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How Long To Keep Bankruptcy Discharge Papers

Bankruptcy Case File Record Requests

Bankruptcy Discharge Papers-Obtain Copies for $5

Please provide the following information:

  • name of the court where the case was filed
  • case number and name of parties on the case and
  • time period the case was filed.

For bankruptcy cases filed 1940 and after, a FRC transfer number is required. This is obtained by contacting the court where the bankruptcy was originally filed. If the court does not have the transfer number due to the age of the case, please note this with your request.

There is no charge to perform a search. Do not send any money or credit card information when you make your initial request. Digital and paper reproductions from the case file will incur a charge. Staff will communicate the fees prior to making the copies.

We receive requests by e-mail, postal mail, or phone.

  • National Archives at Kansas City 400 W. Pershing Rd.
  • Phone: 816.268.8000

Making Changes To Your Bankruptcy Forms

Your bankruptcy forms are signed under penalty of perjury. When you file, you’re declaring that the information in your bankruptcy forms is true and correct to the best of your knowledge. If you accidently leave something out or make a mistake, you’ll need to make changes to your forms.

This is done by filing an amendment with the court. You might need to file an amendment because you forgot to list an asset or a , you need to add information that was originally missed, you change your mind about signing a reaffirmation agreement, or the trustee requests that forms be amended.

Bankruptcy Case Files At The National Archives At Kansas City

Bankruptcy Case Files may be accessed by ordering reproductions for a fee or viewed by appointment at the National Archives at Kansas City.

Bankruptcy Case Files are contained within RG 21, Records of the U.S. District Court, and RG 578, Records of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court. Bankruptcy Case Files will grow annually at Kansas City as new transfers and direct offers of records are accessioned into the holdings of the National Archives. Currently there are 125,000 cubic feet of bankruptcy case files stored in Kansas City.

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Difference Between Bankruptcy File Date Vs Discharge Date

If you ever go through the entire bankruptcy process, you will know the different dates you need to remember. The most important date for many debtors is the date the case was filed. Once the lawsuit is filed, the bankruptcy stay order comes into play, when no creditor can ask or collect for his debt.

The discharge date is when all the qualified debts are paid off to the creditors or wiped away officially in the federal court.

Treatment Of Priority Debts

How Long to Keep Records in Canada (With images)

A priority debt is a debt that generally survives bankruptcy. Common forms of priority debt include child support, certain forms of taxes, and other debts the US Bankruptcy Code provides for special treatment.

As with the other forms of debt, maintaining a copy of your bankruptcy records can be helpful if you need proof of your bankruptcy court records. Discharged debts that are priority in nature have special treatment under the bankruptcy code.

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What Is A Bankruptcy Discharge

A bankruptcy discharge is a ruling issued by the bankruptcy court that releases the debtor from his or her liabilities on certain types of debts.

Once you get a bankruptcy discharge, you are no longer required to pay the debts that were discharged in the bankruptcy. It is a permanent order that prohibits your creditors from taking any actions to collect the discharged debts. These include legal actions and all forms of communication with the discharged debtor.

Although you are no longer required to pay for discharged debts, secured liens on your property will still be there, even after your bankruptcy case. The most common cases for this would be car and home loans these are still owed if you want to keep that property.

How To Get Proof You’ve Been Discharged

Your discharge from bankruptcy will happen automatically, so you won’t necessarily get proof sent to you.

Email the Insolvency Service to get a free confirmation letter. You should only ask for this after the discharge date.

If you ask for a confirmation letter, you must include your:

  • full name
  • National Insurance number
  • court reference number

If youre applying for a mortgage, youll need a Certificate of Discharge. If you originally applied for bankruptcy through a court then youll need to ask them for a certificate. This costs £70 and £10 for extra copies.

If you originally applied for bankruptcy online, email the Insolvency Service for a certificate. Theres no fee for a Certificate of Discharge if you applied online.

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Can The Discharge Be Revoked

The court may revoke a discharge under certain circumstances. For example, a trustee, creditor, or the U.S. trustee may request that the court revoke the debtor’s discharge in a chapter 7 case based on allegations that the debtor: obtained the discharge fraudulently failed to disclose the fact that he or she acquired or became entitled to acquire property that would constitute property of the bankruptcy estate committed one of several acts of impropriety described in section 727 of the Bankruptcy Code or failed to explain any misstatements discovered in an audit of the case or fails to provide documents or information requested in an audit of the case. Typically, a request to revoke the debtor’s discharge must be filed within one year of the discharge or, in some cases, before the date that the case is closed. The court will decide whether such allegations are true and, if so, whether to revoke the discharge.

In chapter 11, 12, and 13 cases, if confirmation of a plan or the discharge is obtained through fraud, the court can revoke the order of confirmation or discharge.

Bankruptcy Discharge Certificate Canada Summary


To declare personal bankruptcy is a major life event. However, it is a necessary thing to rid yourself of crippling debt. Most people who have been faced with a major life event. The main examples are illness, pay cuts, job loss, or divorce. It is not your fault. I hope this bankruptcy discharge certificate Canada Brandons Blog has given you helpful information.

Do you have too much debt? Are you in need of financial restructuring? The financial restructuring process is complex. The Ira Smith Team understands how to do a complex restructuring. However, more importantly, we understand the needs of the entrepreneur or the person who has too much personal debt.

You are worried because you are facing significant financial challenges.It is not your fault that you are in this situation. You have been only shown the old ways that do not work anymore. The Ira Smith Team uses new modern ways to get you out of your debt troubles while avoiding bankruptcy. We can get you debt relief freedom.

The stress placed upon you is huge. We understand your pain points. We look at your entire situation and devise a strategy that is as unique as you and your problems financial and emotional. The way we take the load off of your shoulders and devise a debt settlement plan, we know that we can help you.

We will get you or your company back on the road to healthy stress-free operations and recover from the pain points in your life, Starting Over, Starting Now.

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Three: Avoid Unnecessary Post

The main traps for post-discharge debtors are the temptation to open too many credit accounts, incurring too much debt, and late payments.

Too many accounts

Although most debtors can obtain post-bankruptcy loans and credit accounts, you must be careful. I do not recommend obtaining multiple credit accounts after bankruptcy to try to improve your credit score. Some post-bankruptcy debtors believe that the more accounts they open, the faster they will rebuild their credit. That mindset is a recipe for disaster. With few exceptions, debt is not your friend. One or two credit cards combined with some other form of credit, such as a personal line of credit or modest car loan, should be enough for anyone.

Keep in mind that each time you apply for credit, the inquiry reduces your score a bit. Too many inquiries on your credit report and you will start to look irresponsible. Moreover, if you have too many accounts, you may be tempted to over-utilize credit, which may severely damage your income-to-debt and debt-to-available-credit ratios . The key to rebuilding your credit score is the responsible use of credit and living within your means.

Too Much Debt

Understanding the Debt -to-Available-Credit Ratio. Just as important is the debt-to-available-credit ratio, which measures the percentage of available credit that you use compared to your overall available credit.

Late Payments

Benefits Of Keeping Your Paperwork

It is important that you keep your bankruptcy discharge papers, and other bankruptcy documents for several reasons:

Receiving Protection From Creditors: If your creditors contact you demanding payment for debts that were included in your bankruptcy, you can show them your bankruptcy discharge certificate, which proves that you no longer have a legal responsibility to pay the debt that is listed on your bankruptcy paperwork

Getting New Credit: If you apply for new credit through a loan or credit card application your creditor may request to see proof that prior debts of yours have been dealt with

Dealing With Collection Agencies: It is common for your credit report to not be updated after your bankruptcy discharge for some time, in which case you might still receive the occasional phone call or letter from your creditors or collection agencies demanding payment on debts that were discharged in your bankruptcy.

Having your bankruptcy discharge papers available will show that you have dealt with these debts which will help you keep your credit record up to date and deal with any collection agencies or creditors who contact you for payment.

While one credit bureau in Canada might have updated their records to include your bankruptcy the other credit bureau may not

Keeping your discharge paperwork will help your trustee move the process along if you need to enter into insolvency through bankruptcy or a proposal again.

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Two: Use Secured Credit Cards Or Small Loans To Help Build A Record Of On

Secured credit cards. To begin rebuilding your credit, you may wish to obtain a secured credit card. A secured credit card uses money deposited in a bank account as collateral for the credit card. The creditor can take the money in the account only if you default. Some banks offering secured cards do not require a credit check, and it may be easier to obtain a card from them. However, be sure to shop around. Some secured card providers charge excessive fees and interest. You should also make sure the provider reports to all three credit reporting agencies .

It is important to use no more than twenty percent of your available credit on your secured card .

Example: if you have a limit of $500, avoid carrying a balance of more than $100 on the card at any one time.

The purpose of this card is to rebuild your credit, so responsible use is essential. If you are a couple, it is good to have a separate card for each of you.

Quick Note: A secured credit card is not the same thing as a prepaid credit card. Although very convenient, prepaid credit cards do nothing to improve your credit.

Small Lines of Credit and Vehicle Loans. A small unsecured line of credit can be useful in rebuilding your credit. Likewise, if you need a vehicle, a car loan is another way to rebuild credit. However, I do not suggest getting a car loan just to rebuild your credit. See below for information on obtaining a vehicle loan after bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy Discharge Certificate Canada: What If My Creditors Still Contact Me And Try To Get Me To Pay Them

» Some Debtors in Bankruptcy Have Higher Duty to Keep Records

If the creditors are consistently calling you and demanding settlement, supply them with a duplicate of your bankruptcy discharge certificate Canada. If the creditor states they were not aware of your bankruptcy, also offer them a duplicate of your sworn statement of affairs revealing them listed as a creditor.

If they are listed, then the Trustee sent them a notice of bankruptcy including a form 31 proof of claim to complete and return to the Trustee.

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Why A Case Isn’t Over After A Bankruptcy Discharge

Most people file for bankruptcy for the debt discharge. It’s the last court action that directly affects many filers, so, understandably, they think the case is over once it’s received. It’s also confusing that, in many instances, the court will close the case soon after the entry of discharge. But the discharge order and case closure are different.

The bankruptcy discharge releases the debtor from liability for certain debts, so the debtor is no longer legally required to pay the balance. The discharge also prohibits creditors from collecting discharged debts in any manner, including through lawsuits, demand letters, and telephone calls.

In some cases, the bankruptcy will continue for some time after the discharge order is issued. In fact, for creditors, the trustee, and the court, the case could be just getting underway.

Losing Paperwork In A Natural Disaster

Filing for bankruptcy after a natural disaster is common. But not only are jobs and property lost, but the paperwork required to file for bankruptcy can end up missing, too. Fortunately, provisions are made for such emergencies. When a bankruptcy debtor loses financial paperwork in a natural disaster, the bankruptcy trustee must:

  • avoid taking action against a debtor who cant produce documents
  • grant reasonable requests to ease filing requirements, and
  • take into account a decrease in income or increase in expenses.

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Asset Chapter 7 Cases Take Longer

If the case involves assets the trustee needs to sell, the case could go on for months or years after the discharge. The amount of time will depend on whether the Chapter 7 trustee needs to file lawsuits against creditors or others or sell assets like real estate, vehicles, or businesses.

Once the trustee has a pool of funds, the court will ask the for what the debtor owes. The trustee will file objections with the court to any claim that is deficient or improper, and the court will hold hearings on them. The trustee mails checks to those creditors with allowed claims and will file a report after distributing funds. Only then will the court close the case.

In A Chapter 7 What Happens To Property I Cant Protect From My Creditors

Need Copy Of Bankruptcy Discharge Papers $8

In a Chapter 7, property you cant protect from your creditors is sold and the money is used to pay your creditors. If property you own free and clear is worth more than you can protect from your creditors, you should probably not file a Chapter 7. If you have property you cant protect from your creditors, you may want to think about filing a Chapter 13. If you think you have more than $25,000 in property for an individual or $50,000 for a married couple, you should consult counsel prior to filing bankruptcy to see if there are additional exemptions which may protect the rest of your property.

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How To Get A Copy Of Your Bankruptcy Discharge

Luckily, there are several ways you can go about replacing your copy of your official bankruptcy discharge. Following are three different methods you can use to obtain one:

1. Call the attorney who handled your case.

Many attorneys keep client files for several years before purging them. There is a good chance that your lawyer will still have a copy in his or her file. If not, he or she may be able to access the Court’s records electronically to print the requested document.

If you are concerned about the document retrieval fees that your attorney may charge for this service, ask first! There’s a good chance that he or she will provide this service at no charge. However, to avoid any unwelcome surprises, it is a good idea to find out in advance what fees will be charged. If it is more than you are willing to pay, explore your other options for getting a copy of the bankruptcy discharge.

2. Request it from the Bankruptcy Clerk’s Office.

You can also request a bankruptcy discharge copy from the Clerk’s office located in the district and division where the bankruptcy case was filed. The bankruptcy clerk will charge a small fee for this service. If the case has been closed for some time, there may be an additional retrieval fee for the Clerk to access their archived files.

You can locate the contact information for your Clerk’s office using the state links on the right side of this page.

3. Open a PACER account.

Hm Revenue And Customs May Check Your Records To Make Sure You’re You Should Keep Your Records For At Least 22 Months After The End Of The Tax Year The Tax Return Is For

Set conditions you have to meet before your if you end up keeping the secured asset during your bankruptcy, you are responsible for making all payments. I need to apply for my new apartment, but they will not qualify me unless i have a copy of the discharge paperwork or my bankruptcy appears as discharged on my credit report. Hm revenue and customs may check your records to make sure you’re you should keep your records for at least 22 months after the end of the tax year the tax return is for. If there’s a question about whether you should receive a discharge, you’ll likely be the trustee will keep the 341 meeting of creditors open by. Business owners should keep copies of certain bankruptcy records indefinitely. Are the records connected to property? Because you are filing as a sole proprietor, any personal debts can. How long should you keep those? How long will chapter 7 bankruptcy take? How long it stays on your credit reports . Mueller says it’s also a good idea to keep your bankruptcy paperwork to compare with your credit report. Whether you meet the above standards for a normal automatic discharge or an extended automatic discharge of your bankruptcy, other factors can prevent the discharge from going through as anticipated. The petition and the discharge order.

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