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Bank Of America Foreclosed Homes

Make Sure Your Foreclosure Listings Are Reliable

BofA Donates Then Demolishes Houses to Cut Foreclosures

Most successful investors will tell you that when it comes to finding the best foreclosure properties, you get what you pay for, so you shouldnt expect a free list of foreclosure properties to give you the advantages offered by a paid foreclosure list. Typically, a foreclosure list can only be accessed if you pay a certain amount per list or in monthly subscription fees. Some homebuyers are scared off by this restriction and opt to look for homes using a free foreclosure list.

Unfortunately, many free foreclosure listings are outdated, inaccurate, and incomplete. And, because these free foreclosure lists are widely available to everyone, the best foreclosed properties are grabbed by experienced real estate investors, just hours after they are put on the market. Believe it. With discounts of up to 50% offered for these properties, you should not be surprised by this.

If you are interested in buying foreclosed properties for investment, you should subscribe to reliable foreclosure listings compiled by reputable companies that specialize in this. They focus on cleaning, updating, and improving the foreclosure property listing data on a daily basis, and sometimes even twice a day. The amount you pay in subscription fees is nominal compared to the potential profit you make from purchasing hot foreclosed properties.

Determine What You Can Afford

Before you start looking at foreclosed homes, you will need to determine how much home you can comfortably afford. You will want to make sure the costs for your mortgage, property taxes and insurance are typically no more than 36% of your income before taxes and other deductions. Please visit our home loan guide to learn more.

If you decide to move forward with a purchase1, getting prequalified gives you the advantage of being better prepared to make an offer. Getting prequalified is a process in which a prospective borrower provides financial and other information, such as employment history and funds for a down payment, in order for a lender to determine how much loan the borrower may obtain for the purchase of a home. In addition, a prequalified status shows you are not just browsing, which in turn makes you more attractive to a seller.

The REO market offers buyers a unique opportunity to invest in a variety of properties in a diverse range of conditions and price ranges. Foreclosed homes can vary from a regular home purchase, and you will want to research all loan products available for this type of transaction, including traditional loan products or an FHA 203 Renovation Loan .

Bank of America has loan products that can help with the purchase of an REO property. Beginning the prequalification process is easy and you can get started at the Bank of America Home Loans website.

Why Foreclosed Homes Are Cheaper

The biggest selling point of a foreclosed home is, of course, its marked-down priceoften significantly lower than similar properties in the same area .

Most foreclosures are sold at a sizable discount from , with the exact amount varying from region to region. The seller may offer additional incentives such as a reduced down payment, lower interest rate, or the elimination of appraisal fees and some closing costs.

What makes these properties such a deal? If the residence is in the pre-foreclosure or short-sale stage, its owners are in a financial bind, and time is not on their side. They have to unload the property and get what they can while they can before they lose possession of it.

In short, these sellers arent negotiating from a position of strength and, while it may seem cruel to take advantage of their misfortune, a buyer can benefit.

The buyer can benefit even more if the property has been seized. The sheriffs office isnt interested in hanging onto a house, and banks dont want to be in the landlord business. Financial institutions typically want to rid themselves of foreclosed properties promptly. They need to get a reasonable priceThey have to answer to their investors and auditors. Still, buyers have an edge.

You should know that foreclosed homes are usually sold as is. If theres damage, repairs by the owner arent part of the equationbut, as used-car and vintage furniture aficionados know, as is translates into a discount.

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How To Find Fsbo Listings

  • Join Facebook groups. Although Facebook is the worlds largest social media platform, Facebook is still an underdeveloped source of great deals.
  • Take a look at the provincial criminal list. Another effective way to find an FSBO is to check your local tax avoidance list.
  • Take a tour of the different areas. This is an old and proven method that is still effective.

What Is A Foreclosure

New Bank of America Foreclosure: 12713 Fernberry Lane, Boyds, MD

This is a legal process where your property is sold at public auction to recover amounts due to the lender holding the lien, including the balance of the loan and costs of collecting the debt and foreclosing on the property. Foreclosure may occur when loan payments are not made, ownership of the property is transferred without your mortgage lenders consent , or the terms of your loan documents are violated. In some cases, the lender will take ownership of the property if another buyer does not bid above a certain amount.

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Where To Find Bank Foreclosure Properties

Online Professionals: Zillow offers free member lists. You can find bankruptcies using the search filters on the Zillow Search & Maps page. To find bank property listings, enter the search box in Zillow, then click Ad Type and select Buy Entirely in the For Sale section.

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Bofa Launches Second Round Of Bulk Sales Of Foreclosed Homes

By Matthew Goldstein, Jennifer Ablan

4 Min Read

NEW YORK – For the second time in five months, Bank of America is tapping the red-hot market for foreclosed homes by seeking bids on a bulk offering of several hundred single-family homes.

Over the past several weeks, the nations second-largest bank by assets has solicited bids for a bulk deal that includes up to 500 largely vacant single-family homes, some of which BofA acquired after its merger with Countrywide Financial, according to several sources within the real estate and mortgage sectors. Countrywide was one of the largest subprime lenders in the United States.

The bulk deal, which includes foreclosed homes in California, Florida, Arizona, Texas, Pennsylvania and Georgia, is one of the biggest block offerings of foreclosed homes ever done by a bank, these sources say.

The bulk sale comes at a time that institutional investors, including private equity firms and hedge funds, are raising money to invest in a bulk offering of 2,500 renter-occupied foreclosed properties being auctioned by Fannie Mae. The government-sponsored mortgage finance firm is currently accepting bids for that bulk sale under a trial project by the Federal Housing Finance Agency, which regulates both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

A Bank of America spokesman declined to comment on the bulk deal.

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Get The Most Up To Date Title Information

A title search is always recommended for any real estate transaction. A title company will check the property for liens as well as verify that the deed to the home is correct. A title search is especially important when buying an REO property due to the unique transfer of ownership at foreclosure. There may be liens on the title that may not be uncovered until the closing process begins. Again, a real estate professional who is experienced in foreclosed homes can be a valuable resource in guiding you through this process.

No Mortgage Still Foreclosed Bank Of America Sued For Seizing Wrong Homes

Banks holding tighter onto foreclosed homes

Three homeowners sue Bank of America for foreclosing on the wrong homes.

Jan. 25, 2010 & #151 — Some 2.8 million homeowners faced the threat of foreclosure last year, but it wasn’t supposed to happen to Charlie and Maria Cordoso. In 2005, the New Bedford, Mass. couple paid in full — in cash — for a house in Springville, Fla., and rented it out with plans eventually to use the home as a retirement getaway.

They said they were shocked to learn earlier this month that Bank of America had locked them out and removed their clothing and furniture from the property.

“All the love I put in that house — I fix things up every time I go there,” Charlie Cordoso, a construction worker, told ABC affiliate WCVB Boston. “Bank of America or somebody should apologize.”

The Cordosos, Portuguese immigrants who are in their 50s, are now suing Bank of America for allegedly seizing the wrong home, and they’re not alone: Two other homeowners, one earlier this month in Texas and another last October in Kentucky, also have filed lawsuits alleging that Bank of America attempted to foreclose on their homes even though the bank did not own or service mortgages for the properties.

Bank of America has yet to file a response to the Cordosos’ claim and to the Texas claim, in which the homeowner alleges that the bank cut power to his property during the faulty foreclosure, leaving it reeking of fish, which were stored in his refrigerator and freezer.

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Foreclosure Listings Subscription Sites

RealtyTrac. Theres a free 7-day trial after that, its $49.95 a month, with discounts on multi-month packages. Members get access to RealtyTracs proprietary information, including auctions dates and locations, pre-foreclosure addresses, owner information, bank loan amounts and more. After the free 7-day trial, its $39.80 per month. Subscribers receive detailed information on the listed properties, tax roll data, files provided by the lender, local school districts and other listing details.

The Foreclosure Process In 5 Steps

From the time of your first missed mortgage payment to the foreclosure sale of your home, there are several steps in the foreclosure process. These phases can vary by state, but generally follow this timeline. Each state has its own laws pertaining to the process of foreclosure and foreclosure sales. These can govern the borrowerâs relief options if already in foreclosure, how to go about posting a Notice of Sale, the sale timeline and other parts of the process.

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How To Find Home Foreclosures For Free

Many buyers are looking for a deal when purchasing a foreclosure. This means that competition can get intense, especially in high-growth markets. It is a good idea to explore multiple lists of properties and locations.

There are many free resources that can provide lists of foreclosures in a buyer’s preferred area. If a buyer is open to the location, some states have higher foreclosure rates. There are multiple federal resources where a potential buyer can view foreclosures for free:

  • HomePath is a federal resource owned and run by Fannie Mae. It provides a listing of properties that are for sale by Fannie Mae.
  • HomeSteps is another federal resource with listings run by Freddie Mac. This site provides a list of properties for sale by Freddie Mac.
  • HUDHomes provides a listing of properties that are available for sale through the HUD.
  • Although it is not technically a foreclosure list, the IRS lists properties for sale, often at a considerable discount, on the Treasury website.

In addition to federally owned or financed properties, banks are another excellent resource in seeking out a foreclosed property. Not all banks make this information public, but many do:

  • Bank of America has a dedicated and free website listing its available foreclosed houses.
  • Wells Fargo also provides its listing of REO properties available online free of charge.


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sequeadesigns: Bank Of America Foreclosed Home Listings

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Correction: An earlier version of this story misstated the value of Joji Thomas’ house in San Ramon. He took out a $411,200 loan in 2009 in order to purchase the home.

Agustin Armendariz of CIR and Stephen Stock of NBC Bay Area contributed to this story. This story was edited by Richard C. Paddock and copy edited by Christine Lee and Nikki Frick. The independent, nonprofit Center for Investigative Reporting is the countrys largest investigative reporting team. For more, visit . The reporters can be reached at and .

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How To Find And Buy Foreclosure Homes

If youre looking to find foreclosure homes at great prices, youll find them here with BankForeclosuresSale.coms foreclosure listing service. Our members get access to the most current and accurate bank owned property listings, commercial foreclosures, and government foreclosures for sale available in the United States.

There are all kinds of free listing services available, but they often give you outdated and unverified bank foreclosure homes listings or even inaccurate property information. When it comes to free listings, you really get what you pay for. The difference is that, for a nominal fee, you get full access to a foreclosure listings service that offers timely, relevant and accurate information that is essential to your success as a bank foreclosure homes investor.

Buying foreclosures for sale is relatively risk free, since all other liens have already been eliminated and the bank has a clear title to the property. Once you win the property, its yours for only the price you pay at sale. Just make sure that you inspect foreclosure homes thoroughly and take into consideration the cost of repairs needed when determining if the price you will pay for a bank foreclosure home is indeed a good bargain.

Real Estate Agents Brokers And Property Services

Respres/flickr via Wikimedia Commons

The age of property agents being secretive about foreclosures, preforeclosures, distressed properties, and REOs is long gone. Nowadays, listing these types of properties is just another way to attract buyers. Thats why most real estate services now offer easy access to their databases of distressed properties, such as these:

  • Realtor.comThe officially licensed home for the National Association of Realtors provides free access to its property search engine. Predefined filters pull out foreclosures, properties that have seen price reductions, and affordable homes in communities you search. Youll also find recent news and insights about distressed properties.
  • TruliaOffers a well-designed search system that includes a predefined filter for finding foreclosures in communities you search. To find foreclosures using Trulia, perform a basic search by town, then use the More search filter and select Foreclosures for the type of sales listing.
  • ZillowHere, youll find a foreclosure center with access to advanced search capabilities using a number of criteria, including by cost , neighborhood, and more. Buying guides, FAQs, and even a guide for those who may be facing foreclosure round out Zillows offerings.

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Know What To Look For In A Good Foreclosure List

Real estate investors used to have to go to the courthouse and look through the public record to get up-to-date lists of foreclosure homes and pre-foreclosure listings. Even then, there was a lot of guesswork involved in figuring out whether foreclosure homes for sale were actually available. Today, however, the internet makes the process much easier. However, there are far too many sources of poor-quality foreclosure listings available to trap investors and waste their time.

The best foreclosure lists should contain data on all the properties in an area that are in some stage of the foreclosure process. Good list providers provide a compilation of foreclosure listings that have been obtained from vetted information providers. Their comprehensive nationwide foreclosure lists contain complete, updated and enhanced information on the available foreclosure properties currently for sale. Information like list price, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, property size, photos, and sometimes even high-tech mapping are often included.

How To Build Your Free House

Mortgage Lender Suspends Foreclosure In Hawaii

How To Build Massive Wealth In Real Estate Foreclosures! The ONLY Website in the World That Teaches You How to Order Your Brand-New, Custom-Built Dream House, Paying an Average 42% LESS Than You Could Sell It For And If You Follow These Techniques Precisely, Your New House Could Cost Absolutely Nothing!

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Where Do You Go From Here With Government Foreclosures

Remember that no matter how much money you spend on finding government foreclosures and deals, no matter how often you visit our sites or others, nothing will happen if you dont do something with the information.

Weve seen many people going to those business shows at the hotels around the country. You know the shows were speaking about. You get a free ticket, maybe even receive a free gift. Then there are the mcs, and other people presenting a business offer. In the past it ranged from foreclosure list, to government grants, to 900 numbers. Many people will make the purchase of the packages for sale, most will try it for a few days and if nothing happens for them, well theyll just give up.

What we do here is give you the information from the source. The agency, institution or company that owns the property, or gives the grants. This way you get the most accurate information available. Some in our list have mailing list. Youre information is up-to-date.

Come and JOIN GOVERNMENT DEALS and we can achieve goals together.

Government Deals Foreclosures, Auctions, Grants Thank You

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