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Bankruptcy Lawyers In New York

Which Type Of Bankruptcy Is Right For Me In New York

Rochester, NY | Robert A. Schwartz | Bankruptcy Attorneys

Only an analysis of your particular situation and your goals can properly answer that.

If youre not sure if bankruptcy or which Chapter in bankruptcy is your best option, reach out to our White Plains, NY Chapter 7 bankruptcy law office. Theres no question that filing for bankruptcy is an emotional decision, particularly when its tied to a marital conflict or death in the family. You need to talk to a caring attorney at a bankruptcy law firm who can help you get the debt relief that you need.

Free Bankruptcy Filing With Upsolve

Unfortunately, managing the cost of hiring a bankruptcy attorney is all but unavoidable if youâre filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Because the process of filing bankruptcy under Chapter 13 is quite complex, itâs not generally advisable to complete this process without investing in experienced legal guidance and support. However, Chapter 13 filers may be able to request a flexible payment plan from whatever law firm they are working with. Sometimes, the âsimpleâ act of spreading out the cost of attorneysâ fees over time through an installment plan is enough to make paying for an attorneyâs services manageable.

Can Anyone File Bankruptcy

Anyone can file bankruptcy, but there are limitations regarding which form of bankruptcy is permissible. Qualifying for Chapter 7 requires a means test that evaluates income, debt levels, and income left over each month after paying basic obligations. Income over the median set by the court and monthly income that allows meaningful payments toward unsecured debt can disqualify filers from Chapter 7, which is generally the preferred form of bankruptcy due to the possibility of a full discharge. Anyone can file Chapter 13 bankruptcy, but the terms are less favorable. In most cases, some debts must be repaid following a successful filing. Chapter 13 is also more likely to result in asset forfeiture.

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Toys R Us Liquidation May Put Jobs Paychecks And Severance At Risk

Toys R Us filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy last fall, but their recent announcement of liquidation of their stores could put employees at risk.

When a large corporation files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, the effects are felt by many. The Toys R Us liquidation is no expectation here in New Jersey. Attorney John Scura speaks with News 12 about what this means for employees as well as for customers who hold gift cards.

Scura, Wigfield, Heyer, Stevens & Cammarota, LLC encourages employees to check how their pensions are set up and make sure they are covered.

News 12 New Jersey

Posted: Mar 15, 2018

A possible liquidation of all Toys R Us stores in the United States could put 30,000 people out of work.

The Wayne-based toy retail giant apparently broke the news to its employees Wednesday, according to a toy industry analyst. The chain filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection last fall.

Bankruptcy attorney John Scura says pensions for large corporations like Toys R Us are typically set up in separate, protected funds but this is the first thing employees should check.

“There could be a shortfall on certain payments that are made to it, Scura says.

Do I Need To File For Bankruptcy

Shenwick &  Associates

If you are unsure about whether bankruptcy is right for you, its important to talk to a professional. Filing for bankruptcy is a huge decision that can have a big impact on your life. You should think about filing for bankruptcy if you have already exhausted other debt-relief options, including:

  • Debt settlement. This process involves negotiating a settlement with your creditors in which you will pay them a single lump-sum payment in exchange for forgiveness of the remaining debt.
  • Debt negotiation. Debt negotiation is similar to debt settlement. In some cases, you may be able to negotiate your debt and enter into a repayment plan at a lower interest rate, or a repayment plan that ultimately leads to you repaying a portion of the debt.
  • Debt consolidation. Debt consolidation involves combining all of your debts into a single payment. This can improve debt management and may be available at a lower interest rate.
  • Mortgage refinancing. If you are at risk of losing your home, you should talk to your mortgage lender about various options.

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Is It Normal To Feel Embarrassed Or Ashamed About Filing

Absolutely. Look, in reality, no one feels good about filing for Bankruptcy. However, once the process is done, many of our clients say that they feel as if a weight has been lifted. We understand the feelings youre going through, and thats why we walk you through the process every step of the way.

Usa New York Bankruptcy/restructuring

The focus is on corporate bankruptcy and restructuring and the legal processes related to distressed businesses, which can either be reorganized or go into liquidation. Also, especially in the current economic environment, the chapter includes lawyers who advise on acquisition opportunities that arise out of distressed businesses. Lawyers in this chapter assist clients such as corporate debtors, investors and asset purchasers, secured and unsecured creditors and creditors` committees, bondholders, insurers, directors of distressed companies and any other interested parties in corporate restructurings and bankruptcy proceedings. In addition to transactional work, bankruptcy also covers any related litigation, such as disputes between such parties in connection with distressed companies and Chapter 11 and Chapter 7 processes.

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Top Questions To Ask When Hiring An Attorney

  • How many years have you been practicing law? How long have you practiced law in the local area?
  • How many cases similar to mine have you handled in the past?
  • What is the likely outcome for my case?

In legal practice, experience matters. An experienced attorney will likely have handled issues similar to yours many, many times. Therefore, after listening to your situation, the attorney should have a reasonable idea of the time line for a case like yours and the likely resolution.

Welcome: To Long Islands Bankruptcy Foreclosure Negotiation & Modification Law Firm

Law Office of William Waldner – Bankruptcy Attorney in White Plains, NY

Our consultations are free, but our legal advice may be invaluable.

Ronald D. Weiss, ESQ. is a Long Island bankruptcy, foreclosure, negotiation and modification lawyer, who since 1988 has represented individuals and businesses in the greater Long Island and New York areas undergoing financial hardship. Ron started the Law Office of Ronald D. Weiss, P.C. in 1993 as a law firm focused on Debt Solutions, or the utilization of various legal tools to help resolve a broad range of debt challenges faced by our clients. The law firm advises and represents individuals and businesses going through economic challenges, monetary difficulties, creditor problems and/or overwhelming debt. The law firm approaches each case with creative, clever, customized and compassionate debt solutions that may involve negotiation, litigation, bankruptcy, and/or other legal options. Every matter coming to our law office is treated as a unique situation that deserves our offices collective wisdom, knowledge and skills in working the legal system to help resolve our clients financial challenges and debt problems.

We can help with effective, affordable and uniquely customized legal options to virtually any financial difficulty.

or for a free phone and/or office consultation with Ronald D. Weiss, Esq.

Let our law firm explain to you how we can help resolve your financial difficulties by representing you in the following:

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What Can A New York Bankruptcy Lawyer Do For Me

  • Explaining and guiding you through the bankruptcy process,
  • Analyzing your financial situation,
  • Evaluating your assets and obligations,
  • Advising you regarding which exemptions to claim,
  • Preparing and reviewing your bankruptcy petition,
  • Attending meetings with your creditors ,
  • Following up with your creditors to stop any post-filing collection efforts,
  • Representing you in any litigation that may arise out of the bankruptcy, and
  • Attending hearings on your behalf.

We Help You With Your Debt And To Rebuild Your Credit Score

Debt worries many of the clients who contact us. As experts in bankruptcy and credit reconstruction services we can help you. On our website we have answered many of the questions that we usually receive in the office.

Remember that this is only general information and contacting us will allow us to study your case in depth and give you a personalized solution. Below are links to different articles that will guide you through different debt-related issues.

These are just a few samples of our services and questions covered in different articles that may arise to you in times of financial difficulties.

If you have further questions about bankruptcy, debt or financial recovery, we are at your service. Do not hesitate to send us an email, book your private consultation or call us directly.

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New York City Bankruptcy Lawyers

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Real People Real Results

Harvey R. Miller, Renowned Bankruptcy Lawyer, Dies at 82

Diane E.


I worked with William on an extremely difficult and stressful bankruptcy case. William is terrific! Responsive and caring attorney who got a very bizarre situation resolved for me, was able to work with my mortgage company and get me my life back! Even long after my case was discharged he continues to be there for questions and support to the point where I now consider him a treasured college and dare I say friend. Very knowledgeable in bankruptcy law, super communicative and caring.

Rohan M.


With my experience, you’ve done a great job, everything went quickly and Smooth. Your explanation and guidance was clear and very easy to follow. I was very satisfied and would highly recommend your law firm.

Luis T.


My experience with the Law Office of William Waldner was extremely beneficial. The process for me was frightening at first but Mr. Waldner made me feel at ease. It was a great experience during which he helped me by explaining everything clearly, working with me on payments, which were affordable. The entire atmosphere was professional, quick and efficient. Everything was fast and simple and I would highly recommend his services to anyone.

Chris Z.


Shawn H.


Steven S.

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What Documents Does A Bankruptcy Attorney Need

When you have your first meeting with a bankruptcy attorney, you should bring all of the documents that you will need to file bankruptcy. This includes records of all outstanding debt obligations and proof of all income sources and assets. You should also bring copies of your last two years of tax returns.

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Free New York Bankruptcy Attorney Consultation

There are many other pros and cons to filing bankruptcy. Some of these may impact only a small number of people, but may impact them significantly. It is important that you evaluate all options before filing and fully understand its implications. Our attorneys thoroughly understand the bankruptcy process and have been helping clients evaluate the pros and cons of filing bankruptcy for years. If you are curious as to whether bankruptcy can help your situation, contact Moshes Law P.C. today.

How Will An Attorney Charge Me

100K New York Businesses Will ‘Disappear’: Bankruptcy Lawyer

A reputable attorney will be very upfront about how he/she will charge you. The three most common fee structures that attorneys use to charge for their services are:

  • Bill by the hour
  • Contingent fee agreement
  • Flat fee agreement

Depending on your specific legal situation, its possible that only one type of fee structure is available. For instance, criminal defense attorneys almost always bill by the hour. In a flat fee arrangement, an attorney accepts a one-time payment to help you resolve your issue. With a contingent fee agreement, the client pays little to nothing upfront and the attorney receives a percentage of the money recovered if you win your case.

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Why Use Our Office Effective Intelligent Compassionate And Affordable Debt Relief Solutions

We uniquely approach debt and financial hardship from the perspective of our clients who are usually looking for a solid and thoughtful overview of all their legal options. We provide a customized layout of the main possibilities to improve and resolve situations of financial hardship and give detailed recommendations as how to proceed. The alternatives that we present are effective and affordable debt relief options that are tailored for each clients particular situation. We patiently listen to our clients and based on many years of experience, we can confidently, intelligently and creatively represent our clients by aggressively, passionately and energetically fighting their legal and financial battles. .

Learn More From A Debt Relief Lawyer In New York

At the Law Office of Simon Goldenberg, PLLC, we believe that each client is unique. As a result, we will customize your strategy to help you achieve your own personal goals for debt relief. We are relentless when it comes to helping our clients eliminate their excessive debts and we will go the extra mile to help you experience financial freedom. Regardless of whether you are overwhelmed with medical bills, credit cards, or other debts, with our help, you could have your debts discharged through bankruptcy, thus allowing you to rebuild your credit and your finances from the ground up.

Our office understands that some client’s may have special circumstances requiring certain attention from their bankruptcy attorney. We are committed to assisting each and every client in meeting their particular needs.

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A Super Lawyer With Over 35 Years Of Bankruptcy Experience

Michael J. OConnor has been helping clients with debt problems since 1980. Mr. OConnor has been listed in Super Lawyers magazine every year since 2007. Only five percent of all New York metro attorneys are listed as Super Lawyers.

In addition, Mr. OConnor has been listed in the Best Lawyers in America, a publication that recognizes legal excellence. In fact, Mr. OConnor has received numerous awards, recognitions and achievements, including:

  • New York State Bar Association Presidents Award for Pro Bono Services, 1989, 1993, 2007
  • United States District Court, Northern District of New York and Federal Bar Association Distinguished Counsel Award, 2007
  • Past president Capital Region Bankruptcy Bar Association
  • Empire Counsel Group of the New York State Bar Association
  • Listed in The Best Lawyers in America, 2002 present
  • Selected for inclusion in Super Lawyers list, 2007-present
  • Board-certified in consumer and commercial bankruptcy The American Board Of Certification
  • Recipient of distinguished counsel award for pro bono services, Legal Aid Society of Northeastern New York

Our Personable Customized And Creative Approach To Debt Solutions


The Law Office of Ronald D. Weiss, P.C. analyzes each clients case individually, based on the cases specific facts and the needs of the client. Our goal is to give our clients highly effective representation that is at the same time compassionate and affordable. Often we look at using the above referenced debt solution tools bankruptcy, litigation and/or negotiation as potential alternatives or as part of a larger approach, where they are used to reinforce and build on each other. In each clients situation we look at and consider all options, in terms of feasibility, risks vs. benefits, timing, costs and methodology. We develop with our clients a plan to best maximize the chances of successfully resolving burdensome debt and strategize to effectively overcome our clients economic challenges. .

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