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How To Find Forclosed Homes

Search Foreclosures Short Sales Auctions & More

How to Find and Buy a Foreclosed Home

Foreclosures are a great way to save money on a home, whether purchasing your very first home or you are looking to buy an investment property, foreclosures are an excellent option. can help you find the right home for you:

  • Search over 1 million of the most up-to-date foreclosure listings available online
  • Browse photos of homes in your area and nationwide
  • Research neighborhood information such as schools and crime rates
  • Easily connect with real estate and mortgage professionals

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How To Find Foreclosed Homes

Think back to the collapse of the housing market of a decade ago, when borrowers defaulted on subprime mortgages in high numbers, and millions of homes went into foreclosure as a result. Foreclosures and short sales flooded the market.

But those days are over, at least for now. Charlie says theres tough competition for what few properties remain on the foreclosure market nowadays. And youll need cash, or you risk losing to investors who can come up with the funds quicker.

Pre-COVID, the economy was very strong, and you were lucky to find a short sale or a bank-owned foreclosure, Charlie says. Not saying they didnt exist, they did, but they were harder to come by.

Finding foreclosures may be a little more challenging in strong real estate markets, but its possible. You can start by sifting websites that now specialize in homes and properties in foreclosure, like Fannie Maes Some banks, such as Bank of America, have online databases that can also help you search for a foreclosed home.

Leveraging a real estate agent is going to be your best bet for finding foreclosed homes. A real estate agent will be able to find foreclosure property listings for you on the Multiple Listing Service a database of real estate listings that consumers cant access directly.

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What Is A Foreclosed Home

Foreclosures have been seized by the lender because the homeowner was no longer able to pay the mortgage. Most lenders will begin the foreclosure process when the owner falls three to six months behind.

Though the pathway to foreclosure varies by lender, state and the homeowner’s specific situation, the ultimate outcome is largely the same: The lender seizes control of the property and looks to resell the home as quickly as possible to minimize or recoup any losses. To speed up this process, foreclosed homes usually come at a discount and are often sold “as is” — which means that lenders may be reluctant to make repairs.

For a buyer, the primary difference between purchasing a foreclosure and a traditionally listed property is that you’re buying from a lender and not the homeowner. This changes the dynamics of finding a home, making an offer and negotiating a contract.

Ways To Find Pre Foreclosure Homes In 2022

How to find Foreclosure Homes in Fort McMurray

Smart investors look for pre foreclosure homes to make a quick profit. Heres how you can pull this off.

Most successful real estate investors take pains to discover means to optimize their profits. The more savvy ones have unearthed the brilliance of using off market properties as investment vehicles. They have adopted the option of scouring through pre foreclosure homes listings as a part of their roster of real estate investment strategies.

Pre foreclosure homes attract many investors because of the low purchase price and the immediate returns. However, if you focus only on finding a house sold at a bargain, you may end up with a dismal yield. You need to have adequate knowledge on where to find the right property and the striking features that will make it attractive to the market whether you rent it out or sell it. You should also have the insight to determine if the pre foreclosure is caused by an unfortunate circumstance of the owner or something that may be bigger in scope and has influenced the real estate market.

Pre foreclosure investing has its intricacies, making experts believe that this strategy is not for amateur investors. However, the lack of experience should not deter you from trying this out for the first time.

To equip you with the right knowledge and tools for your pre foreclosure home hunting, weâve put together the following blog post to explain the following:

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Real Estate Listing Websites Online

Because real estate listing websites are the most popular sources of investment properties, its a logical place to start looking for houses to flip. They are usually easy to use and give you a lot of information about properties and the local market that will help you learn how to find houses to flip.

Zillow lets you search by price, square footage, location, property type, and home features, among other things. It lets you search for phrases like as is or opportunity. Furthermore, it provides a wealth of information about the property, such as its sales history, estimated value, payments, and market data. Other real estate websites that show you where distressed properties are for sale include:

Determine A Fair Offer Price

You will likely have the chance to trim some costs from the final price when buying a foreclosed home at auction. But how much you save depends on the market, the house itself, and the negotiation process with the homeowner if its a preforeclosure. You definitely dont want to overpay for a home that needs a lot of work!

You may also want to talk to your agent about putting together a comparative market analysis that gives an idea of what similar homes in the area are worth so that youre offering something reasonable but not overbidding.

A CMA can estimate the value of specific properties by comparing them to recently sold properties in the immediate area. A CMA will look at the age of a home, the square footage, the number of bedrooms, location, and the propertys condition. That can be a big help with determining a fair offer price.

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Hire An Expert Real Estate Agent

Steps No. 1 and 2 can be interchangeable. Many people, however, like to look at whats available first and determine what they want so they can find a local real estate agent who specializes in foreclosed properties.

Here are the types of homes youll come across that may be in the foreclosure process:

How To Find Foreclosures And Government

How to Find Foreclosed Homes (& Buy Them for CHEAP)

Finding foreclosures is easy in depressed markets, but it’s also possible in strong real estate markets. You’ll find a greater number of foreclosures in falling real estate markets.

Many pre-foreclosure homes that previously were offered as short sales end up as foreclosures, which eventually are deeded to a bank. The reason why purchasers may refuse to buy a short-sale home could be any of the following:

  • Sellers stripped the foreclosure home’s assets and/or vandalized the property.
  • The bank refused to accept less than its present mortgage balance.
  • Buyers passed over the short sale in favor of a hassle-free purchase.
  • The location of the home and/or neighborhood was undesirable.
  • The listing was overpriced at its mortgaged amount.
  • The seller did not qualify for a short sale.

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Pros And Cons Of Buying A Foreclosed Home

As we mentioned, foreclosures and sales of foreclosed homes are rare in Canada and are more common in the United States. That said, it does happen and there are ways that you can buy a foreclosed property, which involves a different procedure than a traditional mortgage. However, before you start looking into buying a foreclosed home, its important to understand the inherent benefits and risks involved.


  • The lender, eager to recuperate their loss, will want to sell the property quickly. They may even sell it at a lower price than it was initially. If you buy the house at auction, its sometimes possible to get an even lower price.
  • Any liens, backdated taxes, or outstanding mortgage payments remaining on the property will be expunged, as these factors would make it harder for the lender to resell the home.
  • This option can be beneficial if youre a landlord with plans to buy and fix up cheaper properties and then rent them out.
  • If the property goes for a cheaper price, you can use the money youve saved for maintenance purposes or to making home improvements, thereby increasing its value and your home equity in the process. You may even be able to sell the property at a profit some day.


Heres what you should know about land transfer taxes in Ontario.

Benefits Of Buying Foreclosed Properties For Sale

Buying foreclosed properties has several benefits:

  • Discounted price â Sellers of foreclosed homes are usually very motivated. They want to get rid of the property as fast as possible and recover their money. As a result, they are more willing to accept low offers in order to hasten the deal. Buying a foreclosed home below market value enhances your chances of generating a higher return on investment.
  • Faster buying process â Since lenders want to sell foreclosed property as fast as possible, foreclosure deals usually take less time compared to the conventional way of buying an investment property. This means that you can sell the property or begin generating cash flow faster.
  • Less competition â Finding foreclosed properties for sale involves more work than finding traditionally listed properties. As a result, very few real estate investors pursue such opportunities. With less competition, you have a higher chance of snagging a good deal.
  • Clear title â When buying property the traditional way, the title of the home might come with liens or encumbrances from the previous owner. However, when purchasing a foreclosed property from a bank, the title is usually clean. The lender takes care of all the problems with the homeâs title before the sale begins.

Now that we have seen the benefits, let us look at how to find foreclosed properties for sale. Heres where to look for foreclosed properties:

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Government Agencies And Other Options

Some government agencies require you to retain the services of a real estate broker to make an offer to purchase. Others will let you submit offers on your own.

  • The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development provides a list of its foreclosure homes.
  • The Federal National Mortgage Association lists foreclosure homes through its HomePath website.
  • Department of the Treasury lists homes seized by the Internal Revenue Service.

Private-sector sources also are available to find foreclosure homes.

Establish Great Working Relationships With At Least One Broker

How To Find Out If A Foreclosed Home Has Sold

When youre starting out as an investor in Ontario ON, youd better not burn any bridges especially with the power real estate brokers in this town.

The best of the bunch work with dozens of investors, and they know exactly who is looking to buy what property theyll call the ones that they know will close the deal without hassles to them. Once youre off the short list of folks who get the calls, you probably wont get back on it. There are too many credible investors looking for great deals for them to bother dealing with rookie mistakes. Interview a few, and make it your intention to give all your business to one person.

Make it clear what that broker must do to earn and keep your business, play fair and never compromise your integrity. If you have to fire that broker, do so with grace and it will be a learning experience for everyone. But dont ever fire a pro on a whim. Be incredibly loyal and it will come back to you in countless ways over the years.

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Build Your Marketing Lists

Rather than keeping all your leads in one place, you can organize them into specific categories.

With PropStream, you can save a variety of marketing lists based on:

  • Motivation to sell
  • Geographic location

And anything else you choose.

Pro Tip:Add List Automator to stay on top of relevant leads. List Automator will help you remove leads that no longer match your search criteria while offering new leads that do, saving you time and money.

How Do I Get Started makes finding your next home easy and fast! Let’s get started:

STEP 1: Create your profile: Tell us a little about yourself and the type of home you’re looking for.

STEP 2: Register for instant access to our database of nationwide foreclosure listings.

STEP 3: Search homes & connect with a real estate agent to purchase the home of your dreams.

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Be Prepared To Commit To A House As

Foreclosures are mostly sold as-is, which means any repairs are your responsibility. You could request a repair in some cases, but the entity owning the home may not be willing to credit you for it. Because the foreclosure market is competitive right now, you might have to place an offer or bid before viewing or inspecting the home.

If there are material defects with the home, like plumbing or the roof, you as the buyer are responsible for that. You take that on as your own risk, and youre doing it because youre getting such a good price for the home, Charlie says.

Who Should Buy A Foreclosed Home


People who are willing to do significant research before making an offer, and who are willing to deal with lengthy delays and onerous paperwork, could find this a good strategy.

It very much helps to be able to pay significant cash on short notice for repairs, overdue taxes, and liens.

Eligibility for one of the federal financing programs such as a 203 loan, HomePath ReadyBuyer, or a HomeSteps mortgage, is a plus. These programs were created to help you buy a home.

Failing that, an all-cash offer, if possible, can give you a leg up.

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Make A Competitive Offer

Making the right offer on a house is as much an art as it is a science. Youll likely be tempted to make a low offer on a foreclosed home, but its important to work with your real estate agent to create a competitive offer.

If you make an offer too low below market value, the bank, government, or lender might reject it, especially if there are multiple bidders. They want the highest bidder at the end of the day, Charlie says.

With a foreclosed home, Enriquez says youre looking to get a price low enough to offset the possibility the bank or lender wont do any repairs to the home.

Buying A Foreclosed Home Navigator Law Can Help

If youre interested in foreclosure properties and want a lawyer to help you through the process of purchasing a foreclosed home, Navigator Law is here to provide you with the legal assistance you need. Weve helped numerous clients streamline their foreclosure purchases for multiple types of foreclosure. Contact us today to learn more.

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Run Comparables On Properties You’re Interested In

Before you connect with a lead, youll want to run comparables to learn the true value of the property.

When you run comps, youre comparing the historical data of one property to a similar property to determine the value.

Tip: When we say similar, were referring to properties with similar dimensions, renovations, year built, in the same neighborhood, etc.

Professionals In Real Estate

Foreclosure Investing in Texas Real Estate for Beginners: How to Find ...

Local real estate agents can teach new or aspiring flippers how to find cheap properties that are in bad shape to flip. Real estate agents or brokers, wholesalers, and mortgage brokers are examples of professionals. They can give you first-hand knowledge of the local real estate market, recommend neighborhoods for finding houses to flip, and provide real-time updates on potential properties.

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The Types Of Foreclosure Sale

Finding a foreclosed home depends on where exactly it is in the foreclosure process. Properties in the early stages of foreclosure or offered in a short sale may still be owned by the original homeowner or held by a bank or government.

Here are five types of foreclosure and the approaches to buying:

Search Online For Foreclosed Properties And Find Out Who Owns Them

You can also look for foreclosed properties in your area online to find distressed properties. In many cases, the owners of these properties have chosen to sell the home off the market or are open to reasonable offers. So, how do you find out who owns a house? The answer, like the previous step, is real estate investor websites.

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Veterans Administration Loan Program

The federal Veterans Administration has a mortgage guarantee program that is open to current service members, veterans, and surviving spouses. According to, the loans can be used to buy repossessed properties, although a bit of advance preparation is needed.

Benefits include zero down-payment loans, reduced closing costs, and a waiver of the mortgage insurance requirement.


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