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Best Liquidation Sites For Resellers

Install Racks And Shelving For Organizing Pallets


Sorting of liquidation pallets doesnt only refer to labeling and dividing the products by category. But also to physically organizing them on racks and shelving. This comes especially in handy if you are operating out of a warehouse. Here you will have enough space to install sturdy racks and shelves where you can store your inventory.

Depending on the type of products you have, you have plenty of options on how you can store them on the racks and shelves. One common option many resellers use is clear storage bins with labels. Just remember to not stack the bins too high and always place heavier items on the floor and the lighter ones on the top.

Scoreboards Kayaks And Knives

By 2000, a year after it launched, had its first major sale: a $200,000 marine vessel for the state of Georgia. In 2006, it went public under its new name Liquidity Services. Its stock peaked in 2012, trended downward for the next seven years, then saw a resurgence during the Covid pandemic.

Liquidity Services remains the only major publicly traded liquidator. Another big player is B-Stock Solutions, which runs branded liquidation marketplaces for huge clients like Amazon, Walmart, Home Depot and Costco. Howard Rosenberg founded B-Stock after six years at eBay, where he saw the benefits of specializing in liquidation for others, at scale.

“Companies typically don’t want to spend a whole lot of time and effort focused on that little slice of the pie. They want to focus on the 99% slice of the pie,” explained Rosenberg.

Liquidity Services sells returned items on a variety of marketplaces. There’s where pallets of returns and some individual items are auctioned off to the highest bidder, Secondipity for direct sale of individual items, and GovDeals for some especially unusual items.

“We’ve sold road paving equipment, entire gymnasium floors, scoreboards. All of the colleges and universities that are publicly funded, all of that equipment and uniforms come through our marketplace. We sell construction equipment. We sell the bucket trucks for power and utility companies,” Angrick said.

Find Liquidator Wholesales On Asd Virtual Market

To source liquidation inventory from a reputable company you will have to obtain your resale certificate. This exempts you from paying taxes when you are purchasing items to resell. Almost all reputable liquidation or wholesale companies will require you to have this to prove that you are a legit company before they let you purchase goods.

Now that you have your resale certificate you will want to buy liquidation merchandise to resell. Most big retailers like Walmart, Target, Macys, Home Depot and more have private liquidation online marketplaces. In these marketplaces you can purchase overstock, liquidation inventory, and customer returned items directly from them. Most of these marketplaces use an auction-based format so you can browse the auctions and bid the amount that you are comfortable with.

Third, after you acquire your inventory, you are finally ready to resell. By now you should have already scoped and researched where you can sell your goods. Whether you choose to sell on eBay, Amazon, or another online marketplace, online is a great place to begin reselling. If you want to eliminate shipping costs and keep your business local, you could sell your goods in a brick and mortar store, thrift shop, or flea market.

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Tips For Selling Liquidation

Liquidation is a category of merchandise that can be very profitable to the reseller. It can be very challenging for the inexperienced, so here are a few tips to help you get started.

1. Location is KEY. You, as the buyer, are paying the freight charges to have the inventory delivered to you . The closer you are to the origination location, the less you will have to pay to transport the goods. Shipping pallets or truckloads of liquidation merchandise is not cheap.

2. Determine if the liquidator is also selling through retail channels. If they are also selling on eBay, Amazon, etc., chances are they are pulling the best merchandise and retailing it there, selling the remaining items as liquidation. Even if they dont pull all of the best items for themselves, you dont want to go into competition with your supplier. They are getting the merchandise cheaper than you and can beat you on price. Every time.

3. Your Reputation is CRITICAL to your success. Your reputation in dealing with liquidators will precede you, so manage your reputation with care. In the liquidation business, you need the suppliers more than they need you.

4. Read the Fine Print. Its the things you agree to but didnt read that can come back to bite you. The contracts that you didnt create are not for your protection. They are not for your benefit . Know what you are signing. If the liquidation deals are so great that the suppliers want you to sign without reading Walk away.

Tips For Sorting And Organizing Pallets For Successful Selling

Liquidation Sites: Best Wholesale Auctions Online

Reselling is a popular business model many entrepreneurs and small business owners employ to make an extra profit. They typically source inventory through liquidation marketplaces and resell the items to their own customers, bringing in a proper full-time income. However, most of this merchandise is shipped in large sizes, making it more difficult for resellers to find the inventory they need to sell it to their customers. If this issue isnt resolved properly, it can lead to decreased profit and bad customer service which can truly hurt the overall business. Fortunately, there are many effective ways how resellers can deal with this problem and one is to employ good organizational skills. By properly decluttering and sortingliquidation pallets, and organizing pallets, you will help your business run successfully, generating more profit.

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Does Amazon Check Returned Laptops

If your laptop purchase is eligible for a return and you send it back to Amazon within 30 days, generally there is no charge. What is this? However, Amazon will inspect all returned laptops and electronics for quality, and if they find signs of tampering or misuse, a higher restocking fee will be applied.

Top 10 Wholesale Liquidation Companies In The Usa

Wholesale liquidators have been playing an essential role in compensating the losses of companies going out of business. The main purpose of these wholesale companies is to buy overstocks, shelf pulls, customer returns, and salvage merchandise from the retail stores and liquidate the inventory at lower rates. They are a great resource for small-large businesses, flea marketers, and local retailers to purchase branded goods at huge discounts.

If you have a small business, you must definitely look into these companies as they offer quality products at wholesale prices without the need for a resale certificate. It is an extremely convenient method of purchasing inventory that will bring in higher profits from the resale. However, finding the right liquidation company is difficult. It requires a lot of research to find the most trusted and genuine wholesale Liquidation Company.

Introducing our new group for Buying and Selling liquidation goods and merchandise!


Find exclusive deals and merchandise opportunities!

Therefore, we have curated a list of the best wholesale liquidation companies in the United States where you will find amazing quality products at the most comfortable price, along with shipping arrangements.

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Tips For Buying From Liquidation And Clearance Websites

So what is the best way to maximize your chances of making a profit when buying clearance or liquidation stock?

Weve covered this in detail in Sourcing Products from Liquidation Companies: The Essential Guide, and here are the headlines:

  • Get a resale certificate most US liquidation companies require one before you buy from them.
  • Analyze the manifest get as much detail about what you are buying as you can.
  • Understand manifest variance you could be entitled to some money back if the goods vary significantly from the manifest.
  • Know all your costs liquidation stock can be very time consuming to process and can tie up money for long periods of time.
  • Consider quality and grading there might be little detail on the goods quality in the manifest, so get to know the company and their grading specifics before buying a lot of stock.
  • Plan the logistics shipping costs can vary widely, and you might be tied to using the companys own logistics provider.
  • Specialize build up your knowledge and expertise in a specific product category.
  • Watch out for expiration dates clearance products can be in the supply chain for a long time.
  • Build up slowly dont spend your full working capital at once. Take small risks and build up your knowledge slowly but surely.

Get the process right, and there is a huge amount of money to be made. Get it wrong, and it could ruin you.

This article was first published in November 2018 and last updated in July 2021.

What Does Home Depot Do With Overstock

How to Get a Resellers Permit so you can Buy Wholesale Products & Liquidation Pallets

You might know a little about Home Depots Turbo inventory. There is returning inventory as well as stock consisting mostly of building materials, building supplies, flooring, and appliances with much of that inventory being still in its original packaging. You can find out how much inventory is up for auction in the current Turbo auctions.

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Questions To Ask Liquidation Companies

  • Are the prices fixed, negotiable or set by auction?
  • Do you need to register in advance to purchase?
  • Do they require a resale certificate?
  • Are there minimum or maximum spending limits?
  • What details do they provide in their manifests?
  • How much is shipping, and what options are available?
  • What is their policy and process if the goods dont match the manifest?

Once you have received the goods you will need to factor in your own processing costs to fully catalog the items and get them into saleable condition. This can take a lot of time and completely erase your profits.

A Quick Word About Liquidation Versus Wholesale

If you have been researching liquidation, you have likely come across the word wholesale. While these are similar business models, they are definitely different. For example, wholesale is the sale of products to businesses and resellers. The price is typically fixed, and the amount of product purchased can vary. Liquidation, on the other hand, often occurs when a business is trying to make cash quickly by selling overstock, obsolete goods, or overstock.

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Shopping For Fba Inventory At Liquidation Stores

On our usual shopping day, a Monday, Cliff and I were planning a trip to one of our regular liquidation stores. We had recently had good sales on a test-buy of some sunscreen multi-packs and we wanted to buy more inventory.

After we have a successful test-buy, we are usually ready to go deep on an item. We decided to call the store to ask about the sunscreen before taking the trip. Even though I had not talked to the store owner at this particular store in a while, I thought what the heck and just called him up to chat.

After chatting with him for a few minutes he invited us to come to his warehouse the next day to check out some of the stuff he thought would be perfect for us. And he let us know that he had plenty of the sunscreen in stock too.

When we arrived, we were shown around the warehouse to look at the new products they had in stock and then taken to the room where they kept all of the higher end items. These were the items that they didn’t want to put into the salvage store because they wouldn’t get the most money for them. They were testing these items out on eBay instead of selling them in-store.

If you know our buying style, we are actually looking for the items that appear to have no extra value. This is why we always tell new sellers to not worry about being gated in hot toys or big brands like Nike. So we thanked them for showing us the fancy stuff and went back to dig for some treasures in the warehouse!

Can Anyone Buy A Liquidation Pallet

Liquidation Sites: Best Wholesale Auctions Online

For registered business buyers, Amazon liquidation Auctions, the worlds largest e-commerce site, allows them to purchase liquidation pallets directly. There is also ample demand for overstocking products such as home goods, apparel, books, consumer electronics, groceries, footwear, and accessories.

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S To Starting A Liquidation Business

Youve probably heard the term liquidation but may not know exactly what it is. In the world of business, it is the process that a business uses to pay their debts by selling their goods and assets. A liquidation company buys the goods at a discount and then resells them to the public. Many of these products are brand name goods from companies whose names are very familiar with consumers.

Making money this way is possible because of the nature of liquidation, which is why more and more people have considered starting their own liquidation business. There are a few ways that people can start their own business, such as buying wholesale products to liquidate, buying return pallets from big companies, or buying the assets of a business that is closing. Here well discuss what you need to consider when starting your own liquidation business.

What Are The Best Liquidation Auction Sites

To find liquidation pallets, your best bet is to search online. Many online marketplaces sell pallets, but you must do your research.

Many sites and deals look profitable, but you must understand the entire scope of the transaction, including:

  • Is the pallet manifested or unmanifested?
  • How much are the shipping costs?

With that said, the following liquidation sites tend to be the most widely used, especially when buying Amazon liquidation pallets:

  • BULQ

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How Strict Are Amazon Returns

While Amazon generally gives customers 30 days to return merchandise, its staff often makes exceptions to this rule. However, you may need to pay return postage or a restocking fee. Some items such as mattresses, Gift List purchases, baby products, and certain refurbished goods automatically have longer return windows.

Buying Liquidated Amazon Products

How to Flip Liquidation Pallets on Amazon, eBay, Poshmark, & Mercari for a Profit

You can only buy Amazon customer returns in bulk. You can order one to two pallets or an LTL or less than a truckload containing 10-12 pallets. A single pallet can be as high as 72 inches and weigh a maximum of 1,500 lbs.

You can also buy a truckload, which contains 26 pallets. Larger orders have bigger discounts. The prices of wholesale liquidation pallets are fixed or decided through an online auction marketplace.

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Get Started On An Online Liquidation Site

There are quite a few options available when it comes to buying liquidation and wholesale inventory. And there is even more to consider when you go on to resell said inventory. Luckily, B-Stock is with you every step of the way. There is a starting place for every buyer on our site, starting with B-Stock Supply to all 65+ of our private marketplaces. The most important thing is to find a reliable source to fit your business inventory needs. A great way to begin is by browsing through current auctions and the merchandise available to see if its a match. Wed love for you to start your buying journey with us on B-Stock. Check out all of our live listings now!

Will The Merchandise Be Damaged

There is a chance that the merchandise might be damaged, but reputable companies like the ones on the list above will be upfront and honest about this, and they will also charge you next to nothing for it. This means that the higher the quality of the product, the more its going to cost you, but in the grand scheme of things youre still only going to be paying wholesale pricing for it all.

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Can You Make Money Selling Liquidation Pallets

The most pressing question looming on your mind: Can you make money buying liquidation pallets?

Yes! Ever wonder what happens to the items you return to Amazon?

Not all of them get re-listed, especially if that user sells only new items. Instead, the warehouses pack returned items into pallets. They sell these return pallets to liquidation distributors, like BULQ and

Now, you might be thinking that these pallets consist of nothing but junk, but that isn’t the case!

Here’s a video where one person shares what he received after paying $175 for $998 in Amazon liquidation merchandise from

In his Amazon liquidation box, he found:

  • Hair trimmer

Most of these items were still in excellent condition.

Here’s why.

When returning an item, Amazon’s return policy will require you to cover shipping costs depending on the reason for return.

For this reason, most people say an Amazon return item is defective or damaged to receive a prepaid shipping label even for unused items!

A pallet you purchase can be chock-full of new items that could potentially sell for a nice profit.

Is It Ethical to Sell Liquidation Products?

Without liquidation businesses, though, pallets of unused items would stack up. If you think about it, eBay has been around for decades now. And their roots started as an “online garage sale” of sorts where people resold their own stuff.

Top 10 Liquidation Sites In The Usa

Liquidation Sites: Best Wholesale Auctions Online

Wholesale liquidation is now one of 2021s most profitable business options. Its the business of buying returned, overstocked, or excess goods at a lower cost from major retail stores and suppliers and selling them at a good profit. Liquidation business gaining popularity day by day due to its high-profit turnover rates and it is all possible with the best liquidation sites available in the market today.

The main aspect of establishing your own liquidation business is finding a successful and trustworthy liquidation company or services. Such companies serve as the middle party and help you get the sellers to source your desired products and services. Choosing an appropriate company is a challenging task, with the involvement of hundreds of these businesses. There are many liquidation sites available in the USA to choose from, but not every liquidation site has the same service or can meet your business needs.

So we put together a list of some trustworthy liquidation sites that is present in the USA. This will provide you with an insight into which business suits your interests.

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