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Will National Bureau Of Collections Try Suing Or Garnishing My Wages

First National Collection Bureau – How To Pay Off FNCB Collection

It’s very unlikely that National Bureau Of Collections decides to sue. In rare cases it may happen, but it is not the norm. State and federal laws have limits or ‘exemptions’ that apply to bank and wage garnishments. We strongly recommend giving us a call to determine the likelihood of a lawsuit, but also steps you can take to get this collection removed.

Should I Pay For Delete With National Bureau Of Collections

Paying off National Bureau Of Collections to have credit bureaus delete it from your report seems ideal. There’s one problem. Paying a debt in collections changes your credit report status from ‘unpaid’ to ‘paid’. The result? Your collections still appears on your report for 7 years . This means your credit is still affected.

But – there is one solution.

You can get your collection completely removed. Call to find out how.

What Are My Rights When Dealing With National Bureau Of Collections

You have the right to dispute any debt of yours that National Bureau Of Collections is trying to collect. National Bureau Of Collections is governed by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the Fair Credit Reporting Act . While these acts seem very complicated, they provide a great deal of power to you if you know how to use it.

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Your Rights Under The Fdcpa

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act makes it illegal to threaten or deceive consumers into paying a debt. If you are being pursued by a collection agency that uses tactics like the following, you can sue.

Using profane and obscene languageCalling you with an autodialerPretending to be attorneys, police officers, or federal agentsContacting you at your workplaceThreatening action they are not in a position to legally takeThreatening to ruin your credit

Who Does National Bureau Of Collections Collect For

UFOs: The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Collection

National Bureau Of Collections is a debt collector reporting a collection account on your credit report.

In some cases this means they purchased the debt from the original creditor . Usually this means they paid pennies on the dollar, sometimes 1/10th of the original cost, to buy this debt. In other cases they may not own the debt themselves, instead being paid to collect on behalf of another company.

They may attempt to communicate with you via mail or phone calls . Even worse, a collections account now appears on your credit report. This hurts your score to get approved for a loan or other important financial event.

Getting this account removed may be possible.

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Our Mission Statement Illuminates Our Business Philosophy:

It is the policy of Collection Bureau Services to provide our clients with collection services that are the pinnacle of those offered in Montana, to continually strive to upgrade and improve procedures to the betterment of our clients, and to do so in a legal and ethical manner that preserves the dignity and self-respect of Montana consumers.

In short, if we provide the best possible service to you, it will ensure a relationship that is profitable to both parties. CBS is a Montana corporation, licensed to do business by the Secretary of State on May 3, 1976, and annually thereafter. We are determined to remain in Montana and are at the forefront of the collection industry here, both in terms of technology and customer service.

For past due accounts, NSF or account closed check collections, current or delinquent accounts, state, county and municipal government collections, including litigation and legal services, CBS has long been and continues to be the collection agency of choice!

How A Credit Bureau Reporting Collection Agency Can Help Businesses Collect Debt In Canada

For collection agencies that report debtor accounts to the Credit Bureaus of Canada, collections can be considerably easier. Once an individuals or a businesss credit report indicates that a collection agency has been assigned to collect on it, there is a substantial negative impact on its credit score.

In many cases, a debtor will want to avoid this impact by paying the debt before the report is initiated, as failure to do so can make it impossible to obtain a mortgage, line of credit, auto loan or other financing.

Once the debt is reported to a credit bureau, the barrier to obtaining credit will persist until the collection agency reports the debt to the credit bureau as paid. Still, even after the paid-up collection is reported to the credit bureau, in Canada it generally takes six years before the individual or businesss credit score impact is fully restored. That being said, a paid debt looks much better to any lender than an unpaid one, and it is important to any debtor that the account is paid promptly so the restoration period can begin. Check out this article about .

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How Do I Remove National Bureau Of Collections From My Credit Report

Removing National Bureau Of Collections from your credit report may be possible if any information on the account is incorrect, error’d, or fraudulent, and is not fixed in an appropriate amount of time. According to a study by the U.S. PIRGs, 79% of credit reports contain mistakes or serious errors. We specialize in going after these types of accounts for our clients.

Hire A Consumer Lawyer

National Use of Force Data Collection

The phone numbers for National Bureau Collection Corp are:


If you see them on your caller ID, you are being called by National Bureau Collection Corp. If they send letters that try to instill a false sense of urgency and make you pay, hire a consumer lawyer and file a claim against National Bureau Collection Corp. You could potentially win $1,000 per FDCPA violation. Such lawsuits remind debt collectors that no matter how much you owe, your rights must be respected.

*Case taken from PACER . File number is Case 1:13-cv-05467-RBK-KMW from the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey.

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The Credit Bureaus Of Canada

In Canada, there isnt one authoritative report or credit rating that can accurately be called ones Credit Bureau of Canada report. Incidentally, a credit bureau by the Wikipedia definition is a collection agency.

Most often when someone speaks of their personal credit bureau rating they are referring to the credit scores and credit reports generated by a credit reporting organization. These are known as a consumer reporting agency in the United States, credit reference agency in the United Kingdom, a credit reporting body in Australia, and a credit reporting agency here in Canada.

A credit reporting agency is simply an enterprise that compiles, curates and provides credit grantors with information on peoples borrowing and bill-paying habits.

Alleged Violations Against National Bureau Collection Corp*

According to PACER, on or around March 7, 2013, National Bureau Collection Corp sent a collection letter to a New Jersey consumer. The letter stated that the debt of $61.20 was being evaluated for possible legal attention and that the consumer had one last chance to pay the debt before it is evaluated by one of our attorneys. However, the agency was not known for employing attorneys licensed in New Jersey who file lawsuits and follow post judgment remedies.

Feeling harassed by National Bureau Collection Corp, the consumer engaged a lawyer and sued the company for using false, deceptive and misleading means to collect a debt.The case was later resolved.

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Fiscal Service Awards Pca Task Orders

Fiscal Service awards task orders to PCAs for debt collection services under a General Services Administration Schedule.

Fiscal Services current task orders to enlist the services of PCA contractors became effective on January 26, 2018. These task orders were awarded to increase the recovery of and resolve delinquent non-tax federal debts. The task orders were awarded for one base year, with four one-year options available.

Fiscal Service awarded task orders to the following contractors to provide delinquent debt collection services:

The CBE Group, Inc.

Phone number:

Our Commitment To Compliance And Security

Is the National Bureau of Collections a scam?

We have a corporate commitment to compliance which meets and/or exceeds industry standards. We have an internal Compliance Department to ensure compliance with rules and regulations. Additionally, we adhere to all federal and state regulations including the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau .

PBCM develops a relationship with our clients in order to provide them with the highest quality customer service possible. We collect more money for our clients, faster than our competitors, to obtain an immediate impact on their bottom line. This is due to our strategic portfolio management practices. Our accounts receivable representatives receive industry specific training and custom portfolio assignments.

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National Bureau Of Collections Company Profile

National Bureau of Collections is a collection agency located in Midwest City, OK. They have been in business since 1971.

Address: 8855 E Reno Ave #206, Midwest City, OK 73110Years in Business: 49 as of 2020Business Started: 1/1/1971Business Started Locally: Midwest City, OKBusiness Incorporated: 12/1970Doing Business As: National Bureau of Collections

National Bureau Of Collections Inc

National Bureau of Collections Inc. is an Oklahoma collection agency. Oklahoma collection agencies can help businesses, medical practices and facilities that are creditors to collect their accounts receivable. Debt collection help might include collection demand letters, debt collector phone calls, credit reporting to credit bureaus and legal proceedings including lawsuits.

As with any business, if you are considering hiring National Bureau of Collections Inc. to collect your debts, you should contact their local Better Business Bureau and check their references.

You should be certain that National Bureau of Collections Inc. is abiding by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act , the main law that regulates collection agencies. You dont want to damage your reputation or create a liability for you business by using a disreputable debt collector.

You might also want to find out if the Oklahoma Attorney General has taken any action against them for privacy violations or not abiding by collection agency regulations. You should also know that they are in compliance with all Oklahoma collections laws including :

  • Oklahoma Collection Agency Bond & Licensing Rules
  • Oklahoma Statute Of Limitations
  • Oklahoma Interest Rates
  • Oklahoma Wage Garnishment Exemptions

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How Credit Bureau Reporting Helps A Collection Agency Collect

How can a collection agency impact my credit bureau rating?

Thats a question were commonly asked.

First, let me clarify: there is not a singular government-operated credit bureau in Canada but three independent, privately owned organizations. Collections through a credit reporting collection agency can affect a debtors credit rating, which is in fact one of the most important benefits of using a credit reporting collection agency.

Raise A Question Or Concern

Law Enforcement Suicide Data Collection Introductory Video

If you are an account holder and have a question or concern regarding an account placed with our agency, please contact us

THE CITY OF NEW YORK REQUIRES THAT WE FURNISH RESIDENTS OF NEW YORK CITY WITH THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION: New York City Department of Consumer Affairs License Number 1004887. This collection agency conducts business primarily in English. However, we may employ foreign language speakers from time to time and may accommodate verbal communication in a foreign language when appropriate staff is available. Some, but not all, standard written communications produced by us may be available in Spanish. A translation and description of commonly-used debt collection terms is available in multiple languages on the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs website,

  • Elevate your Expectations

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Company Profile: National Bureau Collection Corp

If you are being called by National Bureau Collection Corp, below is some information about the agency history and operations.

National Bureau Collection Corp is a collection agency in Tarrytown, New York. It was founded in 1993, has seven employees, and is managed by Bruce Reitman. Litigation records at the PACER website reveals that those who felt that they were being harassed by National Bureau Collection Corp were not intimidated.

State Of The Art Technology And Services

At PBCM, we utilize the AdvantEdge® Recovery Management System. AdvantEdge® provides PBCM clients a fully automated work environment. All of our technology in combination allows us to maintain lower account to representative ratio to maximize coverage and generate faster customer contact.

We also offer clients in-house Certified Public Accountants and a Legal Department to provide counsel and oversee legal collections. Litigation services are also available through our network of collections attorneys. Accordingly, many of our accounts receivable representatives are bilingual speakers in both English and Spanish. We also offer translation services in French.

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Pbcm Is The Right Choice For Your Recovery Needs

Our company has been in the accounts receivable industry for over 40 years, therefore, experience is our greatest asset. PBCMs executive team alone has over 100 years of accounts receivable experience combined. Our business provides the bandwidth, scalability, and proven processes to handle accounts receivable duties for both small and large businesses alike.

The PBCM mission is to provide the highest compliance possible with competitive returns and unparalleled customer service. We maintain our clients reputations and uphold their brand names in the process. Contact us at 1-800-270-9685 for ARM services.

What Do We Know About National Bureau Of Collections

2021 US FBI Special Agent Federal Bureau of Investigation Bronze ...

No current reports of legal action taken against National Bureau of Collections have been reported to Sue the Collector. We have not found any open cases against National Bureau of Collections for FDCPA violations at this time.

If you -or anyone you know- have had National Bureau of Collections or any other collection agency, violate your consumer rights let Sue the Collector help you! Take a moment to fill out our Free Consultation Survey at the bottom of this page! Our expert legal team will review your information and will help you determine if you have a case against your debt collectorat no cost to you!

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National Bureau Collection Corporation

Directory > > USA> > New York> > Tarrytown> > National Bureau Collection Corporation is service of National Bureau Collection Corp. , and is a low-cost, debt recovery service to health-care providers, commercial and consumer clients by offering a full range of services including collection letters, calls, skip tracing, legal, etc.


Contact National Bureau Collection Corporation using the form located on this page:


Make changes to this page? or Add a new collection agency listing? If you own this collection agency and there is a need to update information presented on this page, kindly email us at

Information presented about this collection agency may not be 100% accurate or may have changed since we created this page. Kindly visit the agencys website for the most up to date information.

The Major Credit Bureaus In Canada

In Canada, there are two major credit reporting agencies for consumers: Equifax and TransUnion. For businesses, the most popular credit reporting agency is Dun & Bradstreet. Some, but not all collection agencies report the debts assigned to them for collection to one or more of these, so it is important to verify that your collection agency is a . At MetCredit, we report all consumer collection accounts to Equifax and TransUnion, and all commercial collections to Dun & Bradstreet.

Each credit reporting agency operates autonomously, and they do not tend to share information, so the credit score you have at Equifax may differ from the one at TransUnion. These Credit Bureaus get their information from lenders like banks and from collection agencies like MetCredit.

To obtain your business credit report from Dun & Bradstreet click here.

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