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Where Can I Buy Amazon Return Pallets: 8 Places

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According to Loss Prevention Magazine, consumers spent over $550 billion online with US merchants, which amounts to 14% of all US retail sales.

Thats quite an impressive number until you look at the percentage of those sales that were returned.

Not everyone who buys things online is happy with their purchases.

For example, between 2019 and 2020, eCommerce returns more than doubled.

A staggering $102 billion of items people had bought online were returned.

What happens to all that returned merchandise? A tiny percentage is returned to physical stores.

However, for major online retailers such as , inspecting, repacking, and relisting those returns is not cost-effective.

So, typically, returned products are liquidated.

The good news for you is that many Amazon returns arent faulty or damaged.

People return items for many different reasons, which means that many are new and in unopened condition.

Amazon, and other large online retailers, sell pallets of customer returns to liquidators.

You can access those items through online liquidation marketplaces.

If you want to know more, keep reading.

What Can You Expect From An Amazon Return Pallet

Return pallets are usually sold in bulk with a large variety of different products, such as clothing, electronics, beauty products, and so on.

Heres an Amazon return pallet auction from

So for the example above specifically, you get 84 items with a suggested retail price of $2,168, and right now the top bid is $240.

Usually, there are a couple of photos that oftentimes arent really helpful, so you dont get a view of the whole pallet. But on some liquidation websites, you can see everything the pallet includes because they provide buyers with a manifest, where they list every item thats in there.

The caveat is the items may be in bad condition. Some items will be ready for resale immediately, others might require some repair, and some can only be sold for parts.

Occasionally, you can also see on the manifest that even though each bundle is categorized, there are still some random items in each pallet.

Its Hard To Know Whats Inside Return Pallets

One thing I would like to point out about Amazon return pallets is you never know what youre getting.

While its rare, you may even receive empty boxes like Tom in the video above

Usually, the pallet purchase business is risky, but with some research, you can decide if the pallet is worth your time and money.

At times, however, you can tell the brands or types of products before you buy Amazon return pallets.

Thats right Amazon liquidation pallets dont usually come in opaque brown boxes. Additionally, some companies offer manifests to help you find what you need.

One more thing: merchandise inside Amazon return pallets can be in any condition.

You might find brand new merchandise, used items, and salvage goods that are only good as spare parts. It is especially true with consumer electronic items.

To illustrate further, have you watched Storage Wars? The process of buying liquidated merchandise online works similarly.

The only difference? You might guess whats in the return pallets, but you dont examine the products before buying.

Thats why we say selling Amazon return pallets online is a gamble.

Still, selling liquidated merchandise is exciting and can make you good money if you do your homework.

If youd like to buy return pallets, visiting Amazon liquidation auctions and online liquidation marketplaces is the best route to follow.

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How Much Is An Amazon Return Pallet

Prices for Amazon return pallets will vary depending on the liquidation website and the size of the pallet. In general, prices can range from $100 to $5,000, depending on the quality and the value of the items. Also, others can be as high as $10,000.

Shipping options and rates will also vary per liquidation company. You will need to pay for the shipping of the pallet, which depends on the weight, dimension, and distance from the warehouse to your address. However, others will offer you a flat rate or free shipping.

Overall, shipping costs could be more than the combined amount you pay for the items on the pallet.

How And Where To Buy Amazon Return Pallets


Making online purchases is becoming the preferred shopping method for many customers. There are multiple ways to start selling online, but there is one that is easy, cheap and with a potential profit, Amazon return pallets.

If youre a business owner actively seeking Amazon returns then find out how and where to look for Amazon return pallets and check if this is or isnt an opportunity to profit on the secondary market.

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Tip #: Bundle Products Together

Bundling products together has worked for businesses since time immemorial. Youve probably seen the trick at play on multiple ecommerce websites as well.

For instance, a MacBook, Apple Watch, and Airpods would make an excellent bundle especially when the price looks just right. You could even throw in a wireless charger for good measure.

That way, you will sell your Amazon return pallets faster, and recover your costs.

Dont be afraid to experiment with bundles, and soon enough you will have a working formula before your next pallet arrives.

When sorting your pallets, set aside products you can put up for resale immediately. Have another pile for products that need refurbishing.

And lastly, have another pile of products that will be more attractive when sold as a bundle.

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Buying Returns Pallets From Amazon Liquidation Auctions

If you prefer to purchase a wide variety of items for your business, is a good choice.

Anyone with a registered US business can buy direct liquidation pallets from this website.

US-based buyers place bids on LTLs of overstock merchandise that might include:

You have to register and be approved by Amazon, but once thats out of the way, you can bid and buy bulk lots of overstock inventory.

Tip #: Repair & Refurbish

I Paid $5K for two Dicks Sporting Goods Liquidation Pallets

Take time to repair and refurbish the products as much as possible to boost the resale value of your liquidated goods. The secret is to make the products seem like new.

Typically liquidated items from Amazon return pallets come with damaged packaging, and missing accessories.

Merely replacing packaging/missing accessories will significantly improve the prices you can command for your refurbished items.

Finding accessories and packaging online is extremely easy and relatively cheap. A simple Google search will help you find nearly anything you need.

If you cant find the right packaging, at least consider using factory plastic wrapping and plain boxes.

Pro Tip: If your Amazon return pallets come with unsalvageable products, use them as spare part donors for your other products.

And if refurbishing gives you the creeps, you can always sell the spare parts individually.

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Best Ways To Buy Amazon Return Pallets

In general, Amazon customer returns are sold on liquidation company websites.

So first, visit the websites, and youll find a list of all the vendors selling their liquidation stock.

Then, simply select Amazon under the Marketplaces or By Seller category.

Lets take a look at some of the different liquidation companies.

What Is The Quality Of Closeout Liquidations By The Truckload

We would not do a thorough job without talking about the quality of closeout liquidations. Depending on the methodology employed in obtaining the merchandise, the quality can vary from low to high. The merchandise falls into one of two categories:

  • The ones which are not new but in perfect working condition.

The ones which are not new are often purchased at reduced prices than other liquidated goods.

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How To Make Money Using Amazon Return Pallets

When you’re buying goods for cheap and hoping to sell them for more money, this is what is called Retail Arbitrage.Retail arbitrage is one of the easiest and cheapest business models for someone that is starting out with ecommerce. Many entrepreneurs have turned this gig into a full-time income job.

Retail arbitrage has pretty good margins and is also fairly easy to get started, but requires you to constantly be hunting through the discount aisles of places like Walmart, Home Depot or liquidation websites to find good deals and sell them on any platform like Buying pallets of goods reduces a lot of this work because now you’re buying dozens or hundreds of items at a time instead of just a few.

When selling Amazon returning pallets, you can start with a smaller capital compared to private labeling and wholesaling. Some sellers test the waters first by purchasing $200 Amazon return pallets to see if the system works.

Furthermore, you dont have to put in much marketing effort because the brands are doing it themselves.

However, its important to remember that simple as it may be, its still a business endeavor and requires work and planning on the part of the seller.

When choosing Amazon return pallets, most of the time you are paying a much lower cost per item than you would get from buying from retail stores and sometimes even wholesale. And even though some items in the pallet turn out to be unsellable, you can still keep it for your own use!

Tips On Buying Amazon Returns For Sale


Purchasing the returns pallet is the easy part.

Now youve got to think about how you can maximize your potential profits and upscale the contents as much as possible.

The products you purchase in an Amazon pallet are typically untested.

What this means for you is that the items will be in various conditions.

Some will be ready for you to sell right away, while some will need repairs.

Lets give you some tips on how you can squeeze as much profit from your Amazon Returns pallet purchase.

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The Overall Selections Are Great Payment Issues Aren’t Clearly Expanded

What where the positives?

There are too numerous items to review. This is great. This site was recommended to me as a positive location to purchase.

Any negatives?

There have been issues purchasing using my credentials. I’ve corrected these items numerous times. However, the exact issue has never been clearly explained. Instead, what is given seems to be a boiler plate answers. One customer service rep did try to work the issue. My bank cleared my purchases, however, your third-party vendors did not.


Unsatisfied. After my experience trying to get my credentials correct and losing my products really put a damper on this experience.

User rating

Pros And Cons Of Buying Amazon Return Pallets

Heres a recap of the pros and cons of buying Amazon return pallets:

Pros of Buying Amazon Return Pallets

  • You can use any Amazon Profit Calculator to evaluate if its worth it to sell certain products.
  • You dont need much storage.
  • It doesnt require a big investment.
  • You dont need technical skills, so it is a good way to start an ecommerce business.
  • Cut out the middleman and maximize your profits.

Cons of Buying Amazon Return Pallets

  • Some online liquidation companies wont give you any description of what kind of products are inside the Amazon return pallets.
  • You cannot grow or scale with this business model.
  • Often, youll collect used items that you arent able to resell.

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This Is Oneof The Worse Miss I Ever Got Will Never Used Them Again It Was First And Last

What where the positives?


Any negatives?

I got a bunch of same items that was post to be home hardware was a bunch bs same items 87 time is bunch of junk I’m glad they canceled my other order. I will never used them again.


I got a bunch of same items that was post to be home hardware was a bunch bs same items 87 time is bunch of junk I’m glad they canceled my other order. I will never used them again.

User rating

Good Website Easy To Navigate And Overall Good Product

Donât Make This Mistake Ordering Online Pallets from

What where the positives?

I feel like you get good merchandise, and bidding is easy, and actually have a good chance at getting a good pallet for a good price. They keep you posted on things you might like to get next.

Any negatives?

Everything was good, the website is easy to navigate. Although when you get outbidded, you always get an email, and it does kind of get in the way, of other emails, especially if you keep getting outbidded, but I dont see a way around that though


Good support, they actually read what you write and try to help out. In conclusion will bid again

User rating


User rating


The fact that you know exactly what you are buying is very important and Direct Liquidation makes sure of this.Other liquidation sites make the customer engage in guesswork and this is risky.The 90-day warranty is unbeatable.prior to this I had searched and tried quite a few liquidation sites but none of them provided the type of service I was looking for.There have a chat-enabled website with customer service personnel ready to solve any issues.You are allowed to arrange for your own pick up which definitely saves money.I do wish they give more attention to the deals in the Canadian market though.

User rating


User rating


User rating

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Overall Direct Liquidation Is Helped Me Grow My Business

What where the positives?

They have an easy bidding and check out process. manifested loads really help make an informed decision when buying.

Any negatives?

Very hard to work with when issues arise. recieved 2 wrong skids, not at all what I ordered and was only credited for one. ultimately had to take a loss and move on for an issue out of my control.


Mixed feelings. hope things continue to progress. my business is still new and I am at the stages where mix ups could force me to close shop. I hope things continue to go in the right direction. i would like to grow with direct liquidation and become a long term partner.

User rating

Things You Should Consider When Purchasing Your First Amazon Return Pallet

  • Compare different liquidation companies and try to buy returns at lower costs which can maximize your margins.
  • Make a small investment to see what the pallets are like first.
  • Dont buy a pallet of used electronic items for the first time. There is a high possibility that the items wont work, and if you dont know how to fix them, it will turn into a total loss.
  • Some liquidation companies will charge you for the shipping of your return pallets. Check freight costs before purchasing an Amazon return pallet. It could be more expensive than the amount you pay for the goods.

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Under New Management Something Has Changed

What where the positives?

The website is more user friendly compared to other liquidation companies. The customer service is hit or miss. 50/50

Any negatives?

Direct Liquidations was great to buy from in the first part of 2020. You could buy good items and have about 30% of junk that would have to be thrown out. You could buy items at from 5% to 20% of retail and again most of it was good. I am not sure what happened… new owners or managers. About June or July things started going down hill. The purchase prices went through the roof. Direct was wanting close to what I can sell products for. I was buying a crap ton from Direct every month. Spending a crap ton of money. I think I was paying their light bill for the entire company. I have almost stopped buying from them. I have also noticed they do not offer the same products they used to. I will still get on the site and cruise through… but that’s about it. I mainly get on and look, hoping that things will change back… but I think it is just wishful thinking. The customer service is 50/50.


This company used to be great to buy from. Now, the prices are so high and they don’t offer the same items as they used to. I will keep looking and buying from other vendors… .

User rating

How Much Can You Make Buying And Selling Amazon Pallets

Buy Closeout Pallet of Assorted Gift and Party Good Merchandise Cheap ...

If, when you buy a pallet, you have a list of items like above then you then need to start doing your own due diligence to figure out how much money you can make. In a manifest like above, you’re given a list of Amazon ASINs. An ASIN is Amazon’s unique code that it gives to each item in it’s catalog and each item can only have one page on Amazon. Take this ASIN and go to So, for example, the Fast Lane Sand Shark item above has an ASIN of B01K26TIDQ meaning the page on Amazon for that product is .

Now you want to use a tool like Helium 10 to show you exactly how many items a month that product is selling on Amazon. Regardless of whether you plan to resell your items on Amazon, eBay, or at a garage sale, seeing how many units a month that product is selling is a good indication of how easy that item will be to resell.

In this case, we can see that this product is selling about 1 or 2 units a day. It isn’t huge, but if you’re able to win the buy box you can expect that it would take you about 15 to 30 days to sell out of this product not bad.

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