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How To Look Up Bankruptcy Filings

Search For People With Bankruptcy Or Debt Relief Restrictions

PACER – Where to Find Federal Court Recrods – Criminal, Law Suits, Bankruptcy

Search the list of people with additional insolvency restrictions for the last 3 months.

The list contains details of people who have broken the terms of their bankruptcy or Debt Relief Order. They will have been given a penalty, called a Bankruptcy Restrictions Order or Undertaking or a Debt Relief Restrictions Order or Undertaking .

You may still be able to find information on the Individual Insolvency Register after 3 months but doesnt include any penalties.

You can ask for information about the unfit conduct of an individual by contacting the official receiver dealing with the case.

Are Florida Bankruptcy Records Public Information

Yes, bankruptcy records are open to members of the public in Florida. The public can request these documents through official channels provided by the federal courts. Though most parts of a bankruptcy record can be inspected and copied under 11 U.S.C § 107, there are restrictions specified by the law to certain bankruptcy information. Restricted records include complete financial account details, names of minor children, dates of birth, tax identification numbers, and social security numbers. The courts may also seal or redact some parts of a record upon discovery that its release would cause undue risk or harm to a principal party of the claim.

Record seekers looking for an alternative to government sources may obtain bankruptcy records from third-party websites. These non-governmental websites often come with tools that help simplify the search for single or multiple records. However, record availability on third-party sites tends to vary because theyre independent of government sources. To obtain bankruptcy case information using third-party sites, record seekers may need to provide:

  • A complete name of the debtor involved in the record
  • A bankruptcy case number

What Do Florida Bankruptcy Records Contain

A requester can expect to find the following information in a Florida bankruptcy record:

  • Information on the debtors assets and income sources
  • Personal details of the debtor and debtors attorney
  • The petitions chapter
  • Case status
  • The U.S. trustees information
  • The presiding judge and court
  • The filing, closing, and discharge dates
  • A creditors list bearing names, addresses, and money owed
  • Schedules
  • The debtors voluntary petition

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What Are Florida Bankruptcy Records

Florida bankruptcy records originate from bankruptcy filings and court proceedings that took place within the state. These court records are matters of public record, as directed by 11 U.S.C. § 107 unless sealed by court order or the law. Bankruptcy proceedings are governed by federal laws or rules and heard in the federal bankruptcy courts. Based in the Middle, Northern, and Southern districts of Florida, these courts are responsible for creating and preserving bankruptcy records, and processing requests for publicly available records. It should be noted that the courts in the state judiciary system do not have the authority to hear bankruptcy cases and cannot provide anyone with bankruptcy records or information.

How Do I Find Out If My Bankruptcy Case Is Closed In Florida

If I Filed Bankruptcy Before, How Long Before I Can File ...

It is quite easy to find out if a bankruptcy case has been closed in Florida. When a case is closed, the debtor will be notified of the action. If the petitioner has an attorney, this notice will be sent to them. Nevertheless, there are still a few ways to check the status of a case: an interested party may contact the appropriate clerks office to make inquiries, or use the PACER or McVCIS systems to obtain the information.

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How Do My Creditors Learn Of My Bankruptcy

The Licensed Insolvency Trustee in an individuals consumer bankruptcy mails a notice of bankruptcy to each of the individuals creditors. Creditors of a bankrupt individual record the bankruptcy when they receive this notice.

If you are applying for new credit while your bankruptcy remains on your credit bureau records, the companies considering granting credit to you may record the bankruptcy when they check your record at a credit bureau.

Bankruptcy Case File Record Requests

Please provide the following information:

  • name of the court where the case was filed
  • case number and name of parties on the case and
  • time period the case was filed.

For bankruptcy cases filed 1940 and after, a FRC transfer number is required. This is obtained by contacting the court where the bankruptcy was originally filed. If the court does not have the transfer number due to the age of the case, please note this with your request.

There is no charge to perform a search. Do not send any money or credit card information when you make your initial request. Digital and paper reproductions from the case file will incur a charge. Staff will communicate the fees prior to making the copies.

We receive requests by e-mail, postal mail, or phone.

  • National Archives at Kansas City 400 W. Pershing Rd.
  • Phone: 816.268.8000

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How To Find Bankruptcy Records

Filing for bankruptcy is not an easy decision for anyone. Anyone that has ever filed for bankruptcy or knows someone who has experienced bankruptcy, understands how stressful the process can be. However, the bankruptcy process is also a method of relief and financial freedom for many hardworking people who have experiencing financial hardship.In many cases, the same factors that cause debt burdens significant enough to need bankruptcy relief in the first place, are the same factors that typically require detailed financial records years later. For example, tax, business or legal matters may require the information included in your bankruptcy petition and/or discharge. For this reason, a record of bankruptcy filing is an important source of information. To make matters worse, finding these old records or level of financial details again can be nearly impossible. Until now.If you are looking for bankruptcy records, BKDATA can provide them. Use this guide to learn more about finding bankruptcy records as quickly as possible.Searching For Bankruptcy Records

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Will My Bankruptcy Be Published In The Newspaper

How To Search Federal Court Records Using PACER with the ICIJ

This is not likely. A newspaper publishes a legal notice of a persons bankruptcy only when the individual has substantial assets. In this case, the notice is placed by the individuals Licensed Insolvency Trustee as a way to communicate with creditors. Otherwise, it is rare for a newspaper to publish information about an individuals bankruptcy, because the paper would neither know about it nor consider it newsworthy.

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Court Locations And Contact Information

Court’s Name Eastern District of Virginia – Newport News Div.
Court’s Address U. S. Courthouse, 2400 West Ave., Suite 110, Newport News, VA, 23607 – 600 Granby St., Room 400, Norfolk, VA, 23510-1915
Court’s Phone Number
9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday thru Friday
Court’s Name Eastern District of Virginia – Norfolk Div.
Court’s Address 600 Granby St., Room 400, Norfolk, VA, 23510-1915
Court’s Phone Number
9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday thru Friday
Court’s Name
Court’s Phone Number
9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday thru Friday
Court’s Name Eastern District of Virginia – Richmond Div.
Court’s Address U. S. Bankruptcy Court, 701 East Broad Street, Richmond, VA, 23219 – U. S. Bankruptcy Court, 701 East Broad Street, Richmond, VA, 23219-1888
Court’s Phone Number

Can I Look Up Online If Someone Filed For Bankruptcy

All of the documents filed in a bankruptcy proceeding are available as public record. You can use the Public Access to Court Electronic Records service to look up bankruptcy records online. All that is needed is an account to search and locate bankruptcy court cases. PACER charges a fee for each page that is viewed using the system.

If you know the case number you can do a bankruptcy case number search to find the information you need. Using the case number, complete name, or social security number, you can call a toll free number to reach an automated system and access the following information:

  • Case number
  • Case disposition.

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Common Questions About Bankruptcy Records

What are the Different Types of Bankruptcy Filings?

In case of financial failure, there are four main types of bankruptcies accepted: Chapter 7 , Chapter 11 , Chapter 13 and Chapter 12 .

What You Can Find in a Bankruptcy Record Report?

A bankruptcy case lookup is ready to disclose the relevant bankruptcy records available for a given case including case number, state, date, bankruptcy type, disposition, docket details, case information, debtors, assets, liabilities, beneficiaries and trustees.

How To Lookup Bankruptcy Records with InfoTracer?

There Are A Few Ways In Which To Find Bankruptcy Records

How Much Does it Cost to File for Bankruptcy?
  • Use the PACER system to locate bankruptcy records online. You can request records through PACER online for a fee.
  • Use a third-party site to source bankruptcy records. Sites such as these offer quick access to records at the press of a button often cheaper than other alternatives.
  • Speak to a local bankruptcy attorney or contact the attorney that filed the case for more information.
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    Bankruptcy In California Basics

    Bankruptcy is a legal proceeding that takes place in the federal bankruptcy courts. Every state has at least one bankruptcy court, and that states laws can impact the procedures required. In California, there are four different bankruptcy courts which have multiple locations serving various geographical areas. The courts in California are:

    • the Northern District

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    The Searchquarrycom Bankruptcy Records Database

    In the members area you will find our Court Records section, and our bankruptcy records search is in that section. Other court records searches include judgment records, liens, and criminal records. You can search our court records database by name or by case number. Other searches available in the members area include birth records, death records, marriage records, divorce records, driving records, vehicle records, people search, background checks, and phone number lookups.

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    Retrieving Old Bankruptcy Cases

    If a bankruptcy case has been closed for a year or longer, you may not be able to get copies over PACER or in the active court files. These cases may be found in the National Archives and Records Administration in Perris, California.

    Contact the clerk of court in the bankruptcy division where the case was heard. If it was transferred to archives, you’ll need some information from the clerk in order to retrieve it or to obtain copies. That information includes a transfer number, a location number and a box number. You can get that information either in person, by phone or by writing to the Records Department of the divisional office where the bankruptcy case was filed.

    Once you get that information, request the records from NARA directly. Go to the NARA website to get the specifics on how to place that request and the fees involved.


    What Bankruptcy Records Exist In Canada

    Free Search For Bankruptcy Petitions: Who They Owed & How Much $ (PACER)

    The official bankruptcy records in Canada are compiled by the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy Canada and are public records. This means that any member of the public can access them via an internet search tool on the OSB website, although there is a fee, and searches must be very specific.

    The OSB sends a monthly list of new bankruptcies to each of the credit bureaus , who record them on their credit histories of individual consumers. The OSB also sends information on bankruptcies that have been discharged , and the bankruptcy record for each person is removed from that persons credit report after a set number of years.

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    How To Research Bankruptcy Filings

    Generally, bankruptcy filings are public record, available to anyone who wishes to review them. You can access the case documents online through PACER, an electronic public access service of United States federal court documents. Alternatively, you can search the bankruptcy records in person at the relevant bankruptcy court clerk’s office. Bankruptcy filings consist of all the documents that are filed in a particular case. Some important motions for which you should watch are motions to dismiss the case or motions to convert to another type of bankruptcy proceeding. These motions reflect a possible failure on the part of the debtor to follow bankruptcy rules and may affect your rights if the debtor owes you money.

    Who Can Benefit From Using Bankruptcy Records Software

    If youre a collection agency, whether youre a third-party agency or an in-house collection agency, staying up to date on bankruptcy records and other potential problems is massively important. Bankruptcy records software benefits any of these collection agencies by providing you with all the information you need about your accounts.

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    What Is Bankruptcy Protection In Florida

    Bankruptcy protection is the process where a bankruptcy court prevents the collection of a debtor’s property or asset by a creditor. The process is also known as Automatic Stay. Filing a bankruptcy petition applies an automatic stay that protects a debtor’s assets and properties through the period of the bankruptcy.

    What Are The Other Types Of Bankruptcy In Florida

    Stop Foreclosures in Dallas

    Aside from Chapter 7, Chapter 11, and Chapter 13, another type of bankruptcy chapter available in Florida is Chapter 12. Chapter 12 is a form of bankruptcy designed for family farmers and family fishermen. This type of bankruptcy allows debtors to restructure by having a payment plan rather than liquidating their assets.

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    What Is Bankruptcy

    Bankruptcy is the law that allows a person to get a fresh start on life by eliminating or reorganizing his debts so that he can pay them off. Bankruptcy laws vary from state to state, but most allow a person to get a fresh start by discharging certain debts or creating a plan to pay them off.Bankruptcy is not the same as a debt or credit counseling agency. All debt and credit counseling agencies are nonprofit and are funded by U.S. taxpayers. They are designed to help debtors develop a budget, lower your payments, and develop a debt repayment plan. They may also be able to help settle debts for less than the amount owed. Debt and credit counseling agencies do not eliminate debts, and they are not a substitute for bankruptcy.

    What Will I Get

    For the cost of $15, a search either produces an extract from the NPII or a result report. When the BRS cannot find a match for your criteria, it will produce a nil result extract.

    You can choose to have all extracts and invoices sent to you by email.

    See BRS search results explained for more information about the differences between an extract and a result report.

    See BRS fees for information about the cost of using the BRS.

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    Where Can I Get A Copy Of My Bankruptcy Discharge Papers

    Once your bankruptcy concludes, you will receive what is known as a bankruptcy discharge which states that your case is now closed and all debts included are no longer enforceable. Creditors listed in the petition can no longer contact you about your debt or file any legal proceedings against you. It is important to keep this document as you may need to present it should you apply for a loan in the future. However, if you have misplaced your discharge documents, you can still obtain a copy if you need it for any reason.

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    How Can I Check Whether Someone Has Been Bankrupt

    How Does Bankruptcy Really Impact Your Credit Score?

    You can pay a fee to the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy for them to search for any record of a specific Canadian individuals having being bankrupt. To do this on the Internet:

    • Go to the OSBs Insolvency Name Search.
    • Establish an account for searching.
    • Specify criteria for your search. These can include names and age of the person, and place of filing.
    • Each search costs $8.00, whether successful or not. If the search finds more than ten matches to your search criteria, it will cost a further $8.00 to view each ten or fewer after the first ten.

    The search tool does not allow random searches. The person searching must know in advance whose record they are seeking, or the search may become prohibitively expensive.

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    How To Obtain Paper Copies

    If you need paper copies of bankruptcy documents, it is entirely possible to get them. You can ask for them in person, order them by mail, or look them up on the PACER system and print them. You’ll need to have a bankruptcy case number to order documents. If it’s your own case, you surely have a filing in your possession with the number. Otherwise, you can get bankruptcy case numbers by phoning the bankruptcy court’s Voice Case Information System at 866-222-8029. You can also get the number from a public access terminal in the divisional office of any bankruptcy court.

    Although the contact and information is free and the call won’t cost you anything, you may have to pay modest per-page fees for photocopying the documents. In some cases, you may also need to pay for the clerk to search the court records. Call the court and ask about what fees apply for the copies you want to make.

    You’ll also need the bankruptcy case number and the debtor’s name and phone number. There are fees for certified copies of documents. Once you submit your request, the bankruptcy clerk will contact you to let you know the fees you will be charged. You’ll need to pay with a cashier’s check or U.S. Postal Service money orders made payable to the United States Bankruptcy Court.


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