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How to Use Online Real Estate Auctions

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Hear From Vendors Who Have Had Success With Online Auctions

AuctionNow is a leading online auction provider, leveraging the latest technology to allow buyers to bid online no matter where they are. Find out more about AuctionNow here.

We recently sold our home in Bellevue Hill online whilst in lockdown in Germany due to COVID-19. The auctioneer Damien Cooley and agent Elliott Wasserman were both in the room running the online auction. The successful buyer was bidding online from their home in Surry Hills. We were thrilled with the result and thrilled with AuctionNow. Thank you!


Best For Real Estate: Auctioncom

We chose as the best real estate online auction website because users can buy bank-owned and foreclosed homes at auction prices. Some listings have bids starting at just $1, and some properties arent for sale yet but are likely to head to auction.

  • Many deals close within five weeks

  • Offers a mobile app

  • Access photos and local market data for each property listed

  • Properties sold as-is

  • Most listings are cash-only

  • Some listings require the buyer to pay a buyers premium of 5% or $2,500, whichever is higher

With 6.3 million registered buyers and $52 billion in sales to date, is a leader in the online real estate space. It operates in all 50 states and helps buyers purchase foreclosed, short-sale, and bank-owned residential properties quicklymany deals close in a little over a monthmaking it the best for real estate auctions.

Most vacant properties have photos of both the outside and the inside. Occupied properties dont usually show inside photos, and instead share outside and aerial views.

Each listing is sold as-is, so a buyer should perform due diligence before bidding on a property. They should also secure financing before bidding because closing can happen quickly, often in under five weeks.

Not all properties have a buyers premium, but there is always an earnest money deposit. You can filter the listings to avoid a property with a buyers premium.

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Payment Options: Plan Ahead

Buying a property at auction usually requires a lot of cash. Each auction company and county government has its own requirements for payment, but you will probably need cash just to secure your right to bid. Down payment amounts and methods of purchasing often depend on the property and the auction house. More flexible financing options may be available by purchasing a bank-owned property the traditional way.

As for payment, bidders at an auction should bring cash, a money order, or a cashiers check for the sum required by the auction holder. Typically, you will have to pay for the property in full immediately after winning the auction. Occasionally, you may have until the next day to complete payment. Failure to complete the payment may result in forfeiting your deposit and being banned from future auctions. Be prepared to provide proof of funds to show you can complete the purchase. If you are bidding as an entity, such as an LLC, a trust, or a limited partnership instead of as an individual, you may need to show your entity documents.

Also, be sure that you understand the auction fees you will be expected to cover. Homes purchased at auctions many times have costs and fees from auctioneers, banks, attorneys, and other companies required to bring the property to the auction, says Humes. It is not uncommon to find 10% auction fees, bank interest and penalties, attorney fees, 12% sale carrying fees, and property preparation fees that are passed on to the buyer.

Multiple Listing Service Data

How do Online Real Estate Auctions work?

Direct multiple listing service reports are far more valuable to potential buyers than online listings, according to White, because they contain the full data for the listing, including photos and, most important, nonpublic broker comments. Non-public comments are important because they specify critical information impacting sale price and days-on-market, says White. This information can cover property defects, financing options, occupancy, and tenant leases.

The best way to assess an auction property is to work with real estate agents, appraisers, and contractors. These industry representatives understand construction and remodeling costs and can accurately estimate the propertys value and the cost of the work it may need.

While rules vary by location, MLS and county records are often only available to real estate licensees, according to White. In his experience, they are usually happy to help free of charge if you contact them.

White also notes that in-person auctions have been disappearing because even smaller counties have been moving them online. Miami and Palm Beach are two locations where both tax and foreclosure auctions are now fully online.

Keep in mind that foreclosure auctions are often postponed or canceled, even at the last minute. The lender might not have obtained all the paperwork it needs, or the borrower may have worked out a solution to avoid foreclosure.

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Top Online Real Estate Auction Websites

September 28, 2018 By Jorge Vazquez

Real estate auctions have continued in popular, especially as people reply more on technology to buy and sell homes, and digital auctions increase in their popularity. Auction web sites are also a great way for real estate investors and homebuyers to efficiently locate and purchase real estate at outstanding prices.

In this article, we briefly review four of the top online real estate auction websites, giving you the pros and the cons of each, to help real estate investors make more money. And at the end, we give you a bonus list of real estate auction websites you should investigate.

Can You Refinance The Auctioned Property After You Buy It

When you buy a home at auction, delayed financing is the only way to refinance your home after the purchase has been finalized. This program allows borrowers to pay cash for a home, then begin the refinancing process the very next day. This allows you to extract some of the cash you used to pay for the home.

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Youll Have To Have Cash

There are great deals to be found at online auctions, but most of these are paid out in cash. When you buy a house with cash whether its at auction or through the traditional housing market you wont be working with a mortgage lender to help finance the purchase, so youll need to be prepared with a substantial amount of money upfront in order to purchase the property. At cash-only online auctions, cash is also required in order to get the property appraised.

How To Build An Auction Platform For Real Estate

How to bid on an online real estate auction

The first mentions of live auctions date to the fifth century BC. Since then, the process of taking bids to buy or sell goods and services has been transformed a number of times. It was entirely reborn in the 17th century, when so-called candle auctions were initiated by Englishmen who wanted to sell and buy goods and leaseholds. During these auctions, people could continue bidding literally until the candle went out. This helped to make bidding fair, as nobody knew whose was going to be the final bid.

Modern auctions take place both offline and online, allowing participants to bid on pieces of art, clothing, home appliances, cars, and real estate. The latter is the subject of this article, in which you will learn how real estate auctions work and get a step-by-step explanation of what it takes to create a bidding platform. At the same time, if youre considering adding auction functionality to your existing real estate platform, this article is also for you.

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What Are The Risks Of Buying A Home Through An Online Real Estate Auction

There are many advantages of online home auctions, but there are risks to consider as well. Online auctions are usually navigated by real estate investors, who have experience with some of the common problems of online auctions. If youre considering buying a home to live in or an investment property of your own through an online auction, you should proceed with caution.

Youll Be Competing Against Experienced Real Estate Investors

Auctions have traditionally been the domain of real estate investors, but online auctions have opened auctions to all types of buyers. However, youll likely find yourself bidding against these investors at some point.

For that reason, it can be helpful to watch a few online auctions before participating in one yourself. This will give you an opportunity to learn how they work.

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Ensuring Mobility For Users

Modern real estate auctions are nothing more than mobile apps that bring together buyers and sellers and allow them to engage in the bidding process in real time. One of the major things your auction users expect from this type of software is mobility. Connecting users and keeping them updated about an ongoing auction in real time becomes possible with the following features:

Messaging allows users to text each other and receive replies right in the app.

Notifications keep users informed about in-app messages received, new listings that appear, upcoming auctions, new properties within the area of interest, and more. We explained how to implement push notifications in your app in one of our previous articles.

Location awareness makes it possible for users to search by their current location, by typing in a specific address, or by drawing a selected area on the map.

Real-time bidding allows users to place bids and check bids placed by others in real time.

Sharing properties via text messages, messenger apps, email, and social media is another component that helps platform users achieve mobility and ensure smooth user interactions.

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Types Of Real Estate Auctions

Online Commercial Real Estate Auctions

There are three types of real estate auctions:

  • Minimum bid auction, where the seller can set a minimum reserve price on a property and buyers bid starting from the reserve
  • Absolute auction, where no reserve exists and the property is sold to the highest bidder
  • Reserve auction, where a minimum bid is not disclosed and the seller reserves the right to accept or reject the highest bid within a specified period of time

Most online real estate auctions have a minimum opening bid.

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Conducting Market And Competitors Research

Its always good to start a product development process by conducting market and competitor research. At Sloboda Studio, we recommend performing a discovery phase before the development stage for a deeper analysis of the product idea, requirements, and evaluation of the possible challenges and solutions.

As usual, a discovery phase helps to determine different aspects of the future product development, such as:

  • Niche
  • Wireframes

What The Auctioneer And Agent Are Responsible For

  • Do everything in your power to minimise any potential disruption.
  • Be transparent about bidding and pricing from the outset.
  • Make sure all the paperwork is correct.
  • Provide the auction conditions during the registration process.
  • Provide written authority upfront.
  • Provide full details of auction conditions. For example, the vendor reserves the right to bring the auction forward. If this is a condition, you need to make all parties who are prospective purchasers aware of the auction date being brought forward, to get the best possible price to your vendor. Prospective purchasers should be sent a text to advise if they wish to be emailed or texted the notification. They can then opt in to have a wish to be notified communication. Give them reasonable time, such as 24 hours and say, This is when the auction will commence.
  • Make sure bidders have a unique identifying code or card.
  • A prospective purchaser must sign the authority so that they know that the auctioneer will bind them to the contract if theyre the successful bidder. They must be aware that the auctioneer will be signing the contract on their behalf, binding them to the sale if they are the successful bidder.
  • Determine how the deposit will be paid.
  • Make sure the purchaser is aware that the auction will be recorded and that there will be bids by way of audio link or phone.

Running an online auction for your vendor soon?

Try Realtair Sell to take advantage of selling by Hybrid Auction

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How Can You Tell If An Online Auction Site Is Legit

Before buying and selling on an online auction site, look at its reputation. You can usually find real reviews on social media sites like Reddit or Facebook. Legitimate auction sites offer privacy, security, and dispute resolution.

Its important to understand that while an online auction site might be legit, there are unscrupulous buyers and sellers on most platforms. Check seller reviews before bidding on an item, and if youre a seller on a platform that allows buyer reviews, like on eBay, look at their reviews, too.

Auction Items For Sale In Alberta

Buying Real Estate through an Online Auction

Legal: Lot 4, Plan 5195CL

Selling a Very Nice Property with a Very Large Lot, Fenced Yard & Located Right Beside the School

An 896 Sq Ft Home that is Full Kitchen, 2 Bedrooms & 1 Bathroom Upstairs, Plus a Full Suite with 2 Bedrooms, 1 Bathroom & a Complete Kitchen located Downstairs & a Shared Laundry.

Located on a 38,709.67 Sq Ft Lot with a 26’x40′ 3 Car Garage that is Heated & has 100 Amp Service. Natural Gas, Plus a Water Well & Pump are also Located on the Property.

The Basement Suite Rents out of $800.00 Per Month.

Zoned: R2

Taxes: $1804.32 for 2021

Open Houses: Sunday, June 19th from 1 to 4 p.m. & Saturday June 25th from 1 to 4 p.m. or by Appointment. Owner’s Phone: 780-881-9463

Real Estate Transactions are being Handled by Hill Realty Inc. – Norm Hill 449-5622 & Allen Olson 783-0556

Real Estate Terms & Conditions: 10 % Down on Sale Day. Balance & Possession on or before August 12th, 2022. If Balance is NOT RECEIVED by August 12th, 2022 the Deposit will be Forfeited as Liquidation Damages. All measurements are approximate and need to be verified by the purchaser. Online Bidding Fees Apply – 4% up to a Max. of $800.00 per Item.

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Why Is Real Estate Sold In Online Auctions

Homes are sold at auction for a variety of reasons, and the sellers can be homeowners, lenders, municipalities or even the U.S. government. For instance, the government sometimes seizes properties for failure to pay property tax, and homes can sometimes be foreclosed on for a borrowers failure to make their mortgage payments.

When this happens, the home is sold at auction. Lets look at some of the most common reasons homes are sold at online auctions.

Search And Navigation Features

Search, and Filters are must-have features for a real estate auction website. However, it is also vital to include filtering. So, the users can also specify the property details.

Such an advanced search allows the users to narrow the search down by filtering out the properties by specific criteria such as:

  • location

Hudson and Marshall Sorting

Recently Viewed Properties

The recently viewed property feature helps users go back to search results they viewed earlier and return to properties they viewed before.

It is convenient when a real estate auction platform allows adding properties to favorites.

Relevant Recommendations

All the searches performed by buyers can be saved to create personalized recommendations for each user based on their previous searches.

This feature helps to provide smoother communication between the users and the platform and improves the user experience in general.

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How Buying A House At Auction Works

The benefits of buying at auction include expanding your options and possibly purchasing at a discount. You may face less competition to buy an auction house compared with buying in the traditional way, but you will also be dealing with a different pool of potential buyersoften, experienced investors.

Perhaps the biggest risk of buying at auction is that you will have limited knowledge of the properties for sale, making an expensive misstep a real possibility. Also, as with any real estate purchase, you will need to read, understand, and sign lots of paperwork .

Real-estate lore is rich with tales of homes bought at auction for well below , and such bargains do exist. However, auctions are typically a riskier way to acquire property than buying through the usual process. That reality makes it vitally important to be well educated as to how real estate auctions work and prudent about the properties you consider bidding on.

Many people incorrectly believe that auction homes are a good deal, says John Myers, a real estate agent and qualifying broker with Myers & Myers Real Estate in Albuquerque, N.M. Some auction homes are a good deal, and others can be a big mistake.

To help you avoid making a big mistake, here are the basics of residential property auctions, so you can decide if this option might work for youwhether you want to live in the property or use it purely as an investment.


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