.0Read More »

    • Offers Video Conferencing

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    Nevada Bankruptcy Attorney Lennie Ann Alzate Esq

    Nevada Bankruptcy Laws » Bankruptcy Attorney Lennie Ann Alzate, Esq.

    Nevada bankruptcy lawyer Lennie Ann Alzate, Esq.

    Nevada attorney Lennie Ann Alzate, Esq. has been practicing bankruptcy law for more than a decade.

    As a Las Vegas bankruptcy lawyer, Ms. Alzate tirelessly works to determine if a bankruptcy case is the best way forward for you and if so how to go through the bankruptcy process as quickly and painlessly as possible with the aim of preserving your assets and extinguishing your debt.

    Ms. Alzate has years of experience in all types of bankruptcy filings, including:

    • Chapter 7 bankruptcy: This gives individual filers facing overwhelming debt a fresh start that can greatly reduce or eliminate medical bills and credit card debt while avoiding wage garnishments.
    • Chapter 11 bankruptcy/commercial bankruptcy: This allows companies no matter their financial situation to continue operating while implementing a reorganization and payment plan.
    • Chapter 13 bankruptcy: This allows income-earning individuals to avoid home foreclosure and vehicle repossession by lien-holding creditors through a three- or five-year repayment plan.

    Las Vegas bankruptcy attorney Ms. Alzate earned her J.D. from the Thomas Jefferson School of Law and is a Captain in the U.S. Army Reserve as well as a JAG Corps. Attorney.


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