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Is Liquidation Com Legit

What Does Liquidationcom Have Such Bad Reviews

Is a Scam? Don’t Watch the Video. The Answer is Yes. (Re-up w/fixed audio)

When I first contemplated buying large lots, I read all of the reviews I could find. In general, the angry and critical reviews could be summed up with one sentence:

People were shocked and angry at the quality of the products they received.

The problem here is two-fold. Yes, sometimes when you buy liquidation lots you will get screwed. That is part of the game. This is the reason why you should never spend money that you cant afford to lose on returns or liquidation. Yes, it does suck to spend a ton of time breaking down a pallet and selling it to simply recoup your investment. But sometimes you win big as well.

Now the other part of the issue is the part I think is the real issue: people think theyve discovered a gold mine and bid big on an auction. They assume the best about the product and are severely let down to find out they overpaid.

If you think youre going to get a lot of perfectly working electronics and sell them for 80% of the claimed MSRP youre going to be a very sad reseller. Remember, things are being liquidated for a reason. If there was abundant easy money in it, it wouldnt be liquidated or margins would be even thinner. Expect the absolute worst in a lot and youll usually be mildly happy with it.

I Too Paid For A Large Pallet That I

I too paid for a large pallet that I never received for the low low price of $59.95. They have the nerve to reply and tell me that it was delivered and send me different tracking numbers and tell me to check with my local post office. When I responded with my local post office has no record of “your package” going through there. But I’m also thinking “package”? What? Really? When I read “pallet” online I think an actual pallet not a “package”. Long story short, I got sucker out of some money and they’ll never do anything to fix it cause this is what they do for a living. Worthless people is what they are to me.

Date of experience:August 23, 2021

My Wife And I Really Want To Stay In

My Wife and I Really want to stay in Business with You and Your BulQ Team and Assoc’s. Please Stay in Close Contact with me.If you have and suggestions or Ideas, that will help my business for grow, and also inform me about those great deals (New Cases- Inspected Cases, or Hott or Super Hott Items. We are really hoping to grow with you all at BuLQ.Please let me know as soon as you are able to do so.Kind Regards from:

Date of experience:July 01, 2021

Reply from

Hi Tracy and Judith! We are happy to help! A Customer Care Specialist will reach out to you shortly to assist you!

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Good Customer Service/ Damaged Goods

I ordered my first pallet ever from Direct Liquidation, it really seemed like a great deal. It was a Walmart returns pallet. Once I received the pallet over half of the merchandise on the pallet was damaged, as in cracked and broken. The box containing the high ticket item was empty. I cant blame it 100% on Direct Liquidation because it could have been the shipper that damaged the product and Walmart accepting the returns. As far as customer service goes they are great.

Date of experience:July 27, 2020

Days After Order And No Ship Info Or

Panneau " Liquidation totale jusqu

6 days after order and no ship info or contact?I ordered a 65″OLED on 09/20/2022 and as of early 02/26/2022 I have not received shipping confirmation or any response from GL. My 4 emails to Victor and multiple calls to Manny have gone unanswered. The posted GL reviews convinced me to try them for their discounted pricing but it appears the reviews may be misleading. A week without TV, especially in football season, is downright torturous. SHIP MY TV GL!

Date of experience:September 26, 2022

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My Experiences On Liquidationcom

In the past two years, Ive spent over $5,000 on and purchased around 30 lots of every type imaginable. It should be fairly obvious that they are not our only source of inventory. We use other bulk sources and still thrift regularly.

During that time, I have had 3 orders that were absolute trash. They were all items that were sold as customer returns but everything inside was smashed or otherwise unusable. I ended up selling the best items for parts and sending the rest to the dump as it wasnt even worth donating. I didnt quite make my money back. Apart from those orders, however, I have profited on every lot Ive bought.

For the first 10 lots, I bought I kept absolutely meticulous records. Most eBay sellers have absolutely no idea how much money they actually make and I firmly believe most make way less than they think. Heres an idea of what the first lot I bought looked like:

Most people claim that the best you can do is double your money on liquidation and its close to the truth. While we have had some boxes that were gold mines, we havent made 10x our money like you can at a thrift store. Our average return has been somewhere before 2-3x.

Even in the best lots, you can expect to find a significant amount of things that are broken, missing parts, or not worth selling for other reasons. On average, we end up donating or throwing away between 10-30% of each lot. The rest is typically sellable in some form or another.

Flameblue International Limited Pallet

I was stupid and tried just a small package and then ordered 2 larger the next day. I waited received information about one and didn’t get anything on the other order. Come to find out they said the packages had been combined together and shipped, but I was charged 2 shipping fees. All I received was a wireless mouse, a bracelet, and Pro 4 wireless earbuds. I filed a complaint today with PayPal about the company’s practices. Don’t waste your time, money, or even your thoughts about making a purchase. If it sounds too good to be true it usually is .

Date of experience:September 28, 2021

BUYER BEWARE- DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!BUYER BEWARE- DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!I purchased 1 large size PALLET… Being around shipping for a LONG time, I figured I’d give it a try.Well, I received a single envelope package with a cheap denim wallet, a small stuffed toy octopus and a laptop case that I could have purchased all pieces for about $15 NOT the $75 I was scammed out of.If I could rate with NEGATIVE stars, I would! If theres someone to contact please let me know.And Ive tried numerous times to contact them but NO RESPONSE.

Date of experience:September 02, 2021

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After Receiving My Box There Were Items

After receiving my Box there were items not in there there were on the manifest. When The manifests said your getting 68 items you should get 68! How do you take a picture of a Box make a manifest and then take things out of the Box!? Some of the prices for the boxes are to high or higher than the actual cost of the items. UPDATE: They never reached out to me!

Date of experience:October 21, 2020

Reply from

Hi! Thank you for your feedback. A Customer Care Specialist will reach out to you to address your concerns.

Do Not Buy From Bulqcom Review Watch Before You Purchase! (UNBOXING)

I purchased a pallet at a cost of $964 plus over $200 in shipping. Items were to be new and retail value of $7,660. I didn’t receive the large items with a retail value of $5,400 and several other smaller items were missing. I was told the value of the missing items was only $186 based on their “proprietary calculator”. I would NEVER have spent over $1000 for a pallet with the main items missing.

Date of experience:August 31, 2020

Reply from

Hi! Thank you for your feedback and we apologize for the issues with your lot! A Customer Care Specialist will reach out to you to address your concerns.

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Great Condition Just All For Future Seasons

All items were great quality and all had tags. My disappointment is that while I expected a few items to be future seasons, most were pajamas for a very cold winter and all were long sleeved. I just need to hold onto the entire case for several months. I had hoped to be able to sell a few items now.

Date of experience:June 28, 2021

Reply from

Hi! Thank you for this feedback! We do recommend taking a look at the manifest for each lot so you can see what is included! You can also always reach out to our Customer Care team if you have any questions!

I Have Purchased 3 Boxes Total So Far

I have purchased 3 boxes total so far and love being able to view manifest, pictures, etc. however my one disappointment has been twice now the manifest listed an item and price but when I received boxes that was not the items in box and much less value items. I have found a lot of MSRP on manifest is wrong as well and stuff isnt retailing for what manifest says.

Date of experience:September 29, 2020

Reply from

Hi! Thank you for your feedback! A Customer Care Specialist will reach out to you to address your concerns!

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They Play Dirty Put 1 Random Expensive Item That Doesnt Match The Rest Like A Purse In With Laptops

they put 1 random item in the manifest that is worth a ton but is actually worth nothing.For example they will have a pile of broken laptops and it will have a retail value of $7,000and if you look at the manifest, there are a bunch of broken laptops at a normal retail and then there will be a ladies purse thrown in for $3000!!!and they are asking $5000 for the items. ive seen this over and over and over. they do it with all their lots. huge scam.

Date of experience:April 12, 2022

Reply from

Hi! Thank you for your feedback. I apologize that your experience with BULQ wasn’t the best! The original retail value listed on the manifest is just an estimated price when the product was first released to market. We do not guarantee that the items will be able to be sold for the original retail value listed, especially in the uninspected returns condition since the condition of the items is unknown. If you decide to give BULQ another chance, I would recommend taking a look at our new condition lots!

Why Buy From Liquidationcom

Decal Stickers Liquidation Sale Yellow Background Black Red Store Sign ...

The main reason to buy from is simply to get your feet wet in the bulk-buying industry. Its not the most profitable platform. However, until you have the experience to feel confident spending tens of thousands of dollars on truckloads of product, its probably your best bet.

The other reason to buy from them is that, despite their reputation, they are a large and legitimate company that provides some level of professionalism and protection for buyers. Can you get scammed? Yes, but its less likely than on sketchier platforms and far less likely if you are aware of what youre doing.

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What Else You Need To Know

Our algorithm used factors that analyzed in particular the company’s website, in this case When we look into websites, we search for professional details that reveal key information about a business – how they sell, poor customer service, etc. For example, if we analyze a brewery page, we don’t rate the beer taste, but rather their website and how they sell the beer.

This is not a vanity tool, so if you are the owner of and not happy with the 58.2 ranking, remember that your website is your online business card. It REALLY needs some improvements. It could be anything from your online management system, to HTTPS connection. Or your public reviews, which are critical.

Amazon Pallets For Sale: The Liquidation Scam

There is a whole craziness online these days about a new, trending opportunity: Amazon pallets for sale. More specifically, Amazon liquidation pallets, which means return products that consumers send back as faulty. These items are placed on crates and sold as wholesale deals some sort of mystery boxes that you can check before buying them.

However, this promising concept created a monster and generated the biggest scam of the year when it comes to online retail. There are tons of out there, but this one takes the cake. Lets take an in-depth look at the fraud and how to avoid it.

Below is an image/screenshot that you might see on many websites:

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Thank You Jd For Your Assistance Today

Thank you JD for your assistance today. My overall experience with direct Liquidation has been no other than top know. I’ve purchased 7 lots from them so far and look for to doing more business long term. Oh and maybe you guys can open up a net 10 of finance account of some sort for customers that has shown a good report with you guys. Thanks again for your help JD.

Date of experience:July 25, 2020

Not Even Worth 1 Point

We Scored Huge With These 2 Amazon Pallets from | Extreme Unboxing

I ordered multiple pallets and I can tell you guys that every time they ship your pallet. Your item will be missing or wrong item will come.I bought a VIZIO speaker $500 and they switched to $50 kidd 7 golf set. Another pallet they were missing two items price around $800 I think they are intentionally keeping good product and sell it directly to customer. Then switch that product with $#*!ty one or missing. I contacted them but they are saying “SOLD AS IS” What kind of $#*! is that? DONT TRY TO BUY FROM THIS WEBSITE NEVER NEVER DONT TRY TO RESELL BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT GONNA MAKE BREAKEVEN POINT BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT GONNA SHIP AS DESCRIBED. Please don’t use this platform. I am gonna post this review everyday till their business is down

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I Like Order New Items From Bulq

I like ordering new items from BULQ because I can see exactly what Im ordering. As a reseller you need to know exactly what your buying so it can be profitable for your business. I wish resellers could customize their cases and pallets to fit their reseller style. I love the auctions and the different pallets and cases for small and bigger sellers

Date of experience:October 26, 2021

Reply from

Hi Regina! Thank you for taking the time to leave a review! Your feedback is very important to us. Keep up the hustle!

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1.7K Likes, 195 Comments. TikTok video from Locsylady : “This is Unbelievable @amazon #scam #amazonboxes #dn3liquidations #beware #resellers #fyp #foryoupage #dn3binstore #reviews”. I GOT SCAMMED . Oh No.


TikTok video from Vegas Liquidation : “Reply to @garyrauss geez GARY #amazon #returns #liquidation”. The Return Liquidation Industry is a real thing but the scammers have given us bad street cred. original sound.



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I Had A Great Experience Buying My New Tv

I had a great experience buying my new Samsung QN85QN90A TV from Gameliquidations. Their pricing was very competitive and the whole checkout process was very smooth. I also paid for the white glove delivery service where a trucking company brings the item inside your house, unpack and switch on the TV to make sure the item is not damaged. I was happy I bought the white glove service because the TV is very heavy and it would have been very hard if I had tried to do all of that myself.I would recommend Gameliquidations for your next big electronic purchase.

Date of experience:August 19, 2021

Systemliquidationcom: Scam Or Not


You can rest assured, is not a fraudulent website. However, it’s your obligation to read the potential signs every time you are about to engage in an online business. Last but not least, remember that even the best businesses in the world have occasional complaints and unhappy consumers.

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An Online Company Called Palletis A Scam

An online company called Pallet Liquidators claim that they provide Amazon Pallets for 9.99 to 59.99, the 59.99 being a huge pallet. The online shows pallets around 6 foot tall and customers removing item after item. I purchased the “huge” pallet and received a cheap rubber backpack and cheap rubber ear buds. Neither have a brand name. On the website near the bottom it says verified authentic products with 5 stars, but looking at it now, there is no company name!I should have known better, but now I want others to know.

Date of experience:July 05, 2021

My Experience Was Great

I ordered the Samsung 130″ The Premiere LSP9T 4K Smart Triple Laser Projector from them on June 4th, and it was delivered to me on June 12th. I really had no issues honestly, the deal they had was $1500 cheaper than Best Buy or other sites. The only annoyance I feel I need to mention is that they will call you a few days before they ship it and tell you it will take a month to be delivered if you stay with the standard shipping. But, if you go with Fedex it will only take 5 days. The thing is it costs $150 for Fedex shipping and insurance which I wasn’t too happy about, but I went with it anyway since it was already a good deal. It came in brand new as promised and I’ve had no issues with it so far. I really was surprised this unknown company was legit.

Date of experience:July 04, 2022

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