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Pallet Liquidation Los Angeles

Why Start A Business In Los Angeles

Buy Wholesale Merchandise Pallets in Los Angeles from
  • A large market: 18 million residents and 50 million yearly visitors.
  • Huge demographic diversity.
  • Many funding opportunities for small businesses.
  • Excellent access to national and international markets a very well-connected region: 6 commercial airports, 3 seaports, 2 rail carriers and a hub for national highways.
  • There is a well-developed network of development centers for small businesses.
  • Los Angeles is surprisingly competitive cost-wise in terms of small business overheads.

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Summer Specials Pallets Starting At $400

Save Time & Money

We bring efficiency, transparency, and value for both sellers and buyers in saving time, mitigate risks, make more money, and deliver premium customer support along the way.

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We source full pallets of merchandise across all categories, conditions, and quantities from top retailer companies with the best pricing, giving you confidence in your purchase.

Grow Your Business

Are you looking to maximize your profit potential? Then you have come to the right place! Whatever inventory you may need, we carry high-quality products by the pallet!

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Buying Liquidation Pallets In Los Angeles: The Definitive Guide

Buying liquidation pallets to resell is an inexpensive way to start a business. Our guide to buying liquidation pallets in Los Angeles will explain what liquidation pallets are, where you can buy liquidation pallets in Los Angeles and give you useful information about the market for liquidation merchandise in the city.

California Estate Liquidators & Auctioneers


California Estate Liquidators & Auctioneers specialised in estate liquidations, online auctions, and buyouts. Providing the best services ensures a smooth transition. They expertise in liquidation pallets in Los Angeles.

California Estate Liquidators & Auctioneers serve across Camarillo, Santa Barbara, California, and the entire Los Angeles. They will help you get the best results you need. With their professionalism and expertise, theres no wonder, they are one of the best.

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The Market For Discount Merchandise In Los Angeles

There are 88 cities in Los Angeles County with a combined market of more than 18.8 million people. This is an enormous market for any local business to tap into. The pandemic has hit the area hard More than 40 major retailers declared bankruptcy and more than 11,000 stores closed in 2020 in Los Angeles. More have closed in the years since, leading to an abundance of closeout merchandise in the area. Over 7500 businesses have permanently closed, with the loss of over 400,000 jobs in LA County since the beginning of the pandemic, of these the greatest hit communities are the low-income minorities.

On top of these job losses, the Los Angeles area suffers from one of the nations worst income inequalities. While there are many high-income earners, especially in the tech and entertainment sectors, there is also an enormous low-skilled population working in restaurants, hotels, janitorial services and back offices.

In Los Angeles, between 1980 and 2015, inflation-adjusted pay rose by just 3% for those in the bottom 10%. LA was once an enormous manufacturing center. But since 1990, manufacturing jobs have dropped from about 850,000 to 350,000.

As well as the permanent population, Los Angeles hosts around 50 million visitors per year. A staggering number of potential customers:

Visitors to Los Angeles by the numbers:

  • Total Visitor Direct Spending $23.9 billion
  • Total Economic Impact $36.6 billion

Storage In Los Angeles

You will need space to store the liquidation pallets you buy. You might choose to use space in your own home, like a garage. However, to buy merchandise in larger quantities you will need to rent storage space, which is relatively inexpensive in Los Angeles.

The average storage unit in Los Angeles is 10×20 and costs $249 per month. This is lower than the US average for a unit this size, at $290. We have listed 5 of the most affordable storage locations in the city:

US Storage Centers

4800 Valley Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90032


10×20: $430 /month

Buying liquidation pallets in Los Angeles to resell for profit can be a viable business.

Los Angeles has lower than average storage costs and a market of millions of people. While the average income per household is above average, there are plenty of areas within Los Angeles with below-average per household income, which favors discount stores and goods. There is also a great availability of liquidation pallets for sale in Los Angeles.

Henley currently works as a sales representative for Direct Liquidation, assisting businesses with product sourcing of liquidated merchandise from the largest retailers in the world. Whether you are looking for a pallet or a truckload Henley is here to help you grow your business.

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Buy A Pallet Break It Down And List And Sell And Collect Money It’s That Simple

With our large volumes of purchasing and sales, we benefit from significant savings, which we pass on to our customers without middleman markups. Gain an edge with value-priced items, quick purchasing, and a vast selection to start increasing your profit sales. Everybody liquidates, how you do it matters. Get started today with

Best Liquidation Pallets Los Angeles For Great Deals In 2022

ABC 7 News Los Angeles –

The best liquidation pallets Los Angeles 2022 are more than likely to be filled with people looking for great deals. With all of the competition these stores have, they are more than willing to sell items at a loss for the opportunity of volume sales. Liquidation is a term used when an item has been reduced by over 50% that is how youll need to get your hands on some of these great deals that are waiting for you! If you need to furnish a new apartment or need to replenish your wardrobe, one of the best places to go is a liquidation store.

These stores offer discounts of up to 80 percent off retail prices on designer clothes, furniture, appliances, and more. According to a recent report, liquidation stores in LA are expected to increase in number as interest rates fluctuate. Given that local governments have few ways of stimulating growth and the economy continues to struggle. This trend is inevitable. With that said, here are some of the best liquidation stores with Liquidation Pallets Los Angeles to help you on your shopping spree.

Here is the list of the 10 Best Liquidation Pallets Los Angeles in 2022.

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Pallet For Sale In Los Angeles

Find Pallets like these at Repalletize.

Pallets serve several purposes. There are a standard sizes and shapes, but pallets for sale come in a variety of forms. Pallets can come with only two sides for lifting or all four side lifting. What that boils down to, is what do you need from Los Angeles pallets for sale. Warehouse can store many pallets of merchandise, but it may require a four side pallet to move around the goods and make the task easier. If your warehouse is basic, your wares are shelf stable, and don’t need rotating, then you might want to buy the standard two side lifting pallets. Both of these pallets are stackable.

Materials are always another thing to consider when looking at pallets for sale. All pallets are not made the same. They range from as weak as paper pallets to as strong as steel pallets. Depending your usage of the pallet will also determine the type of material. If you plan to make a pallet into furniture, you do not want to buy a steel pallet but a wood pallet instead. Maybe your company deals in car tires, you would need a stronger steel pallet to transport or ship tires instead of a disposable paper pallet. Do your research on the materials of Los Angeles pallets for sale before you buy.

Why Via Trading

The Load Center

One of its kind real-time listing of available loads across all FOB points with manifests you can download, summarize, sort and email.

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Your customer profile allows you to review all invoices, order history and manifests for past purchases and edit product notification options.

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No appointments are necessary just visit us during business hours, meet us in person, see our facilities and our product first-hand to make sure they are right for you. We practice transparency and encourage you to visit whenever possible!

We only sell Wholesale

Most liquidators operate both retail B2C channels as well as B2B channels. This can provide a large incentive to some liquidators to separate loads according to their individual sales needs prior to resale. Via Trading does not operate any Retail Channels.

Widest Variety of Product in the Industry

Electronics, shoes, clothing, cosmetics, general merchandise, furniture, tools/hardware, home décor, televisions, camping/outdoor items and much more.

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