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How To Report Bankruptcy Fraud Anonymously

How Do I Report Abuse

Behind the Bankruptcy: Common Fraud Schemes

Any behaviour that scares, threatens, controls or isolates you could be abuse. Abuse can be physical, sexual, financial or mental.

You dont have to stay in an abusive relationship or workplace to keep your status in Canada.

The person whos abusing you might tell you that youll be deported or lose your children if you leave. Whether youre a permanent resident, or you have temporary status in Canada, you have options. You can escape violence, harassment or other abuse.

How Does Fema Fraud Reporting Work

Once you know why disaster fraud is so detrimental, you will understand why FEMA whistleblowers report this type of suspected fraud.

So, how does FEMA fraud reporting work? You can start by contacting the Department of Homeland Security Office of the Inspector General when you call 800-323-8603. You can also fill out a fraud complaint at the Office of the Inspector Generals website. If you leave your contact information, you might get a call back from one of the officials assigned to FEMA fraud investigations. These officials might have more questions as they determine whether the claim youre reporting was unfounded or legitimate. However, you can also report the fraud anonymously if youd like.

Common Types Of Fraud

  • Identity fraud: illegal use of personal data , for example, for ordering through the Internet. If someone illegaly uses your business data and acts on behalf of your business it is called business identity theft.
  • Slamming: transferring one telephone service provider to another unrequested. You can report this to the Authority for Consumers and Markets .
  • Advance fee fraud : in return for an advance fee, you are wrongfully promised a high compensation.
  • : a company buys stocks from you, but when it comes to paying the invoice it turns the company does not exist anymore
  • Extortion: demanding money under the threat of, for example, violence or making incriminating or damaging information public.
  • Tax fraud: for instance concealing income or profits from your business or tax evasion
  • Internet fraud: for instance you pay for a product but do not receive it. Or you supply a product but do not receive payment.

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Can The Attorney Generals Office Represent Me With A Legal Matter

The Attorney General cannot represent you with your legal matter. By law, the Attorney General cannot provide legal advice, interpretation of statutes or representation for private citizens. You may contact the SC Bar Association/Lawyer Referral Service

The South Carolina Bar will provide referrals to a lawyer based on an individuals legal situation and need. All lawyers must be in good standing with the SC Bar, maintain malpractice insurance coverage, and agree to provide one-half hour consultation for no more than $50. Afterwards the attorneys rates apply.

South Carolina Bar Association

What Information Should I Provide

Fraud Investigation Audit Report

You may choose to remain anonymous when providing information. The more information you are able to provide in early stages of a report will assist us to look into the matter.

You are encouraged to provide:

  • details about the person/s involved, such as names, phone numbers, addresses, and relevant organisations
  • information about actions or activities you think are fraudulent, including how, when and where it occurred
  • your contact details.

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Certified Copies By Mail

– Debtors name

– Precisely which documents are to be copied and certified

Include a $31.00 search fee per item, a $11.00 certification fee per item to be certified, and a copy fee of $0.50 cents per page. Payment may be in the form of a bank cashier’s check, or a U.S. Postal money order made payable to: Clerk, United States Bankruptcy Court. Personal checks will not be accepted from debtors or debtors in possession.

What Is The Statute Of Limitations On Bankruptcy Fraud

There are numerous reasons to be forthcoming on your bankruptcy petition, one of the most important being to avoid an uncomfortable conversation with the FBI, the agency that investigates bankruptcy fraud. However, if youre already in a pickle, it makes sense to find out how long the government has to bring action against you. The answer is five years, but when that five-year period begins depends on several factors.

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Signs Of Fraud That Prove Intent

Proving intent is rarely straightforward. Unless the perpetrator admits the crime, prosecutors have to rely on circumstantial evidence that, when seen as a whole, shows that the defendant intended to deceive, delay, or hinder creditors. This type of circumstantial evidence is known as “badges” of fraud:

  • the debtor transferred or concealed property soon before filing the case
  • the property isn’t exempt
  • the asset was transferred to or hidden by the debtor’s business, spouse, relative, or friend
  • the debtor transferred title but retained use of the asset
  • the debtor transferred or listed the property for much less than its value, or
  • the debtor was insolvent at the time the ownership was transferred or concealed.

In the example above, a prosecutor would likely argue that Barry must have been trying to hide the real estate from his creditors because he:

  • should have turned over the nonexempt property to the Chapter 7 trustee
  • didn’t disclose that he owned or transferred the asset, despite repeated opportunities to do so
  • sold it for a tenth of what it was worth
  • sold it to someone close to him, and
  • sold it shortly before he filed his bankruptcy case.

If you believe you might be involved in a fraud case in bankruptcy, you should seek counsel from a knowledgeable bankruptcy or defense attorney.

How To Report Different Types Of Fraud

What is Florida Bankruptcy Fraud

If people do something dishonest to get a payment or benefit from us, they’re committing fraud. We explain how to report any of these types of fraud:

If you think someones committing fraud, you should report it. You can do this in two main ways:

When you report fraud you need to report it in the right place. There are different forms to report different types of fraud. Make sure you use the right one.

We keep everything you tell us confidential and you can give an anonymous tip-off online or on the phone.

To report fraud online, you should:

  • fill in as much of the form as possible
  • give specific answers, as this will help our review processes
  • tell us in the form if you dont know the answers to some questions.

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Red Flags For Identifying Financial Statement And Accounting Fraud

Accurate financial reporting is integral to maintaining public markets that function fairly and efficiently. The SEC relies on industry insiders, such as the ex-Monsanto executive, to help identify and report accounting fraud and to aid in successful enforcement actions. Former Enforcement Director Andrew Ceresney has noted that although the SECs focus on accounting fraud has yielded positive results, it is important to remain vigilant against such misconduct and remember the causes of previous corporate accounting scandals as these causes continue to be the same in new accounting scandals. Red flags include:

  • Significant pressure to meet earnings and other performance expectations
  • Excessive focus on short term performance rather than longer-term success
  • Poor oversight in units and subsidiaries
  • Growth outpacing the reporting and accounting infrastructure and
  • Managements over-reliance on processes and poor tone at the top.

Ready To File Your Complaint Click On A Problem Area Below To Get Started

Please note: The Attorney Generals Office does not have authority to provide legal advice or legal representation to individuals and does not have the authority to investigate or prosecute your individual case.

Environmental crimes involve air and water quality, and hazardous spills. Examples include illegal use, storage or dumping of hazardous waste or other materials.

Governmental Authority

Following the enactment of Senate Bill 20-217 , the Colorado Attorney General has authority to pursue civil actions when there is reasonable cause to believe that a governmental authority has engaged in a pattern or practice that deprives persons of rights protected by the constitution or laws of the United States or the State of Colorado.

Insurance Fraud

Insurance fraud can take many forms. Common examples include making false statements or providing false documentation, making false claims, staged accidents, and misconduct by insurance agents.

Medicaid Fraud, Patient Abuse and Neglect

Medicaid Fraud, Abuse and Neglect includes fraudulent conduct relating to Medicaid services, abuse, neglect, and exploitation of individuals in Medicaid funded facilities, and recovery of Medicaid over-payments.

Investment fraud takes many forms including “Ponzi” schemes, pyramid schemes, and late-day trading. Securities fraud can also include false information, pump-and-dump schemes, or trading on insider information.

Something Else

Open Internet – Internet Service Provider

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Sec Targets Accounting Fraud

See below for examples of several SEC enforcement actions brought against companies for accounting fraud and violations, including:

  • In the Matter of Panasonic Corporation
  • The SEC charged Panasonic Avionics Corp with fraudulently overstating pre-tax and net income, by prematurely recognizing more than $82 million in revenue for the fiscal quarter ending June 30, 2012. PAC backdated an agreement with a state-owned airline, providing misleading information to PACs auditor. PAC further lacked sufficient internal accounting controls and failed to keep accurate books and records in connection with their transactions. Panasonic was ordered to pay approximately $143 in disgorgement and prejudgment interest. In a separate Department of Justice criminal action, Panasonic was ordered to pay a criminal penalty of over $137 million for violating the FCPA.
  • SEC v. Tangoe, Inc.
  • SEC v. SAExploration Holdings Inc.
  • In the Matter of Manitex International, Inc.
  • The SEC charged Manitex, a manufacturer and distributor of cranes, forklifts and heavy equipment, for accounting fraud schemes that resulted in the issuance of materially misstated financial statements. According to the SECs orders, Manitex improperly accounted for and misled its outside auditor about nonexistent inventory. In addition, Manitex also improperly recognized revenue from and misled its outside auditor about approximately $12 million in purported bill and hold crane sales.
  • SEC v. Revolution Lighting Technologies Inc.
  • Who Do I Notify About Possible Fraudulent Activity In A Bankruptcy Case

    Personal Bankruptcy Statistics in Canada

    Complaints of criminal violations in the bankruptcy system are submitted to the United States Trustee. Upon review, if the information furnished establishes a reasonable belief that a criminal violation has occurred the United States Trustee may refer the matter to the United States Attorney for possible investigation and prosecution. When submitting a complaint to the United States Trustee a clearly written statement along with copies of any available documentation will expedite this process.

    The following information should be submitted with your complaint:

    1. Name and address of the person or business you are reporting.

    2. The name of the bankruptcy case, case number, and the location of where the case was filed.

    3. Any identifying information you may have regarding the individual or the business.

    4. A brief description of the alleged fraud, including how you became aware of the fraud and when the fraud took place. Please include all supporting documentation.

    5. Identify the type of asset that was concealed and its estimated dollar value, or the amount of any unreported income, undervalued asset, or other omitted asset or claim.

    6. Your name, address, telephone number, and email address. You are not required to identify yourself, though it is often helpful to do so if questions arise.

    Submit a complaint by e-mail to , or to one of the following addresses:

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    Re: Suspected Bankruptcy Fraud Need Help

    What it to you? Does he owe you any money? If not you really have no real status to make a complaint. If you feel he’s illegally hiding assets or whatever, you can certainly point this out to the trustee when one is appointed. The trustee represents the creditors not the bankrupt person/business.

    How To Discover And Report Bankruptcy Fraud

    Tags:Litigation & Trial

    There are roughly 1 million bankruptcy filings in the United States every year. In some cases, debtors act fraudulently. While bankruptcy fraud is believed to occur in perhaps 10% of all bankruptcy cases, it is pursued in only a very small number of cases. How does bankrupcty fraud occur, and what can you do about it if you are harmed by the fraud?

    In bankruptcy actions, debtors must disclose all of their assets. They may also be required to reorganize their businesses or consolidate or liquidate assets to satisfy creditors and regain some financial stability to further deal with their debts. In exchange, the bankruptcy laws can provide debtors with foreclosure protection, protection from vehicle repossession, prevention from collectors activities while their bankruptcy cases are resolved, and even debt reduction.

    It is a crime for a debtor to intentionally and fraudulently conceal property make false statements fraudulently transfer money or property or conceal, destroy or falsify information. Bankruptcy fraud may constitute a federal crime subject to imprisonment or serious fines. In addition, a third party that knowingly receives any funds from a debtor, or who assists a debtor in committing any of the above acts, can also be prosecuted.

    The information to be provided includes:

    For more information on this article, be sure to check the Trial Lawyer on Your Side blog or contact the Goosmann Law Firm at or 226-4000.

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    New York Better Business Bureau

    Better Business Bureau of Long Island

    Better Business Bureau of Metropolitan New York

    Better Business Bureau of the Mid-Hudson

    150 White Plains Road, Ste. 107

    Tarrytown NY 10591-5521

    Better Business Bureau of Upstate New York

    741 Delaware Ave., Ste. 100

    Buffalo NY 14209-2201

    Internet Crime Complaint Center

    IC3s mission is to serve as a vehicle to receive, develop, and refer criminal complaints regardingthe rapidly expanding arena of cyber crime. The IC3 gives the victims of cyber crime a convenient andeasy-to-use reporting mechanism that alerts authorities of suspected criminal or civil violations.For law enforcement and regulatory agencies at the federal, state, local and international level, IC3provides a central referral mechanism for complaints involving Internet related crimes.

    Better Business Bureau

    The Better Business Bureau system in the U.S. extends across the nation coast-to-coast, and inHawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico. Since the founding of the first BBB in 1912, the BBB system has proventhat the majority of marketplace problems can be solved fairly through the use of voluntary self-regulationand consumer education.

    Talk To A Bankruptcy Lawyer

    How to Avoid Bankruptcy Fraud

    Need professional help? Start here.

  • Briefly tell us about your case
  • Provide your contact information
  • Trade
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    How To Make Changes To Your Fema Application

    Its not uncommon for people to start worrying about their FEMA application once they find out about how serious disaster fraud is. After all, you dont want to face fines and prison time, especially if you never meant to defraud FEMA after going through a disaster.

    If youre unsure of whether or not you included the correct information, you might be wondering can I edit my FEMA application?

    The answer is yes.

    The FEMA website tries to make it clear on how to make changes to your FEMA application, which you should do if youre worried you were mistaken or not clear enough when you filled it out. The website also tells you how to cancel your FEMA application if you no longer need assistance. Just call the FEMA helpline at 800-621-3362 to cancel or edit your application, and then contact Houston criminal defense attorney Seth Kretzer if you have any concerns about FEMA fraud accusations.

    If youve been accused of submitting one or more fraudulent FEMA claims, you could be facing a felony and time in prison if youre convicted of this crime. You need legal representation from a lawyer who has experience defending Texas residents during FEMA fraud investigations.

    If youre ready to talk about your case, contact The Law Offices of Kretzer and Volberding P.C. today to schedule a free consultation.

    Computer / Internet Access Via Public Access To Court Electronic Records

    Electronic case summaries and docket information may be retrieved using a computer via the Public Access to Court Electronic Records system. Please click here for PACER registration information or call 676-6856.

    All registered agencies or individuals will be charged $0.10 per page with a maximum charge of $2.40 . Transcripts of federal court proceedings are not subject to the 30-page fee limit. Scanned images of documents shown on docket entries in cases filed on or after January 1, 1998 also are available through this Web site. However, there may be instances in which not all docket entries will have attached images of documents.

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    Types Of Credit Card Fraud

    • Lost or stolen cards

      A card may be picked up and used after falling from your pocket, or get taken from your wallet or mailbox. Both of these situations are considered fraud.

    • Account takeovers

      Takeovers occur when a fraudster contacts your card issuer and pretends to be you, then orders a new card to their address.

    • Counterfeit cards

      Electronic devices, like skimmers, can be used by fraudsters to copy your card information when they use it to debit your account, and then reprint it on another card.

    • “Card Not Present” transactions

      If a fraudster acquires your card number and uses it without the physical card present-e.g., in an online purchase-this constitutes a CNP transaction.

    • Falsified credit applications

      Many card issuers mail out “pre-approved” credit card offers. A fraudster can intercept one of these offers and complete it to get a new card in their name. While credit card applications from major card issuers will require many different proofs of identity to finalize approval and prevent fraudsters from opening these pre-approved lines of credit, victims of identity theft should review their credit report regularly to avoid fraud.


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