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Popular Louisville Food Truck Files For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection

O’Bryan Law Office Louisville KY Bankruptcy Attorney
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The owners of a popular Louisville food truck filed for bankruptcy last week, according to Louisville Business First.

The Celtic Pig LLC, which operates a food truck by the same name, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection with the U.S. District Court of Western District of Kentucky on Aug. 11. Chapter 11 protection enables a business to restructure its creditor obligations to keep the business alive and pay back its debts over time.

Sam Bracken III, co-owner of the Celtic Big BBQ food truck, declined to comment for this story. Bracken said he wanted to handle the situation in private. However, his partner Melissa Ingram set up a GoFundMe campaign seeking $100,000 to aid the business. It’s raised over $5,000 so far.

The company’s former landlord has repossessed Celtic Pig’s food truck, according to an Aug. 1 post on its Facebook page, which linked to the crowdfunding campaign.

“The Celtic Pig food truck is in trouble. Melissa and I are in trouble,” Bracken wrote in the post. “Our former landlord from our restaurant that Covid killed has gotten a court order and has taken our food truck. He is also coming after our house.

Derek Steinbrecher, corporate managing director of Ice House Lofts, said his company got a judgment against the Celtic Pig in November , but he couldn’t provide further details because of ongoing litigation.

Free Bankruptcy Filing With Upsolve

When thinking about the cost of filing for bankruptcy, itâs important to understand that many filers donât actually need to invest in the costly legal services of a bankruptcy attorney. While filing for bankruptcy under Chapter 13 or Chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code does usually require the professional guidance of bankruptcy lawyer, filing under Chapter 7 doesnât. Filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a straightforward process that can be completed successfully without a lawyerâs help, as long as that filer follows the Courtâs directions closely. Certainly, some Chapter 7 filers feel more comfortable working with an attorney or otherwise donât feel capable of filing on their own and thatâs more than fine. But for those filers who are willing to give âpro seâ filing a try, itâs important to understand that you can save a lot of money and still submit a successful bankruptcy petition to the Court by filing on your own.

If you choose to try filing without the assistance of a bankruptcy lawyer, know that there are free resources available to you. For example, the non-profit organization Upsolve maintains a host of general, state-specific, and city-specific guides to filing for bankruptcy on its website. This organization also provides more personalized bankruptcy assistance for free to filers who qualify for that resource.

What To Expect From An Initial Consultation

  • Seek to determine whether the attorney can represent you. There is no one-size-fits-all legal solution and it may turn out your needs are better served by an attorney in a different specialization.
  • Its important to find a legal ally who is both competent in the law and someone you can trust to protect your interests.
  • Discuss how the practices billing works and discuss possible additional charges or fees that may arise during or after the resolution of your case.

An attorney consultation should provide you with enough information so that you can make an informed decision on whether to proceed with legal help.

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Cooley & Offill Law Firm

Cooley & Offill Law Firm is client-centered and has been providing effective and experienced legal services throughout Kentucky for the past 23 years. Their offices are located in Owensboro, Lexington, and Louisville. Their attorneys have extensive experience in bankruptcy relief, criminal defense, personal injury representation, and all legal concerns. They keep their clients at the center of their practice, which means that your experience and results are important to them.

Their response is to work tirelessly to achieve the outcomes you deserve. They have reached multimillion-dollar settlements, assisted over 1,000 bankruptcy cases, discharged, and achieved excellent results, including the dismissal of all charges in a number of major criminal cases.


Bankruptcy, Criminal Defense, Estate Planning & Wills, Expungements, Family Law, Personal Injury, Probate


Address: 101 N 7th St, Louisville, KY 40202Phone: 694-2865Website: www.lawyerowensboro.com


Cooley & Offill provide outstanding service. I have absolutely no complaints, and will be sure to look them up again should I ever need another attorney. I also want to note that Greg Jennings was extremely thoughtful in getting me through this legal process. They really went above and beyond with my services by not only helping with legal matters but assisting me with some personal matters as well. The best attorneys to use with ARAG. Vanessa W.

Cheap Bankruptcy Lawyers In Louisville Ky

Louisville KY Consumer Bankruptcy Lawyer

Filing for bankruptcy can be a difficult decision, but top lawyers are here to help make the process as easy as possible. Bankruptcy is a scary word, but it doesn’t have to be. Experienced lawyers will help guide you through every step of the process and make sure that you come out on top. Professional cheap lawyers offer Cheap Bankruptcy Services that will fit within your budget. We understand that this may be a difficult time for you and your family, so cheap bankruptcy lawyers want to make the process as easy as possible. Contact The Attorney Direct today for a case evaluation with one of Louisville, KY bankruptcy attorneys. You should understand that filing for bankruptcy can be a difficult decision. That’s why get case evaluations to other clients so they can get started on their journey to financial freedom. Family Lawyers in Louisville, KY have helped thousands of people file for bankruptcy and can help you too. Contact The Attorney Direct today to schedule your consultation.

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In Need Of A Bankruptcy Attorney In Louisville

If your financial situation is in crisis mode, you must act quickly to protect your assets and financial interests. Creditors don’t waste time when your accounts show signs of default. They submit adverse credit bureau reports that lower your credit score. They transfer your accounts to collection agencies who call your home, job, or business until they get a definitive response. Recovery attorneys secure creditor’s judgments through lawsuits. They satisfy court judgments by garnishing your income and placing liens against your home. Economic problems can be stressful, especially when you see no potential for relief. A bankruptcy attorney in Louisville can help you navigate the most complex financial problems. They intervene on your behalf to stop collection efforts. They use their legal knowledge and experience to produce financial relief.

Bankruptcy Lawyers In Louisville Kentucky Can Help You

If you’re experiencing severe financial difficulties, bankruptcy can provide a path to debt relief and help you get a fresh start. Whether you are just starting to consider bankruptcy or have already filed, getting a bankruptcy lawyer involved can help you maximize the benefits afforded to you by the United States Bankruptcy Code. We’ve assembled a list of trusted local lawyers that you can use to find the right Louisville bankruptcy attorney to help you stop wage garnishment, prevent creditor harassment, get debt relief, and protect your property.

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Louisville Personal Injury Attorney

If youve been seriously injured in an accident, you will need to act quickly to get the compensation you deserve. Your first step should be to contact an experienced Louisville personal injury attorney. At Farmer and Wright, PLLC, we can help you recover your lost wages as well as damages for medical bills and expenses.

Our Qualifications As Your Louisville Bankruptcy Law Firm Or Foreclosure Lawyer

Louisville Kentucky Bankruptcy Foreclosure Attorney

Our office has over 70 five-star reviews on Avvo from other bankruptcy lawyers nationwide and clients with a five-of-five stars rating. Over 30 attorneys recommend our office as the lawyer to go to on Avvo.

On Findlaw, Justia, and Google, there are over 60 five-star rating reviews from Kentucky clients. Nick has received the Three Best Rated award for six consecutive years, from 2016 to 2022, as one of the top three best-rated consumer Louisville bankruptcy attorneys and foreclosure lawyers in Louisville, KY.

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Getting A Free Evaluation From A Bankruptcy Lawyer

At any time, you can request an initial consultation with a firm that practices bankruptcy law, even if you have placed your name on a waiting list for legal aid or you plan to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy by yourself. Most Kentucky consumer bankruptcy lawyers offer free consultations to anyone struggling with debt and interested in learning more about their options. This initial consultation process serves as a case evaluation and an opportunity to ask questions â nothing more. Taking this meeting doesnât obligate you to work with an attorney.

To find attorneys in your area who offer free case evaluations, consider searching the Kentucky State Bar Association website, local bar association sites, or asking loved ones for their recommendations. Alternatively, you can use the âfind an attorneyâ page on the NACBA website. The NACBA is the respected National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys organization.

Local Bankruptcy Lawyers In Louisville Ky

It is a common issue that facing bankruptcy can be an incredibly daunting experience, especially if you don’t know where to turn for help. You may feel like you’re all alone when dealing with debt and the prospect of bankruptcy. It’s hard to know who to trust and what steps to take. Top Local Bankruptcy Lawyers in Louisville, KY are here for you. The Attorney Direct have years of experience helping people find debt relief and avoid foreclosure. The Attorney Direct is passionate about providing quality legal services to all communities, and wants to help you too. Contact The Attorney Direct today for a normal rate consultation. Local bankruptcy lawyers in Louisville, KY also offer Legal Consultation Services so that you can understand your legal options and find the best solution for your unique situation. Local bankruptcy lawyers can provide alternatives to bankruptcy law that could help you avoid property repossession and get back on track financially.

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Filing Without A Bankruptcy Attorney

After receiving a free case evaluation and/or exploring the possibility of becoming a client of a legal aid society, you may still choose to file on your own. Given how straightforward the Chapter 7 bankruptcy process is, this is always an option as long as your case isnât unusually complex. If you choose to file without a bankruptcy attorneyâs assistance, you are said to be filing âpro se.â

Want To Check Lawyer Discipline

Experienced Bankruptcy Attorney
  • It is always a good idea to research your bankruptcy lawyer prior to hiring. Every state has a disciplinary organization that monitors attorneys, their licenses, and consumer complaints. By researching lawyer discipline you can:

  • Ensure the attorney is currently licensed to practice in your state
  • Gain an understanding of his or her historical disciplinary record, if any.
  • Determine the seriousness of complaints/issues which could range from late bar fees to more serious issues requiring disciplinary action.

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What Clients Are Saying About Our Firm:

Mr. Kurtz was friendly, supportive and not at all condescending. I was embarrassed that I had to resort to bankruptcy after years of struggle but Mr. Kurtz assured me that I had done all that I could do…He didn’t ask me for money if I called with questions and he took care of everything quickly. Perfect experience! -Previous Client

In my dealings with Chris over the years…I have consistently found him to be well-prepared, knowledgeable concerning relevant bankruptcy law, and a zealous and professional advocate for his debtor clients.- Professional Colleague

Mr. Kurtz was courteous, listened to our problems, and then decided to help us. We were very nervous when we went there and he put our mind at ease. This was our last resort after trying to deal with creditors and had gotten no where with them. I would highly recommend Mr. Kurtz.-Previous Client

Wallace Spalding Law Office


When you have overwhelming debtwhether from medical bills, credit cards, or loansyoure going through an extremely stressful, difficult time. You might not know how, or even if, youll pay your bills. You might be worried about supporting yourself and your family or keeping your house.

Bankruptcy could be the solution to your problems. Filing for bankruptcy can give you relief from your debt and help you get back on your feet again. It can stop harassing phone calls from creditors and, in some cases, save your home or car.

At Wallace Spalding Law Office, weve been helping people like you solve their financial problems for more than 25 years. Call us today to schedule an appointment with an experienced, understanding bankruptcy lawyer at our Louisville, KY office. During your free consultation, well let you know if bankruptcy is right for you and, if so, what your options are.

Our firm can also help you with estate planning. Whether you want to create a will or trust to protect your family and secure your legacy, our attorneys can give you the guidance you need. Call or email us today to talk with an experienced attorney you can trust.

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How Do You File Bankruptcy Without An Attorney

Its possible to file bankruptcy without a lawyers help but consider the pros and cons before you do. The Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts strongly recommends you get advice from an attorney because of the long-term financial and legal outcomes.

You can find bankruptcy attorneys near you on Thumbtack. Start searching and comparing potential lawyers to hire.

How Much Do Bankruptcy Lawyers In Louisville Charge

Louisville Kentucky Bankruptcy Foreclosure Attorney

If youâve identified some law firms that youâd like to touch base with, itâs a good idea to prepare some basic questions in advance of your consultation. Included in these questions should be, âHow much do you charge?â and âHow do your payment plans work?â Louisville bankruptcy attorneysâ fees cost roughly $1,100 – $1,200 for assistance with a Chapter 7 bankruptcy case and significantly more for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy case or Chapter 11 bankruptcy case. Itâs important to know what to expect from a law office when it comes to fees. The last thing you want is to be prepared to receive bankruptcy relief only to have your process stalled because you havenât paid your attorney on time.

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What Makes Filing Chapter 7 Or 13 With Nick Thompson Better

At our law office, the head of the firm prepares your case

You pay the price for a bankruptcy attorney to prepare a petition at other offices, but you are handed off to a secretary or paralegal. I always personally prepare your bankruptcy or foreclosure defense. You are never passed off to a paralegal or inexperienced attorney at our office.

When you call our law firm, you talk to me or my assistant Toni who will schedule you for an appointment at the start of the case to design a bankruptcy or foreclosure defense that meets your goals. We spend time with you to make sure you obtain these goals and get debt relief. We do less than 20 cases per month to give each case the attention that is needed.

Some people already know which Chapter of the bankruptcy law they must file, and whether they want a Chapter 7 bankruptcy or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. For these clients, only a single appointment is needed to prepare their petition. But we often schedule a first session to learn their situation and a second two-hour session where I prepare the petition.

At each session, you meet with me. I am an experienced Louisville, KY, bankruptcy attorney with a background in accounting and finance. Your debt relief and financial future deserve more than planning it with a 20 dollar per hour paralegal who has less than the financial knowledge of a certified accountant or lawyer who has taken the CPA exam. In some offices, your petition may not even be prepared by a paralegal.

Trusted Louisville Bankruptcy Law Firm

The Louisville bankruptcy attorneys at Eddins Domine Law Group, PLLC have represented clients in virtually all types of distressed financial situations. For experienced representation in a bankruptcy case or for assistance filing for bankruptcy, contact the Louisville bankruptcy lawyers at Eddins Domine Law Group, PLLC in Kentucky.

Eddins Domine Law Group, PLLC

3950 Westport Road

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Why File For Bankruptcy

People wind up filing for bankruptcy for many reasons, often involving outside forces or unforeseen expenses: Medical debt and unexpected health care costs can quickly spiral out of control, credit card debt can accrue due to business expenses or needing to use a credit card during periods of unemployment and low cash flow, investments in the stock market, real estate or other financial vehicles might suffer due to a financial crisis, or a supply chain shutdown can cause debt to cascade in times of pandemic or due to oil price fluctuations. In any of these situations, a bankruptcy attorney can help you find the best course of action.

Featuring Us Federal Law Attorney Anu Peshawaria

Finding The Best Louisville KY Bankruptcy Lawyer

Highly accomplished stars …where are they now? Featuring US Federal Law Attorney Anu PeshawariaFrom being a Junior Wimbledon player and Indias No 1 Womens champion to a successful US Supreme Court & US Immigration lawyer and legal advisor to Embassy of India in the United States, it has been a long journey for Anu Peshawaria.

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