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B Stock Phone Number

Stockx Email And Live Chat Options

How to register on B-Stock’s Marketplaces

StockX does offer live chat services. Live chats do work like any other chat messaging platform such as Twitter and Facebook. Generally, live chat is quite exciting and faster compared to email.

Businesses have employed it because it increases customer satisfaction. If discussion is available in your country, you can access it through the chat icon from the StockX website. The icon is always located at the bottom left corner of the website.

The website also has some valid pages to check your orders or find some possible solution. If an agent is not available, the question or message will be automatically saved, and you will get a response via email.

However, the StockX response time does vary however they contact within 24 hours, StockX support team strives to offer responses as soon as possible.

You should submit one case per issue. The feedback from StockX can be slower during weekends, holidays, and nights.

Almost all business offers the email support. Its easy to use, fast, cheap, and very accessible. StockX provides email support and has a great team on the other side that does offer quick replies.

You can get their customer support services through StockX email: . Alternatively, you can contact them via email using through StockX contact form.

Account Name Changes And Distributions

The Equniti website also provides answers to the most frequently asked questions about holding certificates, lost certificates, name changes and estate requestsincluding transfer instructions. Learn more

Legal changes, including name changes and estate distributions, must be completed by our transfer agent. Specific forms and documentation are required. Please contact Moog or Equniti for assistance.

This Is One Of The Worse Company I Had

This is one of the worse company i had purchase with. They have 0 buyer protection. Seller send you garbage and saying they sent you correct item which is totally false. whatever they say on the description its not TRUE. I have lost almost $3000 on their platform. They want wire from you not Credit or Debit card. Wire which you wont be able to dispute from your credit card. BUYER PLEASE BE AWARE SPECIALLY FROM BSTOCK SUPPLY. Less then 0 Star

Date of experience:November 21, 2019

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How Do I Know If A Subscription Is Right For Me And If So Which Should I Choose

Basic subscriptions give you the industry standard photos, vectors, and illustrations in our budget Essentials collection.

Tip: Look for the collection toggle below the search bar on a search results page and select “Essentials” to search only for images available with a Basic subscription.

Premium subscriptions include everything from our Basic subscription, as well as any of the handpicked Signature collection images that you can only get from us.

Premium + Video subscriptions give you access to every image and video that iStock has to offerno exceptions.

How To Cancel Stockx Order

Best Fancy Letter B Silhouettes Stock Photos, Pictures &  Royalty

You cannot cancel a StockX order. Once a sale occurs, it impossible to withdraw a bid or ask. The policy was put in place to maintain the integrity of the marketplace. This helps StockX to confirm whether the bids and asks are dependable, genuine, and active.

However, if the item you have received has any problem, you must contact the StockX customer service team within three business days of receiving it. The team will find the best and fair available solution.

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Stockx Ceo And Other Upper Staff

StockX is an American company it provides an online platform for buyers and sellers. It was established in 2015. StockX headquarters is in 1046 Woodward Avenue, Detroit, in Michigan. Currently, it has 800 employees.

The company has been in operation for five years now. The company is run by a nine-member team. The current StockX CEO is Scott Cutler, Josh Luber is a co-founder,and Chris Kaufman is a co-founder and chief designer.

Greg Schwartz is a co-founder and chief operating officer. Derek Morrison is the senior director of Europe, while Men Jiang is the VP/GM international. Diana Robison is the content vice president, and Tracy Cote, the Chief people officer.

Welcome To The Casino B Stock

My family has been in the wholesale business all of my life I know a lot of wholesalers and I’m getting a lot of bad customer service from B stock cannot get anyone on the phone Stuff shows up all broken and no one will contact us back also they’ll hold your product for months well they’ll hold your stuff for months your money and you’ll never get some of the loads that are promised or things will be missing off the load I don’t understand if you spend money with a company especially wholesale I’m not acting like everything should be perfect but some of the stuff and business practices is prettyIf I was a smaller person a mom and pop or someone like that I’d be out of business luckily I have a strong company and these little hiccups did not put me out of business but if you want to know how to make a small fortune start with a big one with B stockOr if you want to go to the casino you could just go to be stock you never know what’s going to happen

Date of experience:August 03, 2022

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Stockx Phone Numbers And Business Hours: How To Contact Stockx Customer Service

StockX was founded in 2016 by Greg Schwartz, Josh Luber, Gilbert Dan, and Chris Kaufman. Its an international online marketplace it resells clothing, with a focus on sneakers.

StockX has grown immensely in 2020, it introduced electronics such as smartphones, game consoles, and computer hardware. Due to outstanding leadership, StockX has been able to win some great deals with numerous celebrities.

In 2017 it collaborated with Eminem to raise funds for the greater Houston community. It has several international offices such as Eindhoven, Netherlands, and London, United Kingdom.

This Company Is The Worst Nightmare

BLISS B-4A DOUBLE ACTION TOGGLE PRESS Our stock number: 112008

This company is the worst nightmare that I could experienced. I won 2 pallets, paid in one day, and after a week, when I don t see any update, I contacted them, they took another week to get back to me and told me that I owe them more money for shipping, I sent another wire right away. I have never received my shipments, after one month, I asked for a refund, they gave me a wrong tracking number. When I checked, it wasn t coming to my address, I contacted the shipping company, let them know, they told me BStock gave me a wrong freight, so I have to contact them to fix that. At that point, I told them that I wasn t interested in the products anymore. I just needed my money back. They agreed, they said they located my shipment, but as requested, they will contact with update about my refund. Now it is passed 2 months, never heard from anyone. I now have to put my lawyer in top of them. Worst company.. Stay away

Date of experience:May 10, 2022

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Disagree With The Bad Reviews

I have to say I read all of these reviews and dont agree with any of them. We have been buying from Bstock for over a year now. Every time there is a problem it gets handled immediately.. missing items which has happened on 2 or 3 occasions were made good on by the Merchant. The only thing I can say bad is that I wish they would take credit card.

Date of experience:August 14, 2019

Stockx Phone Number List

The customer service representatives are among the most critical teams in the business. They help build a more excellent relationship between the clients and the company.

They help solve customer problems, make suggestions about a purchase and even answer the clientâs questions.

Currently, StockX does not have a functioning StockX customer service number. However, it does have a dedicated team that offers instant help on your sale or purchase.

You can contact the StockX customer service representatives directly on their page or via chat.

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Zero Protection For The Buyer Do Not Buy On Their Site

“I purchased in 1 month alone, over $250k worth of Costco lots. Everything was pretty much ok until Costco shorted 1 of my orders by 2/3 of the purchased lot. Instead of protecting me B-Stock said Costco shipped it so I have no leg to stand on. Do yourselves a favor and use one of the many other liquidation sites unless you like playing Russian roulette with your money. Trust me if they wouldn’t protect me, someone who has already spent millions on their site, do you think they will protect you?”

Date of experience:March 18, 2019

Common Shareholder Ownership Legends

Hughes &  Kettner GrandMeister Deluxe 40 B

Please note that specific requirements may apply when making name changes to share certificates or DRS accounts. Learn more

Individual Single Owner Example: John J. Public Transfer on Death Example: John Public TOD Mary Public Under TOD, the owner retains normal rights of ownership during his or her lifetime. The TOD registration enables the owner to determine an individual or other entity that will automatically become the owner upon the death of the current owner. The security passes to the beneficiary outside of probate.

Specific registration requirements may apply. Contact Equniti for requirements and restrictions.

Joint Tenant with Right of Survivorship JT TEN or JTWROS Examples: John Public and Mary Public JT TEN or John Public and Mary Public JTWROS

Joint Tenants in Common TEN COM Example: John Public and Mary Public TEN COM

Custodial UTMA or UGMA Examples: Mary Public Custodian for John Public, Uniform Gift to Minors Act NY or Mary Public, Custodian for John Public, under the NJ Uniform Transfers to Minors Act

Transfer requests should be sent to one of the addresses below. If the stock is held in certificate form, we suggest you use registered mail, insured for 2% of the current market value of the shares. Use delivery confirmation/signature and tracking when sending paper certificates.

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Worst Company I Have Ever Dealt With

worst company i have ever dealt with. they are a broker for sellers and allow their sellers to sell fraud and use “bait and switch” i got a gaylord from them which had NOTHING in it from the 8 pictures they showed and now im waiting for some 3rd party to solve the problem. i also won 2 other item sfrom the same seller thank god i didn’t pay for them. I told bstock i would not pay for them until the fisrt one was straighten out and was told i should pay for them or i might get large fees taken from my back account. I will NEVER BUY FROM THEM AGAIN!! they allow fraud and dont help the buyers. TERRIBLE BUSINESS

Date of experience:November 17, 2021

The Worst Company You Can Deal With

The worst company you can deal with. I bought an auction from them. Units was described as unlocked. One of the unit was locked. I filed a dispute, then I had to deal with Lauren Moffitt, who is supposed to solve my problem. After exchanging several Emails. She asked me the send the unit back. I sent the unit and still waiting for refund. Today she see me an email, the seller says that there is a PIN number on the That the excuse now for not refund.

Date of experience:January 22, 2020

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Order Received Was Not As Described In Post

Order received was not as described in the auction posting. The packaging was not as described, I was shorted on the quantity listed, and the brands we’re not all what was listed on the description, shown in the pictures, or listed on the manifest. When the packages arrived, it was late in the day and even though I tried to dispute within 2 business days of actually getting to review the shipment, they said it was 3 days and immediately denied my dispute.

Date of experience:August 07, 2019

How Do I Download An Image From Your Site

Berkshire Hathaway (BRK.B) Q2 Earnings Analysis | Warren PUMPS The Breaks On Buying The Dip!

Once you find an image or video clip you like, simply click on it to open its detailed information page. From there, follow these simple steps:1. Choose your image or video size/resolution.2. Click “Download this image” or “Download this video clip”. 3. You’ll be redirected to the checkout page 4. Once you complete your purchase, simply return to the file and click “Download this image/video clip” once more.5. Locate your video

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They Sent Us Samples Which Are Illegal

They sent us samples which are illegal to resell. They dont even send us products in the pictures. They dont send us the whole units. And their explanation is because their client wont do anything so they wont too. They are crooked and thieves. They just want your money. They treated us with disrespect and tell us to absorbs our loss. Dont buy from them. They have educated workers but cant put their stupid heads together to find an obvious solution to a problem. Im suing them too.

Date of experience:October 16, 2019

Do Not Buy Anything From Bstocksupply


Date of experience:August 08, 2020

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What Type Of Protection Do I Get When I Purchase A License From Istock

Every file licensed comes with a $10,000 USD legal guarantee. That’s our promise that when you use our content within the terms of our license agreement, it won’t infringe on any copyright, moral right, trademark or other intellectual property rights or violate any right of privacy or publicity. You can also purchase an Extended Legal Guarantee to increase that coverage to $250,000 USD.

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How to reach us

First Time And Last Time

Hughes &  Kettner GrandMeister Deluxe 40 B

First time I ordered the seller was trying to get me to give him more money after the auction was closed and bstock gave me credit when I told them. So I won another auction to spend that credit and never got a tracking number or nothing. Did receive my merch but there is no way to contact anyone immediately if you have a problem and they make you wonder what is going on till the item show up. The seller had a over seas unreachable number email and the address shows to be a gym or a car wash or a physician office.

Date of experience:May 02, 2022

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Well I Try To Contact This Company

well i try to contact this company, to be registed with them, but they ask so may thinks, that sometime ithink, that apply for job in the US goverment its much easier.customer service sucks ERIN. so sorry for this guy, must be from a trouble back ground and still afect him.i am not in the US so i am not hable to open and account with this company, and for the same reason they are very good and you can tell by the reviews.stay away from them

Date of experience:August 26, 2022

Pallets Costco Cookware Of A/b

2 pallets Costco Cookware of A/B condition that was delivered that had over half the items that should have been trashed. They say A/B is:””It is also not uncommon for members to return merchandise to Costco after it has been tried. Reasons for return include shipped in duplicate, buyer remorse, wrong size, color, damage during shipping, wrong item, didnt need, didnt work, missing part, or no reason given. After receiving from a warehouse, the Costco Returns Depot conducts a visual screening, but does not test items before determining Grade. Expect that some percentage of items may be damaged, torn, missing parts, missing manuals, or otherwise incomplete/non-functional.”Tried? how about used for months or years and trashed. This lot should have been condition C/D which would have gone for much less.This is why you don’t see pics of items only stock picks and then the wrapped pallets.

Date of experience:June 15, 2022

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Why Buy On Supply

B-Stock Supply is an online auction marketplace where small businesses/resellers can source returned and excess merchandise from other businesses. On the marketplace you can shop across thousands of categories from hundreds of sellers, all in one place . So, whether youre just getting started as an online reseller in a particular category or have a robust resale business across many, were confident that if youre looking for a consistent source of goods to grow your business, youll find them on B-Stock Supply.

Not A Direct Liquidation Site

Magpul AR Stocks – Part I : Overview

not a direct liquidation site, they have tons of independent sellers who are not honest and they do not stand behind their customer in regards to outrageously overestimated/misleading and incorrect manifest, and I’m not talking about slight differences that are expected, but completely different manifest in value and options.

Date of experience:April 17, 2020

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Good If You Know What You Are Doing

Hello, I am using Bstock for Amazon EU return auctions. My experience with my first won auction was bad, I did not fully analyze manifest, overpaid, and just after ~12 months turned a profit, after that I developed software that can fully analyze each auction, and also automate inventory management & WooCommerce import. Without it, I doubt that I would have continued to resell Amazon returns because I would not have any competitive edge. If interested in the same SaaS solution Google – ”azManifest”.

Date of experience:September 01, 2022


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