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Government Help For Homeowners

Single Family Housing Repair Loans & Grants/section 504 Home Repair Program

Government Programs to Help Homeowners

The Single Family Housing Repair Loans & Grants, also known as the Section 504 Home Repair program, provides loans to very-low-income homeowners to repair, improve or modernize their homes or grants to elderly very-low-income homeowners to remove health and safety hazards.

  • Learn more about Single Family Housing Repair Loans & Grants from USDA Rural Development here.

Integrating Housing Counseling And Plain Language Education Materials

Treasury has encouraged all HAF programs to integrate housing counseling services into HAF program plans. Housing counselors are fluent in the various options available to homeowners and can also help homeowners assess their financial situation holistically, often providing budgeting support and referrals to other available resources.

The State of Kentucky has developed a plain-language explainer video, available in English and Spanish, entitled “Know Your Options: COVID-19 Loss Mitigation Options.” The video walks the viewer through the relative advantages and tradeoffs between loss mitigation and HAF options for homeowners through the Federal Housing Administration, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac. This video outlines key questions the potential applicant should ask themselves and encourages engagement with their servicer. All HAF applicants in Kentucky are also paired with a HUD-certified housing counselor who helps the homeowner to assess and understand options. Housing counseling agencies walk the borrowers through their loss mitigation options. If the homeowner has exhausted, is ineligible for, or wishes to bypass loss mitigation options, and is also eligible for HAF, the housing counselor proceeds to process their HAF application.

More On Energy Crisis

The ECO scheme, which is already in place, focuses on low-income and vulnerable households.

Mr Shapps told Sky News: “This money is for people who have not been able to benefit from the previous schemes and will help hundreds of thousands of homes.”

Public information campaign on how to reduce energy use

A new £18m public information campaign will also offer advice on how to reduce energy use in the home.

Guidance to be published on the help for households website said reducing boiler flow temperatures from 75C to 60C and turning down radiators in empty rooms could save a typical household £160 a year.

Mr Shapps said he had turned down the boiler flow temperature at his ow home.

“This is not your thermostat. This is in the boiler itself. And it can potentially save you a lot of money,” he said.

“So it’s actually simple tips like that which we will be announcing and there’s an £18m campaign to back that as well. So lots of practical help physically improving people’s homes and also tips to make sure that people are able to save themselves money by being more efficient in the homes.”

A previous attempt to introduce such a campaign was blocked by Liz Truss’s administration over concerns it was too “nanny state”.

The government has set an ambition of reducing energy use by 15% by 2030 as it battles spiking energy prices caused by Vladimir Putin’s war in Ukraine.

‘Sunak wants to crawl towards warmer homes’

Funding ‘not nearly enough’

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Understanding How To Structure Refinancing Options

The shared appreciation approach has several benefits. First, it allows families to stay in their homes at a monthly payment they can afford. Second, it provides a means for reimbursing the government or the lender for the costs associated with providing the second mortgage. Third, it preserves the incentives for the family to keep up the property and realize as high as possible a sales price. Finally, since the repayment of the second mortgage is based on a share of the sales proceeds rather than a set interest rate, it avoids the problem of the family owing more than the value of the home.

Under a shared appreciation approach to foreclosure prevention, a mortgage held by an at-risk borrower is split into two mortgages. The first is a standard 30-year fixed-rate mortgage with payments at a level the family can afford. The balance of the original mortgage is converted into a silent second mortgage in which no payments are due until the home is resold . Upon sale of the home, the buyer repays the primary mortgage , plus a share of the remaining proceeds, which goes to satisfy the silent second mortgage.

Government Assistance For Seniors In A Retirement Home

How to Get Government Help to Start a Home

Most forms of government health insurance, administered under the Canada Health Act, including Health Insurance BC, The Ontario Health Insurance Plan , the Alberta Health Insurance Plan and others do not cover time in a retirement home.

However, you may qualify for government funding for home health care or similar personal care.

In the province of Ontario, you will need to contact your outlet. Your local center will determine if you qualify for government-funded home care.

However, there are many different kinds of private health insurance that do provide coverage of nursing for the elderly.

Some insurance programs that provide coverage of nursing homes include the following:

The University Health Insurance Plan is used by many universities across Ontario, covering employees and their families. UHIP covers “a portion of the cost of standard ward accommodation, when a covered person needs regular medical supervision as well as nursing and personal care on a 24-hour-a-day basis.”

While stays in a get very little or no coverage from provincial health insurance plans under the Canada Health Act, there is some help available in special situations, depending on what province you live in.

In Ontario, the Ontario Health Insurance Plan covers any and medically necessary visits to any Long Term health Care facility, for assessment and treatment of Ontario residents.

If you require routine visits to a you are still covered:

Home Care Services Coverage

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Home Improvements And Structural Alterations

Another type of Disabled Veteran Housing Assistance is the Home Improvements and Structural Alterations grant.


If you are a veteran, then you may be eligible for a Home Improvements and Structural Alterations grant. This grant provides medically necessary improvements and structural changes to Veterans/Servicemembers primary homes for the following purposes:

  • Allowing entrance to or exit from the primary residence.
  • Use of essential lavatory and sanitary facilities .
  • Allowing accessibility to kitchen or bathroom sinks or counters .
  • Improving entrance paths or driveways in the immediate area of the home in order to facilitate access to the home through the construction of permanent ramping.
  • Improving plumbing or electrical systems that have been made necessary due to the installation of home medical equipment.

You do not need to have a service-connected disability to qualify.

  • Learn more about the HISA grant here.

How To Apply For The Ontario Seniors Property Tax Grant

Simply fill out the Ont-BEN form along with the amount of property taxes you paid and file it with your income tax return.

Im not sure how many senior homeowners know about this property tax grant which is why I wanted to talk about it.

I had no idea about it when filing my mother-in-laws income tax return two years ago.

It wasnt until I was doing research online about tax credits for seniors that I came across the Trillium Benefits and Property Tax incentive.

Even if you dont owe income tax to the government you may still qualify for the grant so fill out the form.

The worst that will happen is that you have been declined the grant but at least you filled it out and submitted it.

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Seniors Dont Leave Money On The Table

Its important for seniors or those representing a senior who is unable to take care of their finances to research incentives.

As well, if you are filing the income tax return on their behalf and completing it on your own do some research.

Never assume that an income tax return is as it seems as there are many income tax deductions you can claim and incentives.

Whether you are filing taxes for a senior who qualifies for the Ontario Senior Homeowners Property Tax Grant or yourself dont forget to include the form with your income tax submission.

I know I can find something to do with $500 and so can you.

When writing your legal will and designate a power of attorney inform them about doing research when they file your income tax.

There may be a time while youre still alive but incapable of taking care of your finances and where the POA will step in.

Discussion: Were you aware of the Ontario Senior Homeowners Property Tax Credit? Have you applied for it before?

Note: If you live outside of Ontario contact your local government services to see what types of property grants may be available for seniors in your area.

As always go to the website or call Revenue Canada for more information or updated information from the date of this post.

Leave me your comments down below.


Mortgage Loan Lookup Tool

First-time homebuyers are getting help from the government

Use the simple Fannie Mae Mortgage Loan Lookup Tool to find out if Fannie Mae owns your mortgage. If we own your loan, you may qualify for programs providing payment relief including a forbearance plan or loan modification.

Fannie Mae’s Disaster Response Network is another resource you can utilize. When you contact the Disaster Response Network, HUD-approved housing counselors can develop a personalized action plan, explain mortgage relief or rental assistance programs, provide financial coaching, and support your successful recovery for up to 18 months.

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Avoiding Scams And Bad Actors

Beware of coronavirus-related scams

Submit a complaint

If you have a problem with a consumer financial product or service, you can try reaching out to the company first. Companies can usually answer questions unique to your situation and more specific to the products and services they offer. We can also help you connect with the company if you have a complaint. You can submit to the CFPB online or by calling .

For renters: See more about filing a complaint about discrimination or against a landlord

Housing discrimination

Federal laws prohibit housing discrimination. The protections they offer differ somewhat depending on whether you own or rent your home.

If you own your home, lenders and servicers may not discriminate against you for mortgage servicing practices such as forbearance and loan modifications based on your race, color, religion, national origin, sex , marital status, age, family status , disability, whether you are receiving money from a public assistance program, or whether you are exercising your rights under certain consumer protection and fair housing laws. If you believe a lender or mortgage servicer has discriminated against you, you generally can submit a complaint with the CFPB or file a fair housing complaint with HUD. More information on fair lending and protections against discrimination can be found on the and HUDs websites.

Allocations For States And Territories

The statute requires the Department of the Treasury to make allocations for each state, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico based on homeowner need, determined by reference to the average number of unemployed individuals and the number of mortgagors with mortgage payments that are more than 30 days past due or mortgages in foreclosure. The statute establishes a minimum allocation of $50 million for each state, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico.

For Guam, American Samoa, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, there is a $30 million territorial set-aside, to be allocated based on each territorys share of the combined population of all four of these territories.

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About The Home Owner Grant

In 2021, the home owner grant application process changed, but program details and eligibility requirements have not changed.

Most eligible property owners qualify for the regular grant .

On top of the regular grant, you may qualify for an additional grant if you are:

Free Home Repair For Seniors Disabled Veterans & Low

New Government 105% Refinance Program Aids Homeowners During Recession

Below, Ive included a list of places you can find free home repairs if you are a senior citizen, veteran or low income. This includes government freebies& programs and charities that help with home repairs.

Need Easy Extra $300+/Month for Free?Panel PaydayInboxDollarsDaily Goodie BoxBranded SurveysTolunaSwagbucks

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Ontario Care Guidelines For Equine Rescue Retirement And Adoption/rehoming Facilities

The document, “Ontario Care Guidelines for Equine Rescue, Retirement and Adoption/Rehoming Facilities” was developed by a working committee composed of several provincial groups and associations to provide information to assist horse rescue, retirement and adoption/rehoming facilities. The working committee, called the Ontario Equine Welfare Information Group, included representation from Equestrian Canada, Equine Guelph, Ontario Association of Equine Practitioners , Ontario Equestrian Federation , Ontario Harness Horse Association , Ontario Horse Racing Industry Association/Ontario Racing, Ontario Veterinary College, Ontario Veterinary Medical Association , Whispering Hearts Horse Rescue, and the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs.

The information in the document provides important support for those wishing to provide a better life for unwanted horses by running rescue or rehoming farms or for those who are providing sanctuary or retirement places. It includes information on nutritional management for thin or starving horses, body condition scoring, working with an equine veterinarian to identify and manage the most common issues these horses may face, and other helpful information. It also incorporates the standards from the Canadian Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Equines and self-assessment guides to ensure compliance to the standards of welfare.

Digital copies of the document can be obtained from the following websites:

If Am A Tenant Is Financial Assistance Available

On August 26, 2021, the US Supreme Court struck down the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention eviction moratorium. With this decision, many renters who were protected by the CDC order may be subject to eviction for nonpayment of rent. If you are a tenant and are struggling financially due to COVID-19, visit for more information on what assistance is available, or call our Disaster Response Network directly at , where youll get tips on communicating with your landlord and help navigating the rental assistance application process and more.

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Integrating Other Loss Mitigation Expertise

The State of New York is incorporating a special case management team of attorneys with deep subject matter expertise in loss mitigation into its program. This team supports applicants through the loss mitigation process, especially helping to identify situations in which loss mitigation may be advanced by using HAF funds to pay off arrears or reduce the principal of the existing mortgage.

Specially Adapted Housing Grant Or A Special Housing Adaption Grant

Government expands access to superannuation savings for first home buyers

Veterans can contact the Department of Veterans Affairs Home Loans Service about Disabled Veterans Housing Assistance.

Veterans with certain service-connected or aging-related disabilities can get housing help. So you may qualify for special housing grants from the Department of Veterans Affairs . This can include the Specially Adapted Housing or a Special Housing Adaptation grant.

You can apply for a SAH or an SHA grant and use it to:

  • Build an adapted home.
  • Install ramps or widen doors.
  • Make other modifications to help you live independently.

And, if you do qualify for an SAH or SHA grant, but youre living temporarily in a family members home, you may be able to get a Temporary Residence Adaptation grant. It can pay for necessary changes to your relatives home.

  • Learn more about disability housing grants for veterans here.

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What Is A Forbearance Plan

If you own your home and are experiencing financial hardship as a result of COVID-19, you may be able to receive a forbearance plan.

Entering into a forbearance plan can give you some financial breathing room. A forbearance plan doesnt erase the amount you owe on a mortgage, but it temporarily suspends or reduces your mortgage payment until your hardship is over. At the end of the forbearance plan, you must repay what you missed, but necessarily not all at once.

Talk with your servicer about your situation, so they can help you and give you the best mortgage relief option for your situation.

If you were current on your loan before you started a forbearance plan or another accommodation covered by the CARES Act, you will be reported as current to the credit bureau as long as you continue to make payments as required by the plan youre set up in, or as long as no payments are required under the plan.

Fannie Mae can help you learn more about what to expect on a forbearance plan and when youre ready to move forward, you can start here.

Ontario Senior Homeowners Property Tax Grant

What is the Ontario Senior Homeowners Property Tax Grant?

The Ontario Scenarios Homeowners Property tax grant is for low to moderate-income seniors to help pay a portion of their property taxes.

You will not have to tax on the grant as is a non-taxable payment.

I want to point out that you do not have to be a Canadian citizen to get the Ontario Senior Homeowners Property Tax Grant.

You must reside in Ontario, own a home, and pay property taxes in order to be eligible to apply but only if you qualify.

Even a senior couple who owns a home and pays property tax but one of them is in long-term care you can still apply.

What this means is as long as one senior was living in the home during the income tax return period he/she may be eligible.

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