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Foreclosed Homes In Michigan

Snag That Up North Cottage You Always Wanted In Michigan Auction

Foreclosures are on the rise in Michigan. Here’s how the state is helping homeowners

Bumbletown, Michigan. Population: 48.

For only $2,400, you can become the Up North towns 49th resident.

At least, thats how much the minimum bid is for the Busby House, a two-story abandoned home that is one of 270 tax-foreclosed properties in eight Michigan counties that will be publicly auctioned between July 31 and Aug. 28, according to a Michigan Department of Treasury news release.

Branch, Clinton, Iosco, Keweenaw, Livingston, Luce, Mecosta and Shiawassee counties will use the state as their foreclosing governmental unit, according to the news release.

The residential and commercial properties being auctioned from these counties have been foreclosed due to delinquent property taxes, the release stated.

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That includes forested fixer-uppers, lakeside cottages, riverfront homes, and more.

Many of the properties are in derelict condition, but with a little work, they can become dream vacation homes in parts of Michigan where low-cost summer lodgings can be hard to come by.

In-person bidders must register with Michigan County Tax Auctions staff and receive a bidder card, which will function as a bidding paddle, according to the tax auction website.

Online bidders will be able to place a proxy bid or bid live along with the onsite participants.

Homes for auction include:

Michigan Foreclosure Homes For Sale

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Michigan Foreclosures For Sale

Michigan is located in the upper Midwestern region of North America and is divided by two distinct areas known as the Upper Peninsula and the Lower Peninsula. These contrasting areas are characterized due to their differing geographical qualities, with the upper region consisting largely of forests and landscapes, while the lower contains the majority of the state’s major cities and industrial sector. These major cities include Lansing, which is the state’s capital, Detroit, which is Michigan’s largest city, along with Sterling Heights, Warren, Ann Harbor and Grand Rapids.

The demographics of Detroit leans toward three distinguishable types of people within the city, which include low-income singles that generally are situated in the metropolitan areas, single parents raising children, who generally carry a college degree or higher, and elderly citizens who often purchase condos or apartments.

The housing market in Detroit and other major cities has recently begun to yield positive results, making Michigan foreclosures all the more appealing. The rate of households being sold is on the rise, sitting on a near 33 percent increase as compared to last year. Average listing prices currently start at around $103,000 and Michigan home foreclosures also sit within that range. Fortunately, such trends are expected to continue.

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Find Foreclosures In Michigan That Meet Your Needs

A good foreclosure listings service helps you locate the best home foreclosures in Michigan and gives you accurate and timely information. Bank Foreclosures Sale offers a huge database of Michigan foreclosed homes for sale including Michigan bank foreclosures, government foreclosures, HUD and VA repo homes, preforeclosures, bankruptcies, foreclosure auctions, tax liens, distressed properties and Michigan bank owned homes. Bank Foreclosures Sale offers the most reliable and up-to-date listings of bank foreclosures, including some great opportunities on foreclosures in Detroit and foreclosures in Flint, as well as other major cities in Michigan.

Tips For Buying A Foreclosure In Michigan

Grand Rapids, MI Foreclosed Homes For Sale

Michigan is one of the top states to get a bargain price when you buy a foreclosed home. You may be able to negotiate deals with the banks that currently own these homes and MUST sell them. Typically foreclosure homes in Michigan sell for 10-15% under the current market value. This means that you will receive a large discount to purchase a bank owned home.

The purchase price may be a great deal however you must remember that foreclosed homes may have significant costs to repair once you purchase. Typically when homes are foreclosed it is because the homeowner does not have the funds necessary to pay for their mortgage payments let alone home maintenance costs. There may be significant deferred maintenance and repairs that have not been completed while the home is being foreclosed.

We always recommend purchasing a home inspection so you know the condition of the foreclosure prior to owning it. You do not want surprises such as a bad roof or major plumbing issues right away when you buy your home. These are very costly mistakes to make which could put you in a foreclosure situation if you did not budget appropriately.

Whether you are upgrading to the home of your dreams or a new home buyer considering a foreclosed property, now is a great time to buy a new home. For free advice and a loan preapproval call Riverbank Finance today at 800-555-2098.

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How To Locate Michigan’s Redemption Laws

To find the statutes that discuss the homeowners’ right to redeem the home in Michigan, go to Chapter 600, Act 236 of 1961 of the Michigan Compiled Laws. Keep in mind that statutes change, so checking them is always a good idea. How courts and agencies interpret and apply the law can also change. And some rules can even vary within a state. These are just some of the reasons to consider consulting a lawyer if you’re thinking about buying a property at a foreclosure sale.

You Can Inspect The Home During The Redemption Period

Under Michigan law, the purchaser who bought the house at the foreclosure sale may inspect the home during the redemption period. .

In addition, you may immediately begin eviction proceedings to get possession of the home if the foreclosed homeowners:

  • unreasonably refuse to allow you to inspect the home, or
  • cause damage to the home or if damage to the home is imminent. .

Michigan law requires you to give an initial notice containing certain information and a notice 72 hours before you inspect the interior of the home. it also restricts the number of reviews that you can do. The law also requires that, if you give notice, the foreclosed homeowners must let you know when they are moving out, if they plan on vacating the home prior to the expiration of the redemption period.

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Foreclosures For Sale In Detroit

There are currently 75 foreclosures for sale in Detroit at a median listing price of $79.9K. Some of these homes are “Hot Homes,” meaning they’re likely to sell quickly. Most homes for sale in Detroit stay on the market for 76 days and receive 2 offers. Popular neighborhoods include Boston Edison West, Petoskey-Otsego, Indian Village, Woodbridge, and Bagley. This map is refreshed with the newest listings in Detroit every 15 minutes.

Tax Sale Auction Information

Searching Michigan Foreclosures on Zillow

The Foreclosure Auction will be scheduled by The State of Michigan and Title Check, Inc. and will be held at a location of their choosing.The auction date, time and location will be posted on the website once the auction has been scheduled.

To research property information or delinquent tax amounts due, go to

Available properties are posted online at as early as June of each year.

  • You can create a free account on the tax-sale website to view details and photos for each property.
  • You should thoroughly research and visit properties that you planto bid on before attending the auction.
  • Remember that any personal property or other items not physically attached to the land remain the property of the previous owner and are not included in the sale.
  • You will not be allowed to bid on parcels located in a county inwhich you owe outstanding property taxes. Please confirm all property taxes have been paid prior to the auction.
  • Go to the auction prepared to pay in full that same day.
  • Deeds will be delivered after recording within about 4 to 6 weeks.

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Real Property Tax Forfeiture And Foreclosures

Real property tax delinquency entails a three-year forfeiture and foreclosure process in Michigan. Parcels are forfeited to the county treasurers when the real property taxes are in the second year of delinquency. Real property taxes which remain unpaid as of March 31 in the third year of delinquency are foreclosed upon by the Foreclosing Governmental Unit . The FGU is responsible for inspecting forfeited property, providing due process notifications and subsequent disposition of the tax foreclosed property. Beginning with the 2021 foreclosure auctions, those who hold interest in property at the time of foreclosure, may file to claim leftover proceeds for parcels which sell for more than the owing delinquency. Further details are available on our Auctions and Claimants webpage.

Tips For First Time Home Buyers

If this is your first time buying a house there are many tips you can take advantage of to acquire a home at a bargain. The best place to start as a first time home buyer is to learn the Home Buying Process. Knowing this valuable information will allow you to take advantage of the great mortgage plans the government has put in place to help you as a first time home buyer.

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How Much The Foreclosed Homeowners Must Pay To Redeem

To redeem the property, the foreclosed homeowners would need to pay you the full price you paid at the sale, plus all other lawful charges such as:

  • amounts you paid after the sale for certain expenses, like property taxes, homeowners’ association assessments, and insurance premiums. , ).

Homeowners don’t redeem a foreclosed home very often because they’d have to find another source of financing and pay a lot of money to get the house back. Because the homeowners’ credit took a big a hit during the foreclosure process, they’re unlikely to qualify for a new mortgage.

It’s also possible, but not especially common, for the IRS to redeem the home if there was a federal tax lien on the property. The IRS gets a 120-day redemption period to redeem after the foreclosure. It would send you a notice in advance of the redemption if it decided to redeem the home.

Flint Real Estate Facts And Amenities

Goodrich, MI Foreclosure Homes for Sale

Michigan, in general, was seen to have decreasing levels of foreclosure activity during the first half of 2018. There was a 43% drop in Michigan’s number of foreclosures during the first six months of this year. Flint, Michigan has about 942 foreclosed properties. The average selling price for a foreclosed home is $17,023 while the average selling price for a non-foreclosure home is $18,900. Flint, Michigan is located in Genesee County and was officially incorporated in 1855. It is most well-known as the place where General Motors was founded.

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How The Foreclosure Rate In Michigan Compares To The Nation

  • Samuel Stebbins, 24/7 Wall St. via The Center Square

Demand for single-family homes surged in the past two years, as the coronavirus pandemic prompted people to look for more living space. The increased demand, facilitated by low interest rates and coupled with supply constraints, led to soaring home prices.

But now the U.S. housing market appears to be coming back to earth, with some parts of the country showing early distress signs. Foreclosure filings — a measure of the health of housing markets at local, state, or national levels — are on the rise across the country.

According to Attom, a curator of land and property data, home foreclosure filings – which include default notices, bank repossessions, and scheduled auctions – are up 153% in the first half of 2022 compared to the same period last year.

In Michigan, foreclosures rose by 496.7%, from 991 in the first six months of 2021 to 5,913 in the first half of 2022. The foreclosure rate in the state of one in every 773 homes ranks as the 10th highest in the nation.

According to five-year estimates from the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2020 American Community Survey, 59.6% of homeowners in Michigan are paying down a mortgage, the 19th smallest share among states.

The typical household in the state has an income of $59,234 a year, and the typical home is worth $162,600. For context, the typical American household’s annual income is $64,994, and the national median home value is $229,800.

Search Real Estate Investments In Michigan

How many HUD foreclosures are available for sale in Michigan? Right now, Michigan currently has 33,182 HUD foreclosure listings available.

HUD offers a variety of apartments, duplexes, townhouses and single-family houses to purchase in Michigan. If you located a great foreclosed HUD home deal near you, be sure to first get pre-qualified before attempting to purchase the property – this is something you can do on your own online. In addition, a local real estate agent can help you with possible financing options and get you pre-qualified to buy a HUD home and/or foreclosure. Also remember: FHA assists first-time homebuyers and others who might be unable to meet down payment requirements for conventional loans, providing mortgage insurance to private lenders.

Tax foreclosed homes are available for pennies on the dollar – as much as 75 percent off full market price !

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There are currently 33,182 red-hot tax lien listings in Michigan.

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Detroit Real Estate Facts And Amenities

Today, there are 520 foreclosure properties in Detroit. September 2018 witnessed a 4% increase in foreclosure filings than the month prior and a 55% drop from the previous year, which is a good sign. A foreclosure property, on average, costs $11,00 in Detroit while a regularly listed home goes for about $25,000. It is good that foreclosure properties cost less, on average. Detroit, Michigan is the home of the auto industry as well as techno music and global culture. Detroit has been experiencing a larger amount of tourism because its historic buildings have been renovated as of late and there have been more additions made to the city.

Home Loan Options For Buying A Home

‘Squatter’ laying claim to vacant homes

Whether you are a first time home buyer or a seasoned real estate investor, it is important to know what home loan options you have for buying a home. New purchase mortgage loans include conventional loans, FHA loans, VA Loan, USDA Rural Housing mortgage loans and others. We may all agree, that the best way to buy a home is with cash however even real estate investors that purchase hundreds of homes may see advantages in reviewing mortgage home loans options.

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Notice To Our Visitors

Our site does not guarantee the availability of any property listed herein. The number of available foreclosure properties in our database varies with market conditions.

Due to the federal moratorium on foreclosure evictions during the pandemic, our supply of foreclosure listings is currently low. Please consider looking at other types of properties available here on our website, such as short sales and pre-foreclosures. These types of properties can offer great opportunities for real estate investment.

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