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How To Get A Copy Of Bankruptcy Discharge Letter

Bankruptcy Discharge Certificate Canada: Who Tells My Creditors That I Am Discharged From Bankruptcy

how can i get a copy of my chapter 13 discharge

The Trustee will notify the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy that the individual has been released from bankruptcy. The Trustee advises the OSB by filing a copy of the bankruptcy discharge certificate Canada. The Trustee advised the creditors that the insolvent is qualified to a discharge unless an opposition is filed in the bankruptcy notification sent out to all creditors.

The Canadian credit bureaus, Equifax Canada and TransUnion Canada are notified because they pay the OSB to get Canadian bankruptcy information. The credit bureaus then update all credit files with the corresponding bankruptcy info, including discharges.

Reopening A Closed Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Case

Even the judge issuing a final decree in the case won’t necessarily spell the end. Sometimes it’s necessary to reopen the case. Most often this happens when the trustee, one of the creditors, or the debtor becomes aware of an asset that should have been included when the case was active. Your duty to cooperate with the trustee will continue if the case is reopened, but the court will not have the power to revoke your discharge more than a year after the case was closed.

Where Can I Get A Copy Of My Bankruptcy Discharge Papers

Once your bankruptcy concludes, you will receive what is known as a bankruptcy discharge which states that your case is now closed and all debts included are no longer enforceable. Creditors listed in the petition can no longer contact you about your debt or file any legal proceedings against you. It is important to keep this document as you may need to present it should you apply for a loan in the future. However, if you have misplaced your discharge documents, you can still obtain a copy if you need it for any reason.

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Obtain Copies From The Federal Records Center

This court began electronic case filing on April 1, 2004. Cases filed prior to that date might be available from the National Archives Federal Records Center located in Kansas City. Please note that the National Archives retains a representative sample of bankruptcy cases, but does not retain all cases. When you make a request for documents from the FRC, you will be informed of whether the case is still available.

Form NATF 90 is used to request bankruptcy case documents from the FRC. The form asks for a series of numbers to identify the location of a case. The FRC cannot locate files without this information. This information must be obtained from the Bankruptcy Clerk’s Office where the case was filed. for phone numbers and email addresses for each office.

To obtain the location numbers needed to complete Form NATF 90, your request to the court must include:

  • Debtor’s complete name at time of filing,
  • Last four digits of debtor’s Social Security number ,
  • Debtor’s case number ,
  • Approximate year case was filed.

The court will provide the following FRC information to complete Form NATF 90:

  • Court Location,

Discharge And Your Assets

Something interesting about Copy Of Bankruptcy Discharge ...

Any assets that the Official Receiver or the trustee held or claimed during your bankruptcy remain under the control of the Official Receiver or the trustee.

They are not returned to you on discharge. It may be some time after your discharge before all your assets are dealt with. If your home has not been dealt with in a certain period, usually three years from the date of the bankruptcy order, your interest in it may be returned to you.

Find out more by reading our guidance publication, What will happen to your home?

If you are making payments under an income payments order or agreement you must continue to make these payments even after the date of your discharge.

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Bankruptcy Discharge Certificate Canada: What Debts Are Not Forgiven And Will Survive My Bankruptcy

What debts cannot be discharged? A bankruptcy discharge certificate Canada provides the discharge of all unsecured debts, except for:

  • matrimonial or children support payments
  • fines or penalties mandated by the court
  • claims arising from fraud or fraudulent breach of trust
  • student loan debt if less than 7 years have actually passed since the bankrupt stopped being a part-time or full-time student.
  • These kinds of debts survive bankruptcy and are not released. The person will need to continue paying those financial obligations according to their terms. All other debts are discharged and do not have to be paid.

    Also, any debts that are properly secured by one of your assets, such as a house mortgage or car financing, are not released as a result of your bankruptcy or your bankruptcy discharge certificate Canada.

    Importance Of Keeping Your Bankruptcy Court Records

    Once you are done with a bankruptcy case, it’s very important that you keep a copy of your records in your file. These records contain the details of your bankruptcy filing and a discharge document that marks the completion of your case. Once you file bankruptcy it becomes a public record and remains on your record for about 8-10 years. As such, when you try to get a car loan, mortgage, refinance, other type of loan, the lender will ask you for a copy of your bankruptcy records. When renting an apartment or applying for a job, you may also be asked for the bankruptcy paperwork. Your application may not be processed until this information has been provided. It’s also important to keep a copy of your bankruptcy records on file so you can review them for accuracy. You’ll want to make sure there are no omissions on your bankruptcy filing. By reviewing your full bankruptcy case file, you’ll have the peace of mind that all of your debt was included.We make it very convenient for you to obtain the bankruptcy records online. This will save you a trip to the bankruptcy court.

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    Get Your Bankruptcy Records Fast

    We start processing your order as soon as the order form is submitted. There is no need to spend hours struggling to get a copy of your bankruptcy paperwork.

    Bankruptcy Discharge Papers

    Includes: Discharge Papers + Schedules D, E, & F. All Creditors included in case

    Bankruptcy documents are also available for a fee at . In order to use the service, you will need to be a registered user and have you billing information stored. We DO NOT store any billing information for this one time transaction.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    What benefits does this service have?

  • You don’t need to create an account or be a registered user.
  • We don’t store any of your billing information.
  • We offer a credit repair ebook for customers looking to repair their credit post bankruptcy.
  • Our process is quick and easy.
  • Which option should I choose?1. Complete bankruptcy file includes all documents related to the case: voluntary petition, all schedules, orders on all motions, and discharge order. Includes all creditors in case.2. Schedules & discharge papers include schedules D, E, F, and discharge order. Includes all creditors in case.3. Bankruptcy discharge papers only include the Discharge order, not a list of creditors that were discharged in the case.

    Can I order records for someone else?Yes, if we can find the file, you can request the bankruptcy records of anyone.

    How Do I Get A Copy Of My Discharge Papers

    Bankruptcy Discharge Papers-Obtain Copies for $5
    • Visit the clerk’s office. The fee for copies is 10 cents per page.
    • You can make a request for copies by mail to:

    U.S. Bankruptcy CourtMiddle District of North CarolinaAttn: Clerks OfficeP.O. Box 26100Greensboro, NC 27402-6100

    Please make sure your letter request includes your full name, case number, and the name of the documents you are requesting. Provide a self-addressed and postage-paid envelope large enough to return your requested documents. The fee for copies is 10 cents per page.

    • You can sign up for electronic access to case information. You can subscribe to PACER Service which will allow you access to all Bankruptcy case records and you will be able to print case documents yourself. To receive more information about PACER Service you can visit the website:or telephone the PACER Service Center at 676-6856 between the hours of 8:00am to 6:00pm Monday – Friday CST.

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    Can Bankruptcy Discharge Be Denied

    A court can deny a discharge in Chapter 7 for a number of reasons, including, among others, the debtor’s failure to provide tax documents that have been requested, destruction or concealment of books or records, violation of a court order, or an earlier discharge in an earlier case that began within eight years before the date the second petition was filed, and failure to complete a course on personal financial management. In addition, a creditor, trustee in the case, or U.S. trustee may file an objection to the debtor’s discharge.

    A discharge may also be denied in Chapter 13 if the debtor doesn’t complete a course on personal financial management or if they’ve gotten a prior discharge in another Chapter 13 case within two years before the filing of the second case, with a few exceptions. A court may even revoke a discharge under certain circumstances, such as allegations that the debtor obtained the discharge fraudulently or fails to provide documents or information requested in an audit of the case.

    I Need Confirmation My Bankruptcy Has Ended

    If your trustee is the Official Trustee :

    • When your bankruptcy ends, you will automatically be sent a discharge letter if your date of discharge is on or after the 11 March 2021. The letter will be sent to the contact details we have for you.
    • If your bankruptcy ended prior to the above date you can request a discharge letter from us confirming this by completing the End of bankruptcy enquiry form available below.

    End of bankruptcy enquiries and discharge letters are available from AFSA for bankruptcies administered by the Official Trustee only.

    If your bankruptcy is administered by a registered trustee, contact your trustee to request your expected bankruptcy end date or confirm your bankruptcy has ended.

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    Bankruptcy Discharge Certificate Canada Summary

    To declare personal bankruptcy is a major life event. However, it is a necessary thing to rid yourself of crippling debt. Most people who have been faced with a major life event. The main examples are illness, pay cuts, job loss, or divorce. It is not your fault. I hope this bankruptcy discharge certificate Canada Brandons Blog has given you helpful information.

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    Bankruptcy Discharge Certificate Canada: What Are The Benefits Of Keeping My Bankruptcy Discharge Papers

    Something interesting about Copy Of Bankruptcy Discharge ...

    As reviewed above, after you have actually successfully finished every one of your bankruptcy responsibilities and any kind of conditions of discharge, you will receive your discharge from bankruptcy. When you get your bankruptcy discharge your Trustee will give you a bankruptcy discharge certificate Canada.

    That paper is proof that you have actually formally been launched from your financial debts that were included in your bankruptcy. As already stated, particular financial obligations cant be discharged in bankruptcy. Also, any type of debts that you sustain after the day of your bankruptcy are your responsibility as well as are not eliminated by your bankruptcy discharge.

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    Serving All 50 States

    Added Conveniences We Provide

    • We Keep a Backup Copy for You : Once we pull your records we keep a backup copy for you, so if you ever lose them again, duplicates of a previous order are only $10. Duplicate sets requested within two weeks of your original order are free.
    • If You Find Out You Need More Records : If you order one package of documents, then find out you need more of your records, you can simply call us within two weeks of your original order and pay the difference between the two packages plus a $2 transaction fee .
    • We Convert Old Paper Files into PDF : If your records are stored in an old paper file in a warehouse, we scan your records into an electronic PDF file for you so you can save them to your computer, print them, or email them to whoever needs them.
    • Courtesy Call : Once weve emailed your documents, we always give you a courtesy call to let you know theyve been sent.

    Bankruptcy Records Included in Each Package


    How To Get A Discharge Certificate

    The fact that you do not receive written confirmation that you have been discharged from Bankruptcy is nothing to worry about. In general it is not needed. However you can request a Discharge Certificate if you want one.

    If you went bankrupt after April 2016 then the Insolvency Service will e-mail you a certificate for free. You need to send a request using the following details:

    The e-mail address to use to request a Discharge Certificate is: . You will need to include the following details in your e-mail:

    • Your full name
    • Bankruptcy Court Ref
    • Bankruptcy Reference
    • Current address
    • The address you lived at when you were declared bankrupt

    If you went bankrupt before April 2016 you can get a letter which confirms the date of your discharge by sending an e-mail request as detailed above. However if you want a Discharge Certificate you will have to pay for it .

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    What Is A Bankruptcy Discharge

    A bankruptcy discharge, also known as a discharge in bankruptcy, refers to a permanent court order that releases a debtor from personal liability for certain types of debts. It is sometimes referred to simply as a discharge and comes at the end of a bankruptcy. After it is issued, the court absolves the debtor of the obligation to repay their debts, and creditors are not permitted to contact or pursue debtors for the outstanding debt.

    Discharge And Your Debts

    Bankruptcy Discharge

    It is on discharge that you will be released from most debts that you incurred before the bankruptcy order.

    The debts you are not freed from include:

    • any money owed under family court proceedings for example, for maintenance or CSA payments or arising from any personal injury claims against you, unless the court directs otherwise
    • any court fines or debts arising from fraud or certain other crimes
    • debts you incur after the bankruptcy order
    • since 13 April 2005, all outstanding student loans. If you were made bankrupt before 13 April 2005 you may still have to repay your student loan – clarification should be requested from the Official Receiver

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    Obtain Bankruptcy Discharge Papers Online

    Bankruptcy discharge papers confirms that court relieves a debtor for any existing legal debt obligation to certain creditors at the time of filing bankruptcy. After bankruptcy discharge it is advised to retain an authentic official bankruptcy court records, dismissal papers, or final decree to prove that your bankruptcy is finished.

    Bankruptcy discharge order is normally 2 to 3 page discharge order and includes:

    01. Bankruptcy Records

    The most important bankruptcy discharge record in actual is discharge order issued by bankruptcy judge. This official order of the court contained in bankruptcy discharge papers relieves the debtor from all existing liabilities / debts listed in the bankruptcy petition filed.

    It bears signature of Judge and 2nd page clarifies debts that are discharged and debts not discharged.

    02. Explanation of Bankruptcy Discharge Order

    This page of explains to creditors that collection of certain debts is now prohibited. It also clarifies that what type of debts are discharges and debts that are not discharged.

    03. Certificate of Service

    This page is an additional page sometimes attached to discharge papers and confirms that court has served this order to debtor, attorneys, all creditors listed in the bankruptcy case and related parties informing that debtor under bankruptcy is discharged.

    Why you need an official authentic bankruptcy records:

    1. To apply for new loans or credits

    2. To apply for fresh mortgage

    3. To update your credit report

    Print Electronic Records From Your Personal Computer Using Pacer

    PACER stands for Public Access to Court Electronic Records. You may use PACER to print copies of documents, download documents to your own computer or search for information in your case. The PACER system is available days, nights and weekends.

    Visit the PACER website for information on how to register for PACER and the fees for downloading court documents.

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    Bankruptcy Discharge Certificate Canada: What Does Trustee Discharge Mean

    After the Trustee has fully completed the administration of the bankruptcy estate, the Trustee is entitled to its discharge. The Trustee must prove to the OSB that it has completed the administration. This includes providing the OSB with a copy of the Final Statement of Receipts and Disbursements to get the Superintendents comment letter.

    Then the Trustee must provide the final statement, the comment letter, and other documents to the court to prove that the administration is complete, get the final statement approved, and taxed. When that happens, the court issues the Trustees discharge order. The Trustee then files that order with the OSB and closes its file.

    It is possible for the Trustee to receive its discharge while the bankrupt remains undischarged. This happens either when the result of the bankrupts discharge hearing results in a no order or sufficient time has elapsed showing the bankrupt is not going to fulfill the conditions to get a discharge. In this case, the Trustee is at liberty to get its discharge.

    Once the Trustee gets its discharge, an undischarged bankrupt loses the protection of the automatic stay of proceedings that were invoked upon the bankruptcy occurring. Once this protection is lost, the creditors are at liberty to once again pursue the bankrupt person for collection on the debts owing.


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