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Is It Hard To Rent An Apartment After Bankruptcy

Finding Apartments That Accept Evictions

Can I Rent An Apartment or House After Filing Bankruptcy? – Bankruptcy Questions Answered

There’s no category of apartments called, “accepts evictions,” for people to search. More lenient property owners are out there but can be hard to find. One thing to check for is whether they require a tenant background check to rent.

Many private owners may not. They may allow you to provide your own set of materials to qualify you as a tenant. Documents like a referral from a common friend or references from previous property managers may work.

The reason you don’t want a formal credit report run is because that’s where your eviction will show up in one of two ways:

  • If you failed to pay rent and your property manager sent the delinquency to a collections agency
  • If your property manager went through the legal system for your eviction and a civil judgment gets issued. This creates a public record that you owe unpaid rent or court fees.

Public records from the legal proceedings can get amended if you pay what you owe and the property manager lifts the eviction. However, it’s typically harder to erase the collections agency from your permanent record.

Lauren Ward from Crediful offers this advice: While there’s not a set timeframe for when this information appears on your credit report, the item is treated like any other delinquent debt on your credit report. That means it will remain there for seven years from the date of delinquency, even if you eventually pay it off.”

Avoid Paying Application Fees For Apartments Only To Be Denied

You may be wasting your time and money with these complexes. The truth is, some are in the business of taking applications as much as they are in renting apartments. However, if you contact a complex, my suggestion is to bring it up early and listen closely. If they dont guarantee that bankruptcy wont deny you an apartment, then, dont submit the application and waste your money.

Also, please be aware that apartment complexes have rules from which they cannot deviate. Unfortunately, if they allow one person to rent with a bankruptcy filing, then, they need to allow others or they risk a discrimination lawsuit.

Here Are 10 Tips For Renting An Apartment After Bankruptcy You’ll Learn About In This Article:

  • Be Up-Front About Your Financial Situation With Potential Landlords
  • Rent from a Private Property Owner
  • Use Your Past Rental History
  • Offer a Larger Security Deposit on an Apartment
  • Have a Job or Proof of Income
  • Gather a List of References
  • Look for ‘No-Credit Check’ Apartments
  • Search for Rentals Near a College or University
  • Have a Co-Signer for Your Lease
  • Be Proactive About Improving Your Credit Now
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    How Can Prospective Tenants With A Low Credit Rating Be Approved

    While credit checks are virtually impossible to avoid, Rachelle does have helpful tips for anyone who may have had money troubles in the past and is working towards a fresh start.

    So I would say, dont try and deceive people, its going to be obvious. Im not going to forget to do a credit check, this is my job.

    Since section 10 of the Ontario Residential Tenancies Act allows a landlord to do a credit check, verify your income, and review your rental history, here is how you can increase your chances of being approved:

  • Be prepared by creating a package: Get your most recent credit report from TransUnion or Equifax . Include a copy of your photo ID , as well as, your proof of income , and references. Treat the process like a job application. By being prepared, youre already off to a good start.
  • Provide positive references. If you have a previous landlord that will give you a positive reference, include that in your information package. If you dont have a reference from a previous landlord, a reference letter from your employer may help distinguish you from the competition.
  • Arrive on time for viewings and be polite: A good impression goes a long way.
  • Be honest about your situation: If your potential landlord sees you have nothing to hide, it makes you much more reliable and trustworthy. A good credit score is one factor, but a landlord is most interested in your character, because thats what determines whether or not you will be a good tenant .
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    Do You Need To File Bankruptcy To Get Out Of Debt

    Can You Rent an Apartment after Filing Bankruptcy? Tips ...

    Filing bankruptcy to get rid of debts you cannot pay can help you take control of your finances. Most people file bankruptcy because a life event that was out of their control caused a financial crisis.

    If you have questions about filing Chapter 7 or filing Chapter 13, Ascend can help. We have resources available that allow you to compare debt relief options. You can also check to see if you meet the income qualifications for Chapter 7 or estimate a Chapter 13 plan payment.

    Call us at 833-272-3631 to discuss our services, including the Savvy Method of paying off debt without bankruptcy.

    We are here to help you choose a debt relief option that works for you. If you want to explore bankruptcy further, we can help you locate a bankruptcy attorney near you that offers free bankruptcy consultations.

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    Want A Free Bankruptcy Consultation

    If youve been considering filing bankruptcy but youve had the fear of not being able to move to a new place, let us help ease your fears.

    A bankruptcy is nothing to be afraid of, especially when you have an experienced law firm to help you make the decision as to whether or not its right for you.

    Call us at 327-2100 today to schedule your free appointment. Or you can contact us online.

    Provide Proof Of Consistency

    Everything aside, all that matters is that you pay your rent on time each month. If you can convince your landlord that you are consistent and reliable, you will have more chance of getting that lease. If possible, provide your landlord with bank statements or previous rental history to prove that you are a grounded tenant who wont give him a hard time. Another thing you could do is provide a larger security deposit that will cover the rent for the next few months. While this could be challenging if youve recently come out of bankruptcy, it will make your landlord trust you more.

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    Can I Be Evicted After Filing Bankruptcy

    No. As long as youâre current with your rent payments and havenât violated any other terms of the lease agreement, the landlord canât evict you just because you filed bankruptcy.

    If youâre behind on rent payments when your case is filed, the automatic stay prevents the landlord from evicting you – at least temporarily. But, if you want to stay in the home , youâll need to make arrangements to catch up on the back rent.

    If youâre behind on rent and donât want to bring the lease current, the landlord has to ask the court to âliftâ the automatic stay for them so they can move forward with an eviction proceeding.

    The provisions of the Bankruptcy Code protect you from any collection actions for back rent as of the date your bankruptcy case is filed. So, while the landlord can evict you from the rental property, they canât make you pay for this pre-petition debt. But, as mentioned above, be prepared to pay rent for the time that you remain in the property after your case is filed.

    Keeping A Positive Outlook

    Can I Get A New Apartment Lease During Bankruptcy?

    An eviction can feel like you’re going to stall in the ability to rent an apartment, but that isn’t always the case. With the right approach to your next rental opportunity, and a little extra work preparing to go through the rental application process, you may end up in an apartment you never thought would accept you.

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    How To Rent Or Buy A Home Or Car After Bankruptcy

    Sooner or later something bad happens in every family. In fact, its unusual for a person to never have an accident or go through bankruptcy. So, whether you buy a car or rent a home this information helps you recover after filing bankruptcy. Therefore, with this article, you will learn about how to rent or buy a home or car after bankruptcy.

    Usually, you should be able to buy a home two years after discharge. Then, if you want to rent, many of the same factors for buying a home also apply to renting an apartment.

    Then, as soon as you file, you can buy a car after bankruptcy at a slightly higher rate. Within six months, you might also buy a car at a normal rate. But, to accomplish this, you must first work on your credit file. Also, please note that my assistant has a list of car lots in the Louisville, Kentucky area.

    Full Transcript Show 187 Advice For Tenants Renting A Property

    Doug Hoyes: The biggest expense most of us have is our housing costs, either mortgage, taxes, utilities and maintenance fees if we own or rent, and maybe certain utilities if we rent. Some of the most popular episodes of Debt-free in 30 have involved real estate. Ive had as guests investment experts, economists and realtors, but never before have I had a guest who understands the rental real estate market from the perspective of both tenants and landlords. How is that possible? Well, lets find out and meet my guest. Who are you and what do you do?

    Rachelle: Hi, my name is Rachelle and Im a property manager. I own a company and we rent and manage condos and houses in the greater Toronto area.

    Doug Hoyes: So your typical client is somebody who owns one or two condos, one or two houses, and you manage them for them is that what you do?

    Rachelle: Correct. Ill manage them and we also have a sizeable rental business. So the hardest part of the process is going to the place, showing the place, and people hire me for my judgment, selecting good tenants to help them have a successful landlord and tenant relationship.

    Rachelle: Correct. A lot of our clients are actually out of the country, so if youre relocated for your work and you know maybe . . .

    Doug Hoyes: Ive got to move to Texas, but Im going to leave my house here, so youre going to take care of my house and rent it out while Im gone?

    Rachelle: Almost none of them.

    Rachelle: Correct.

    Doug Hoyes: Then its all cash.

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    How Do I Get An Apartment After Filing For Bankruptcy

    Finding an apartment after bankruptcy may prove difficult, as your credit report may flag you as a poor credit risk. Landlords seeing your credit problems are taking the risk that you may be late or miss rental payments. In order to successfully find an apartment, your best bet is to convince the landlord that you are a reliable renter, in spite of the blemishes on your credit report.


    Keep your job. If you have a bankruptcy in your credit history, even a sympathetic landlord will not want to rent to you if you also show a spotty employment history. Stability in your job and an income that will sufficiently cover your rent can go a long way towards convincing a landlord to rent to you.


    Have money in the bank. Show your prospective landlord that you have sufficient funds to cover any rental payments, even if your income at your job were to diminish.




    Speak to the landlord in person. If you are trying to convince someone to rent to you, it is always easier to be charming and personable in person than over the phone. In spite of your credit history, a landlord is more likely to rent to you if he thinks you are still a respectable member of the community, and not a deadbeat. Be honest and open about your situation, and offer to provide whatever will put the landlord’s mind at rest, be it referrals from past landlords or an additional upfront deposit.


    Private Home Owners Might Rent To You Instead Of Your Fico Score

    10 Tips for Renting an Apartment After Bankruptcy ...

    You can also bring up that you wont be able to file bankruptcy on them. Further, explain that you can only file one bankruptcy every 8 years. I suggest, however, that before you start this conversation, you ask questions about the property. Doing this allows the landlord to get to know you better. The thing is, most people can easily evaluate whether a renter is honest and will pay the rent or not. In fact, your body language, confidence, and choice of words communicate more about you than anything else.

    Your job and many other factors tell the landlord more about whether you will take care of the property than your credit score does. Talking to an individual landlord is a lot more like asking for a date. You may expect not to talk about some topics until after a person gets to know and trust you. However, you might have to spend some time with it.

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    What Should I Expect When It Comes To Renewing My Lease

    A bankruptcy filing should not impact your ability to renew your lease. That being said, many landlords use credit checks when deciding whether to offer or renew a lease agreement. Itâs entirely up to the landlord whether to renew your rental agreement when the term is up. This is true whether someone files bankruptcy or not.

    If your landlord is an individual it may be helpful to explain to them that your bankruptcy actually makes you a more reliable tenant, as your disposable income no longer has to go towards debt payments or be subject to garnishments, making it easier to make your lease payments. If you’re planning on moving, can also explain this to any potential landlord and that, combined with a security deposit and good rental history, will help in finding a new rental, even with a less than perfect credit history.

    Upsolve can help

    If youâre struggling with more debt than you can ever hope to pay off, filing bankruptcy may be right for you. Upsolveâs Learning Center contains free educational articles like this one for anyone interested in filing a personal bankruptcy. Eligible individuals who want to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy but canât afford to pay for a bankruptcy attorney are able to use Upsolveâs free web tool to prepare their bankruptcy forms and file on their own .

    Are You Trying To Rent While In Bankruptcy Or After Bankruptcy

    When you try to look for a new apartment, the situation changes if you are currently filing for bankruptcy or filed for bankruptcy in the past. If you have just completed your bankruptcy, then the bankruptcy will remain a mark on your creditor report and must be reported to landlords you hope will rent you a living space.The more time that passes between you filing bankruptcy and you renting an apartment, the more likely the renter will ignore the bankruptcy. A bankruptcy in your past is far less of a concern to a renter than a bankruptcy that is currently on-going. The problem is that many people who file bankruptcy struggle to pay bills in a timely manner. As such, the landlord will have to consider if you are able to make regular rent payments or not. This means consideration of if you have regular income, have held down a job, among other factors. For this reason, sometimes bankruptcy can be beneficial to you, since it wipes debt from your credit score. Some people, when filing for bankruptcy, find their credit score increase due to how bankruptcy erases overdue debts and the like from your credit score. For this reason, bankruptcy, especially older bankruptcy, might improve your standing to a landlord.However, if you are currently engaged in a bankruptcy or are in the early days of your payment plan, that might not inspire confidence in a landlord.

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    You May Need A Larger Deposit To Rent An Apartment In Philadelphia

    This reassurance does come with the caveat that many apartments will require larger deposits in order to work with you. Its a good idea to call around so you can find out what they will want from you, and to save up.

    Fortunately, avoiding monthly payments from credit cards and other collectors should help you get the money you need to start your new, downsized life. You should also experience less stress as a result.

    Find No Credit Check Apartments


    Large apartment complexes are typically owned by companies that have strict approval criteria. You’re more likely to get a credit check at one of these complexes so dont let these be your first choice.

    Instead, look for houses, condos, townhomes, duplexes, and small apartment buildings that are owned by a single landlord. These types of landlords are less likely to do . Look for these types of apartments advertised in the local newspaper, Facebook trading groups for your area, Craigslist, or ask friends and family for recommendations.

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    Qualifying For An Apartment While In Bankruptcy

    Our clients are often concerned about renting an apartment after their bankruptcy case is filed.

    Although nothing in the Bankruptcy Code precludes bankruptcy debtors from leasing an apartment, sometimes leasing agencies have policies that make it difficult to be approved while in bankruptcy.

    Some leasing agents will refuse to rent apartments to anyone who is in an active bankruptcy. Others will refuse to rent an apartment to anyone whose credit report shows an eviction. One way for a bankruptcy debtor to navigate this issue is by finding an apartment where these policies are not in place.. Another way is for the debtor to negotiate with the leasing agency by offering a higher security deposit. Finally, the debtor can explain that his/her financial circumstances have changed in a way that will allow him/her to make the monthly rent payment. The bottom line is that the debtor needs to convince the apartment management that he/she will be a tenant who consistently makes the rent payment.

    If you have questions about this or other topics, call us.

    We will help you!


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