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Overstock Returns Customer Service

Standard Overstock Return Policy

Unboxing a Truckload of Amazon Returns & Overstock from Direct Liquidation

Overstock allows customers to send back most products within 30 days of receiving them. The items you wish to return must be in new, unused condition with all original tags, labels, and accessories.

In case youre returning Overstock merchandise after 30 days, the company may issue a partial refund depending on the condition of the gear. If you missed the 30-day return window, reach out to Overstock customer care for further instructions on starting a return.

Overstock free returns are not a thing yet. If youre returning an item due to buyers remorse, all shipping costs are your responsibility. In case the return is a result of a failed delivery or defective product, the company will cover the return shipping charges.

Note that the Overstock return policy doesnt apply to third-party sellers on To return a product to any of these sellers, you should refer to the sellers specific rules.

Check These Websites To Find Auctions For Unclaimed Packages

If a Postal Service package hasn’t been claimed within 90 days, it’ll likely be auctioned on GovDeals, a company the US Postal Services contracts with to sell unclaimed items. Items could be sold in lots, rather than individually — so you may wind up with a bunch more stuff to sift through, resell or donate. On the site, you can browse categories you are interested in, such as sporting equipment, beauty supplies and clothing.

The website Liquidation lets you choose the company you’re interested in buying bulk packages from, including Amazon, Target, Walmart, Lowe’s and Home Depot. For some items, you can see what you’re bidding on, but other listings will only show you images of the boxes or pallets and the category it falls under, as well as an estimated retail price. Depending on the size and weight of the items you get, you can expect shipping to be upward of $100.

An Amazon spokesperson told CNET that if an undelivered package arrives back at Amazon, an employee removes the item from the packaging and inspects it to determine whether the item can be resold. If not, it’s sold to other customers or liquidators, returned to suppliers or donated to charitable organizations.

Dont Tolerate Corporate Attitudesrequest Whats Rightfully Yours

DoNotPay is known for being the champion of customer advocacy because we help our users claim whats rightfully theirs, and we dont tolerate big corporations taking peoples hard-earned money.

No matter if you want to request a refund, insurance, extended warranty, or compensation from airlines, our AI-powered lawyer will fight for your right.

If you feel like youre overpaying certain subscription services, we can help you cancel them. Also, if you want to test a subscription before you start paying money for it, dont connect your credit card to the free trial page! You can sign up for free trials using our virtual credit card. That way, companies wont be able to charge you auto-renewal fees because the card has no funds.

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Are Overstockcom And Gethuman Affiliated

GetHuman and have no relationship whatsoever. GetHuman has been a forum for customers to share tips with each other since the early 2000s and continues to be a resources to over 50 million US customers per year, as well as consumers around the globe. Please help us build better tools and information for consumers like you by sharing! Contact Info

Bitcoin Comes To Overstock After Ceo Locks 40 People In A Room For A Week


Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne says Bitcoin was a “dream come true”

Last month,, which sells everything from jewelry to couches, announced that it would start accepting Bitcoin by the middle of 2014. CEO Patrick Byrne, 51, said the low-priced site was looking forward to cutting down on transaction fees for purchases given that its net margin is just 2%. The site took the Internet by surprise Thursday by moving its Bitcoin deadline up radically: it’s accepting Bitcoin as of today.

“Our first purchase with Bitcoin was a $2700 patio set,” says Byrne from Salt Lake City, where the company is based. In the first 90 minutes of Bitcoin sales, the site had received about 150 orders. Byrne says the company’s rough estimate is that 1% of its sales in 2014, or approximately $13 million, will come in the form of Bitcoin. “It’s a wild guess,” he says. Update : Byrne tweets that Overstock pulled in 780 Bitcoin sales worth $127,000 in 21 hours.

“On January 1st, our people said they could do it within 10 days if I gave them enough people,” says Byrne. “So we put a team of 40 people on it. We locked them in a room and slid pizzas under the door, and gave them hotel rooms when they needed them. The technique of swarming to form a team was incredibly efficient.”

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Integrates With And Improves Other Tools

All plans come with integrations for ChatOps tools Slack& Microsoft Teams in order to cut down on pings, limit distractions and make the tools even more powerful. Business and Enterprise customers get access to Jira, GitHub & Okta integrations.

Stack Overflow for Teams has been a resource for our entire company. Not only for developers to solve problems, its also enabled our sales field to answer technical questions that help them close deals.

Director of Product Management

Engineers should help solve the hardest questions, the unknowns, where being familiar with how the product was built is essential. But we dont want to keep answering solved problems over and over again. Thats where Stack Overflow for Teams really helps.

Director of Engineering

As we started to use and saw how nice it was to have a repository of information, we started to see it spread to other teams. Our customer support team started using it, our people success team started using it, next thing we knew, we had integrations all over the place.


What we love about Stack Overflow for Teams is that its a very dynamic tooltheres just so many ways to use this as a liaison between different teams and different knowledge bases.

Software Engineer

Gazelle With Damaged Part Seller & Overstock No Help

I bought a Gazelle Edge off of Overstock and didn’t realize it was from another seller: spreetail. A part was damages so I notified Overstock and requested a replacement. I was told that I had to contact spreetail.I sent photos and requested a replacement part from spreetail but never heard back from them. I then emailed Overstock and they wanted to know the part number and said they’d try to help. Really? So, I contacted Gazelle with my serial number and they sent me a replacement part. Basically neither spreetail nor Overstock were any help at all in getting the needed part. Just be careful when you order and I would recommend NEVER ordering from a seller that is not Overstock, so look carefully.

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Where To Purchase Undelivered Amazon And Postal Service Packages

If you’re looking to buy items that were never delivered, you can search for vendors in your area to see if there’s a local swap meet or other places that sell undelivered items. Websites like Swap Madness can help you identify a vendor that could have packages for sale — for instance, a flea market stall.

Note that some days may be better than others for finding packages. For instance, a TikToker visited Treasure Hunt in Evansville, Indiana, after it had just been restocked with packages and found a vast number of items for purchase. A reporter from Insider visited the same store on a weekday right before the store restocked and found everything picked over.

If you’re planning to travel several hours to go to one of these stores, we recommend calling ahead to find out when shipments are scheduled to arrive.

TikTok users have found packages priced as low as $1 each.

Overstock Sells Defective Product And Will Not Replace It

How To Buy Macys Returns and Overstock (LIQUIDATION BOXES)

We purchased an outdoor table with and extended warranty last year. When we uncovered it from our garage we found that the finish had pealed off in numerous locations. We have had multiple contacts with their customer service who claim its a warranty issue and should be covered by Guardsmen. Guardsmen claim that it is a manufacturers defect and not eligible under their warranty. This back and forth accompanied by numerous emails,calls and photos has been going on for 5 months with no resolution. This company does not stand by what it sells and we are out over $2,000.

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How To Choose A Mattress Model

Many individuals approach mattress buying in the wrong way, by concentrating solely on arbitrary actions of firmness degree or sleep setting, thinking about only the price, or selecting products and modern technology promoted in an ad. But that strategy might land you a not-so-comfy mattress model that you might regret buying.

The advice in this guide will show you a much better means . This guide builds on our thousands of hours of research and rest testing to help you find a mattress model youll happily rest on for many years. Overstock Returns Customer Service

Are Customers Picking Up The Slack From Employees

Walmart fared well, all things considered, during the coronavirus crisis. The current crisis Walmart is facing is dealing with inventory and staffing. Being understaffed is the norm these days, it is no different for retail. More and more self-checkouts are being used to fight against low numbers of employees showing up for work. Walmart is simultaneously dealing with an overabundance of unproductive inventory to boot.

Target has maintained its pandemic services that customers have grown to love like the curbside pick-up and delivery. The curbside pick-up allows customers to be able to pick up their purchases usually within a couple hours of the completed order. Target is also dealing with the labor shortage, and customers might be seeing more self-checkout terminals open compared to open checkout terminals operated by Target employees.

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Is Overstock Return Policy More Than You Can Handle Donotpay Can Take Over

Our AI-powered app will help you get a refund or exchange within minutesminus the hassle! To start our time-saving return process, you need to:

  • Navigate to the Item Return Request feature
  • Answer our chatbots purchase-related questions
  • Upload photos of the product in question
  • Click Submit
  • We will send a customized return request letter to Overstock before you can say refund! Since timing is everything, well also set a deadline to ensure your request gets processed in the shortest possible time.

    If you need help returning products to any major brand, check out the practical guides in the table below:


    Overstock Return Policyreturning Products To Overstockcom In A Few Clicks

    I Bought another $58 Customer Returns &  Overstock TARGET Novelty Mixed ...

    Are you stuck with an Overstock product that doesnt work for you? Our Overstock return policy guide will walk you through the process of returning items to this famous internet retailer. If you want to spare yourself the trouble of initiating a return, we offer the most efficient solutionlet DoNotPay do it in your stead!

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    Oversized Item Return Policy

    You may return oversized items within 30 days of delivery. Only unused items with all original parts included in the shipment are eligible for returns. Overstock return shipping is at the customers cost if you:

    • Refuse delivery without inspection
    • Miss a delivery appointment
    • Return a non-defective or undamaged product

    Overstock return shipping cost ranges from $100 to $700 , and the amount gets deducted from your refund if the item is not in its original condition once it arrives at Overstock’s warehouse.

    How To Contact Overstock Customer Service

    If you have any issues or questions about your Overstock order, there are several ways to reach their customer service team:

    • Overstock Customer Service Number: Call 1-800-843-2446 to get a live rep Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 12 AM EST or Saturday through Sunday 9 AM to 9 PM EST.
    • Text Customer Support: Shoot a text to 1-385-257-9241 for 24/7 support from Overstock.
    • Customer Service Online Chat: Chat with Overstock virtually 24/7 here.
    • Overstock Help Center: Enter your questions into Overstocks Help Center search bar here.

    You can also find answers to some common questions in Overstock’s FAQ section here.

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    Look Out For Scams And Avoid Theft

    Unless you can see exactly what you’re buying, you may run the risk of purchasing items that aren’t valuable to you. What you want to avoid is putting money in the hands of someone who gives you nothing.

    We suggest checking the Better Business Bureau website and reading customer reviews to make sure the seller is legitimate. One company I found on the BBB site had reviews from customers who reported not receiving their packages after many months and getting fake tracking numbers.

    For legitimate sellers and sources, we recommend going through sanctioned unclaimed package auctions, like GovDeals.

    What Is The 55+ Tuesday Discount


    The 55+ Tuesday Discount is a program exclusively for customers 55 years of age or older. Eligible customers are entitled to 10% off purchases made on Tuesday.

    If you are eligible, you must notify the associate at time of purchase and may be required to provide an ID to verify your age or date of birth.

    Note: This discount is only good on Tuesday.

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    Where To Shop For A Mattress

    Putting down in the store isnt the only method to go anymore. New mattress-in-a-box firms have won over countless customers with convenient delivery as well as complimentary trial periods.

    On-line mattress acquiring purchasing has actually seen a significant boom, however its wrong for everybody. Belows what you require to understand.

    Just Made My First And Last Purchase

    Just made my first and last purchase with overstock. Did not realize how horrible their customer service was. With other similar companies they have to compete with, I have no clue how they stay in business. Returns are at the customer’s expense no matter what. Received one bag that was ripped open and unusable and of course the burden is on me to return it with nothing offered from the company. Will never shop here again. Their price was also much more than home Depot where I purchased the same exact product and was able to return it right up the street for free.

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    Unsubscribe Falling On Deaf Ears

    I have purchased one item from Overstock. It was a rug, it was lovely, and it was as described and suited my purposes exactly. It is now two years later and I am trying to remove myself from their mailing list. I am currently in France, and the tab to unsubscribe does not work. So I switched to a VPN in the US, and the tab still does not work. I called their customer service number and finally got a representative on the phone. She was at an overseas call center, of course, and said she had unsubscribed me. I am still getting e-mails daily. I am so frustrated with them.

    Yes You Can Legally Buy Unclaimed Mail And Packages We’ll Explain How

    Wayfair Overstock and customer Returns Pallet

    Many Amazon and USPS packages never make it to their destinations. You can buy those packages online and in person — but watch out for scams.

    Katie Teague


    Katie is a Writer at CNET, covering all things how-to. When she’s not writing, she enjoys playing in golf scrambles, practicing yoga and spending time on the lake.

    What happens to those Amazon and US Postal Service packages that never made it to your doorstep? It’s a good possibility someone bought them. Items that have been lost in transit from one delivery truck to another or misplaced in a warehouse — after months of going unclaimed — can be auctioned off or end up for sale at local swap meets.

    You might remember in 2021 when TikTok became obsessed with buying unclaimed packages that never made it to their destinations. A few TikTok creators posted videos of warehouses full of mystery items for sale and waiting to be unboxed. While some contain cheaper fare like socks, TikTokers have also unwrapped gift cards, Nike sneakers and name-brand purses — like real-life versions of video game loot boxes. Postal Service auctions put some of the items on display before purchase so you can have an idea of what you’re getting.

    We’ll tell you how to buy unclaimed packages from Amazon, the US Postal Service and other delivery services. We’ll also tell you how to look out for companies that claim to sell mystery boxes but could potentially scam you.

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    Overstock Customer Service & Returns Guide

    Overstock is known for its stylish wares and steep discountsbut what happens if you go a little overboard and have buyers remorse? No need to fret, there are several ways to contact Overstocks customer service to cancel your order or make a return. Groupon Coupons compiled all the info you need below. And for more savings, be sure to check out our collection of Overstock coupons.


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