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How To Find If Someone Has Filed Bankruptcy

Search For People With Bankruptcy Or Debt Relief Restrictions

Bankruptcy & Foreclosure : How to Find Out if Someone Filed Bankruptcy?

Search the list of people with additional insolvency restrictions for the last 3 months.

The list contains details of people who have broken the terms of their bankruptcy or Debt Relief Order. They will have been given a penalty, called a Bankruptcy Restrictions Order or Undertaking or a Debt Relief Restrictions Order or Undertaking .

You may still be able to find information on the Individual Insolvency Register after 3 months but doesnt include any penalties.

You can ask for information about the unfit conduct of an individual by contacting the official receiver dealing with the case.

How Can I Find Out If A Person Has Filed A Bankruptcy In The Florida Middle District Bankruptcy Court

3. How do I obtain information about a case?You can visit the courthouse and view a file between the hours of 8:30am and 4:00pm, Monday through Friday. You can also access information for the Middle District of Florida, toll-free at 1-866-222-8029 # 91. Information about a case may be obtained by providing the Debtors social security or tax identification number or the Debtors name. The following information is available: whether a case has been filed, when it was filed and under which chapter, the judge assigned to the case, Debtors attorney and phone number, trustee and phone number, and date and time of the meeting of creditors required under Section 341 of the Bankruptcy Code.From the U.S. Bankruptcy Court Middle District of Florida Web Site

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Are Personal Bankruptcies Public Record

Yes. Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy records and public bankruptcy filings, including schedules with financial information of debtors, are publicly-filed documents . Bankruptcy information is public record.

At the time of filing, each bankruptcy is assigned a case number by the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in either the Northern, Eastern, Southern or Western District of Texas. Documents are primarily available for access through the federal Public Access to Electronic Records, or PACER, system.

According to PACER, the website includes a case locator funding which allows for searching for bankruptcy, as well as federal district and appellate cases. PACER requires registration for all users, which includes providing valid name, address, contact information, and billing information. The site charges users access at the rate of $.10 per page.

Beyond PACER, companies called Justia, BK Data Marketing, and Filings also offer access to Texas Bankruptcy records in all four district courts, though these resources are potentially less comprehensive and up-to-date than PACER.

For older bankruptcy cases before the 1990s, it may be necessary to contact or to have your lawyer contact the clerk of the Bankruptcy Court to figure out how to find bankruptcy records or how to find bankruptcy filings in Texas.

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Getting A Search Started

The best place to start is to search the London Gazette, on The Gazette website, by name of bankrupt. This has notices published by officials to inform creditors about their proceedings.

If you have found an entry in the London Gazette you can try looking for bankruptcy case files at the National Archives but only very few survive.

If you cannot find a case file you will need to browse various register and enrolment series that will normally only provide brief formal entries. They will confirm if a bankruptcy took place, but will not provide much detail.

From 1842 district bankruptcy courts were established for cases outside London. Case files and some bankruptcy registers from these should be at local archives. Search our catalogue using keywords, and refine your results using the filters. Alternatively, look for a particular local archive using Find an Archive.

How Long Does Bankruptcy Last

Can You Find Out If Someone Has Filed Bankruptcy?

The Gazette and the Individual Insolvency Register are the Official Public Records of bankruptcy. The fact of bankruptcy will also be recorded by various credit reference companies. A bankruptcy will usually remain on these records for up to 6 years.

Ordinarily the details of a bankruptcy will remain on the Individual Insolvency Register for 15 months. This is three months after the bankrupt receives his or her automatic discharge from bankruptcy which is most often after 12 months.

If, however, the bankrupt has behaved dishonestly or irresponsibly before or during the currency of the bankruptcy the Official Receiver can apply for a Bankruptcy Restrictions Undertaking or a Bankruptcy Restrictions Order . In which case the 12-month period of the automatic discharge can be extended.

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Protect Your Rights When A Customer Files Bankruptcy

When faced with a customer’s bankruptcy it is important to understand not only the rights and remedies you may have as a creditor under the bankruptcy laws, but also potential limitations on those rights and remedies. Knowing your rights and remedies will help to mitigate continuing losses to the customer and improve your likelihood of a meaningful recovery in the bankruptcy.

When a customer has filed for bankruptcy, you will be notified whether that customer has filed under Chapter 11 or Chapter 7 of the Bankruptcy Code. Your customer might become a debtor under Chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code to restructure its obligations to creditors. In a Chapter 11 case, subject to the supervision of the bankruptcy court, the debtor remains in possession of its assets and often continues its business operations. The bankruptcy court can appoint a trustee to operate the debtor’s business, but that is rare. A debtor may also use Chapter 11 to effect an orderly sale of some or all of its assets. In contrast, if your customer files a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, the bankruptcy court appoints an independent trustee to take control of and liquidate the customer’s assets and distribute the liquidation proceeds in accordance with the Bankruptcy Code. Your strategy in responding to a bankruptcy filing may depend on whether the customer has filed under Chapter 11 or Chapter 7.

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Reviewing The Results On Nj Bankruptcy Pacer

If the name of the person does not show in the search results, it is likely that he has not filed bankruptcy in New Jersey or has filed outside of New Jersey. If you do find the person you’re looking for, click on the results, and then click on “Docket Report.” This will show you a list of all the events in the bankruptcy case with links to the documents that have been filed. Each docket report search costs $0.10 per page. Click on the docket number to the left to open the document. Bankruptcy records are stored in PDF format, and you can view, save and print them.

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Mail Documents To Your Trustee

The Chapter 7 trustee is an official appointed by the court to oversee your case and liquidate, or sell, nonexempt property for the benefit of your creditors. Not all types of bankruptcy require the involvement of a bankruptcy trustee, but both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 cases have one.

Pay attention to mail you receive from the trustee after filing your case. The trustee will send you a letter asking you to mail them certain financial documents, like tax returns, pay stubs, and bank statements. If you donât send the trustee the requested documents following the instructions provided in their letter, you may not get a discharge of your debts.

Use An Online Bankruptcy Name Search

How Can Someone Find Out If I Filed Bankruptcy?

The most convenient method for determining if someone you know has filed for bankruptcy protection is by using an online bankruptcy name search service like CheckThem.

For a low monthly fee, you can check on potential bankruptcy filings for anyone you know.

This service is fast and extremely accurate. To get started, you will only need the first name, last name, and state of residence for the person you are searching for. That said, you may need additional information to confirm you have the right person. This is especially true if the name you are searching for is common.

Thankfully, validating a persons identity is often simple. The more biographical information you know about the person, such as age, date of birth, address, or even employment history, the easier it will be to determine if you have the right person.

The most convenient part of this service is that the search is nationwide. Some states have multiple bankruptcy courts, and filers do not always file in the district in which they live. With a background check, you can search nationwide for bankruptcy filings in seconds.

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After Your Bankruptcy Application Is Accepted

Once your application is accepted, it is important to note that:

  • your details will appear on our website.
  • all your creditors will be sent a report. They can log onto our website to get updates after the first report is sent.
  • you should contact your secured creditors and arrange to either:
    • keep making payments under the agreement or
    • arrange for the secured item to be returned/repossessed. You can then stop making any payments under the agreement. They can claim against you for any unpaid amount.

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Searching In The New Jersey Ecf System

After you click the link from the ECF welcome page, look across the top and select “Query” to begin your search. Enter as much information as possible. The first name, last name and New Jersey county the person filed in will help narrow down the results if you have a Social Security number, the results will be the most accurate, as sometimes filings are made with misspellings, or a person may have changed her name. You may get more than one result, as more than one person with that name may have filed, or the person may have filed multiple cases. If there is only one entry, the site will take you directly to the record for that case.

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Research At The Courthouse

If you are not tech-savvy or simply do not feel like researching bankruptcy online, you can search for bankruptcy filing records at the relevant federal courthouse. There are some obvious problems with this method the first being that each courthouse may only have the records for the district it sits in. Your research may not pick up a filing in another district or state. And like with PACER, you may be on the hook for a per-page fee if you want to print any records.

How To Find Out If Someone Has Filed Bankruptcy

How to Find a Good Consumer Bankruptcy Lawyer?

November 13, 2017, 9:00 am71 Views

There are a variety of reasons why someones record of a bankruptcy filing could affect their credit or trustworthiness. Job applications in the financial sector routinely require credit and background checks as safeguards when handling client money. Those are who financially responsible tend to understand the value of providing financial services and may be more desirable candidates for employment.

In rental situations, bankruptcies can be indicators of major risks a landlord is taking. For a smaller landlord, such a risk can turn into a complicated and expensive legal battle.

If youre concerned with someones history of bankruptcy, you can quickly check publicly available records using these three steps.

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Now You Can Search Bankruptcy Records Like Never Before And It’s All Free

BK Data has helped bankruptcy attorneys for over 10 years by providing them the most comprehensive information about their competition that no one else can match. Now, they have made it easy for anyone to access some of that same data in a new, freely searchable database.

What Types Of Bankruptcy Should I Look For

Individuals and businesses can file for several different types of bankruptcy depending on the reasons for filing.

Some of the common types of bankruptcy include:

Regardless of the type of bankruptcy that was filed, it can be searched the same way. The easiest way is using the online PACER system to access bankruptcy documents. You do not need to know which chapter the bankruptcy was filed under to search online for the record.

If you know the name of the individual or the name of the business, you can begin the search for bankruptcy documents. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the most common type of claim for individuals. If your search reveals that the person you are looking into filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you will know that their debts were likely more of a personal nature than business related.

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Gather Information About The Debtor

To search the bankruptcy filings either in person or online, you’ll need some basic information about the debtor and the bankruptcy case. If a debtor owes you money, the bankruptcy court will mail you the case number, which you can use to pull up the records. If you do not have the case number, you can search using the debtor’s full name and county, or you can use the debtor’s Social Security number.

Talk To A Bankruptcy Lawyer

Does my spouse have to file bankruptcy if I do? Charlotte Bankruptcy Lawyer

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    Bankruptcy In The District Of New Jersey

    To find out if someone has filed bankruptcy in any state, you can sign up for an account at the government website PACER . Enter your name, address and email during the registration process. New Jersey bankruptcy records can be viewed and printed for $0.10 per page . PACER bills its accounts quarterly, so you’ll receive a bill every three months if you accrue more than $10 in fees. A bill will be mailed to the address used in the registration process if you exceed the $10 threshold. You can also register a credit card with your account, which PACER will automatically bill every quarter for any fees incurred.

    Bankruptcy And Insolvency Records Search

    • basic debtor information of all bankruptcies and proposals registered in Canada since 1978
    • all receiverships registered with our office since January 1993
    • all petitions recorded at our office and
    • all companies that have been granted protection under the Companies´ Creditors Arrangement Act since September 18, 2009.
    Date modified:

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    Using Government Sources To Find Bankruptcy Information

    The Securities and Exchange Commission and the Bankruptcy Court also keep records online and in paper files. Because the SEC plays a small role in reviewing plans of reorganization, it keeps bankruptcy records. Those records can be accessed online or in person at the SEC headquarters in Washington, DC. The Bankruptcy Court in the state where the company is incorporated or has its main place of business will also have those records.

    If you want to review court filings, you can access them through the PACER system, which is a web-based index of filings in federal courts. To do so, you need to set up an account. Please note that PACER charges a nominal fee for access to court filings.

    Because trustees are appointed in bankruptcy cases, you can also go to the U.S. Trustee at the Department of Justice. The office can help you find the trustee assigned to the company youre inquiring about. It can also help you obtain information about the status of the bankruptcy.

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    How To Find Out If Someone Filed For Bankruptcy In Texas

    Bankruptcy: What Are The Pros And Cons Of Filing ...

    The following instructions are about how to find a bankruptcy case. To find out if a person or business filed for bankruptcy in Texas, to view bankruptcy filings, or to check the status of your own bankruptcy, sign up for a PACER account and search by the name of the debtor or the case number, if known.

    As stated on the federal governments PACER website, PACER is an electronic public access service that allows users to obtain case and docket information from federal appellate, district and bankruptcy courts, and the PACER Case Locator via the Internet. PACER is provided by the federal Judiciary in keeping with its commitment to providing public access to court information via a centralized service.

    How to look up bankruptcy cases is as simple as joining PACER and searching. To join PACER, . Access the PACER Case Locator here.

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    How Can I Verify If Someone Has Filed A Bankruptcy Case

    Telephone: Voice Case Information System is a free service that allows callers to access case information 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from any touch tone telephone. VCIS can be accessed by calling 222-8029. Just follow the voice instructions provided. You may also call the office where the case was filed and speak to a Case Manager about the case.

    Internet Access: Electronic case information and documents may be retrieved using the internet, via Public Access to Court Electronic Records web site . For registration information, please call the PACER Service Center at 676-6856 or go to their web site . Registered agencies or individuals can access the PACER system for the Southern District of Indiana at . There is also a national U.S. Party/Case Index at .

    In Person: Public access computers are available for use at no charge at the Clerks Office. Bankruptcy documents may be viewed in person and retrieved for printing or copying. Exact change is required. Click on the link to get to our fee schedule for printing and copying fees .


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