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San Diego Bankruptcy Lawyers

Why Should I File For Bankruptcy

San Diego Bankruptcy Attorney Chula Vista Debt Relief Lawyer California

Bankruptcy is meant to give a fresh start to people who have lost control of their debt and have no reasonable way of regaining their financial footing. You may need to file for bankruptcy as a result of unforeseen medical expenses, extended unemployment, or after purchasing a house that loses significant value. Bankruptcy might also be an appropriate choice after making poor financial decisions or losing money in a business venture. Bankruptcy doesnt have to be the end of the line for anyone. Instead, it is a chance to start over.

Speak Directly To A Lawyer

When you call Bankruptcy Legal Center, youll speak directly to a lawyer. We are a law firm exclusively representing people filing bankruptcy in San Diego County. We protect you from unrelenting creditors and give you the opportunity to regain control of your finances. Call today and speak directly to your attorney.

Knowledgeable San Diego Bankruptcy Lawyer Law Firm

Scott Oronas San Diego bankruptcy law firm offers free one-hour consultations for residents of San Diego County and Orange County who are faced with insurmountable debt. He has helped clients who are struggling with debt as a result of failed business ventures, medical expenses, divorces, uncontrolled credit card debt, job loss, and as a result of the poor housing market. Helping people understand the benefits and downfalls of San Diego Chapter 7 bankruptcy and Chapter 13 bankruptcy, Mr. Orona has provided solid counsel to countless San Diego citizens. Additionally, business owners can turn to the law office of Scott Orona for assistance filing Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

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Business And Civil Litigation

Business litigation and civil litigation matters can be complex to navigate. Our attorneys can provide representation and protect your rights in circumstances such as breach of contract, corporate/partnership disputes, employment legal issues, insurance bad faith, theft of trade secrets, breach of intellectual property law, fraud, wrongful termination, or issues pertaining to real estate law.

Help With Your Debts In San Diego

San Diego Bankruptcy Lawyers

While you may have other options when selecting a San Diego bankruptcy lawyer, our law firm will show itself to be your absolute best value. Providing clients with debt relief is the primary focus of our law firm. We provide outstanding bankruptcy services in San Diego while keeping our fees low. Take advantage today of the opportunity to talk about your options with a San Diego bankruptcy lawyer that cares. You can do this now, free of any costs or fees.

There may be a simple and affordable solution to your debt problem. However, you need to find it within yourself to take the first step of simply calling us to explore how we may help you. Were on your side. But we need to connect and determine what needs to be done.

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Affordable San Diego Bankruptcy Attorney

If youre looking for an affordable bankruptcy attorney in San Diego, then call us now for immediate help with your debts. Youll benefit from a financial fresh start through debt relief, and our bankruptcy law firm may save you thousands of dollars. Phone us now for your free consultation with a San Diego bankruptcy attorney. Well start work on your case with just a $100 retainer. We accept easy payments at no interest to help with your financial recovery.

Filing for bankruptcy can be complicated, so well show you everything thats needed. Learn how to stop wage garnishments and lawsuits by having us file your bankruptcy through the automatic stay. Youll want an experienced San Diego bankruptcy attorney to carefully walk you through each step for completing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.

Our law firm accepts payments at a pace that works best for you and with a schedule that you can afford. We provide professional bankruptcy services for the people of San Diego and the Surrounding Area. Youll appreciate how our bankruptcy services are tailored to meet your needs.

You will not find another bankruptcy lawyer in San Diego working as diligently as our team to meet the financial needs of our clients. and discover how our law firm can provide you with fast and affordable debt relief. Find out what makes us the best bankruptcy law firm for people in San Diego.

Bankruptcy Counsel Available Around The Clock

If youre looking for the services of a San Diego bankruptcy lawyer, look no further than Scott Orona. Attorney Oronas full-service bankruptcy law firm is available around the clock to help people get through their bankruptcy and real estate proceedings efficiently and effectively. The firm offers weekend and evening appointments for people interested in discussing their legal options directly with a bankruptcy lawyer.

With competitive rates and discounts for clients who pay their legal fees up front, Scott Orona offers legal services that are both affordable and convenient. When going through bankruptcy, the process can be scary, confusing, and overwhelming, but the good news is you dont have to go through it alone.

Contact Attorney Scott Orona today at 619-306-7627 to schedule your free one hour consultation. Regardless of your financial situation, Mr. Orona can provide you with legal advice for regaining control of your finances and starting down the path toward a brighter financial future.

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Just Served With A Lawsuit Now What

Its not uncommon for lawsuits to be filed against debtors after retaining Doan Law Firm and prior to filing Bankruptcy, especially on accounts that have been delinquent for 6 months or longer. Yet as long the Bankruptcy is filed within two to three months of service of the lawsuit, adverse consequences such as a wage garnishments, bank levies, or real estate liens usually are not an issue. Moreover, the Bankruptcy eventually resolves the lawsuit. However, waiting too long can definitely be risky.

What Should I Know About Hiring A Lawyer In San Diego California

Doan Law Center, San Diego Bankruptcy Attorney Michael Doan
  • In order to practice law in California, attorneys have to both pass the California bar exam and be admitted by the State Bar of California. Most attorneys in California graduate from an accredited law school but some lawyers are admitted through on-the-job experience for a minimum of 4 years and through passing an additional legal exam. After a lawyer is admitted to law practice in California, they can practice in almost any area of law.

    Lawyers in California are held to strict ethical guidelines known as the Rules of Professional Conduct. Attorneys may have duties and limitations in:

  • Attorney-client confidentiality
  • Limitations in soliciting clients
  • Restrictions on handling a client’s money

Many people avoid calling a lawyer because they are worried it will be too expensive. In many cases, a lawyer can end up saving the client money. This includes getting an increased award, recovering additional damages, avoiding financial problems in the future, and avoiding future disputes and litigation. Some legal areas even allow the lawyer to recover legal fees from the party at fault.

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A Free Hour Consultation Including A Debt Relief Plan: Priceless Advice

At The Larkin Law Firm, your free consultation will not include one-size-fits-all advice or scare tactics trying to point you in a particular direction. Instead, you will benefit from a personalized review of your entire financial situation that is thoroughly researched and well thought out by experienced San Marcos bankruptcy attorney Jeffrey D. Larkin. Mr. Larkin realizes that in order to successfully help a client, each client must be given all of their available options, not just bankruptcy, so the client can make an informed decision regarding the best option for their particular case.

San Marcos bankruptcy lawyer Jeffrey D. Larkin knows that bankruptcy is oftentimes a last resort for individuals with mounting debt. In some cases, other options such as debt negotiation or debt consolidation, a short sale, loan modification or deed in lieu of foreclosure may solve their financial issues. If another option does not solve your financial problems, bankruptcy relief is likely the best option to pursue.

for your free consultation and get started towards financial relief!

Dischargeable Debts When Filing Chapter 7

Although filing for bankruptcy in San Diego can be the best solution for your situation, you should know what debts you can discharge. These debts include:

  • Personal loans
  • Negligence claims
  • Some tax claims

There are a number of debts that cannot be discharged under liquidation, but in order to fully understand their nature and the ramifications of filing for protection, you need to contact a San Diego Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer at Higgs Fletcher & Mack.

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Help With Bank Levies/wage Garnishment

One creditor action that is especially feared by those suffering under overwhelming debt is that of wage garnishment, or of bank levies.

We at San Diego Bankruptcy Attorney can help you better understand how wage garnishment and bank levy rules work and how to avoid these creditor actions. We can help you file for bankruptcy quickly if you fear such action is about to be taken via a lawsuit filed against you by one or more of your creditors.

With bank levies, creditors attempt to take money out of your bank account to satisfy all/part of what you owe them. They file a lawsuit, then issue a summons and complaint to you. You then have 30 days to respond or risk a default judgment in the creditor’s favor.

With wage garnishment, or an “earning withholding order,” creditors try to get a portion of your paychecks withheld to gradually repay the debt you owe them. This generally can only be resorted to after all other collection methods have failed, and it also required the creditor file a lawsuit against you.

At San Diego Bankruptcy Attorney, we can help you fight both bank levies and wage garnishment. We can assist you both before and after your creditor’s actions. Don’t assume there’s no hope we have helped many other clients in the past escape this kind of severe financial loss.

Can Debt Collectors Contact Me Once I File For Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy Lawyer San Diego

Filing for bankruptcy puts an automatic stay on all of your debts. This means that your creditors cannot contact you in any way during your bankruptcy proceeding. Additionally, once your unsecured debts are discharged, your creditors will not be able to contact you about past debts that you may owe.

If you have more bankruptcy questions, contact the office of Scott Orona today by calling 619-306-7627 to arrange your free initial case evaluation.

How to File for Bankruptcy

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There Is No Substitute For Experience

The rapidly changing economy combined with the competitive real estate market have prompted many Californians to turn to bankruptcy to resolve their debt. As a result, inexperienced attorneys have begun to accept bankruptcy clients without knowing the pitfalls that can occur in what may seem like a simple case.

Mr. Gorrill holds the prestigious AV rating* from Martindale-Hubbell, which speaks to the legal communitys regard for his professional skills and ethics. He has also been named a California Super Lawyer in bankruptcy law.

A bankruptcy case is more than just filling out forms. Work with the Law Office of Thomas B. Gorrill to receive knowledgeable counsel at every step. Call to schedule an introductory consultation.

*AV®, AV Preeminent®, Martindale-Hubbell Distinguished and Martindale-Hubbell Notable are certification marks used under license in accordance with the Martindale-Hubbell certification procedures, standards and policies. Martindale-Hubbell® is the facilitator of a peer-review rating process. Ratings reflect the anonymous opinions of members of the bar and the judiciary. Martindale-Hubbell® Peer Review Ratings fall into two categories legal ability and general ethical standards.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

Why You Need A San Diego Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyer

Bankruptcy can be an intimidating undertaking, even without the stress and pressures that accompany such a situation. Keeping track of paperwork deadlines, ensuring documentation is on time and on schedule, and meeting with the Chapter 7 Trustee can be overwhelming.

If you fail to meet any of the procedural requirements, you risk having your case dismissed with consequences that could endanger your ability to re-file your case and discharge your debts. Fortunately, your Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer at Higgs Fletcher & Mack takes on stress of preparing paperwork, coordinating hearing schedules, and meeting with Trustees and creditors, so you dont have to stress about if your case is progressing on time and on schedule.

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Emergency Rules On Evictions And Foreclosures

On April 6, 2020, California Courts issued Emergency Rules on Evictions and Foreclosures. The Judicial Council adopted the emergency rules for all California courts. The rules effectively stays all evictions and foreclosures except those necessary to protect the health and safetly of the public. The new emergency rules are applicable to all evictions and foreclosures in California Courts, whether they are based on a tenants missed rent payment or another reason. The new rule will apply to evictions and foreclosures for 90 days from when Governor Newsome lifts the state of emergency related to the COVID-19 pandemic, or until it

Bankruptcy Lawyer San Diego

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, Attorney Marc Duxbury San Diego, Ca

Have your financial circumstances caused to you feel that you are buried in debt? At Bankruptcy Legal Center, we know that life happens you are not alone. We are one of San Diegos top bankruptcy law firms, successfully helping residents of San Diego get out of debt with bankruptcy for over a decade. We are experts in bankruptcy law and it is the only area of law that we practice. Call now and speak directly to your attorney.

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Experienced Guidance Through Chapter 7 And Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

When well-intentioned people find themselves buried under a mountain of debt, facing creditor harassment or an impending home foreclosure, repossession, wage garnishment, or IRS tax levy, they often seek relief through bankruptcy. This decision is not generally easily made, especially since no two situations are exactly alike. Moreover, there are distinct advantages and disadvantages to both and , and you must be able to meet the criteria.

Our law firm takes the time to carefully and personally examine each financial situation and can provide you with an honest assessment to help you determine which bankruptcy option may be most beneficial for you. Should you decide to move forward and file, we will guide you through the entire bankruptcy process. However, if bankruptcy is not the right solution for you, our team will put our knowledge and experience to work. We will assist you in finding a suitable for your situation that offers the power, resources, and tools you need to regain control over your financial future.

San Diego Bankruptcy Lawyers

  • Offers Video Conferencing
  • Free Consultation

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Reasons Why You Should Choose Us As Your Bankruptcy Attorney

We have 27 years of unmatched experience handling bankruptcy cases for individuals facing high car payments, unmanageable home mortgages payments, credit card debts, and medical bills. Let us provide you with the assistance you need to address your financial matters.

Exclusively handling bankruptcy law makes us better. Weve handled over 1,000 cases and have helped clients get free from the burden of debts. We know the laws and know the answers. No matter your financial situation, weve probably dealt with similar cases and when you retain our firm, you can feel confident that your case is in good hands.

Everyones financial situation is different and the best methods for dealing with the situation may vary. We can help you understand all of your options and the process involved. Whether dealing with an individual or a big corporation, we strive to give our clients the personal attention they deserve. Each case is important to us and every client is treated like our only client.

We take great pride in providing our clients with the utmost care and compassion. We know you have a lot of concerns and worries when filing bankruptcy. We focus all our energy addressing your concerns and worries and making you feel like family when you let us handle your case.

Our legal fees are flexible, clear, and affordable. We charge a flat fee so there are no hidden fees and you wont get surprised with unexpected legal bills.

Free Bankruptcy Consultation for a Limited Time!


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