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How To Buy Pallets

Is The Price Right

A BEGINNERS GUIDE to Finding Pallets

The price of a pallet is often determined by tallying up the full selling price of all of the items in the pallet, says Mr Baxter.

For example, Mr Baxter says he charged £105 a pallet of 50 items of chain store clothing were worth £500 if sold in store – saving customers 80%.

The more you pay, the higher the value of the items inside – but this doesn’t guarantee that they will all be in working order.

Never spend money that you can’t afford.

Buying Cement By The Pallet

When cement is purchased in bulk its typically delivered on a pallet. This makes it much easier to transport with a fork lift. The standard bag size for Portland cement is 94lb and 63lb.

At stores like Home Depot you may notice a cement pallet wrapped in plastic with a number written in marker. This is usually the number of bags on the pallet. Sometimes stores will wrap an odd number of bags on a pallet because they also sell cement by the bag. If you buy a pallet of cement off the floor make sure you check how many bags are actually on it.

When you buy a full pallet thats not off the floor it will come with a set number of bags. Generally a full pallet holds 63 x 47lb bags and 35 x 94 lb bags of cement.

If you need a specific amount of cement bags, suppliers can add to, or take away from the amount of bags on a standard pallet. Theyll usually do this when you need a few more bags than whats on a standard pallet rather than deliver two pallets. A pallet can typically hold over 4,000 lbs so theyre strong enough to carry a few extra bags.

Where To Buy The Best Target Liquidation Pallets With Surplus Goods

First, lets understand the different types of target liquidation truckloads that exist

Large retailers, such as Target, have a high return rate for their merchandise, both in their physical stores and online. This means that a percentage of these products, around 30%, are returned to the retailers, there is also so-called surplus merchandise, and below we explain them.

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How To Buy Pallets From Amazon Liquidations

Buying merchandise wholesale and selling it on to the public can be a very rewarding and potentially lucrative occupation if you purchase the merchandise you wish to sell from the right source.

> > Free Registration Buy Pallets of Liquidated Stock Now< <

Back in the day, that used to mean sourcing stock from a local wholesaler who was able to supply retail businesses with good-quality wholesale merchandise at a price that meant there was still plenty of room to make a profit regardless of what premium the wholesaler had slapped on the goods they sold.

Sadly, things have changed over the last few years, and its a change that has been having a detrimental effect on many small retail businesses. While it used to be perfectly possible to source cheap, good quality merchandise from a local supplier, this is getting harder to do as wholesale prices veer ever closer to their retail equivalents. As this happens, the chances for a small retail business to make a profit are diminishing as every year goes by, and that can only spell disaster.

So, what can a retailer do to turn back the tide? Well, a great way to stock your business with all the wholesale merchandise it needs is to , in particular products that come from one of the biggest retail names on the planet .

What Our Customers Are Saying

The Best Places to Find Free Pallets Near You

I just wanted to share a quick note and let you know that you guys do a really good job. Im glad I decided to work with OG Limited. Its really great experience having a storage solution that helps us to maximize space.

Adewale Sanusi

CEO, Adewale Bakery

Working with OG limited to design and build our company racks for the store has been amazing.I’m happy seeing the quality of steel used for the construction and the assurance given to us that it would last longer than expected is a wonderful experience.

Michael Ogochukwu

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What Is Amazon Return Pallets

Amazon return pallets are pallets of goods that have been returned to Amazon.

They are sold unseen at vastly discounted prices to anyone willing to take the risk.

The potential for making a lot of money is substantial, simply by refurbishing and reselling the items.

The more you can afford to buy, the cheaper the price.

Returned items from Amazon are typically sold by the pallet or truckload.

How To Buy Amazon Return Pallets

As a result of returns and the significant cost sellers shoulder to put products back on sale, they look for easier and more economical ways to sell them: liquidation.

Amazon accumulates many products that are packed on Amazon Return Pallets with either random merchandise or sorted in specific categories. Entrepreneurs can find a great opportunity to profit on the secondary market by reselling Amazon return pallets.

Instead of going through a middleman who purchases and processes the merchandise and then sells it to you at a profit , you can find Amazon return pallets at liquidation platforms.

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Pros And Cons Of Buying Amazon Return Pallets

Heres a recap of the pros and cons of buying Amazon return pallets:

Pros of Buying Amazon Return Pallets

  • You can use any Amazon Profit Calculator to evaluate if its worth it to sell certain products.
  • You dont need much storage.
  • It doesnt require a big investment.
  • You dont need technical skills, so it is a good way to start an ecommerce business.
  • Cut out the middleman and maximize your profits.

Cons of Buying Amazon Return Pallets

  • Some online liquidation companies wont give you any description of what kind of products are inside the Amazon return pallets.
  • You cannot grow or scale with this business model.
  • Often, youll collect used items that you arent able to resell.

Where Do Store Returns Go

Buying Your First Liquidation Pallet | Liquidation Pallets 101

In the past, these items were sold to jobbers or big liquidators who would help companies liquidate by purchasing in bulk then break down pallets to sell them to smaller buyers at a markup.

Store returns, especially holiday returns, are a big problem for retailers to tackle. Not to mention the loss in profits by not selling or taking back merchandise. The problem is only exasperated during the holidays. This year alone, $112-$114 billion worth of merchandise will be returned to retailers post-holiday! Thats why B-Stock helps nine of the top 10 U.S. retailers deal with their returns, excess, and liquidation inventory.

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Check Out What’s On Offer

There’s no guarantee you’ll be able to bag specific products in your returns pallet.

Mr Baxter says there is “no hard and fast pattern to when stock is available” – so its a matter of checking in on websites to see if a pallet is listed that you fancy bidding on.

He says online searches for return pallets are up 170%, meaning they are in higher demand.

But before you splash out, its important to do your research.

“Research the prices before buying ,” he said.

He says because of the “sheer volume” of packages on offer, you should “exercise caution” and make sure you’re paying for goods you think you can sell on.

Mr Baxter added that its a good idea to research which sites are best for buying pallets from.

Look at reviews and see what other shoppers have got in theirs via online forums or Facebook groups.

It’s not a guarantee that you’ll get a good deal – but it might help spotting the ones to avoid.

Reasons Why Small Companies Buy Liquidation Pallets

A look at the reasons why small companies like to buy liquidation pallets.

When applied to retail and wholesale transactions, the term liquidation refers to the process of disposing of excess goods by retail businesses. This covers goods returned by consumers that can no longer be sold as new: stocks, close-outs and products that have been refurbished / reconditioned. These products are sold directly to small companies or resellers through online liquidators, typically through live online liquidation auctions. But what precisely are refunds, surplus stock, closeouts and refurbished goods from customers?

Regardless of the reason for the recall, even though the goods are still new, stores are forbidden from offering the returned merchandise as new. For manufacturers, the aggregation of returning items presents warehouse and warehousing challenges. This is the location where liquidators arrive. They provide vendors with online seller space to market these items in a short period.

If you want to start your own manufacturing unit or small-scale industry then I strongly recommend you to start looking for these liquidation stores to buy liquidation pallets and earn great profits. Here are some reasons why small companies like to buy liquidation pallets.

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Where To Buy Amazon Return Pallets For Sale

You can buy Amazon return pallets directly through Amazon or through an independent liquidation company.

Every year, Amazon auctions off its returned merchandise to the highest bidder. These auctions typically take place after the holiday season when consumers return unwanted gifts en masse.

In addition, there are many companies out there that buy from Amazon and other independent businesses and take a cut of every sale.

Regardless, buying Amazon returns is almost always a crap shoot but if you bid less than 20% off MSRP, you have a good chance of making a profit depending on how much time you spend refurbishing your products.

Below is a list of places to buy Amazon return pallets.

Summary: How Many Bags Of Portland Cement On A Pallet

Buy New, Used and Custom Pallets

How many bags of Portland Cement come on a pallet depends on the weight of the bag you buy. Portland Cement is sold in 47lb and 94lb bags. There are 63 x 47lb or 35 x 94lb bags of Portland Cement on a typical pallet. A full pallet of cement weighs 2,961 pounds if you buy a pallet of 47lb bags or 3,290 pounds if you buy a pallet of 94lb bags. Plus the weight of the pallet which is typically around 40 lbs.

Portland Cement is high strength hydraulic material that hardens and grows strong when mixed with water. It can be used to make a variety of masonry products by mixing it with other ingredients. Mix cement with aggregate like stone and sand to make stucco, concrete, grout and mortar.

Quikrete is the brand Portland Cement I buy but there are others like Sakrete or Lehigh. You can order pallets of Portland at Home Depot, Lowes and other home improvement or masonry supply stores.

If you have any questions or comments about cement E-mail any time.

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What Are Return Pallets

Returned pallets allow people to get their hands on a pallet of goods, with the caveat that you don’t know why the items got sent back in the first place. They could be damaged beyond repair or perfectly fine, and you’ll only know for sure once you unpack and try them for yourself. You could save a fortune and enjoy an awesome bargain, or live to regret the purchase.

If the air of mystery and prospect of a good deal appeal to you, let’s look at some of the best places to help your curiosity. lets you buy consumer product goods and commercial surplus inventory. It offers various deals on items from Amazon and other companies, and you can buy by the box, pallet, or truckload. The sale is typically made via auction, so you bid on what you want, and the highest bid gets it.

You can find pallets with goods under categories like apparel, electronics, houseware, and much more. Naturally, that doesn’t mean every item you get will match the primary category.

For example, if you buy an electronics pallet, some houseware and apparel items might end up with you, too, and vice versa. That tends to apply to every place that deals with selling off pallets.

What Are Amazon Return Pallets

Essentially Amazon processes hundreds of thousands of return orders every single week. All of those returns contain items in used, broken, or brand-new condition that need to go somewhere. It does not make any sense to throw the items out because Amazon can still get money from selling them as liquidation pallets to consumers hoping to make some extra cash.

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What Are Liquidation Pallets

The liquidation process for retailers can be a difficult one as they have to turn overstock and outdated goods into cash. For example, the cost of this merchandise is usually higher because it depreciates with age, occupies space in warehouses, and ties up capital. So most companies end up selling these items on marketplaces like eBay or Amazon which will, as a result, generate more revenue than if those same clothes could just sit around taking up virtual room!

Traditional liquidation measures were cumbersome and required extra logistical effort. This is why several new online B2B auction marketplaces have popped up in recent years. These, along with brick and mortar liquidation stores where you can buy returned inventory, make it easier to buy the merchandise online or near you. When buying online, the shipping costs can be quite steep given the weight of the pallets of goods but are often well worth it for the heavy discount at which you can get most goods.

This extra merchandise is often sold as whole pallets referred to as liquidation pallets. A liquidation pallet is a wholesale unit that you can buy from any liquidator or big retailer. A typical one consists of mixture and assortment, usually within the same category for example, shoes, clothing, and electronics are all examples of one specific kind of liquidation pallet.

Strategy #: Repair And Refurbish Everything

How to Buy Wholesale Liquidation Pallets Direct From Major Retailers Like Walmart & Amazon

Fixing the item that you want to resell is par for the course, and thats where most people stop.

But if you can sell a working and FULLY PACKAGED product, youll make significantly more money than selling a functional, but unboxed product by itself.

The problem with most Amazon return pallets is that the packaging and accessories are often damaged or non existent. And in order to get top dollar for resale, you must track everything down.

Fortunately, you can often buy empty boxes for popular merchandise on Ebay.

For example, lets say that I receive a bunch of Apple watches in my Amazon return pallet without boxes or instructions. By performing a quick search on Ebay, I can buy 5 empty Apple watch boxes for $35.

$7 for an empty box might sound a bit high, but a boxed Apple watch will command a 25%+ premium in resale value with the box than without!

As a result, its in your best interests to track down the box, the instructions and all of the accessories prior to resell. As an added bonus, you may want to invest in a shrink wrap machine as well!

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How To Buy Pallets Of Returned Merchandise From Amazon

It can be difficult in this day and age to find top-quality wholesale merchandise, especially pallets of returned merchandise from Amazon at an affordable price that will leave you with a big enough margin to make a profit. Back in the day, small businesses could rely on local wholesalers to supply them with wholesale merchandise at a price that meant they could still make a profit on goods sourced this way, despite the premiums wholesalers placed on top of the sale price.

Sadly, with wholesale prices veering ever closer to retail prices, and with such unscrupulous practices as cherry-picking pallets and deceitful manifest alterations becoming ever more common, sourcing this way has become all-but-impossible for small businesses looking to stay afloat in an increasingly crowded and competitive retail environment.

So, whats the solution? The answer is casting your net wider and looking at what a top-tier liquidation specialist can do for your business. In Direct Liquidations case, that means .

How To Get Started

You will need to register for Amazon Liquidation Auctions in order to start bidding on bulk lots of a wide variety of products including apparel, footwear, home & garden, recreation, books, consumer electronics, and toys & baby items.

In order to register, you will need to have a reseller certificate form to submit with your application. Once approved, you can immediately bid to win Amazon liquidation inventory. If you do not currently have a reseller certificate but would like to learn more about how to apply for one, please read Buying Basics: Resale Certificates. Some states do not require a reseller certificate as that state does not collect sales tax.

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How To Locate A Pallet

Locating pallets for sale simply requires looking in the right place.

Many liquidation warehouses now sell pallets on their websites and advertise their goods on platforms like Facebook Marketplace.

Finding a local liquidation warehouse can save you money on transportation costs, as some will ship for free or at a reduced price due to proximity.

It also allows you to pop in more often to snag a good pallet and get a peek of your pallet before making a purchase.

You can click on the buttons below to do a quick Google search for your area.

Section 4 Of : What Can You Expect On Amazon Return Pallets

Buy &  Sell Pallets in Georgia
  • Expect a mystery box full of items you can use or resell. Many people choose to sell most of the products that they purchase to profit off of their returned goods. Keep in mind that you never know whats going to be inside of a return pallet, and most companies do not accept returns once you purchase one.XResearch source
  • To get the most out of your Amazon return pallet, be sure to check the listing details carefully. Most sites will specify the quality of the products inside so you have a vague idea of what youre getting.
  • On most sites, you can sort by category to choose the type of products youre purchasing.
  • Most customers receive enough products to make back most if not all of the money they spent. However, its always a gamble!
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