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Institutional Quality Investment Deals Are One In A Million

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At First National Realty Partners, we understand how difficult it is to find and access commercial real estate deals for the everyday accredited investor. Our mission is to help you stop struggling to find the right deal on your own and then settling for low margins and poor returns while empowering you with cash flow that lets your money work for you. Specializing in grocery-anchored CRE, we provide our partners with exclusive access to institutional-quality commercial real estate investment opportunities both on and off-market.

Gain access to private investments with a market leader that will give you the transparency, guidance, and returns you deserve.

Foreclosurecom Updates Its Nationwide Database Of Foreclosure Listings At Least Twice Each Day

Not weekly or monthly like other sites out there. This ensures that we offer prospective homebuyers and investors with the freshest, hottest deals on the Internet. In fact, most of our information comes direct from hundreds of corporate sellers and multiple government agencies so that you can score the deal of a lifetime in some cases foreclosed homes for less than $60,000! Find cheap homes under $60,000. Whether your looking for a single-family home, condo, townhouse, or even searching for mobile homes near you, keeps the most up-to-date listings of all property types. The best part about searching is that we make the experience so simple that anyone can do it. And if you run into a problem or have questions that aren’t covered in our “Frequently Asked Questions” section, we have a dedicated support staff of actual humans who are knowledgeable and eager to help you achieve your American Dream of affordable homeownership. Call us today … or any day!

Hot Foreclosure Deals

Benefits As A Seller Of Off

Many people may be asking, why wouldnt an agent list a property in the most visible place to attract the largest number of potential buyers and thus the greatest number of offers?

The answer is often privacy. If the owner of an apartment building is looking to sell, they may not want to spook the tenants into moving out because then the building isnt performing as well as advertised. If the building ultimately doesnt sell, then the seller just shot themselves in the foot.

Additionally, many sellers agents will subsequently get a lot of interest from buyers, many of whom are simply kicking the tires and are not serious nor qualified to close on their property. Thus, keeping a property as a pocket listing will allow a sellers agent to pick and choose whom to market the property to, which often makes the job of selling the property much easier for all parties involved.

In no particular order, lets jump into all the various ways there are to find and source off-market deals.

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We Ensure Every Chance For Success

From acquisition to disposition, our entire investment lifecycle is 100% in-house, ensuring your investment is fully managed effectively, and by those most committed to your success. Become a valued partner with the leading team of grocery-anchored commercial real estate professionals in the necessity-based retail space.

Our customers love and trust us because we strive to provide them with:

Networking With Fellow Investors

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Knowing other savvy investors immediately gives you access to literally thousands of properties. If you know or meet someone who has a property that you would like to buy, whos to say you shouldnt make them an offer right then and there to buy it its real-life Monopoly!

Of course there is absolutely a time and a place where doing that would be appropriate, but if a deal makes sense, who cares where it comes from?

Networking with other investors will likely give you insight into a few things:

  • Their inventory
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    Buy My House Season : Everything You Need To Know About The Reality Show

    See stunning homes all over America and discover how these real estate pros close a deal.

    From the creators of Instant Dream Home and Extreme Makeover: Home Edition comes Buy My House, a new real estate reality series where homeowners from across the US try to cut deals with real estate tycoons looking to buy their properties.

    Hosted by Nina Parker of E!s Nightly Pop, Buy My House shows people from communities all around America and the stories behind their homes. Viewers interested in real estate investment will discover a diversified view of housing trends in up-and-coming and resurgent neighborhoods throughout the country, along with a few locations off the beaten path.

    How To Sell Without Agents:

    Learn how to sell without agents – The sale of your Home without agents in Australia is legal, incredibly easy, & it will save you thousands of dollars in Agents commission & expensive advertising fees. It’s a very simple task, lets quickly walk you through the process…

    Selling your house Privately can potentially save you tens of Thousands of dollars. Not surprisingly, the process to Sell your own Home can seem like daunting process. However, here’s a Step-by-Step list to Sell your own Home via our ‘For Sale By Owner‘ method.

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    Foreclosure Listings Subscription Sites

    RealtyTrac. Theres a free 7-day trial after that, its $49.95 a month, with discounts on multi-month packages. Members get access to RealtyTracs proprietary information, including auctions dates and locations, pre-foreclosure addresses, owner information, bank loan amounts and more. After the free 7-day trial, its $39.80 per month. Subscribers receive detailed information on the listed properties, tax roll data, files provided by the lender, local school districts and other listing details.

    Wherever You Invest We Have Deals Lined Up For You

    Wholesaling Real Estate | Where I Pull My List To Target Motivated Sellers

    MyHouseDeals is your #1 source for investor-perfect properties. We’ve located over 383,688 investment property deals all over the country and helped thousands of beginner and experienced investors find the deal they had been looking for. Now’s your turn! Select your area on the map to view available properties:

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    Sell My House Privately In Australia:

    Looking to Sell your Home Privately in Australia?? – Well, the good news is, you’ve come to the right place. As one of Australia’s leading Private Sale Real Estate websites, our mission is to assist Australian Home owners on Selling their Property Privately…

    How much is Real Estate Commission in Australia? – Real Estate commission varies depending on the Town or state that your property is in. Due to reductions in regulations, there really is no standard real estate agent commission anymore…

    Increase Your Net Worth And Protect Your Portfolio From Market Volatility While Maintaining Predictable Positive Cash Flow From Day One

    At FNRP, we look at 1000 deals and choose one. We only present you with deals that fully meet our rigorous investment criteria necessary to achieve superior returns in the necessities-based commercial retail market.

    Receive full transparency and guidance on each grocery-anchored property deal. We provide ALL the essential details for you to make an informed decision based on your risk tolerance and then invest if it’s right for your portfolio.

    Enjoy significant risk-adjusted returns with quarterly cash disbursements. We aim to provide investments that start earning cash flow from day one.

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    Investment Property In Your Area

    Search now to find your next fix & flip, rental, or land opportunity at 20%-50% off retail.

    Welcome to done-for-you lead generation. We help real estate investors find deeply discounted, offmarket properties so you’ll never run out of leads to power your business. Choose from 2,262+ houses for sale. New leads added every day.

    Foreclosurecom Delivers The Best Real Estate Deals First Well Before They Hit The Mass Market

    Manila Shopper: Pizza Hut 50% Flash SALE: Sept 25

    As you know, perfect timing not just “location, location, location” is critical when it comes to purchasing a new home and/or investment property at the right price. That’s because competition drives prices up. At, we target low-priced distressed deals bank-owned homes, government foreclosures preforeclosure listings, real estate owned properties and foreclosure auctions, among others and pass them onto smart homebuyers .

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    Real Estate Agents And Brokers

    Realtors and brokers often have both a buyers and sellers list. Some of these sellers may be prompted into selling if shown that market conditions are favorable. Additionally, hungry agents may actually cold call homeowners in the area and turn them into sellers.

    Furthermore, many of these professionals have pocket listings. A pocket listing is a listing for which an agent has exclusive rights to sell and which is not listed on the MLS. Many local real estate agents may keep the listing in their proverbial pocket to keep word from getting out, which can often have a benefit to the seller.

    Using an agent to find off-market listings can prove difficult, but usually only at first. This is because as you initially start working with an agent, they likely have a built-out buyers list that they market their off-market deals to. Once youre able to establish yourself as a serious buyer and investor, agents will take you more seriously and actually want to bring you deals because they know you can close.

    Benefits As A Buyer Of Off

    Many real estate investors, myself included, like off-market deals for several reasons.

    Firstly, and possibly most obviously, there is often less competition. If a property is listed on the MLS, then sites like and have it listed as well, since they get their info from the MLS. Once its on these highly-trafficked sites, it gets a high degree of visibility from agents as well as from potential buyers.

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    Build New Homes In Australia

    It’s So Simple To Find The Best Real Estate Deals In Your Area With Foreclosurecom: It’s One Easy Search

    And that search can be performed at the state, county and city levels even the exact address and/or zip code so that your house hunt hits the ground running. Once you start digging into the incredible foreclosure deals, each listing will be complete with asking price, exact location, number of beds / baths, property type , available photos, tax roll information, helpful neighborhood / school district details and so much more. Indeed, we provide as much information as possible so that you can make the most informed decision possible.

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    If Youre Searching For Foreclosures For Sale For Your Next Home Or To Flip For A Profit These Websites Will Guide You To Foreclosures To Buy

    Getty Images

    You may remember that foreclosures were a big part of the Great Recession. As the economy cratered, foreclosure filings soared. In the first half of 2010 alone, 1.65 million U.S. homes spun into foreclosure, according to data from ATTOM Data Solutions, a property database provider.

    10 years later, will the COVID-19 pandemic lead to a rash of foreclosures? That could spell a lot of hardship, but also an opportunity for investors to flip homes for profit as more American workers switch to full-time remote work, often in less-expensive cities and towns.

    Ongoing efforts to ease the pandemic’s economic impact including the CARES Act — have slowed the foreclosure process, particularly for properties where mortgages were federally backed. But that stay doesn’t apply to lenders or servicers of loans not backed by the government .

    Buying and flipping foreclosed homes might be a path to consider if you are building a home-selling business.It follows the maxim of buy low, sell high: buy a foreclosed home on the cheap, make the needed improvements, and sell at or above the market value.

    Nearly 11,700 American properties received a foreclosure filing default notices, bank repossessions or scheduled auctions in October, up 20% from September. The states with the highest foreclosure rates in October were South Carolina, Nebraska, Alabama, Louisiana, and Florida, according to ATTOM Data Solutions.


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