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Surplus Liquidators Warehouse Sale

What Are Government Surplus Auctions

Southwest Surplus having sale to empty warehouse

Property or assets that are not needed by the government or military are referred to as surplus property. And when it comes to the trouble of asset liquidation, GovPlanets technology, proactive engagement, and solutions will accelerate your time to market, improve operational and administrative economies, and boost your ROI for your asset liquidation.

GovPlanet is a unique seller marketplace of Ritchie Bros. as its dedicated to not only government surplus but also military surplus vehicles and equipment. We are proud to partner with the Defense Logistics Agency and Marine Corps to offer you trusted and dependable military equipment for sale. Our weekly auctions of rolling stock and non-rolling stock of military surplus and government surplus with new items added daily to our inventory.

Warehouse Liquidations Inc Sales@warehouseliquidationscom1 is one of the largest dealers of wholesale liquidation, overstock, return and surplus apparel in the midwest. In the past we have only sold our liquidation lots to large salvage companies. We have now opened our warehouse to the small and medium markets.

Have you ever purchased lots of liquidation apparel and accessories and received 80% accessories? Or a mixed lot of overstock, shelf pulls and returns and only received a few overstock and shelf pull items, the rest customer returns? Or an apparel lot advertising all the top name brands, Tommy Hilfiger, DKNY, Polo, Kenneth Cole, Jones New York, Liz Claiborne, Nautica, Calvin Klein, Alf… and only received one or two of those brands and the rest of the items being cheaper private labels? At we don’t use these tactics to sell our products.

We buy directly from manufacturers, department stores and other retailers – not the middle man! This allows Warehouse Liquidations to buy and sell merchandise for pennies on the wholesale dollar.

Below wholesale prices on Closeouts and Liquidations Lots and pallets of Major Department Store items, plus surplus and excess inventory liquidations. Since 1984, we have been supplying liquidation and closeout merchandise to a variety of vendors such as Exporters, Retailers, Outlet Stores, Flea Market Vendors, Online Retailers, Ebay, Distributors and Brokers at below wholesale value.

Scaling Up Their Liquidation Business

Midwest Surplus Liquidators dipped their toes in retail at first sorting through the pallets of retail store returns, repairing items when necessary, and then selling the items individually to local buyers.

However, after gaining more experience in liquidation, they soon turned their attention to sourcing inventory to resell to other businesses as a way to scale up their business. They went from selling individual items to consumers to selling full pallets, and eventually full truckloads of merchandise to other businesses.

That is where we are at today, we do retail, we also do pallet sales, but the most growth has been in the semi load sales, Chris said.

The two, however, dont measure the growth of their business solely through the increase in their sales numbers but also through the long-term relationships they have built helping their customers.

We understand the struggles of people starting because when we started, this industry was not really known, there werent many out there able to help us or mentor us. This is why we understand what those daily struggles are, Rupal stressed.

One of the ways they developed to help their customers was to add flexible payment options for buyers who were unable to afford a full truckload.

They also help their customers who are new to the liquidation business to grow by educating them about the merchandise they are buying, merchandise conditions, expected margins, and the labor required to make merchandise saleable.

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Scaling By Utilizing Customer Service

Customer service is one of the strengths of Midwest Surplus Liquidators. Speaking about their relationships with their customers, the pair noted that what they provide is not any customer service but realistic customer service.

We are not trying to oversell somebody just for the sale of one transaction. We have a relationship-based model, not a transaction-based model, Chris said.

They go to the extent of even showing their customers the potential profit with the merchandise as is, and the potential profit should the customer put some extra work into the items. They even advise customers against buying certain truckloads if its not a good fit.

The pair operates on the principle that honesty is the best policy, so it is easy to see why their customers appreciate them. When a customer has a problem with a truckload, Midwest Surplus Liquidators regularly offers credit towards a new truckload to the customer to make things right and ensure they buy again.

They also inform their upstream vendors when a bad truckload happens, and more often than not, thanks to the relationships they have built up over the years, they get credit which they pass on to their customers as well.

The Midwest team, which currently consists of 30 teammates, is set to expand very soon as the company is in the final stages of opening a new location in Evansville. This will bring the total staff number up to 40 members, and the companys warehouse count to five.

Midwest Surplus Liquidators Is Born

Surplus Furniture And Mattress Store Canada, flyer

When Rupal Patel decided to quit her job in the HR industry due to health issues, her main focus was to provide their family with a second income stream.

Her first idea was to buy a pick-up full of retail store returns to quickly resell for a little extra cash. However, this soon turned into a full-time business idea after her husband Chris found himself unexpectedly unemployed on the same day their first load arrived. Chris always had the ambition to start his own business, however, this turn of events expedited his decision to start one.

They started the business out of their garage, with the pair focusing on buying and selling furniture and leveraging the reach of Craigslist to reach local buyers. It took the better part of a year for the couple to have enough confidence and resources to scale their business up to the point of getting their first warehouse.

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Frequently Asked Questionsabout Surplus Liquidators Warehouse Sale

  • Where Surplus Liquidators Warehouse Sale is located?

    This place is located at the following address: United States, Willow Grove, PA 19090, 2300 Maryland Rd.

  • Can I reach out to Surplus Liquidators Warehouse Sale?

    You can dial 373-7473 during work hours.

  • What is the working schedule of Surplus Liquidators Warehouse Sale?

    Surplus Liquidators Warehouse Sale works at the following schedule: Sun, Sat: 11AM – 3PM Tue-Fri: 11AM – 5PM.

  • How highly is Surplus Liquidators Warehouse Sale rated on Nicelocal?

    The average rating of this place is 4.4 out of 5.You can visit theSurplus Liquidators Warehouse Sale reviewssection to read other people’s opinionsabout this place and to put together your own feedback!

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    Nicelocal is doing everything in its power to post reliable details about businesses in its catalog.If you’ve found a mistake or if you are an official representative of Surplus Liquidators Warehouse Sale, feel free to let us know by using the feedback form.

Advice For Liquidation Newcomers

At the start, the important thing is to find a product or a product category you are passionate about, you have knowledge of, and dont mind getting your hands dirty with, according to Chris.

Due to the nature of liquidation merchandise and products being in all sorts of conditions, there can be repairs involved if you want to get the most profit from your investment.

Rupal noted that it is essential to find a mentor in the industry, someone who can show you the ropes of the business and who can listen to your ideas and point you in the right direction when you have questions.

Luckily the pair had each other and met people within the industry they could turn to for advice. Otherwise, their journey could have been more challenging than it was.

The third piece of advice has to do with the scale you want to start at. This is a question every newcomer into the liquidation business asks. This certainly depends on your available budget and risk appetite. However, Chris noted that it is still more about finding a product category you are passionate about or familiar with above all else. If you are not interested in a specific product, you will not go the extra mile to take that item and make it work for your profit, Chris believes.

Over the years, they have seen buyers start with 20,000 square foot warehouses on one end of the spectrum and buyers who work out of their garage or a small storage unit on the other.

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Frequently Asked Questions :

  • Where is Surplus Liquidators Warehouse Sales?

    Surplus Liquidators Warehouse Sales is located at: 2300 Maryland Rd., Willow Grove, Pennsylvania 19090.

  • Want to book a hotel in Pennsylvania?

    We can surely help you find the best one according to your needs. Compare and book now!

  • What is the phone number of Surplus Liquidators Warehouse Sales?

    You can try to dialing this number: 272-9204

  • What is the opening hours of Surplus Liquidators Warehouse Sales?

    Monday: –

Leverage Your Social Media Presence

Direct Liquidation Warehouse Tour – Unboxing Customer Returns Pallets

Social media is great for connecting with customers in different ways. You can get feedback from them that allows you to know what you are doing right and what can be improved. You can also give them a heads up on any new inventory that you receive. Social media can also be used to keep your customers apprised of any sales, deals, or bargains you are running.

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All New School/office Supplies

All new merchandise. May contain a selection of mixed brand-name items like pencils, pens, markers, folders, binders, note pads, note books, dividers, tape, rulers, agenda, highlighters, calculators, glue sticks, correction fluid, scissors, erasers, and other assorted merchandise.

FOB Florida. Super deal!

The Working Relationship With Gotrg And Direct Liquidation

Ultimately, business boils down to relationships. To this Chris added that their relationship with goTRG, and sales representatives Jordan and Carlos were the driving force behind their lucky streak.

They are different from other companies because they have dedicated sales representatives. They personalize their approach as much as possible, which has helped our growth, Chris said.

Midwest Surplus Liquidators rely on Direct Liquidation for much of its inventory acquisition.

During their initial research, the pair sought product categories with the highest profit potential and settled on furniture as their go-to category. In the beginning, Chris and Rupal focused mainly on flipping TV stands and TV wall mounts, until they were able to scale up and diversify their business by acquiring Lowes and Walmart merchandise in bulk through Direct Liquidation.

Once Midwest had established a large recurring customer base, they soon realized that customers would regularly call in with requests, which helped them figure out other types of inventory they should be investing in. They realized that Lowes products were particularly popular with their customers. This came as great news for Midwest, as the Lowes program offers merchandise at a lower price point than many others.

Once the pair started sourcing Lowes merchandise they turned to Facebook Marketplace as a way to increase their local sales.

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Wholesale Closeouts Liquidators Surplus Merchandise Of Department Store Products

Welcome to!

We are a below-wholesale distributor and exporter of goods and liquidation merchandise. We offer a complete range of products to choose from. Everything you find in a department store, office supply store, or hardware store, we have available!

Read more about us or use the sidebar to browse items, quantities, and prices. Questions? Contact us from the Web site, send us an email, or simply call us at the #1-800-336-9133.

Liquidation goods focus in liquidation wholesale products, overstock lots, closeout brand name clothing, shelf-pull jewelry, used footwear and apparel, and more surplus goods from most department stores in the United States. Our center of attention is on clothes, cosmetics, bulk electronics, liquidation tools, brand name toys, clearance handbags, wholesale perfumes, and more. Choose from pallets, lots, or truckloads for cheap prices on the wholesale dollar!

If you are looking for flea market items, major appliances, dollar store merchandise lots, or merchandise from Amazon …. We are your source for quality affordable products! We welcome visitors to stop by without an appointment!

Find the merchandise you need for your business – prepared to ship anywhere in the United States. One of our sales representatives will be glad to help you. We ensure delivery will be quick and easy. Call or email us to learn more!

Here are our latest listings.

Understand Inflation And How It Affects You

Surplus Furniture Weekly Flyer

Mr. Crowley, who turns 54 next month, focuses mostly on discounted home improvement goods, which he resells to local contractors, like multiple pallets of discontinued garage door openers, tiles and flooring.

But on a sweltering day earlier this month, he stood outside the warehouse in his U-Haul loading up on items from Target.

I saw its stock got tanked, said Mr. Crowley, a cigarette dangling from his mouth and sweat pouring down his face. Its an ugly situation for them.

He bought several cribs, a set of sheets for his own house and a pink castle for a girl in his neighborhood who just turned 5.

I end up giving a lot of it away to my neighbors, to be honest, he said. Some people are barely getting by.

The buyers bid for the goods through online auctions and then drive to the warehouse to pick up their winnings.

Its a diverse group. There was a science teacher who stocked up on plastic parts for his class, as well as a woman who planned to resell her purchases neon green Igloo coolers, a table saw, baby pajamas in the Haitian and Jamaican communities of New York. She ships other items to Trinidad.

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Scaling The Business In The Future

With its latest addition, Midwest Surplus Liquidators will have five locations, all within the state of Indiana. They are currently viewing several paths forward for the business. One thing is for sure, though: their retail bread and butter is furniture, and that is something both Rupal and Chris agree on.

However, with their customer base expanding each day and mostly coming from their businesss brokering side, the pair intends to focus their resources on where the demand leads them.

I am a big fan of incremental risk, Chris says, adding that for now, the focus remains on growing the brokering side of their business in the short to medium-term.

Scaling A Liquidation Business: An Interview With Midwest Surplus Liquidators

Its the dream of every aspiring entrepreneur to have their own business one day. However, taking a startup idea and building it into a thriving, growing business is another task entirely. In this second entry in our Success in Liquidation: Leadership Series, you can follow the Midwest Surplus Liquidators founders story, where they walk us through their successful journey scaling their business from scrappy startup to thriving multi-location enterprise.

Chris Zorman and Rupal Patel are a husband and wife team who entered the liquidation business as a way to earn a second income. What started as a side business idea quickly turned into their main source of income out of necessity when an unexpected job loss happened. This startup has grown to operate out of four, soon to be five, warehouse locations across Indiana.

We asked them about the growth of their business, their most important tips for success include:

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Electrical Product Liquidators D& f Liquidators

D& F Liquidators success has been built by serving our customers electrical construction materials needs for over 30 years. Our 180,000 square foot facility located in Hayward, California is ready to meet the unique requests we receive. If its ordinary, difficult to find, or one of a kind, we can locate it from our vast resources.

D& F Liquidators is truly an international clearinghouse for electrical inventories. We have purchased inventories from South America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and of course North America. We have worked with such companies as Bechtel, Fluor, P.G.& E., Duke Power, Aramco, Florida Power and Light, Mobil, Exxon, British Petroleum and Alyeska to name a few.

As one of the nations largest suppliers of surplus electrical construction materials, we maintain an extensive inventory surplus of electrical conduit fittings, electrical connectors, lugs, circuit breakers, wire cable, junction boxes, motor control, motor control centers, wiring devices, arktite, strut fittings, PVC products and safety switches.

We carry a large inventory of electrical explosion proof products such as fittings, seals, junction boxes, lighting, electrical connectors, combination starters and control stations. We also carry an extensive line of hazardous location plugs and receptacles, as well as the older, hard to find and discontinued types. Click on the Manufacturers page to view the large list of manufacturers.

Success From Necessity: Starting And Scaling A Business

Former governor’s furniture to be sold at surplus warehouse

The story of Rupal Patel and Chris Zorman is an interesting one. Although Midwest Surplus Liquidators started as a way to earn a little extra income the business has grown much larger than either Chris or Rupal could have ever imagined.

One major takeaway from this story is that building relationships matters. The long-term relationships Midwest Surplus Liquidators have built with their customer base has allowed them to grow and thrive without any additional investment in marketing and advertising. As Chris Zorman puts it, it is not a single transaction it is a partnership.

Making a success of a small business is also about how you manage your investment and reinvesting profits in order to scale. As you grow business relationships with your customers, the direction in which to head will become clearer. You will learn what your customers are looking for, and what product lines are profitable. What you learn from your customers can be an invaluable guide to the next steps you need to take to grow your own business.

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