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Plumber Stock Is A Horrible Company

B-Stock Supply: Best Practices for Start Prices & Photos

Plumber stock is a horrible company. They do not care about their customers and certainly do not admit fault even when is 100% obvious they made a mistake. They will not help you return the item for a full refund and they give you a hard time about it- even if the product is defective. Plus they do not reply in a speedy manner. It will take weeks to get your issues resolved. Customer service is awful.

Date of experience:June 02, 2022

I Have Ordered A Water Expansion Tank

I have ordered a water expansion tank for my water heater Wednesday PM and have it left by FedEx in front of my door Saturday. It was a good price and free delivery, as well.I used text messaging with their customer support to ask about ETA and her response was prompt and delivery right on.

Date of experience:June 12, 2022

Welcome To The Casino B Stock

My family has been in the wholesale business all of my life I know a lot of wholesalers and I’m getting a lot of bad customer service from B stock cannot get anyone on the phone Stuff shows up all broken and no one will contact us back also they’ll hold your product for months well they’ll hold your stuff for months your money and you’ll never get some of the loads that are promised or things will be missing off the load I don’t understand if you spend money with a company especially wholesale I’m not acting like everything should be perfect but some of the stuff and business practices is prettyIf I was a smaller person a mom and pop or someone like that I’d be out of business luckily I have a strong company and these little hiccups did not put me out of business but if you want to know how to make a small fortune start with a big one with B stockOr if you want to go to the casino you could just go to be stock you never know what’s going to happen

Date of experience:August 03, 2022

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This Is My First Time Ordering From Plumbers Stock

This is my first time ordering from Plumbers Stock and was disappointed to have a couple of scratches on the medicine cabinet I ordered. I understand that these things sometimes happen and was very happy with Ria’s handling of the issue and the immediate dispatch of a replacement cabinet which I am happy with.

Date of experience:June 19, 2022

Tractor Supply Prices Are Much More


Tractor supply prices are much more competitive in communities that have a rural king why do they charge so much more when there is no rural king? Almost insulting and I mean by40% or more buyer beware pay the shipping for rural king and save dollars

Date of experience:August 26, 2022

Terrible even with the app. No notification if something is not in stock. No notification when order is ready. Unless you happen to stay at your computer till they send an email.

Date of experience:August 18, 2022

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We Ordered A Disposal In April

We ordered a disposal in April, 2022, but had not received it by June. I believe this was a problem caused by the manufacturer not having the stock and not caused by Plumbers Stock. We eventually found the item locally and cancelled the order with Plumbers Stock, but over the months, their customer service was responsive and kept us updated on the status and were also good about cancelling the order. I can’t really give a higher rating because we never got the product but their customer service was great.

Date of experience:June 09, 2022

Good If You Know What You Are Doing

Hello, I am using Bstock for Amazon EU return auctions. My experience with my first won auction was bad, I did not fully analyze manifest, overpaid, and just after ~12 months turned a profit, after that I developed software that can fully analyze each auction, and also automate inventory management & WooCommerce import. Without it, I doubt that I would have continued to resell Amazon returns because I would not have any competitive edge. If interested in the same SaaS solution Google – ”azManifest”.

Date of experience:September 01, 2022

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Pallets Costco Cookware Of A/b

2 pallets Costco Cookware of A/B condition that was delivered that had over half the items that should have been trashed. They say A/B is:””It is also not uncommon for members to return merchandise to Costco after it has been tried. Reasons for return include shipped in duplicate, buyer remorse, wrong size, color, damage during shipping, wrong item, didnt need, didnt work, missing part, or no reason given. After receiving from a warehouse, the Costco Returns Depot conducts a visual screening, but does not test items before determining Grade. Expect that some percentage of items may be damaged, torn, missing parts, missing manuals, or otherwise incomplete/non-functional.”Tried? how about used for months or years and trashed. This lot should have been condition C/D which would have gone for much less.This is why you don’t see pics of items only stock picks and then the wrapped pallets.

Date of experience:June 15, 2022

I Ordered A Lawn Mower On July 14th

Denon Receiver AVR-S740H B Stock Review | Limited Supply

I ordered a lawn mower on July 14th, ship to store. Tracking information showed it would be there on the 20th. On the 20th I checked tracking, and it said that delivery would be delayed due to an incomplete address. I contacted customer service and they told me to call UPS to update the address. UPS wouldnt update the address because I was not the shipper or receiver. So I called customer service back to tell them that. They allegedly called UPS themselves.Well, its now been another 2 weeks, and the mower still hasnt been delivered.Absolutely unacceptable.

Date of experience:August 02, 2022

Date of experience:July 31, 2022

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Great To Speak With A Human

I was having difficulty with making a return. Ercel was very patient and courteous and helped me resolve my issue. It was a pleasure speaking to someone on the phone who was so kind and helpful. That isn’t always the case these days with all this online stuff. I appreciate it!

Date of experience:June 25, 2022

For A Company As Large As Tractor

For a company as large as tractor supply their website is absolutely the worst to navigate, slow, and online ordering is terrible. Store employees can cancel parts of your order and it’s just like you have to accept it. The website it’s just absolutely the worst I can’t even explain everything that’s wrong with it. Make sure you price compare anything you’re going to buy a tractor supply you may be able to get it a lot cheaper very local

Date of experience:September 10, 2022

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Tsc Price Mark Ups Are The Reason I

TSC price mark ups are the reason I will not shop there any more. They are ripping off loyal customers and Im sick of it. Example: dog food is marked up 10$ and more then prices at other stores. Chicken feed has been raised in price and its freakin corn! Corn. The scratch grain has changed its ingredients and put wheat in it. My chickens dont eat wheat or oats. horse feed not only do they no longer sell the sweet feed I used to buy that was last marked up to 7.99 last time I was able to buy it for a 50lb bag now the sweet feed the use producers pride is marked so much and it has freakin wheat/oats in it! Wheat seeds are a choking hazard for horses. And it gets stuck in gums and teeth. Wthell tsc! Been a loyal customer for 25 years and Im sick of this place. And their online ordering is a joke any more. Im guessing management sucks these days. Cause it used to be one of the most hospitable and happy places to shop for farm and country people. Now Im going back to the feed stores and Meijer for my needs. They plain and simple just suck. Oh and they sell chickens that grow so large they are not normal. I had one. And he died months after he was bought cause he got so big he couldnt breath when he tried to walk. And his poor legs couldnt hold his weight so he limped and laid around until he died. They shouldnt be able to sell any chickens. I hate this store these days and I used to nearly live there I was there so much! Eff you tsc!

Date of experience:July 21, 2022

Customer Service Was Easy To Deal With And Very Helpful

B& T Foldable/Retractable Stock Fits APC9/APC45 Black Finish BT

I texted customer service to get the status of my order and an expected ship date. As it turned out, my item was out of stock and it would be 3-4 weeks before it would be available. I couldn’t wait that long and requested that the order be cancelled. Ercel Baticbatic responded very quickly that an email was sent to me confirming the order cancellation. PlumbersStock.com was really easy to deal with.

Date of experience:June 29, 2022

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Will Buy From Again

This was my first experience with Plumber Stock. I chose them after an internet search revealed that they had the best price and quickest delivery time for 4′ fluorescent Gro Lamps. They didn’t have them in stock at the moment, but the wait time was not that long. Sadly, when the lamps arrived, 3 of the 4 I ordered were broken. I contacted their support staff and they sent new lamps without question or proof of damage. Otherwise, my experience was great, and Ill definitely look at their site first for plumbing/lighting supplies in the future.

Date of experience:June 25, 2022

This Company Is The Worst Nightmare

This company is the worst nightmare that I could experienced. I won 2 pallets, paid in one day, and after a week, when I don t see any update, I contacted them, they took another week to get back to me and told me that I owe them more money for shipping, I sent another wire right away. I have never received my shipments, after one month, I asked for a refund, they gave me a wrong tracking number. When I checked, it wasn t coming to my address, I contacted the shipping company, let them know, they told me BStock gave me a wrong freight, so I have to contact them to fix that. At that point, I told them that I wasn t interested in the products anymore. I just needed my money back. They agreed, they said they located my shipment, but as requested, they will contact with update about my refund. Now it is passed 2 months, never heard from anyone. I now have to put my lawyer in top of them. Worst company.. Stay away

Date of experience:May 10, 2022

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Even Though I Had To Cancel My Order

Even though I had to cancel my order, the shopping experience was easy and I could find the part easily using a part number. When I needed to cancel my order, Ria Corteza helped over the phone. It was a great experience and I will be using Plumbers Stock again for future needs.

Date of experience:July 07, 2022

This Was My First Time Ordering From

How to Submit an Online B2B Liquidation Auction Listing on B-Stock Supply

This was my first time ordering from plumbers stock. They were the only one I could order the side spray for my Brizo kitchen faucet. I ordered in February 2022. They did not have in stock, I received the item in June 2022 because of supply from factory. The side sprayer is excellent and as ordered. I did receive 2 units and had to return one. LJ was very helpful with the return. Thanks again for great service. Jerome Peuse ( Jerry Handyman Service.

Date of experience:June 21, 2022

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This Was My First Experience With The Company

This was my first experience with the Company. I chose them after an internet search revealed that they had the best price and quickest delivery time. The only glitch in my order is they didnt send me the tracking number of my package. I had to call to get the tracking info. Otherwise, my experience was great, and Ill definitely lookto them first for plumbing supplies in the future.

Date of experience:June 23, 2022

The Tsc In Highland Ny Sucks

The TSC in Highland NY Sucks. I spend about 1k Month there for supplies and farm stuff.. Bought one of there Own Life Time warranty wheel barrows and Tube cracked and broke, tire split in one year. Took it back AND MGR DVISED ME THEY COULD NOT REPLACE IT? I’m a Good Neighbor Plus member and should not need a receipt? Mgr of this store sucks!

Date of experience:August 17, 2022

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First Time And Last Time

First time I ordered the seller was trying to get me to give him more money after the auction was closed and bstock gave me credit when I told them. So I won another auction to spend that credit and never got a tracking number or nothing. Did receive my merch but there is no way to contact anyone immediately if you have a problem and they make you wonder what is going on till the item show up. The seller had a over seas unreachable number email and the address shows to be a gym or a car wash or a physician office.

Date of experience:May 02, 2022

Saved Me From Making A Mistake

Midas XL4 Analogue mixer + XL490 Power Supply â CUE Sale

Customer service representative Deanette B. was very helpful, going the extra mile to find out why my order had been canceled, even though I did not ask her to do that. By letting me know that the line of products I was preparing to use was being discontinued, she saved me from starting a project that I might not have been able to finish.

Date of experience:June 03, 2022

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Tractor Supply Has Lost Their Minds And

Tractor Supply has lost their minds and a customer!! The 8x3x2 stock tanks I use for raised gardening have increased over 50% in two years and over 100% delivered. Just plain and simple ripping folk off!! Im sure they blame Biden and folks let em get away with it. I wont buy the stock tank or anything else from them.

Date of experience:August 11, 2022

Bstocksupplycom Reviews: Seo Issues Traffic And

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Top Review Highlights By Sentiment

Great place to work. Thumbs up.


Company is experiencing growing pains. Lots of change.

Work From Home. Salary. Simple


Management is pretty disorganized and slow

Supportive environment, product with strong differentiation.


Company needs to innovate in the solution to remain competitive


* Startup culture with the stability of a small public company* Company listens to and values its employees* Transparency * Growth opportunities* Life:Work integration is supported


I miss the days where majority of company was in-office , and we could meet up face-to-face.

work from home & great team


Company is in the middle of migration from legacy system to the new system


Great coworkers and responsible leaders, B-Stock is a great place to work. They are working on solving sustainable liquidation and work with Fortune 500 companies to reduce their waste and add additional lifecycles to the products they sell. The company is growing fast and you feel like everyone is genuinely trying to do the ethically right thing whenever a tough decision is made.


Like most companies, health insurance is still expensive

Good learning experience with bad communication between coworkers.


Good company environment, good colleagues





Exceptional Customer Service For Toto Toilet

An Honest Review of Purchasing a Costco Pallet from B-Stock

Ordered a spendy Toto Toilet. Lightening fast shipping. Item arrive double boxed and surrounded in foam. When unpacked, it had a crack in the tank. Called Plumberssupply and they answered after 2 rings. Immediately shipped a replacement after receiving pictures of the damage. Excellent personalized customer service no longer seen in today’s world.

Date of experience:June 09, 2022

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Thank You Frank For Your Great Customer

Thank you Frank for your great customer service! I am just a little upset that Plumbers Stock wasn’t more on top of my order saying that something was in stock but it was 3 months before it was really in stock. I had to do a lot of reaching out and re-reaching out for order updates.

Date of experience:June 29, 2022

Well I Try To Contact This Company

well i try to contact this company, to be registed with them, but they ask so may thinks, that sometime ithink, that apply for job in the US goverment its much easier.customer service sucks ERIN. so sorry for this guy, must be from a trouble back ground and still afect him.i am not in the US so i am not hable to open and account with this company, and for the same reason they are very good and you can tell by the reviews.stay away from them

Date of experience:August 26, 2022

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