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Free Foreclosure Homes Listings

Understanding Home Foreclosure Listings

How To Find Pre-Foreclosure Listings For Free

Finding a foreclosed home for sale has never been easier. There are a lot of websites that specialize in them. Pre-foreclosure, short sale, sheriffs sale, and real estate held are all examples of foreclosures. Hence, the reduced cost of a foreclosed home is a significant benefit.

Moreover, the potential for a home to be in poor condition, the length of the purchase process, and competition from professional flippers are all negatives. Foreclosed properties might take advantage of a number of government-backed financing options.

Multiple-listing service publications and websites, online real estate searches, bank offices and websites, and local newspapers are all good places to look for home foreclosure listings/properties. Property that is being foreclosed on may not be featured in local multiple-listing systems instead, it may simply be noted in the property description.

A more direct approach is to use one of the many websites that specialize in home foreclosure listings and properties, such as Fannie Maes Some banks, such as Bank of America, provide sections dedicated to assisting you in your search for a foreclosed home.

Lenders are increasingly selling seized assets through real estate agents, so dont be afraid to inquire about chances with a real estate broker or agent. Some real estate agents specialize in the sale of foreclosed homes.

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California Foreclosure Homes For Sale

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  • Flipscout On New Silver

    New Silver offers a free and easy-to-use tool for real estate investors to find their next investment property using filters. FlipScout uses property technology to provide detailed insights on each property that is listed, including the ROI, cap rate, gross yield, and more. FlipScout aims to assist real estate investors to find the most profitable deals in the form of properties listed on the market, foreclosed properties and auctions. One of the biggest benefits to FlipScout is that you can filter by location and foreclosed properties. There is also an array of investment calculators available, such as the rehab cost calculator to help real estate investors make more informed decisions.

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    Where Can I Find Listings For Foreclosure Auctions

    We offer listings for each stage of foreclosure: pre-foreclosure, foreclosure auctions and bank-owned listings. To find listings for foreclosure auctions, enter your search area on Zillow, then click Listing Type and choose Pre-Foreclosure under the Potential Listings heading. Any applicable listings for foreclosure auctions will come up in the search results. Pre-foreclosure information is free after you register with a free account.

    For Free Foreclosures Listing Sites

    Free Foreclosure Listings

    #1. Foreclosure Center on Zillow. The famous website, which both house sellers and purchasers make use of, has its own foreclosure search engine. You can create your own search strategy, filtering by price or region.

    #2. The Equators provides free foreclosure listings, as well as short sales, open market listings, and properties available through the Hubzu auction procedure.

    #3. is a website that helps people find their way home., which is owned by the Federal National Mortgage Association, or Fannie Mae. Provides free lists of thousands of houses in foreclosure that Fannie Mae is selling.

    #4. Foreclosures on Similarly,, which both buyers and sellers of new homes make use of, can assist you in finding foreclosures. You can narrow down your results by using a zip code and/or a city. While were on the subject of Realtors, you can also search for foreclosed properties directly with local real estate businesses and their agents.

    #5. Wells Fargo REO properties. You should note that Wells Fargo does not sell these properties directly. Youll need to get in touch with the listing agents or someone else who is familiar with the property.

    #6. This website is where you may learn how to take your first steps. The Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, or Freddie Mac, owns this website. Its also a database of foreclosed properties that Freddie Mac is selling to investors or potential buyers.

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    Best Foreclosure Sites For Finding Properties

    You may remember that foreclosures were a big part of the Great Recession. As the economy cratered, foreclosure filings soared. In the first half of 2010 alone, 1.65 million U.S. homes spun into foreclosure, according to data from ATTOM Data Solutions, a property database provider.

    10 years later, will the COVID-19 pandemic lead to a rash of foreclosures? That could spell a lot of hardship, but also an opportunity for investors to flip homes for profit as more American workers switch to full-time remote work, often in less-expensive cities and towns.

    Ongoing efforts to ease the pandemics economic impact including the CARES Act have slowed the foreclosure process, particularly for properties where mortgages were federally backed. But that stay doesnt apply to lenders or servicers of loans not backed by the government .

    Buying and flipping foreclosed homes might be a path to consider if you are building a home-selling business.It follows the maxim of buy low, sell high: buy a foreclosed home on the cheap, make the needed improvements, and sell at or above the market value.

    Nearly 11,700 American properties received a foreclosure filing default notices, bank repossessions or scheduled auctions in October, up 20% from September. The states with the highest foreclosure rates in October were South Carolina, Nebraska, Alabama, Louisiana, and Florida, according to ATTOM Data Solutions.

    How To Find Foreclosures In My Area For Free

  • Browse bank websites
  • Foreclosed properties that are owned by banks are often listed by the applicable bank on their websites, so this is a good place to start looking for foreclosures by filtering the search according to your area. Listings can be limited on these websites, so bear that in mind. If this is the case, you could also check Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac websites, as these websites often purchase mortgages from the banks.

  • Find government-owned listings
  • The Department of Housing and Urban Development has foreclosed homes listed on their website, and this is another way to look for foreclosed homes in your area at no cost. These foreclosed homes are owned by the HUD. Real estate investors can find properties in distress on this website and make an offer via the agent listed on the property. The catch here is that homes are sold as is, and there will be no repairs or fixes made to any homes on the website.

  • Check the county records
  • Your county will have information on record for the houses that are foreclosed and some of this is also posted online. You can usually search for these using the applicable ZIP code, or provide the county office with the ZIP code and find further information there. There will usually be some sort of bidding procedure which youll need to follow for these properties.

  • Browse foreclosure-specific platforms
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    How Can I Be The First To Know When A Property Is Listed

    Zillow offers a Property Alert email which will notify you when a propertys status changes . By getting a Property Alert email about a home, you will know very early in the process about a home that you are interested in. To create a Property Alert, go to any home details page, click More and select Get updates on this home.

    Find pre-foreclosures, foreclosure auctions, and bank-owned properties in your area.

    Foreclosurecom Delivers The Best Real Estate Deals First Well Before They Hit The Mass Market

    How To FIND FORECLOSURES for FREE!! (yes, really)

    As you know, perfect timing not just “location, location, location” is critical when it comes to purchasing a new home and/or investment property at the right price. That’s because competition drives prices up. At, we target low-priced distressed deals bank-owned homes, government foreclosures preforeclosure listings, real estate owned properties and foreclosure auctions, among others and pass them onto smart homebuyers .

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    Free Websites Listing Foreclosed Homes

    Tamsen holds several years of experience in the mortgage industry, working as a mortgage loan officer, mortgage closer, and branch manager.

    Learn about our Editorial Policy.

    When perusing free websites for foreclosed homes, be sure that you dont get convinced to enter a credit card number in order to fully access the database of the website. There are many sites available that charge nothing and offer accurate information, so there is no reason to pay to access the information you are looking for.

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    Free Foreclosed Home Listings

    ByZach Ford | Submitted On December 05, 2009

    It pays do your research about foreclosures and the potential of getting a good buy on your next home purchase. Do your homework online and with some patience and education you can find a new home or investment property. The best way to find your new home or investment is to check the current listings through foreclosure websites. Competition for listings has increased with all the talk about this hot topic but that doesnt mean you can not locate your dream home online with a little perseverance.

    Getting Started with Foreclosures is Easy!

    These foreclosure websites will help you with your research and give you the most comprehensive listings, with photos of the latest properties, maps and addresses to check out neighborhoods and other important details. You can check out real estate right across the country. There is no need to pay to start your research on available foreclosures just be sure to look for websites that offer a free 7-day trial. Do not pay for a membership at a site until you have established it as reputable and well managed.

    Browsing Online Foreclosure Listings for FREE!

    The Top 3 Foreclosure Listing Websites

    A great place to get started with foreclosure listings is the website, where you can find an in depth review of the top 3 foreclosure listings websites. All three of the reviewed websites offer a free 7-day trail, so head over and see what is available in your area today!

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    If You’re Shopping For Real Estate You Might Be Interested In Foreclosed Homes These Homes Are Often Sold At Auction So Finding Free Foreclosure Listings Will Help You Find Deals

    If you’re shopping for real estate, you might be interested in foreclosed homes. Lenders have repossessed these homes because homeowners have defaulted on their mortgages. These homes are often sold at auction, so finding free foreclosure listings will help you get a jump on those who might also take an interest in the property.

    Finding free foreclosure listings is as easy as picking up a newspaper or taking a trip to your county courthouse. Foreclosures are legal proceedings that are part of the public record therefore, anyone can access the information. When you’re conducting your search for real estate foreclosures, you’ll find two types of public notices: Notice of default and Notice of Sale .

    Best Premium Foreclosure Websites

    Foreclosed Homes In Safford Az

    Aside from the free options, it makes sense to review the best foreclosure website with a monthly subscription. Each real estate website listed below offer users more advanced search features and information for investors. If you are a real estate investor, you should definitely consider the foreclosure listing options on these premium sites.

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    Additional Ways To Find Foreclosed Homes

    • The MLS is a go-to for many real estate investors and home buyers and sellers to find listed homes. Finding foreclosed homes is no different, and you can easily do this through the MLS or other real estate websites.
    • Asset management companies are another resource for finding foreclosed homes. Some banks and lenders sell their foreclosed properties via asset management companies instead of doing it themselves. Companies like Keystone Asset Management, TREO and Bankers Asset Management.
    • Trusty real estate agents are another way to find foreclosed properties. They may have some homes in mind already, and theyre likely to point you in the right direction.

    Where Can I Find Listings For Bank

    There are several ways to find bank-owned properties:

    • MLS: Most lenders list their REO properties on the Multiple Listing Service , so any agent can help you identify REO offerings in your area.
    • Bank websites: Some banks have an entire department set up to sell REOs, and sections of their websites are dedicated to their listings.
    • Online specialists: Zillow has foreclosure listings for free. You can find foreclosure properties by using search filters on Zillows search and maps page. To find listings for bank-owned properties, enter your search area on Zillow, then click Listing Type and choose Foreclosures under the For Sale heading. Full foreclosure listing information is free after you register with a free account.

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    Prospecting Letters For Preforeclosure Listings

    In the digital communication world, there are endless ways to contact investment leads and homeowners in foreclosure. Writing letters can seem like a boring, tedious, or old-fashioned way to make contact, but it can actually be a particularly effective strategy for foreclosures. Since the recipients are not in their situation by choice, they should be approached with sensitivity and compassion, which is very difficult to do through online ads or messages.

    Sample preforeclosure letter

    Letters, on the other hand, can be personalized and handwritten in order to make the biggest impact. Write your prospecting letter from a template, but include personalized details about their neighborhood, local hot spots, or their interests if you are familiar with them. Keep the focus on communicating how you can benefit the owners as much as possible.

    Read more information about how to create and distribute real estate prospecting letters, and download a free preforeclosure template from our article: 9 Real Estate Prospecting Letter Templates for Lead Outreach.

    To further simplify the process, consider using a direct mail service like ProspectsPLUS! for the execution of your prospecting letters, like designing, printing, and even mailing. ProspectsPLUS! offers multiple resources and strategies for distributing your letters and direct mail, including EDDM and the Market Dominator direct mail strategy. Start looking through ProspectsPLUS! templates and mailing options for free.

    Purchase Online Preforeclosure Leads

    How to search for foreclosures on – Listing Type help video

    One of the most direct paths to buying a house in foreclosure is simply buying preforeclosure leads online. Some lead sources automatically send new leads to your inbox every day, which allows you to start marketing to leads immediately instead of spending hours or even days finding the lead before making contact.

    Purchasing leads is an optimal choice for buyers or investors who have a significant amount of competition in their area. By using a lead source like REDX or Landvoice, new leads are delivered directly to your inbox on a daily basis, and you can immediately utilize the power dialer to make contact more quickly. Other platforms, like and ArchAgent, have filtering capabilities and lead managers to sort through potential leads and follow up effectively.

    Take a closer look at a few of the top preforeclosure lead sources:

    Key Features
    Visit Landvoice

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    Foreclosurecom Updates Its Nationwide Database Of Foreclosure Listings At Least Twice Each Day

    Not weekly or monthly like other sites out there. This ensures that we offer prospective homebuyers and investors with the freshest, hottest deals on the Internet. In fact, most of our information comes direct from hundreds of corporate sellers and multiple government agencies so that you can score the deal of a lifetime in some cases foreclosed homes for less than $60,000! Find cheap homes under $60,000. Whether your looking for a single-family home, condo, townhouse, or even searching for mobile homes near you, keeps the most up-to-date listings of all property types. The best part about searching is that we make the experience so simple that anyone can do it. And if you run into a problem or have questions that aren’t covered in our “Frequently Asked Questions” section, we have a dedicated support staff of actual humans who are knowledgeable and eager to help you achieve your American Dream of affordable homeownership. Call us today … or any day!

    Hot Foreclosure Deals

    General Foreclosure Reo And Distressed Property Listings

    A few services compile foreclosures, REOs, and other forms of distressed property into searchable databases. Some provide the listings for free others use a subscription model that lets you search their service for a period of time.

    In most cases, basic information about a property is available even if you don’t subscribe. Typically, though, subscribers have access to a good deal of additional detailed information about the status of properties, such as conditions, histories, and concerns.

    Some services to check out include:

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