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Does Bankruptcy Clear All Debt Canada

How Long Will Bankruptcy Affect My Credit File

How long does bankruptcy last in Canada?

Your bankruptcy will appear on your credit report for six years, or until you’re discharged if this takes longer. Lenders look at your credit profile when you apply for credit, so you’ll probably struggle to borrow money while bankrupt. Whatâs more, you must tell lenders about your bankruptcy when applying to borrow over £500. Employers and landlords may ask to look at your credit information before employing you or letting you rent property.

If you do find someone who’ll lend money to you, they may charge you a higher interest rate as they’ll see you as a high-risk customer. Even after your bankruptcy has been cleared from your profile, lenders can ask if youâve ever been bankrupt .

You can see what’s on your credit profile by getting your Experian Credit Report.

Immediate Relief In The Form Of A Much Needed Breathing Spell

The moment your case is filed with the bankruptcy court, youâre protected from creditors. Filing bankruptcy triggers an automatic stay – or stop – on all collection actions. This means all phone calls, garnishments, and collection letters have to stop. It even put at least a temporary stop to repossessions, evictions, and foreclosures.

Are You Considering Bankruptcy

Depending on your financial situation, filing for bankruptcy may make sense for you. However, for many people, bankruptcy is not the only option. By meeting with a Licensed Insolvency Trustee, you can understand all of the options that are available to you and make an informed choice for your unique situation. Contact Farber today to book a free debt relief consultation. This can help you become debt free and give you a chance to rebuild your financial life.

Before you can start a Bankruptcy, we have to investigate at all the available options for debt relief. In order to do this, please schedule a free consultation. The initial consultation is free of charge. During this consultation, you will sit down with one of our debt professionals. He or she will review your financial situation with you, and provide you with information on all debt relief options available to you.

4.8 TrustScore

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Debts You’ll Still Have To Pay

These include:

  • magistrates court fines
  • any payments a court has ordered you to make under a confiscation order, for example, for drug trafficking
  • maintenance payments and child support payments, including any lump sum orders and costs that have arisen from family proceedings, although you may be able to ask the court to order that you don’t have to pay this debt
  • student loans from the Student Loans Company
  • debts you owe because of the personal injury or death of another person, although you might be able to ask the court to order that you don’t have to pay this debt
  • social fund loans

What If I Cannot Reach An Agreement With Cra

Does Bankruptcy Erase Tax Debt?

A consumer proposal gives you a chance to repay a portion of your debts over a period of time, and if accepted, the CRA will not be able to prevent your tax debt being included in the proposal.

A bankruptcy can also wipe out tax debts and give you a fresh financial start.

If you owe tax debt and are unable to negotiate with the CRA we can help you deal with your CRA tax debt.

When you declare bankruptcy you can include your tax obligations as debt in the bankruptcy.

Income tax debt & CRA debt can be wiped out when going bankrupt as it is an unsecured debt.

Penalties and interest charges can also be discharged by going bankrupt.

If you decide to declare bankruptcy, your trustee will help you with your tax returns.

If you file a consumer proposal you can also clear tax liens owed to the government.

Need Help Reviewing Your Financial Situation? Contact a Licensed Trustee for a Free Debt Relief Evaluation

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What Happens To Student Loan Debt

Student loans are technically unsecured loans, but because they are loans guaranteed by the government, they arent treated the same way as any other personal loan.

You can discharge student loan debt through bankruptcy, but only if you left school at least seven years ago.

In other words, you cant declare bankruptcy immediately after graduation. The law requires you to make every reasonable effort to pay down your loans before you can ask for them to be discharged.

Your Creditors May Hold A Meeting

Sometimes, a meeting of creditors is required or requested. The purpose of this meeting is to

  • allow creditors to obtain information about the bankruptcy
  • confirm the appointment of the LIT
  • appoint up to five inspectors to supervise the administration of your estate and
  • allow creditors to give direction to the LIT.

If a meeting is called, you will be required to attend.

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Can I Keep My House And My Car Under Canadian Bankruptcy Rules

Bankruptcy should not impact your secured debts, such as a vehicle lease or a mortgage, as long as you continue to make payments and there is no equity in your secured assets.

In most provinces, you do not lose your house or car when you declare bankruptcy. You can work out arrangements with your trustee and creditors to keep the asset and continue paying the mortgage or loan. Learn more about what assets you can keep in bankruptcy.

Requirements For Personal Bankruptcy

What do I have to do in a Bankruptcy in Canada?

To go bankrupt, a person must be insolvent. This means that the person is in this situation:

  • has $1,000 or more of debts
  • lives or owns property in Canada
  • not already bankrupt
  • is in one of these situations:
  • be unable, for one reason or another, to pay his debts as they become dueOR
  • have stopped paying debts or monthly bills OR
  • value of all his property is less than the value of all his debts

If youre in this situation, you can make an appointment to see a trustee in bankruptcy to find out whether bankruptcy is the right solution for you.

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Erasing Tax Debt With A Bankruptcy

Is bankruptcy the right option to deal with your back tax debt? Maybe the right solution for you depends on your situation.

If your only debts are taxes then we will need to discuss how those debts came about. The Canada Revenue Agency has specific policies to deal with different scenarios. For example, if you filed your tax returns on time every year, but have been unable to pay the debt, CRA treats you better than someone who has never filed any tax returns. Your bankruptcy trustee will want to discuss how your tax debts were created and the trustee will select the most appropriate options for you to consider.

Consumer Proposals Vs Bankruptcy And Cra Debt

A consumer proposal is a popular alternative to bankruptcy because it provides debt relief from unsecured creditors, including debt forgiveness from CRA. When you file a consumer proposal with a licensed insolvency trustee you are not required to sell any of your assets to repay your debts or pay any surplus income.

To start the consumer proposal process, you will first need to schedule a consultation with a licensed insolvency trustee where you will review your finances. After reviewing your income, expenses, and total debts, the two of you will find a fair amount that you can pay each month to all of your creditors. These payments can last up to five years after which, you will be discharged from all debts covered by the proposal, including CRA debts.

Tax debt in Canada can be included in a consumer proposal and the CRA will often accept less than your full amount owing, though how much they will settle for will depend on the situation. In order to get the CRA to accept your proposal, you will have to file any and all outstanding tax returns. If you want CRA debt relief and 50% or more of your total unsecured debts are owed to the agency, you will have to get them to accept the proposal.

If a consumer proposal is not a viable option for you, then filing for bankruptcy may be your next solution. With this, your trustee would be required to file a pre-bankruptcy tax return and a post-bankruptcy tax return.

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Bankruptcy And Tax Debt

Its more common than you think: simple income tax debt can drive Canadian consumers and small business owners into insolvency. Tax bills can be large and unexpected, and the Canada Revenue Agency can be ruthless. To top it off, CRA has powers of collection that are unavailable to other creditors.

When you are sure just how much income tax you really owe to CRA, and have considered less serious solutions , your final possibility is to resolve your income tax debts with bankruptcy.

About Licensed Insolvency Trustees

Does Bankruptcy Clear Medical Bills?
  • Discussing your options with a Licensed Insolvency Trustee
  • The bankrupt has attended two financial counselling sessions
  • The bankrupt is not required to pay a portion of his/her income into the bankruptcy estate as per the standards established by the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy
  • The discharge is not opposed by a creditor, the Licensed Insolvency Trustee or the OSB.
  • If the bankrupt is required to pay a portion of his/her income into the bankruptcy estate, and this is a first bankruptcy, the bankrupt will be eligible for an automatic discharge after contributing to the estate for 21 months.

    In the case of a second bankruptcy, if the bankrupt is not required to pay a portion of his/her income into the bankruptcy estate as per the standards established by the OSB, has attended two financial counselling sessions and if no one is opposing the discharge, the bankrupt will be eligible for automatic discharge 24 months after the date of the bankruptcy. Second-time bankrupts who are required to pay a portion of their income into the bankruptcy estate will be eligible for automatic discharge after contributing to the estate for 36 months.

    Different rules apply to bankruptcies filed before September 18, 2009. Please contact the OSB at 1-877-376-9902 for more information.

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    Rebuilding Your Credit And Finances After Bankruptcy

    When the process of bankruptcy is over, your LIT will give you a Notice of Discharge. This notice means you no longer have those debts. You are debt-free at this point, minus any other obligations that were not part of the bankruptcy. That may include secured debts on assets that qualified for exemption, taxes, child support, alimony, and student loans less than seven years old.

    Now comes the process of rebuilding your credit and restoring your finances. Youve hopefully learned money management skills and know how to keep your budget. Easy ways to start new credit include secured credit cards and other new credit programs. A secured credit card is when you have an account with a credit card company that is secured by a cash deposit. Your credit limit is equal to the amount you deposit. Always follow and keep your budget. Understand what expenses you have and plan for your wants and needs.

    What Happens To My Debt If I Declare Bankruptcy In Canada

    Bankruptcy will eliminate most of your debts, such as unsecured debts including credit card bills, medical bills, and payday loans. You may still be required to pay your secured debts, such as your mortgage or motor vehicle loan.

    Some debts cannot be eliminated by your bankruptcy. Those include:

    • Court-imposed fines
    • Debt incurred by misrepresentation
    • Alimony or maintenance payments
    • Debt for damages imposed by Civil Court for intentional bodily harm, sexual assault, or wrongful death
    • Student loans, if bankruptcy occurs within 7 years of ceasing full- or part-time studies

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    Talk To A Bankruptcy Lawyer

    Need professional help? Start here.

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    How Can I Get A Copy Of My Credit Record

    3 Canadian Debt Relief Options Explained | HMA

    There are two ways to get your credit report : either through the mail or via the internet. If you want to obtain your credit report for free, you must use the mail. It is also important to do what you can to make sure your credit report shows a history of reliable credit repayments, and as few unfavorable repayment incidents as possible.

    For more detailed information related to credit reporting, visit Equifax Canada or Trans Union website. Talk to a licensed trustee today. We have trustees everywhere from Calgary to Montreal and more. Get a free consultation today!

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    Signs Of A Debt Problem:

    • Overwhelming stress about money and general finances
    • Only making minimum payments
    • Accumulating more debt
    • Using assets to pay down debts
    • Receiving collection calls/text messages or harassing letters
    • Using credit to make debt payments
    • Borrowing from friends or family members to make a debt payment
    • Applying for, receiving or being denied a bank debt consolidation loan
    • Missing payments altogether
    • Uncertainty about how much you owe and to who
    • Experiencing legal action, wage, bank account or other asset seizures

    Find out whether a personal bankruptcy is your best option to leave debt behind for good. Book your free confidential debt consultation today.

    If You Owe Money To People Or Companies In The Eu

    Bankruptcy might not be right for you if you owe money to people or businesses in the EU. These debts might not be covered by bankruptcy.

    Your creditors could keep asking you for money, for example by calling you and sending you letters.

    If you live in the EU, they could take you to court in the EU.

    EU creditors still have to sue here in the UK rather than abroad in the EU, even if they have an existing judgment. The UK will recognise EU judgements entered or started before 31 December 2020.

    If you live in the UK but have a home in the EU with a mortgage from an EU lender, the lender could take you to court in the EU.

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    Does The Discharge Clear All Debts

    When you receive your bankruptcy discharge all your eligible unsecured debts, such as credit cards, payday loan debt and income tax arrears are erased.

    Secured debts cannot be eliminated in bankruptcy unless the security is given up.

    1) child support payments, 2) alimony payments, 3) court ordered damages and awards, 4) debts obtained by fraud and 5) student loan debt if you have ceased being a part time or full time student less than 7 years ago.

    Secured creditors are not impacted by your bankruptcy, as secured debts cannot be discharged through going bankrupt.

    How Do They Determine Surplus Income Payments

    Does bankruptcy clear all debt?

    This standard is based upon the Low-Income Cutoffs based on urban areas with 500,000 people or more. If you make anything above the amount specified for a family of your size, then you must pay additional amounts during bankruptcy.

    The current standard establishes the minimum monthly amount needed for a family unit or single person. That is subtracted from the amount earned by your household to determine your household surplus. Once they determine the surplus, the original salary is divided by the additional salary. Then the percentage goes to the surplus to give the family situation adjustment. Finally, the adjusted surplus is multiplied by 50%, which is the amount that you must pay for your surplus income.They can adjust the payoff if the individual has a pay increase, pay decrease, is in sales, gets a lump sum, or other financial changes. Changes can also make the payoff period extend.

    Below is a chart showing the income standards and how much surplus income you can expect to pay based on the size of your household and monthly income. You can download a PDF in English and French that defines surplus income, as well as a more detailed look at the methods used to determine payoff amounts. Your Licensed Insolvency Trustee can also explain this in more detail.

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    Can Bankruptcy Stop The Cra Collection Process

    Home » Blog » Can Bankruptcy Stop The CRA Collection Process?

    Reading time: 8 minutes


    Being in debt to the Canada Revenue Agency can be unnerving. The CRA has strong collection powers under the Income Tax Act and the Excise Tax Act so its important to know what you can do if you owe money to the CRA and you have received any form of notification as part of the Canada Revenue collections process.

    In this article we look at how CRA can attempt to collect on unpaid tax and other government obligations, what specific debt collection and seizure powers the Canada Revenue Agency possesses and what your remedies are in dealing with CRA collections as well as some tax debt relief options.

  • Stop CRA collections
  • Rebuilding Your Credit Score

    You can start to rebuild your credit rating after a bankruptcy so that you will be looked upon favourably by lenders again.

    To start rebuilding your credit, you need to be able to show that you can borrow responsibly and that you can make payments on time.

    You can look for lenders that specialize in lending to people after bankruptcy to make it easier to borrow and show that you can make payments on time.

    Using a secured credit card for small monthly purchases is one method that can help to improve your score.

    Bankruptcy Canada can help you with issues concerning bankruptcy and debt relief.

    If you are interested in our services, you can contact us online or over the phone to find out more about how we can help you.

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