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Homes Up For Auction

Homes 35 Parcels Up For Auction By City Of Salamanca

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This home at 29 State Park Ave. is one of seven homes up for auction by the city of Salamanca on May 21. Additionally, 35 vacant parcels will also be auctioned to the highest bidder.

SALAMANCA A total of seven homes and 35 vacant parcels will be going up for auction by the city of Salamanca on May 21.

The public is open to bid on the properties at the 10 a.m. auction in the courtroom of the city municipal building. Properties will be sold as-is to the highest bidder.

Homes listed for sale include 233 Highland Ave., 420 Front Ave., 338 East State St., 29 State Park Ave., 15 Front Ave., 81 Division St. and 117 Wilson St.

Many of the vacant parcels for sale are wooded or undeveloped with some packaged together as one unit, including parcels on West State Street, East State Street and Scenic Drive.

This will be the first auction on city-owned properties since 2019, before the coronavirus pandemic, as well as the first with Sandra Magiera as mayor.

The reason we have the auction is to get rid of the properties so we can collect the back taxes and get us the revenue from them, she said.

Once a property owners owes two full years of taxes, the city is able to acquire the properties. In order to manage as few properties as possible, the auction allows the city to then sell the properties.

We have a lot of empty lots that arent big enough to build on but wed like to get rid of those too, the mayor said. Hopefully some people will come in and buy them.

Research Properties Before You Bid

We are not responsible for the condition or quality of the properties being offered for sale. We recommend that you research each property.

It is important to determine whether there are other restrictions, charges or conditions that may affect a propertys value or sustainability.

Please do not trespass onto the properties being offered for sale. It would be an infringment on the owner’s right.

Browse Richmond Hill Real Estate Listings By Property Type

  • House4 bds , 3 bths$2,575,000
  • House5 bds , 4 bths$1,390,000
  • House3 bds , 3 bths$958,000
  • Townhouse3 bds , 2 bths$818,000
  • Condo1 bed , 1 bath$580,000
  • House4 bds , 5 bths$1,959,000
  • House5 bds , 5 bths$1,698,000
  • House3 bds , 3 bths$1,288,888
  • Condo3 bds , 2 bths$908,888
  • Condo2 bds , 2 bths$798,000
  • House8 bds , 7 bths$3,580,000
  • House4 bds , 5 bths$2,249,000
  • House4 bds , 4 bths$2,149,000
  • House6 bds , 4 bths$1,888,000
  • House3 bds , 3 bths$1,490,000
  • House4 bds , 3 bths$1,180,000
  • Condo3 bds , 2 bths$949,000
  • Condo3 bds , 2 bths$878,000
  • Condo2 bds , 2 bths$699,999
  • Condo2 bds , 2 bths$699,900
  • Condo2 bds , 1 bath$685,000
  • House3 bds , 4 bths$1,590,000
  • House5 bds , 2 bths$1,589,000
  • House4 bds , 3 bths$1,549,000
  • House3 bds , 3 bths$1,499,000
  • House4 bds , 4 bths$1,159,000
  • House4 bds , 5 bths$999,000
  • House3 bds , 2 bths$975,000
  • Condo2 bds , 2 bths$839,000
  • Condo3 bds , 2 bths$799,800
  • Condo3 bds , 2 bths$699,000
  • Condo1 bed , 1 bath$529,900
  • House4 bds , 3 bths$1,849,000
  • House3 bds , 3 bths$1,298,000
  • House3 bds , 2 bths$1,288,000
  • House4 bds , 3 bths$1,259,990
  • House4 bds , 3 bths$1,188,000
  • Condo2 bds , 2 bths$649,000
  • Condo2 bds , 2 bths$599,000
  • Condo3 bds , 2 bths$499,000
  • House6 bds , 7 bths$2,999,000
  • House4 bds , 4 bths$2,850,000

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Have A Real Estate Attorney Do A Title Search

You must hire an attorney to do a title search. By doing so, you will discover if there are any other liabilities on the property. You will want to do this research well before the auction date.

Any liens could become your responsibility if you buy the home. Things like unpaid property taxes, court judgments, or mechanic liens are all possible landmines. You could end up responsible for tax liens or back taxes if youre not careful.

Having unpaid taxes is not uncommon at all when buying a home at auction.

The faster you evaluate the legal status of the property you are interested in, the better, as this will help determine if it is worth it to put in an offer.

The last thing you want to discover is you just bought a home for $400,000 but then find out there is $100,000 worth of liens on the property. Doing a lien search is a must when buying houses at an auction.

Mill Pond & Heritage Estates

Single family homes for sale in the Denver area tops $500K

Mill Pond tends to have the highest density of nature trails and outdoor parks in the city, and ends up being the host of many of Richmond Hills annual festivals and events.Heritage Estates is also home to a few trails itself, and contains some of the oldest homes in the city, dating back all the way to the 1800s. This particular style of home tends to be attractive to older individuals who feel a certain nostalgia for this kind of house design.

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What’s The Difference Between Trustee Sales And Courthouse Auctions

There are two main types of foreclosures, judicial and non-judicial foreclosures. Judicial foreclosures require a lender to get a court’s permission to foreclose on a property. Non-judicial foreclosures allow the lender to sell the property themselves in the event of a default. A Trustee Sale is a non-judicial foreclosure sale. It gets its name because a trustee of the lender usually schedules and runs the sale as an auctioneer. A Courthouse Auction is a judicial foreclosure sale. It is usually held at the courthouse or at the property itself, and is scheduled and run by either the Sheriff or a representative of the court. Both Sheriff sales and trustee sales can provide values for buyers, and for the purpose of getting the best deal, they are equally as effective.

The Hearst Estate Aka The ‘godfather’ Mansion

The Hearst Estate in Beverly Hills is one of the most storied homes to recently go to auction.

The eight-bedroom, 15-bathroom property was once owned by William Randolph Hearst and made even more famous by films such as “The Godfather” and “The Bodyguard” that featured the distinctive salmon-colored mansion.

In 2016, the home was listed for $195 million. Over the years, it came on and off the market and saw its price tag whittled down to $48 million.

In 2019 the LLC that owned the home was served with a notice of default on debt totaling more than $26 million. And in 2021 the estate’s owner, financier and litigator Leonard Ross, saw his home head to a courthouse auction.

Four listing brokers from three brokerage firms represented the listing, including John Gould of Rodeo Realty and Gary Gold of Hilton & Hyland. Both Gould and Gold were present in the courtroom to witness the billionaire bidding war that ensued.

According to Gould, five billionaires entered the courtroom and the judge started the bidding at $48 million.

“It was exciting,” he said. The judge looked around the room, fielding bids at $100,000 increments: “48-one, 48-two, 48-three … At about $54-55 million, the first ones started to say, ‘No, too rich for me.'”

With the excitement building, Hilton & Hyland’s Gold said, it started to feel like the once-unattainable price tag could actually be in reach.

Each of the listing agents split a reduced commission on the deal, which was approved by the judge.

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Buying Auctioned Homes With An Fha Loan

The Federal Housing Authority loans are mortgage loans that enable buyers with less capital and credit to become homeowners. FHA loans can be used to buy nearly any house, though the property must meet certain value and safety requirements. These regulations are meant to protect buyers from properties that are not up to code and come in handy when purchasing foreclosures. The process will typically involve a fee appraisal, which can be thought of as an appraisal and home inspection in one.

The main challenge buyers may face when using an FHA loan for auctioned properties is any major repairs required on the property. Because auctioned properties are frequently sold as is, if they do not meet the FHA conditions, the home may not be eligible. However, if you are still interested in purchasing the home, it may be worth looking into an FHA 203 rehab loan. This will allow you to purchase a home in need of repairs, though the credit requirements are higher than a typical FHA loan.

Get Your Financial Information Together


Once you win the auction, the process will go quickly, so you want to be prepared. Gather all the documentation for your purchase before you start bidding.

The site will want to quickly access your funds once you win, including an earnest money deposit typically 5% of the homes purchase price.

If you are bidding under a different entity, like a Limited Liability Corporation , make sure you have the necessary documents for that as well.

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Find Out Everything You Can About The Property

You can learn just about everything you need to know about a house before you buy it you just have to put in the time and effort to do so. Learn about the estimated market value, the money owed by the borrower, and any other pertinent facts.

Any liens could become your responsibility if you buy the home, so it would be a good idea to have an attorney look into the possibility of liens before you bid. Houses at auction quite often have a myriad of problems associated with them.

You may even want to find out who owns the house and try to speak with them beforehand. If youre lucky, they will be in the mood to share some information with you.

Property Condition And Inspections

A house could have all kinds of problemsremember, it used to belong to someone who couldnt afford the mortgage or the property taxes, so the owner probably could not afford any routine maintenance or repairs, either. Furthermore, once the loss of the home appeared inevitable, the owner may have intentionally neglected it or even seriously damaged it. Also, a vacant property may have been vandalized or occupied by squatters.

Assume that if the property looks terrible from the outside, it probably looks terrible on the inside. Auction properties are sold as is, and you will need to be able to afford any and all repairs. Tempting though it may be, you should not trespass to get a better idea of the propertys condition. You may have seen flippers on TV entering backyards, peering in or even climbing through windows, but doing so is illegal, and you definitely dont want to disturb anyone occupying the home, not only out of courtesy but also for your safety. Seek information about the propertys ownership history from local government records, talk to local real estate agents, and respectfully request information from neighbors.

Even if you can get a home inspection, that still has its limits. Problems behind walls, in ceilings, and under floors might not be apparent until you take possession. If the utilities are turned off, you may not be able to detect leaks, electrical problems, broken appliances, or malfunctioning HVAC equipment.

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How Do Auctions Work

There are a variety of different auction companies, and every one of them has their own rules. Even within one auction company, there may be a variety of auctions being offered. They must also conform to the rules of the state and municipalities in which they are located. Make sure you understand the rules of the specific auction youre interested in before you bid.

Inspecting An Auctioned Property

Beautiful Home for Sale

Auction properties are sold in as-is condition, and in most cases do not allow bidders to request official home inspections. So, in lieu of the real deal what do you do? The best piece of advice is to assume the propertys condition on the outside hints at what its like on the inside. If the yard and exterior are in poor condition, showing signs of rotting, or more its safe to guess the inside could look similar.

Remember that properties are auctioned after the owners are unable to pay for their mortgages. In these extreme circumstances, it is typically unlikely that the owners had access to fund repairs or even general maintenance. For this reason, many auctioned properties are in an understandably neglected state.

All of this is not to say you cannot do some research. Drive by the property, and consider asking neighbors what they know. Inquire with local real estate agents or past photos when the property has been on the market. Never, under any circumstances, should you trespass on the property. If you are unable to gather any information at all, consider skipping that home for the next one. While your financing may cover extensive repairs, you cannot always predict the depth of the costs you will incur.

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How Does The Real Estate Auction Process Work

I cant stress it enough: the real estate auction process isnt any more difficult than following through on a traditional home purchase its just different. The more familiar you get with the real estate auction process, for that matter, the easier it becomes. That said, theres no reason you shouldnt look into buying houses at auctions they have some really great deals. And if that sounds like something you could get behind, here are the basics of what you could expect to encounter.

More often than not, auctions will take place at a local courthouse. Sometimes, auction companies will choose another location that comfortably fits the expected number of participants for an auction. Tax lien auctions, on the other hand, are generally overseen and conducted by the local sheriff since the seller is often the government.

In each auction, there is a starting bid, usually determined by the total amount owed. If that initial bid is not met, in most cases, the property is set aside and held by the lender or government to sell off in another manner in the future.

As long as that first bid is met, normal auction rules apply. The investor who makes the highest bid and can meet the auction requirements, such as a cashiers check or payment within X number of hours, wins and receives the paperwork to take ownership with that property.

Richmond Hill On Real Estate

In Richmond Hill, many dwellings are single detached homes, while the remainder are mainly large apartment buildings and townhouses. This town also has a selection of housing size options this town is notable for those looking for four or more bedroom homes. Around 80% of the dwellings in the town are occupied by homeowners while renters occupy the remainder. Around 40% of homes in this town were built following the year 2000, while many of the remaining buildings were constructed in the 1960s and the 1980s. Read more about Richmond Hill real estate

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Other Important Information About Auctions/foreclosures

Depending on where you are located, there are different procedures for initiating a foreclosure auction. For example, in Massachusetts, where I am located, the primary means of foreclosure is non-judicial .

However, suppose the deed of trust does not contain a power of sale language . In that case, the lender may seek judicial foreclosure.

With judicial foreclosures, the foreclosing party files a lawsuit in the county where the property is located and requests that the court grant a judgment allowing the house to be sold to satisfy the debt.

Judicial foreclosures generally take longer than non-judicial foreclosures, most of the time lasting from around six months to three years, depending on the state.

Buyers of foreclosed properties should also understand the owner might not have to move out of the house right immediately after the foreclosure sale. Depending laws of the state in which the property is located, the homeowner may stay in the house until the court confirms the sale.

In some states, the homeowner has the right to live in the house even longer during whats called the redemption period. (A redemption period is an amount of time when the foreclosed homeowner gets the right to redeem or repurchase the home after the foreclosure. Learn more about the foreclosure redemption period in this article from NOLO.

What Is A Lender Confirmation Auction

Inside the collapse of Zillow: Hundreds of homes to hit Orlando market | WFTV

A lender confirmation auction is a type of auction whereby mortgage lenders must approve the bid for the transaction to be completed. This type of auction can also be referred to as a minimum bid auction or a reserve auction.

The reserve price or guide price will be the minimum bid accepted for the property.

Whoever is the winning bidder must have the necessary funding and be accepted by the lender or the government. With this type of property auction, there will usually be starting bid or opening bid.

The auctioneer will suggest the bid amount to open the bidding process.

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Real Estate Foreclosure Auctions Explained

The vast majority of homes sold at auction are foreclosures. Lenders want to get as much as they can for homes that borrowers have defaulted on, and auctions offer a convenient way to accomplish this goal.

Sometimes there will be a bidding war, just like purchasing a house in the traditional real estate market.

They also offer careful investors opportunities to find great deals. Buying a house at auction is facilitated by an auction house which is a company that handles auctions. Auction houses are also sometimes known as where the auction will take place.

Purchasing a house at auction, however, should come with quite a bit of due diligence. Seasoned real estate investors attend most property auctions, so they are not for the uneducated.

If you are considering buying a home at auction, there are a few things you should be aware of, including the following:


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