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How To Find A Good Bankruptcy Lawyer

How Much Will All Of This Cost

How To Find A Good Bankruptcy Attorney in Seattle: Symmes Law Group

Attorney fees vary widely based on the type of bankruptcy you file for, where your attorney practices and the complexity of your financial situation. In general, you can expect to pay $500 to $3,500 for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy and $2,500 to $6,000 for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Understanding that their clients are in a tough financial situation, many lawyers are willing to work with their clients to set up payment plans. If youre filing Chapter 7, your payments will be due before you officially file. If youre filing Chapter 13, you may be able to pay part of the fee before you file and the remainder during the repayment period.

If you cant afford an attorney at all, there are other options available. Legal aid offices provide free legal advice to low-income clients and may represent you for free if you qualify. In addition, many lawyers dedicate a certain number of hours to helping individuals who cant afford their services, so it may be worth looking for one who will take your case pro bono.

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When you are in dire financial straits, you need a bankruptcy attorney who knows the law, knows the system and knows you. Located in the heart of downtown Beverly Hills, I provide a wide range of services for individuals and families suffering from the weight of excessive debt. Call the Law Offices of Michael Jay Berger at or contact me online to schedule a free consultation.

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  • “The decision to file was not an easy one and I’m thankful to have found such an experienced and compassionate team to work with. They are very detailed and thorough and will patiently explain all the options available to you. I highly recommend this firm.”

Choosing The Right Bankruptcy Lawyer

There are thousands of attorneys who practice law in the State of Mississippi. But you are in a very unique situation if you are considering bankruptcy you do not want a personal injury lawyer or criminal defense lawyer to represent you. You do not want a corporate attorney who knows a little bit about bankruptcy to represent you and you certainly do not want a new attorney who is going to use your case as a learning experience. Finally, you might want to stay away from bankruptcy factories. They file so many cases that you are just another number to them.

You need an attorney experienced in bankruptcy law and bankruptcy litigation who is going to fight for you. Tough times call for a tough attorney and when you are facing bankruptcy you need the best lawyer around to fight for you. You want a lawyer who is experienced in consumer bankruptcy law. Remember, this is your life we are talking about and you deserve to have the best and the most experienced attorney you can find on your side. A good bankruptcy lawyer is an investment for a better future and a fresh start. The attorney you choose can make a big difference in the outcome of your bankruptcy.

The point is that this is a team effort. If you do not do your part, I assure you that you will not get the best outcome under the circumstances. So, be prepared to be a partner with your lawyer and your results will be far better.

  • Ask about fees. Get the best estimate you can as to how much the fees and cost will be.
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    Prepare For The Initial Consultation

    Being prepared will help you take advantage of this initial consultation. Here is a list of things to consider before a consultation:

    • Organize your documents. Having everything well organized and clearly labeled will save you from rummaging through a stack of papers nervously at their office.
    • Have your basic financial information ready. You will likely have to fill out a form in the waiting room asking you specific financial questions related to your assets, loans, mortgages, spousal support obligations, and etc.
    • Prepare a short list of questions to ask the attorney. See the section below for more detail.
    • Be mentally prepared to answer questions fully and candidly. Omitting facts or lying to your attorney may harm your case in ways you cannot imagine. Dont risk it.
    • Be prepared to discuss costs. One of the primary goals of this consultation is to know how much the attorneys fees will cost.
    • Bring a pen and a notepad. Leave your tablet and laptop at home. Bring paper and writing utensils to record what youve learned.

    Advice From Bankruptcy Attorney Carl

    How to Find a Good Bankruptcy Attorney  MCP Horizon

    As for advice specific to bankruptcy attorneys, I think the biggest mistake consumers make is the shop by price first. You want someone who cares about your case and has the time to devote to regardless of the price. There are plenty of bankruptcy mills that might be able to file your case for a low fee, but not necessarily get the most out of the bankruptcy process.

    I am biased, but I think choosing a member of the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys is important. Ive never belonged to professional organization that has done more for my professional development AND been an advocate for the clientele of its members. There are plenty of good attorneys who are not NACBA members and not all NACBA members are good attorneys, but it is a good resource for both attorneys and debtors.

    You want someone who makes bankruptcy one of their primary area of practice. When the reform law passed in 2005, a lot of the dabblers got out. I had done mainly creditor to work up to that point and I either had to get serious or get out. I decided to get serious, but now bankruptcy is sexy again as a practice area and people are drifting back in.

    Some bankruptcy attorneys do not how to handle things like adversary proceedings, lien strips, cram downs, redemptions and a whole host of other things. Experience and results count.

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    Find A Milwaukee Attorney Who Specializes In Bankruptcy Law

    This should be pretty obvious, but it bears repeatingwith emphasis: Hire an attorney who specializes in bankruptcy law.

    Bankruptcy cases can range from the fairly straightforward to the migraine-inducing complex. You need an attorney with experience handling both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Besides federal bankruptcy laws, every district court has differing rules and regulations governing bankruptcy. On top of this, there may be additional procedures required by the bankruptcy trustee in your district.;

    Find A Milwaukee Bankruptcy Attorney With Reasonable Fees

    Bankruptcy attorneys usually charge a flat fee, anywhere from $1,000 to $3000 for a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing.

    Most bankruptcy attorneys in the Milwaukee area charge about the same amount, so if you come across one whose price is drastically lower than everyone elses, its probably a sign this attorney is either really green or isnt going to put much effort into your case.

    With Chapter 7 bankruptcy, attorney fees rise in proportion to the complexity of the bankruptcy. Most attorneys require you to pay their fee in full before filing your case. With Chapter 13 bankruptcy filings, there are usually limits on what an attorney can charge. Although the total amount charged for a Chapter 13 filing usually isnt much different from a Chapter 7 filing, the amount you have to pay your Milwaukee bankruptcy attorney upfront does differ. With a Chapter 13 filing, you can usually pay part of your attorneys fee before the filing and then include the balance in the repayment plan established in your Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

    While its understandable to want to know upfront what filing for bankruptcy in Wisconsin is going to cost, attorneys cannot quote you a price over the phone. Because every case is unique, it is impossibleeven unethicalto just toss out a price over the phone.

    All reputable Milwaukee bankruptcy attorneys will meet with you to get a better picture of your situation before quoting a price.

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    How To Find A Bankruptcy Attorney Ascend

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    Our bankruptcy attorney is dedicated getting people the debt relief they deserve. Dont take our word for it though. We have the awards to back it up.

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    Youll need to conduct a little bit of research to find the best bankruptcy lawyer for your situation. Start by pulling up a list of attorneys near you.How much does a bankruptcy attorney cost?How do you find a bankruptcy attorney?

    Qualities To Look For In A Bankruptcy Lawyer

    Choosing a Lawyer: How to Find a Lawyer & How to Choose a GOOD Lawyer

    There are numerous qualities that you will want to look for in any bankruptcy lawyer, and first impressions do matter.

    But beyond the lawyer being professional, treating you with respect, and feeling a good vibe when you meet with them, youll also want to pay attention to a number of other things.

    For example, does the lawyer discuss all of your available options, or do they try really hard to push you in favor of one particular direction?

    A truly good attorney will lay out all of your available options before you, inform you of the pros and cons of each, and respect whichever decision you end up choosing to make.

    Next, pay attention to the energy from the attorney. In other words, do they seem passionate about what they do? Do they legitimately care about you and your situation or do you feel like you are just another client for them?

    Even though working as a bankruptcy attorney may seem like a boring process, the truth is that there are many attorneys who are deeply passionate about their job, because they legitimately enjoy helping people with their debts and improving their lives.

    The next quality that you will be wise to look for in a bankruptcy attorney is how well they listen to you. The last kind of attorney you want is one who will talk on and on without giving you much time to speak.

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    It Comes Down To Your Comfort Level

    At the end of the day, you should go with a bankruptcy attorney that you feel comfortable with. Look for someone who will listen to you and get the specifics relating to your case to best understand your situation and represent you.

    Dont make a decision based solely on price. Paying a good lawyer their going rate could save you money if they successfully represent you. Someone charging a low rate could be cutting corners, which could lead to a bad outcome on your bankruptcy case.

    Ask around for referrals and do your own online research as well. The NACBA could also serve as a resource. Hopefully, this will help you find a bankruptcy attorney who will meet your needs and lead to a successful outcome for your case.

    Benefits Of Working With A Bankruptcy Lawyer

    If youre struggling financially, bankruptcy may seem like the most direct way to solve the problem. A good bankruptcy lawyer can help determine if another option would actually be better for your situation.

    Bankruptcy should be your final option, not your first, says Ashley Morgan, a bankruptcy attorney in Northern Virginia.

    A lawyer can help you assess your financial situation to determine whether other debt relief alternatives might be in your best interest. And if bankruptcy is your best route, a lawyer can tell you whether you qualify for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13.

    If you choose to move forward with bankruptcy proceedings, an attorney can guide you through the process.

    During the process, an attorney can help with the following:

    • Provide advice about the best time to file bankruptcy, so you dont end up in a worse financial situation than before you filed.
    • Offer guidance on assets. When you file Chapter 7 bankruptcy, certain assets are exempt from the proceedings, which means you get to keep them. Your lawyer should understand which exemptions you qualify for and help you not lose assets unnecessarily.
    • Help complete paperwork thats required to file your bankruptcy petition.
    • Represent you at the meeting of creditors.

    Above all, the bankruptcy lawyer helps you navigate what can be a complicated process for the uninitiated.

    You have an advocate in your corner whos there to make sure youre treated right at the end of the day, Morgan says.

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    Set Up The Appointment

    The fastest way to set up a consultation would be by phone. Alternatively, a firms website may have a Contact Us form that you can fill out for them to get back to you later. Either way, ask the firm what specific documents they would like you to bring along.;

    If you are more comfortable speaking in another language, also ask if they can provide you with an interpreter during the consultation. Legal terms and concepts are difficult to understand to say the least and communication between attorney and client is of utmost importance.

    What Does Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Entail

    How to Find a Good Bankruptcy Attorney

    Chapter 7 bankruptcy is called liquidation bankruptcy as well. The provisions of this chapter allow an individual to discharge all his legally dischargeable debts. However, not everyone would qualify. To leverage chapter 7 bankruptcy filing provisions, the income of the individual should be equal or less than the median income in the state they reside in. Once an individual qualifies to file for bankruptcy under Chapter 7, the court appoints a trustee to oversee if selling the property of the petitioner would generate enough money to pay off the creditors. The court also arranges for a creditors meeting where the petitioner needs to be present for the bankruptcy order to remain valid.

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    Free Clinics Legal Aid And Pro Bono Attorneys

    Resources are available to debtors who can’t afford a bankruptcy attorney, but they vary depending on where you live. Some bankruptcy courts have free clinics to help debtors file for bankruptcy relief on their own. Contact your bankruptcy court to determine the services it offers or a list of free services or programs available in your area.

    In most states, legal aid societies and pro bono attorneys provide free legal services or assistance to low-income individuals. Contact your local legal aid society, state bar, or local bankruptcy lawyers to find out about aid for people who wish to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy but can’t afford an attorney.

    Make Sure The Attorneys Are Licensed

    The easiest way to start narrowing down your list of attorneys is to make sure they are well qualified to practice law. The legal industry is a highly regulated field due to the nature of the work. Only those who have gone through the necessary training and education can call themselves a licensed attorney

    First and foremost is to make sure the attorneys are licensed. Just because Uncle Benny gave you the name of his old college buddy who went to law school, doesnt mean that he is licensed to practice law and give legal advice. Attorneys must pay annual dues and keep up with their continuing legal education to remain licensed. Also, certain serious infractions can result in an attorneys suspension or even disbarment. is an excellent resource for checking the legal standing of an attorney. Under its Attorney License Verification section, it links you to the State Bar of each of the fifty states. You can then search via first and last name. The results indicate whether the potential attorney has an active license and whether or not there have been any disciplinary actions in the past.

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    Debt Relief Means Peace Of Mind

    Many South Carolinians qualify for bankruptcy but don’t know it. Others who qualify may worry that it;conflicts with faith;or the ethics with which they were raised. We can address all these issues with you and assess whether it’s the right solution.

    Filing for bankruptcy can be complicated. Choosing the right, lawyer should be simple. Call Benjamin R. Matthews and Associates, LLC at 799-1700 or;contact us;online for a;free initial evaluation. Our discussion will be fully confidential.

    We are a debt relief agency. We help people understand their financial options and file bankruptcy.

    Bankruptcy Overview

    Many Americans file for bankruptcy every year. Each person files for different reasons, with unpaid medical bills, mounting debt and loss of income atop the list. Many people consider taking such actin a last resort, but we see things differently. For many of our clients, choosing to declare bankruptcy is their first and smartest choice, the best resolution for out-of-control debt.

    There are many ways that bankruptcy can help solve your financial crisis. Filing can:

    • Stop harassment by collection agencies
    • Stop lawsuits filed by creditors
    • Stop foreclosure on your unsold home
    • Let you keep your home for good
    • Let you keep your car
    • Let you get back your repossessed vehicle
    • Resolve tax problems
    • Stop wage-garnishment

    Bankruptcy Can Be a Lifeline to Help Save Your Home and Get Debt Relief

    What is bankruptcy?

    Why Filing May Be Right For You


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