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How To Buy Amazon Return Pallets & Sell Them For Cash

What’s inside a Mystery Box from Amazon

If you want to start an ecommerce business selling clearance merchandise, this post will teach you how to buy Amazon return pallets for sale at rock bottom prices.

Those of you who shop on Amazon know that their return policy is extremely lenient. Recently, Amazon changed their no questions asked refund policy to 90 days which means that consumers can now return almost ANYTHING within 3 months!

As a result, Amazon considers a 10% return rate to be normal for most merchandise but it depends on what is being sold.

Heres what the typical return rate looks like on Amazon based on product category.

  • Books and media: 5-7%
  • General merchandise in the home, kitchen and sporting goods: 8-10%
  • Consumer electronics: 25-35%
  • Clothing and fine jewelry: up to 40%

From the perspective of a seller, sometimes it doesnt make economic sense to pay Amazon to send your returns back. And for this reason, Amazon carries a large amount of merchandise that it just needs to get rid of.

As a buyer of Amazon returns, you can make a lot of money by refurbishing and reselling used merchandise online.

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Where Can I Buy An Amazon Return Pallet In The Uk

In 2018, Amazon partnered with B-Stock to launch Amazon Liquidation Auctions. Amazon Liquidation Auctions is the official b2b marketplace where you can buy overstock merchandise directly from Amazon.

In order to bid on an auction, you first have to register with B-Stock and be approved to bid. There is no fee for applying or for being an approved buyer.

Start Buying Amazon Returns Today

If youre ready to make money selling Amazon returns, B-Stock is here to help. When you , you get access to the inventory your customers know and love. With the huge variety of products you can find on the , youre sure to find more than a few winners.

Join the largest global network of B2B liquidation marketplaces.

Buy directly from the worlds largest retailers and manufacturers

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What Is A Wholesale Return Pallet

Return the pallet are returned pallets that are sold at a huge discount to the pallets load and are often invisible.

Wholesale return pallets in particular often contain surplus and bankrupt goods from businesses.

You can earn a lot of money by refurbish and resell used goods online.

Customer return pallets are really worth buying for any resale business looking to make more money from the wholesale merchandise they purchase.

Between January 2020 and January 2021, online profits alone cost UK retailers an average of £5.2 billion a year, according to PaymentSenses annual report.

Data published in December 2021 shows that serial refunds cost UK small businesses an average of £15,600 a month.

How To Buy Liquidation Pallets By Store

Amazon Considering Push Into Brick

Consider this: Consumers spent$861.12 billion online with U.S. merchants in 2020. And a whopping 30% of those purchases will get returned . There are a few reasons why online purchases get returned maybe the item was damaged in transit, looked different online, doesnt fit, or was sent the wrong item. But where does all of that returned merchandise go? Unfortunately for retailers most of it cannot be resold on primary shelves, so it gets liquidated. While retailers have always relied on liquidation and wholesale to resell excess inventory and customer returns, the shear rate has skyrocketed, leaving retailers scrambling to keep up. This equals a great opportunity for small businesses looking to buy and resell liquidation pallets. In fact, many resellers are making money from home online this way!

The best part is almost every retailer you know and love liquidates. Meaning, you can find inventory across the broad retail spectrum. From apparel and health & beauty to home & garden and consumer electronics, any consumer product you can find on shelves can ultimately end up on the secondary market. Were going over how buyers like yourself can buy liquidation pallets by store.

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Set Your Filters To The Inventory You Want

If youre new to buying customer returns or overstock, be sure youve familiarized yourself with condition codes. These can vary by the marketplace, depending on where you purchase them. When youre browsing auctions on Amazons liquidation marketplace, you can filter through different conditions and product types. For example, you can choose to see dot com returns or overstock. Additionally, there are other filters such as like-new condition, cosmetic condition, whether or not the packaging is damaged, if accessories are included, and if theyve been inspected.

How Much Is An Amazon Return Pallet

Prices for Amazon return pallets will vary depending on the liquidation website and the size of the pallet. In general, prices can range from $100 to $5,000, depending on the quality and the value of the items. Also, others can be as high as $10,000.

Shipping options and rates will also vary per liquidation company. You will need to pay for the shipping of the pallet, which depends on the weight, dimension, and distance from the warehouse to your address. However, others will offer you a flat rate or free shipping.

Overall, shipping costs could be more than the combined amount you pay for the items on the pallet.

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My Thoughts On Buying And Selling Amazon Return Pallets

Buying and selling returned Amazon merchandise in bulk can be both exhilarating and fun. The main advantage of this business model is that you dont really need much storage.

Most of the products that you buy from your pallet will be immediately sent back to Amazons warehouses for resale or listed on Ebay.

It also doesnt require much money or technical skill to start because you will be relying on 3rd party marketplaces for your sales.

But in the long run, buying and selling returned merchandise is not easily scalable and it can feel like running on a hamster wheel. You never know when your next pallet will be your last and youll often end up with lots of unsellable merchandise.

The main reason I stopped my online arbitrage business was because it had plateaued and I wasnt willing to invest in more human capital to continue to grow it.

In addition, I had so much junk lying around the house that my wife threatened to divorce me:) But its a great way to get started in ecommerce.

So if you are new to selling online, buying and selling Amazon return pallets can be a great way to dip your toes in the water without much risk.

Where Are Amazon Returns Sold

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These websites list all of their vendors on their drop-down menus, where customers can browse for pallets by selecting Amazon under the Marketplaces or By Seller category.

There are multiple different liquidation companies that sell Amazon products. These are listed below:


  • Bstock runs liquidation auctions in multiple countries. However, they only sell Amazon products to the United States and Europe.
  • The condition of each pallet will vary per seller. Individual lots may vary anywhere from brand new to salvaged condition.
  • Customers have to apply to each marketplace separately, as each company has its own individual criteria for approving customers.
  • Shipping options and rates will also vary per seller. Some offer flat-rate or free shipping, while others calculate shipping cost for each individual pallet.


888 Lots


  • com sells clearance lots from Amazon and other companies by truckload, pallet, and box. They sell merchandise in varying conditions and sell mainly in the apparel, electronics, houseware, industrial, vehicle, and computer categories.
  • They sell by auction, and usually begin the bidding at $100. However, there are some pallets that are available for immediate purchase.
  • Buyers must register to in order to place a bid or make a purchase.
  • Wire transfer payment is required for non-US customers, or for purchases over $5,000.


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Where Can I Buy Amazon Return Pallets: 8 Places

According to Loss Prevention Magazine, consumers spent over $550 billion online with US merchants, which amounts to 14% of all US retail sales.

Thats quite an impressive number until you look at the percentage of those sales that were returned.

Not everyone who buys things online is happy with their purchases.

For example, between 2019 and 2020, eCommerce returns more than doubled.

A staggering $102 billion of items people had bought online were returned.

What happens to all that returned merchandise? A tiny percentage is returned to physical stores.

However, for major online retailers such as , inspecting, repacking, and relisting those returns is not cost-effective.

So, typically, returned products are liquidated.

The good news for you is that many Amazon returns arent faulty or damaged.

People return items for many different reasons, which means that many are new and in unopened condition.

Amazon, and other large online retailers, sell pallets of customer returns to liquidators.

You can access those items through online liquidation marketplaces.

If you want to know more, keep reading.

A Few Things To Consider

When looking for pallet companies, concentrate on companies within driving distance. Pallets may weigh hundreds of pounds, depending on the merchandise involved, meaning that you’ll have to pay considerable shipping fees if the company is located beyond your local area. It’s always a good idea to buy just one or two pallets from a company initially. This permits you to get an initial, first-hand grasp of what the pallets are like.

Additionally, good pallet companies should offer you some kind of return option, provided you are able to get the pallet back to the company in the same or better condition than when it was shipped. If you find good merchandise at a company that doesn’t offer this option, you still can work with them, but you must be more careful about whether the quantity you buy meets the demand you have, and you must be prepared to take a loss if you get a pallet with a higher-than-average percentage of unusable merchandise.


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Pay Attention To Gated Items

Certain items come gated, meaning retailers may have restrictions on where you can resell them. In some cases, inventory may only be sold outside of the US, or even require specific certifications like the R2 Standard in order to avoid unnecessary recycling and landfill dumping. This usually applies to consumer electronics and mobile, but its good to know if you have an interest in that niche.

How To Buy Amazon Returns In 2022

Warehouse Liquidations in Denver

The best way to buy Amazon returns is by going through a liquidation company. These companies are B2B platforms that take in merchandise sold on Amazon from the seller so that they can liquidate their surplus inventory. Customers can search for Amazon products through these websites, and purchase returned items usually in bulk.

If youd like to learn more about how buying Amazon return pallets works, where Amazon returns are sold, how much they cost, and more, continue reading through this article for more useful information.

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The Best Place To Buy Amazon Returns Pallets

Direct Liquidation is a top-tier liquidation specialist that sources merchandise directly from some of the biggest names in US retail such as Walmart, Lowes, Target and, of course, Amazon, to bring its business customers the very best range of customer returns at the lowest possible prices to help their business customers maximize their profits.

On Direct Liquidations online sales platform youll find a vast range of Amazon returns in a whole host of categories. Navigate via the drop-down category menu to , and youll find all sorts of returns pallets to suit most kinds of retail businesses, from Pet Toys & Pet Supplies, Cycling & Bicycles and Patio & Office, to Bath & Body, Books, Lighting & Light Fixtures and even Gourmet Grocery products. Youll also find a broad range of Amazons brand products, such as Basics.

The range of Amazon returns Direct Liquidation can supply your business via liquidation sales with is astonishing. Thats why more and more retail companies looking for excellent-quality merchandise are turning to Direct Liquidation to supply them with all their Amazon returns requirements. Theres simply no better place to find returns.

> > Shop Liquidation Pallets of Returned Merchandise < <

Pick Your Reselling Platforms

Consider the products category. For example, if youre reselling footwear, you have platforms like Vinted, Depop, and thredUP at your disposal. If youre reselling Kitchenaid mixers, you arent likely to touch these types of selling platforms. The point is, certain items work better on certain platforms.

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Pros And Cons Of Buying Amazon Return Pallets

How To Bid on Amazon Relay Dedicated Contracts Box trucks

Heres a recap of the pros and cons of buying Amazon return pallets:

Pros of Buying Amazon Return Pallets

  • You can use any Amazon Profit Calculator to evaluate if its worth it to sell certain products.
  • You dont need much storage.
  • It doesnt require a big investment.
  • You dont need technical skills, so it is a good way to start an ecommerce business.
  • Cut out the middleman and maximize your profits.

Cons of Buying Amazon Return Pallets

  • Some online liquidation companies wont give you any description of what kind of products are inside the Amazon return pallets.
  • You cannot grow or scale with this business model.
  • Often, youll collect used items that you arent able to resell.

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Buying And Receiving The Pallet

My co-worker Alec and I decided to buy our own pallet. I chose home appliances, which I thought would be easy to resell. Alec went for electronics.

Shopping on is similar to shopping on Amazon and eBay. Search for the category you want and a list of pallets show up. The website provides a list of what products are in the pallet. But surprises remain since theyre returns, you have no idea about the condition of each item and if they actually function or not. On the product detail page, it clearly notes, Items are not inspected and may or may not be functional.

I ended up getting the pallet which claimed to be worth $1,516 by placing a winning bid of $170, which I believe is still a bargain. When I was about to pay, I was shocked by the shipping cost. Shipping the pallet to our office in New York City cost a whopping $220! The other option that wouldnt require paying for shipping would be to drive to a warehouse in Indiana to pick the pallet up.

This is classic for online shopping the shipping ended up costing more than the package itself. Since I already won the bid, I had to pay for the shipping, which ended up costing $390.

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    Buying Amazon Returns: What You Need To Know

    Amazon customers are generally happy with the online retailers return policy: its incredibly lenient. But, relaxed return policies on online shopping sites like Amazon means higher return rates . If youre a reseller, this could be a big benefit to you. From side hustle to a full-time business, reselling is becoming more and more popular and lucrative. In this article we will cover:


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