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Liquidation Pallets Kansas City

Pros And Cons Of Buying Amazon Return Pallets

How to SAFELY Buy Liquidation Pallets in 2022

Heres a recap of the pros and cons of buying Amazon return pallets:

Pros of Buying Amazon Return Pallets

  • You can use any Amazon Profit Calculator to evaluate if its worth it to sell certain products.
  • You dont need much storage.
  • It doesnt require a big investment.
  • You dont need technical skills, so it is a good way to start an ecommerce business.
  • Cut out the middleman and maximize your profits.

Cons of Buying Amazon Return Pallets

  • Some online liquidation companies wont give you any description of what kind of products are inside the Amazon return pallets.
  • You cannot grow or scale with this business model.
  • Often, youll collect used items that you arent able to resell.

How Much Can You Make Buying And Selling Amazon Pallets

If, when you buy a pallet, you have a list of items like above then you then need to start doing your own due diligence to figure out how much money you can make. In a manifest like above, you’re given a list of Amazon ASINs. An ASIN is Amazon’s unique code that it gives to each item in it’s catalog and each item can only have one page on Amazon. Take this ASIN and go to So, for example, the Fast Lane Sand Shark item above has an ASIN of B01K26TIDQ meaning the page on Amazon for that product is .

Now you want to use a tool like Helium 10 to show you exactly how many items a month that product is selling on Amazon. Regardless of whether you plan to resell your items on Amazon, eBay, or at a garage sale, seeing how many units a month that product is selling is a good indication of how easy that item will be to resell.

In this case, we can see that this product is selling about 1 or 2 units a day. It isn’t huge, but if you’re able to win the buy box you can expect that it would take you about 15 to 30 days to sell out of this product not bad.

Push Back Pallet Racking

Push back racking offers the best of both worlds when it comes to warehouse storage. Push back pallet racking offers more storage without slowing down product rotation. It is becoming a more and more popular choice for distribution centers. Let us connect you with the right buyers for this type of storage system.

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Derricks Deals Wichita Liquidation

If you are looking to load on some liquidation pallets Kansas liquidation stores are offering then visit Derricks DEALS Wichita Liquidation Merchandise Pallets. They offer liquidation pallets Kansas to retailers and people who are looking to resell liquidation merchandise.

The prices are good and you do have a good choice. But you do have to be careful about putting all your money into buying pallets from this store because all the pallets come directly from the source and are directly put up for sale. So, you dont actually have any way of knowing what is in the pallet you are buying.


  • This is the place that only deals with Liquidation pallets. If you want to buy liquidation pallets Kansas then check it out. You can buy a truckload and load it all in your truck if you have one.
  • All the pallets are unmanifested. This basically means that the company does not have any idea about the content of the pallets. You have to sort of gamble on it.
  • There are all types of items in the pallets in different conditions. You can get brand new items and customer returns to used items.


Derricks DEALS Wichita Liquidation Merchandise Pallets is located at 1518 E Lewis St, Wichita, KS 67211, United States.

Address: 1518 E Lewis St, Wichita, KS 67211, United States

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CSCO 4 Pallet Lot

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    Our Commitment To You

    Our number one priority is customer service. We take pride in working one on one with our customers to provide you with the merchandise you need at the lowest cost possible, so you can make huge profits. We want to develop a long lasting business relationship that will benefit us all.

    We would rather have one customer buy 100 times from us, than to have 100 customers buy from us once.

    Will You Buy And Remove Everything From Our Warehouse

    Our specialty is in used warehouse pallet racking , pallet rack accessories , conveyor systems, mezzanines, and pick modules. If your warehouse also includes different material like

    then we can buy/ remove those as well.Sometimes material is in bad shape or is a very uncommon size or outdated brand. In some of these cases we do not purchase the materials, however we still can provide you with our teardown services to remove the materials from your warehouse. We encourage everyone to reach out so we can better understand what is in your warehouse and what your intentions are. Once we have a good understanding, we are happy to provide you with our recommendations, even if that means not using us.

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    Unsealed Deals Super Secret Warehouse

    If you live in Shawnee then you can find a nice liquidation store at Merriam Drive. It is the Unsealed Deals Super Secret Warehouse. Anyone looking for a good liquidation warehouse Kansas has to offer should check out Unsealed Deals Super Secret Warehouse.

    What you will find here will help you a great deal in not only getting some items that you will use but also saving a bunch of money. It will shave off some dollars from your expenditure and help you boost your savings. After all, that is what liquidation stores are for. You get some quality items at good rates.


    • One of the reasons people visit the Unsealed Deals Super Secret Warehouse is for the range of available items. It offers a wide selection of items across different categories. So, you can find the stuff you are looking for.
    • Besides the wide range, the company ensures that the quality of the product is not bad. It should have some utility to the customers. So, you can find some quality items here.
    • One of the definite highlights of the place is the rate of the items. These are discounted products. So, you can find a lot of things within your budget.

    Address: 5161 Merriam Dr, Shawnee, KS 66203, United States

    How Much Is An Amazon Return Pallet

    6 Pallets-Is It Worth Paying $5500? The High Cost of Buying Liquidation Customer Return Pallets

    Prices for Amazon return pallets will vary depending on the liquidation website and the size of the pallet. In general, prices can range from $100 to $5,000, depending on the quality and the value of the items. Also, others can be as high as $10,000.

    Shipping options and rates will also vary per liquidation company. You will need to pay for the shipping of the pallet, which depends on the weight, dimension, and distance from the warehouse to your address. However, others will offer you a flat rate or free shipping.

    Overall, shipping costs could be more than the combined amount you pay for the items on the pallet.

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    What Are Wholesale Pallets

    There is a slight problem with typing in and searching for Kansas City wholesale pallets. Many of the results will end up being trucking companies that have pallets of merchandise that they want to sell. They are not really selling the actual pallets, but just the goods that were damaged. Most of the prices are just for the goods, never the pallet itself. Be careful that you don’t get frustrated by searching online for where to buy wholesale pallets. You might have to think outside of the box before you type in, wholesale pallets, in your preferred search engine online because all you will find is goods.

    Tips On Buying Amazon Returns For Sale

    Purchasing the returns pallet is the easy part.

    Now youve got to think about how you can maximize your potential profits and upscale the contents as much as possible.

    The products you purchase in an Amazon pallet are typically untested.

    What this means for you is that the items will be in various conditions.

    Some will be ready for you to sell right away, while some will need repairs.

    Lets give you some tips on how you can squeeze as much profit from your Amazon Returns pallet purchase.

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    Best Ways To Buy Amazon Return Pallets

    In general, Amazon customer returns are sold on liquidation company websites.

    So first, visit the websites, and youll find a list of all the vendors selling their liquidation stock.

    Then, simply select Amazon under the Marketplaces or By Seller category.

    Lets take a look at some of the different liquidation companies.

    Looking For Wholesale Truckloads

    CSCO 4 Pallet Lot

    Continental Wholesale LLC operates from a Midwest warehouse distributing pallets of truckload merchandise to Ebay, retail and nonprofit stores. Truck loads, 1/2 truck loads and pallet-lots of store liquidations, shelf pulls, store closeouts, excess inventory, customer returns, salvage merchandise, surplus merchandise, damaged boxes,and overstocked merchandise.

    We work with the largest retailers in the world, with more than 16 retail companies to choose from.

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    Can You Make Money By Buying And Selling Amazon Return Pallets

    Well, thats a million-dollar question if ever there was one.

    But, yes, you can make money, but how much depends on the amount of effort you want to put in.

    If you are meticulous and spend time refurbishing, accessorizing, bundling, and repackaging items, you should be able to make a decent enough profit.

    However, you should research every Amazon return pallet you purchase.

    Then, look up every item on eBay and Amazon to calculate your potential profit.

    Evaluate the cost of each piece in the pallet and its potential selling price.

    Remember to include a weighing factor that accounts for broken merchandise.

    Leverage Your Social Media Presence

    Social media is great for connecting with customers in different ways. You can get feedback from them that allows you to know what you are doing right and what can be improved. You can also give them a heads up on any new inventory that you receive. Social media can also be used to keep your customers apprised of any sales, deals, or bargains you are running.

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    Kansas City Closeouts Liquidation And Overstock Specialists

    Shipping our loads to Kansas City daily!

    We have been in the Kansas City overtock items and closeouts business for many years, supplying to Kansas City Wholesalers, Kansas City Exporters, Retailers, Auctioneers, Ebay, Brokers, Kansas City Flea Market Vendors and Closeout Distributors. We carry all types of merchandise from Major Department Stores and manufacturers in the USA, from apparel closeouts and liquidation domestics to surplus electronics and overstock toys. We sell by the pallet, by the lot, or by the truckload.

    Includes warehouse shipping points in or near Kansas City, as well as the names of the department stores we deal with.

    Below are some of our current Kansas City closeout specials:

    Brand Name Wholesale Children’s Clothing : All new 1st Quality overrun’s from Factory of Dept Store Code #7, Dept Store Code #2 and other department stores

    Dept Store Code #19 Electronics: Brand names electronics. May contains a combination of TV’s, DVD Players, Stereos, Boom boxes, PDA’s CD Players, Home Theater, Digital Cameras, Scanners, Printers, TV/VCR Combo, Video Games, Sega, Games, Shelf Systems, Amplifiers, Copiers, Camcorders and more. Your cost is as low as $3500 per lot each lot contains 3 pallets. F.O.B. Florida. ON SALE NOW!

    Dept Store Code #19 AC’S/Hardgoods: A mixture of Ac’s, Hardgoods. Compressors, Freezers, Tools and more. Your cost is as low as $550 per pallet. Minimum order is 3 pallets. F.O.B. Florida or Texas. ON SALE NOW

    Why Buy Amazon Customer Return Pallets

    Texas Resellers Picking up Liquidation Pallets. Let’s take a Peek?

    There are some excellent reasons you might want to consider the Amazon Return Pallets experience.

    First, you dont need to make a considerable investment. A few hundred dollars will do to get started.

    You could even begin with a line of credit instead.

    The reselling avenues are numerous, for example, flea markets, resale platforms such as Thredup, Poshmark, OfferUp, eBay, and many more.

    If you already own or are starting a business, purchasing return pallets is an excellent way to build up your inventory.

    The pallets are sold in bulk and typically contain various products, from clothing and electronics to beauty products.

    If you want to, you can specialize in a specific category.

    Alternatively, if you sell in multiple categories, it will be an opportunity to see what your customers prefer.

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    Buying Returns Pallets From Liquidation With B

    Amazon decided to partner with B-Stock to sell its return products in the UK.

    B-Stock runs liquidation auctions in several countries but only sells Amazon products to the US and Europe.

    The condition of the items on each pallet varies.

    In some cases, they can vary from brand new to salvage.

    Criteria vary for each marketplace, so you have to apply to each marketplace individually.

    Shipping options and rates also vary, depending on the seller.

    Some calculate shipping costs per pallet, while others offer free or flat-rate shipping.

    How Customer Returns Affect Amazon Sellers

    Amazons returns come at no cost most of the time to the customers and are also prone to abuse and return fraud. The only exception is if the reason for return isn’t a result of an error, the cost of return shipping will be deducted from the refund. But in the other cases, how exactly this policy affects sellers?

    The expenses that come out of your account every time customers return orders can end up having a high return rate which is terrible for account health and could even lead to account suspension.

    Also, add the monetary loss generated by the return of a product. Read more on .

    Every product returned to Amazon is inspected and if it meets Amazon’s high standards to be resold as new, its re-listed for sale.

    Although for many small businesses, the cost of reopening, repackaging, and restocking those items is huge. A great alternative to having the inventory removed or returned to the seller is Amazon return pallets.

    Thus, Amazon return pallets are pallets of goods that have been returned to Amazon. These pallets are sold unseen at discounted prices to sellers who want to take the risk.

    You can make a lot of money by refurbishing and reselling used items online.

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    Always In Stock Deals

    200 pieces clothes New With Tags. Lets us pick for you or come in and pick your own selection.


    100 pieces New Cell Phones Cases. 1 billion cell phone cases are sold a year. Get you some to sell yourself.


    Target furniture pallet. For those that like to put stuff together. 99% of the furniture is new and these pallets retail for thousands.


    500 to 700 items per pallet.


    Average retail $4000.00

    Assorted new and returns electronic pallet. Will contain 50 to 100 corded items. Will be mix of new and returned items.

    average retail $2500.00


    If your are interested in one of these deals, reach out using the form below or give us a call at 405-413-0117 and we will get you taken care of.

    Brown Button Estate Sales

    HD Tool, Hardware, and Outdoor Pallet

    These are services for luxury estate sales and expensive product auctions. It has often come to notice that it is hard to find buyers for expensive products. Brown Button Estate Sales has made this process easy by tapping buyers through their vast consumer networks.

    They sell all the necessary estate assets very quickly and bring you amazing deals. Their team is very professional and is an industry expert in carrying out estate liquidation. They have won several awards for their amazing performance. They carry out weekly online auctions.

    You can keep a track of it on their website and get some amazing deals on luxurious products. They offer a free consultation to their clients and give them the best advice. So, if you wish to buy luxurious goods at a good enough price, then the Brown Button Estate auction is the right place to visit.

    Address: 901 Woodswether Rd, Kansas City, MO 64105

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    Difficulties In Finding Wholesale Pallets In Kansas City

    Sometimes you can find Kansas City wholesale pallets off of online auction websites. Many companies gladly try to sell or get rid of pallets and one way to find them is by looking for online auctions. Depending on how the biding goes, the pallets you win might be cheaper than purchasing new pallets from a manufacture or retailer. Again be sure that they are selling the actual pallets and not the goods that were on the pallet. And also check online for bulk wholesale pallets because you may find it is cheaper than the auctioned pallets. Something else to consider is online listings.

    When small companies fold, they have many leftover equipment. To try and make ends meet, the owner will sell everything at discounted prices just to pay off the creditors. It cannot hurt to look online at local listings for Kansas City wholesale pallets. The best part about online listings is that the prices are always negotiable. So even if you find what you are looking for, but the listed price is too much, you can always call the seller and make a deal. Or you can meet up with the seller and barter in person. One important thing to consider with online listings, is to factor in the amount of gas that is wasted just to get your wholesale pallets. It may make them just as expensive as buying from a pallet retailer.


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