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Sound Too Good To Be True

Symposium: Consumer Journeys Through Debt Relief

Some debt settlement companies may âguaranteeâ to lower your monthly credit card or loan payments or to reduce your payments by 50 percent or more. Other companies might tell you that they have âinsider tipsâ or special expertise in lowering your interest rates on your credit cards. Remember: if a promise sounds too good to be trueâit usually is.

Consumer Proposal Acton Ontario Alternatives & Important Things You Need To Know

What is a consumer proposal, and could it be the best option for my situation?

If you are looking to consolidate your debts, one option available is to file a Consumer Proposal in Acton. This is a legal process governed by the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act between yourself and your creditors to pay back a portion of the debt you owe. The amount of debt that you repay is mainly based on your income and what assets you own.

A Consumer Proposal can only be setup by a bankruptcy trustee and costs around $1,500. Youll pay an initial setup fee, and if it is accepted by your creditors, you will pay the balance to proceed. In addition, the trustee will keep 20% of your future payments as your Consumer Proposal administration fee. For the proposal to be legally binding, the creditors who own the majority of your debt must agree to the arrangement. If they do, then you will be required to repay the agreed upon amount over a maximum term of 5 years.

Message From Consumer Debt Help Association Llc

The owner of Consumer Debt Help Association was a manager for one of the largest mortgage companies in the United States. In 2008 when the housing market crashed there was such a huge need for Consumer Debt Services since so many Americans were struggling. The owner founded Consumer Debt Help Association derived from that need, and has been helping Americans ever since.

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Debt Negotiation Specialist Reviews

Consumer Debt Help Association, LLC helped me recover from the mistakes of my 20s in just 3 years. They took my money monthly and provided me with consistent contact. If I had any questions, the answers were there. If I felt embarrassed or ashamed, I received no judgement or additional stress. If a particular month was too difficult to get through, the representatives never made me feel pressured or judged for cancelling a payment. The staff, specifically Carol, we friendly and always empathetic. The weight off my shoulders is fabulous, and I would recommend Consumer Debt Help Association, LLC to anyone who thinks they are too deep into financial troubles.

Justin S. / Merchant Circle

National Consumer Debt Help I would highly recommend to anyone who has multiple credit card debts. They were so helpful and kind. Marie wad my agent v and I became friends with her, she is now retired and I wish her the best. Everyone I have dealt with has been very professional. I especially appreciate the total transparency about how Debt Settlement program works and how easy it was regarding the debt program. It is such a wonderful feeling knowing consumer debt was there by my side and so caring and helpful. It was a no brainer with no money, if Consumer Debt relief does not settle your debt. Now I can sleep better knowing Im debt free. Again thanks!!!

Adams L. / Merchant Circle

Amy S. / Better Business Bureau

Pam F. / Merchant Circle

Freddie / Merchant Circle

What Does Consumer Debt Help Association Charge


Consumer Debt Help Association operates on a contingency fee basis. Companies operating under a contingency fee model charge fees that are based upon a percentage of the debt at the time the consumer enrolled occasionally they are based on a percentage of the savings negotiated by the debt-settlement company. Across the industry in general, debt settlement clients typically see a 45% to 60% reduction of their enrolled debt.

Consumer Debt Help Association charges fees of 15% of the enrolled debt.

Debt relief service pricing / costs can vary greatly from one client to another so it’s best to speak to Consumer Debt Help Association directly to determine an accurate quote.

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Debt Settlement & Consolidation

Save money by settling or consolidating your debt. Debt settlement is the process of negotiating with one or more creditors to reduce the balances owed by debtors. Debt consolidation can lower interest rates and monthly payments, protect your credit rating and help you get out of debt faster.

Debt Relief Service And Credit Repair Scams

Debt relief service scams target consumers with significant credit card debt by falsely promising to negotiate with their creditors to settle or otherwise reduce consumers’ repayment obligations. These operations often charge cash-strapped consumers a large up-front fee, but then fail to help them settle or lower their debts if they provide any service at all. Some debt relief scams even tout their services using automated “robocalls” to consumers on the Do-Not-Call List.

Auto loan modification scams falsely promise that they can reduce consumers’ monthly car loan or lease payments to help them avoid repossession. The FTC also works to make sure consumers get a fair deal in the auto marketplace.

The FTC has brought scores of law enforcement actions against these bogus credit-related services, and the agency has partnered with the states to bring hundreds of additional lawsuits. Further, in 2010, the FTC amended its Telemarketing Sales Rule to protect consumers seeking debt relief services, like debt settlement or credit counseling. The Rule prohibits for-profit companies that sell these services over the telephone from charging a fee before they actually settle or reduce a consumer’s debt. It also prohibits debt relief providers from making misrepresentations and requires that they disclose key information that consumers need in evaluating these services.


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Consumer Debt Help Association Scam Complaint Review Or Praise

Please share your experience with this debt relief company and provide your review and feedback, in the comments section below.

The goal of this page is to allow people to share information that may be important to help others to make a more informed decision regarding their experience with this debt relief company. Here are some potential questions you might be able to provide feedback about.

  • How did you feel about the customer service experience you received?
  • Was the company easy to communicate with before or after you became a client?
  • Did the company respond to your communications promptly?
  • What were the fees charged for the services you received?
  • Did the company give you the terms and conditions for the program you were interested in before you gave them any personal information?
  • Was the program successful for you and accomplish the goals you had when you entered the program?
  • Did you have a really good experience you can share?
  • Did you have a bad experience you want to share?
  • Is there any other information youd like people to know that might be considering the services of this company?

Q Will The Creditors Offer Me Settlements Directly

Veritas Legal Plan

Most likely, yes. Since Consumer Debt Help Association works with these creditors and collection agencies everyday we build relationships with the collectors and this may help us obtain lower settlements than you can obtain on your own. We are here to work in your best interest and the collectors job is to collect the most they can for the banks. Since all we do is negotiate debt everyday we are aware of the different methods that these creditors try and use to collect the most that they can and we work very hard to obtain the lowest possible settlements. We also require the creditors send letters directly to us outlining the settlement before a payment is made to them so that the payments will be credited correctly and not just go towards the balance on the account.

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We Can Help You Achieve Financial Freedom

We are a debt negotiation firm with over 15 years of financial experience. We deal with collection agencies, credit card companies, banks, etc.and have a great rapport and track record of effective settlements with them. We work strictly on a performance basis, no results, no fee, therefore this is a win-win situation.

What Types Of Debt Do We Negotiate

We are proud to have a strong team of certified debt negotiators. We are able to negotiate most unsecured debts, and are especially successful with major credit card issuers and banks. This is extremely helpful as most of our clients have significant credit card balances.

Were also able to negotiate:

Lines of Credit & Personal Loans

A line of credit is similar to a credit card in that you are given access to funds up to a set limit. With a line of credit, you borrow as needed up to your limit. A personal loan is money lent to a person, typically with a fixed interest rate.

Some Student Debts

If a federal student loan has had past due payments for 270 days it is considered in default. Lenders require your student loans to be in or near default before starting negotiations for debt settlement. Private student loans very in time lines for default with the average being 120 days.

Medical Bills

Medical debt differs from other forms of debt as it is typically incurred by accident. This debt is the money owed due to health care costs as well as related expenses. Please contact us to learn about the consequences of choosing to pay off your medical debt with credit cards.

Charge Off & Repossessions

These two terms are not inter-relatable. A repossession is when a vehicle is taken and returned to the financier. A charge off is when the vehicle that money is owed on cannot be recovered. In this case, the loan valance is written off as bad debt.

Business Debts

IRS Debt & Back Taxes

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Q Will I Still Receive Harassing Phone Calls From My Creditors

Probably by law your creditors have a right to contact you for an owed debt. In most cases, creditors and collectors only way to collect is to call or write. This can become bothersome. Some negotiation companies send letters, such as Cease & Desist letters, to try and stop the calls, some companies just tell you to ignore the calls and dont answer. Cease & Desist letters letters will be sent on your behalf from Consumer Debt Help Association to try and ease the stress of aggressive collectors. The Cease & Desist letters will direct the creditors to continue to send all correspondence through mail and to contact our office directly by phone instead of calling you directly. Not every creditor will abide by the Cease & Desist letters but there are laws in place that protect you under the FDCPA, we will walk you through your rights.

What Happens After A Debt Collector Contacts You

Consumer Debt Help Association  The " Debt Specialist"

Within five days after a debt collector first contacts you, the collector must send you a written notice that tells you the name of the creditor, how much you owe, and what action to take if you believe you do not owe the money. If you owe the money or part of it, contact the creditor to arrange for payment. If you believe you do not owe the money, contact the creditor in writing and send a copy to the collection agency informing them with a letter not to contact you.

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Is The Company Licensed

Debt settlement/negotiation companies must be licensed by the Minnesota Department of Commerce. Consumers should never do business with a company that is not registered with the Department. Find out whether any company you intend to hire is licensed with the State Commerce Department by calling that agency at 539-1500 or by visiting the Departments website at and clicking on License Lookup. Note that Minnesotaâs debt settlement law exempts some attorneys from the requirement to register as debt settlement providers with the Department. To be exempt from registration, the attorney must be licensed or otherwise authorized to practice law in Minnesota and must not primarily practice in the area of debt settlement services or have a business relationship with a debt settlement services provider that involves the provision of debt settlement services.

File A Complaint About A Debt Collector

Report any problems you have with a debt collection company to your State Attorney General’s Office, the Federal Trade Commission , and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau . Many states have their own debt collection laws that are different from the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Your state Attorney Generals office can help you find out your rights under your states law.

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What Practices Are Off Limits For Debt Collectors

A debt collector may not:

  • Contact you at inconvenient times, for example, before 8 AM or after 9 PM, unless you agree to it.
  • Communicate with you at work if you tell the debt collector your employer disapproves.
  • Contact you after you send a letter to the collector telling them to stop, except to notify you if the creditor or collector plans to take a specific action.
  • Communicate with your friends, relatives, employer, or others except to find out where you live or work.
  • Harass you with repeated phone calls, profane language, or threats to harm you.
  • Make any false claim or statement that you will be arrested.
  • Threaten to have money deducted from your paycheck or to sue you, unless the collection agency or creditor intends to do so and it is legal.

Q What Fee Can I Expect For Your Service

How our program works.

A fee is only collected by us from your dedicated savings account at the time of settlement and only after the creditor receives the first payment on the settlement of that account. We simply earn a fee based on our performance, which is fully disclosed in your initial enrollment agreement and again at the time of settlement. Again, our performance fee is not earned unless we successfully settle each and every account separately and the first payment is made to the creditor on that account. Certain states have different fee restrictions, please contact one of our representatives to find out the exact fee amount in your state.

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Our Commitment To You

We are here to help YOU. The Consumer Debt Help Association was created to help people get freedom from the burden of debt. Our goal is to make a positive impact on your life through our debt negotiation expertise. Through our debt negotiations, we are providing a way for you to become and continue to live debt free. We respect your privacy and will never outsource or sell your personal information. Our negotiation experts are here to provide you with all the support, guidance and information you need togo through this process. We want you to be fully informed and will share our vast knowledge regarding debt negotiation. Our company complies with the AFCC, IAPDA, USOBA, and other industry organizations. We are proud to have a team of IAPDA Certified Debt Arbitrators as our negotiators with years of experience settling debts for all our clients.

More Information About Us & How We Approach Things

Weve provided non-profit consumer credit counselling since 1996. Usually around 95% of people who contact us are typically helped for free. The only time someone pays for our services is if they decide to go onto our Debt Management Program . This consolidates all of someones credit card and other unsecured debt payments into one affordable monthly payment that has significantly reduced or 0 interest. This program protects peoples privacy, allows them to restore their credit, eliminates their debt, and gets their finances back on track as quickly as possible. Its just one of many tools we have to help people.

To benefit from one of our highly trained credit and debt counsellors having a look at your financial circumstances and working with you to see your choices for getting things back on track, give us a call now at . Our help is free, confidential, and non-judgmental. The only thing youve got to lose is your debt.

Need some help?

Get Relief From Your Stress & Debt Today

With Canadas most trusted and highest accredited non-profit credit counselling service available in Canada here for you, whats holding you back?

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Q What Types Of Debts Can Be Settled

We can attempt to settle any type of unsecured account. Unsecured represents any account that you have that is not secured with collateral or lien. Such accounts being credit cards, past due medical bills, lines of credit, personal loans, collection accounts, and deficiency balances on repossessed cars or even deficiency balances on foreclosures.

Q Who Is Holding My Money While Im Waiting On A Settlement

Save your money. Consumer debt help association is mainly specialize in ...

Your funds will be held in a dedicated savings account that is opened in your name and is FDIC insured. You will own these funds and have full control over them until they are used for settlements. Consumer Debt Help Association recommends the services provided by Global Client Solutions for this dedicated savings account.

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Find A Reputable Counselor

Find a reputable credit counseling organization by contacting LSS Financial Counseling Service at 577-2227 or or the National Foundation for Credit Counseling at 388-2227 or Before you use any credit counseling organization, also check with the Better Business Bureau at:

Better Business Bureau of Minnesota and North Dakota220 South River Ridge CircleBurnsville, MN 55337

Try to find an organization that will help you for free as part of its mission.


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