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Target Liquidation Charlotte Nc

New Amazon Overstock Store Opened Southwest Of Charlotte Selling All Items From $1

TravelTok Ep. 95 – Target Discount Store in Charlotte, NC

A new store close to Charlotte is selling overstocked for $1-$5 each many items which have an MSRP of $100+, including YETI thermoses, headphones, drones, high-end makeup, heavy duty dog doors, and more.

Bin Time is located at 129 W. Butler Rd, Mauldin, SC, near Greenville and a little over an hour southwest of Charlotte.

The prices of the items change each day theyre open, Saturday and Sunday, items are $5 each, Monday theyre $2 each, and Tuesday theyre $1 each. Each Saturday morning, they received a new shipment from Amazon and refill all of their bins.

In order to keep the peace and sanity among passionate deal seekers, the store strictly enforces the following rules:

1. No book bags or large purses permitted.

2. Children under 16 years of age must be accompanied at all times and are not permitted in the bins. Zero exceptions.

3. Large bags will be provided. No personal bags, carts, or baskets will be permitted.

4. Only one bag of goods per person. You may check out and return to the sale as many times as you like.

5. No stockpiling or sorting items on the floor or anywhere else in the building. This is a safety issue and will be strictly enforced. Only take goods that you intend to purchase.

6. No merchandise is permitted in restrooms.

7. No pushing, running, yelling, grabbing or unruly behavior will be tolerated.

8. Opening boxes or any other packaging is not permitted. Please see an associate if you need assistance with identifying an item.

What Is A Target Salvage Store

When Target cant sell clearance inventory, a lot of their non-perishable items end up in Target salvage liquidation stores. The place near me was basically an island of misfit Target clearance stock. The store was chock-full of boxes overflowing with closeout decor, furniture, kids toys, processed food, cleaning products, and more for as much as 75% off Targets regular price.

Target Deals: A Warehouse Full Of Them

Did you know you can get awesome Target Deals all year long? I had no idea until we moved to North Carolina what a Target salvage store was.

Before living here I spent a lot of time browsing the Target clearance sections at our local store looking for the best deals. But I soon discovered that the clearance sections here in Charlotte were very lacking compared to other places we had lived.

After browsing on Facebook marketplace I discovered a Target lovers best kept secret: Target salvage stores! AKA a warehouses full of the best Target deals!

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Where Can I Buy Pallets Of Target Liquidation Goods Near Me

If youre a retailer specializing in reselling liquidated stock, or youre just starting out and looking to get into this potentially lucrative trade, youll no doubt be wondering wheres the best place to buy the stock you need for your business. A quick Google search will bring up a bewildering number of liquidators, all offering what at first glance may seem very attractive prices on what look like great quality customer returns pallets, overstock, and closeouts coming directly from big-name retailers such as Target, Walmart, Lowes and . Sounds good, right?

> > Shop Target Liquidation Pallets and Truckloads < <

Unfortunately, in many, many cases, its too good to be true. More often than not, these so-called partner liquidators are nothing more than middlemen, buying pallets of liquidated stock from top-tier liquidators and other suppliers, cherry-picking the best stuff and selling on what amount to pallets of unsellable garbage to unsuspecting businesses using such unscrupulous methods as incorrect manifests and taking money for pallets that are not yet in their possession.

So, where do you go if youre a business on the lookout for a reliable, trustworthy wholesale supplier of top-quality liquidated stockat a price that will ensure you make a healthy profit when the time comes to resell what youve bought to your customers?

The answer is by dealing with Direct Liquidation.

Bargain Hunters Thrift Store Charlotte

Elite Wholesale

Charlotte, North Carolina, is home to Bargain Hunters Thrift Store Charlotte, located at 7020 Albermarle Road. The store is open from 9 am to 9 pm, Monday through Saturday. It is also open on Sundays from 11 am until 7 pm. They have wide selections of discounted furniture and designer goods. I really enjoyed their home decor section. There was a wide variety of holiday decor which I rarely find. You can see more about this shop here.

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You’ve Earned A New Customer

Tee Walker | Gastonia, NC

I went to Carpet & Flooring Liquidators after being referred there by my mom and sister. I was a little hesitant but they assured me I would not be disappointed. When I went into the store, I met James the store manager. He was very professional and listened to what my needs were for my project. The prices were AMAZING and the quality of the flooring EXCEPTIONAL. Because of the great pricing I carpeted 4 bedrooms, a hallway, two flights of stairs and a landing all within my budget!! James was very attentive to what I needed and once he understood my style he only showed me flooring that catered to it. I will definitely go back for my future projects! Thank you James and Carpet & Flooring Liquidators for great services and prices! You’ve EARNED a new customer!

The Depot At Gibson Mill

The Depot is a great place to spend a few hours if you really want to browse. You can find this store near Charlotte, North Carolina in Concord. This is a huge antique store with discount booths, deals, and some of the most unique items I have ever seen. Shopping is a great way to find beautiful treasures and get a good workout at the same time. For pure inspiration, this is always a great place to stop. It looks like some of the booths came straight from Pinterest.

Pink Venom – BLACKPINK

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Value Village Thrift Store

Value Village is well known in the Charlotte area for being an affordable thrift store with a wide variety of high-quality, high-end clothing. The company currently has six locations in Charlotte and surrounding areas. I once bought a brand new pair of Cole Haan boots here for only $6! Womens, mens, and childrens clothing, collectibles, costume jewelry, household items, and books can be found in the family-run thrift store. You can see more on this thrift store here.

Target Salvage Stores Are The New 70% Clearance Aisles

These Customers Fight For Inventory At Amazon Liquidation Store

Target Salvage Stores Are the New 70%…

We’re reader-supported and only partner with brands we trust. When you buy through links on our site we may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.Learn More. Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date and time indicated and are subject to change.

If you feel like Targets clearance prices have been weirdly stuck at 30% off, youre not crazy. We saw that, too, and dug into it. Turns out, you can still find Target clearance items for 60 75% off, like the good old days. You just have to shop at a Target salvage store near you.

When overstocked inventory, guest returns, and clearance items are no longer profitable, Target ships them off to salvage stores. These stores are your ticket to saving 50-90% on Target items.

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Cabelas Offering Free Fall Hunting Event For Kids

Have you ever been hunting? I started hunting when I was 12 years old. Lucky for kids now, Cabelas is offering a FREE amazing hunting event for kids. If your kids would love some hunting fun, this might be the perfect event for them to enjoy.

Cabelas is having a free fall hunting event from August 27 to August 28, 2022. There will even be an inflatable bb range for them to take part in. That in itself sounds like it is going to be so much fun. They will even have prizes and there will also be a scavenger hunt for participants to enjoy. Im thinking to sign me up asap! The Cabelas in Fort Mill is located at 1000 Cabelas Dr. Fort Mill, SC 29708.

If you need any additional information, you can get it from their . I know this will be a lot of fun for the kids. I look forward to seeing pictures from everyone. Be sure to share your photos on socials!

Expect To Find Target Holiday Clearance Toys Furniture And Other Non

The most common salvage store items include furniture, home decor, cleaning supplies, toys, and processed food. Youll rarely find electronics and perishables at salvage store prices.

According to Target staffers on Reddit, perishable food and pet food are donated to local charities. Anything with a battery is disposed of in an environmentally sustainable way.

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The Salvation Army Thrift Store

Salvation Army thrift stores are located throughout Charlotte. By shopping at one of these stores, you give back to the community. Furniture, books, clothing, home decor, and even vehicles can be bought at a discount. The store located in Plaza-Midwood is my favorite to visit. There are tons of retro clothes there. You can see all the locations in the Charlotte area here.

List Of Target Salvage Liquidation Stores Near Me

Elite Wholesale

Have you ever wondered why Targets clearance items rarely go below 30% off nowadays, and then those items mysteriously disappear? Instead of going to 50 70 90% off like the good ole days, Target doesnt want to hassle with the markdowns so they sell off those items as Target Salvage items. So where do those items go and how can you get them? Target Salvage Stores! Keep reading, and Ill tell you all about how to find a Target salvage liquidation store near you.

While I was on my sabbatical from blogging, I focused on my own liquidation business that specializes in reselling Target salvage. Liquidation items are overstocks, last years styles, store returns, and damaged box items. We buy truckloads of pallets of liquidation items from big-name retailers such as Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, Costco, Nordstrom Rack, and several others. And I must admit that the Target salvage items are the most coveted.

Since I live in the smack middle of the United States and my dear readers are spread throughout the nation, I figured Id compile a list of liquidation stores that resell Target salvage items throughout the country ! But before I tell you where to find a Target salvage store near you, let me give you a few tips on how to spot Target salvage items.


  • List of Target Salvage Stores By City/State
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    This North Carolina Store Is A Bargain Hunters Dream

    What do AirPods, vacuums, designer clothing, and 3D printers have in common? They are just some of the items you could score for $5 or less at Treasure Hunt Liquidators. This store is a North Carolina bargain hunters dream. If you live in North Carolina and are a bargain hunter this store is worth the drive from anywhere. The store is called Treasure Hunt Liquidators and its located off Capital Blvd in Raleigh. Understandably it gets long lines each morning before the doors open.

    Sneak peekBrand name shoes Only $10Yes! Yes! Yes! Jimmy Choo shoes! Only $10You Cant find these deals…

    Posted by Treasure Hunt Liquidators on Thursday, January 6, 2022

    They get their inventory from stores such as Amazon, Walmart, Target, Home Depot, and many other big-box retailers. Youll have to dig but thats all part of the experience. The store is open Friday-Wednesday and closes to restock on Thursdays. Prices decrease throughout the week. According to their Facebook page, they run:

    That means any item you find in the store will be sold for that days price no matter its retail value. It is obviously a hit-or-miss situation but there can be some incredible deals if youre willing to take the time to dig through and find the gems. The store receives the items being liquidated by the big retailers but they never know what will show up each week. And sometimes they may never even see the items until a customer uncovers them from the bins.

    Target Overstock Warehouse In Charlotte Nc

    As of now, I will post my knowledge of the target overstock warehouses. The hard thing about this is that it is ever changing. There seems to be new target warehouses popping up all of the time, and then some favorites closing way too soon.

    724 Montana DriveAll New & Cheap M-F 11-7, Sat 11-6, Sun 11-5 This has by far been the most stocked warehouse with consistent new inventory. The pricing is usually around 40% retail although he does sometimes try to go a bit higher. He will give you a better discount if you pay with cash and is usually willing to negotiate if you are purchasing multiple items. Our barstool are from here!

    2835 Jeff Adams M-F 11:30-6, Sat 12-6, Sun 12:30-3 I never actually found anything at this specific warehouse to buy, but they did seem to have a large, fully stocked warehouse most of the time.

    2210 North Tryon St. Unit C 1:30-5 This is a recently opened warehouse and the pricing is not great. I didnt try to negotiate much, but his pricing seemed to be much higher than 40% off for larger items. This store did have a variety of store brands, not just Target.

    4614 Suite L-1 Wilgrove Mint Hill Rd- Mon-Sat 10-6 This small spot opened up in our little town of Mint Hill. Its fun to pop in if you live close but probably not worth the drive if you arent local.

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    List Of Target Salvage Stores By City/state

    Search for a liquidation store or bin store near you. Please note that these stores may also carry liquidation items from other retail sources such as Costco liquidation, Lowes salvage, Bed Bath & Beyond liquidation, Walmart salvage, & /or. You can search by state, city, or name of the store. Click on the store name for a link to their website or Facebook page for hours and specials.

    I will add new Target salvage locations as I find them. If Im missing one that you love, please contact me to add. I will need to verify that the establishment does indeed sell Target salvage items before being added to the list though. Thanks for reading!

    Why Buy Target Liquidated Goods Online

    I bought a $6,000 NORTH CAROLINA Amazon Customer Returns Pallet

    When youre sourcing stock from online wholesale suppliers, you need to know you can trust the company to deliver your business premium-quality merchandise at a price that will help you keep one step ahead of the competition.

    If its Target liquidations youre after, then you should look no further than Direct Liquidations online live auction and direct sales platform. Target has a mighty reputation to uphold, which is why Direct Liquidation has to equal that reputation by offering an honest, transparent, value-for-money and efficient service to its business customers.

    With a commitment to customer service thats second-to-none, the logistical know-how to ship goods across the country or, if you wish to organize your own shipping, an online chat function and callback service that will help you with the logistics, and the reassurance of knowing youre dealing with a liquidator that deals directly with a major US retailer instead of being just a middleman, Direct Liquidation truly is a name you can trust.

    When it comes to sourcing Target goods online, Direct Liquidation should be your first port of call. With new lines of goods arriving on the companys website on a daily basis, a dedicated team of liquidation specialists on hand to help you source exactly what you want at a price thats hard to beat, and a guarantee that what you see on their website is what you get, buying Target liquidations from Direct Liquidations is the way to go.

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    Locations: Buying Pallets And Truckloads Of Target Goods

    So where can you get pallets of Target goods near you? Well, Direct Liquidation has distribution centers in the following locations:

    Conveniently located near to major routes, close to major retailers distribution centers, these locations are easy to reach and, thanks to their proximity to retailers, pallets or truckloads of the stock you require are quick for the liquidator to get hold of.

    And dont forget that if you dont want to collect the pallets or truckloads of Target goods you buy from Direct Liquidation, you can let them handle all the shipping for you. A handy shipping calculator can be found on each lot listed on Direct Liquidations website, which will tell you how much it will cost the company to ship goods to a location of your choice.

    Direct Liquidation prides itself on offering competitive shipping costs, so you may find using their shipping and handling service is cheaper than what you or a courier company can do the shipping for. Worth bearing in mind.

    Buying Target Liquidation Pallets Near You

    Unlike the scam artists weve just mentioned, Direct Liquidation has partnered up with the biggest name in retail in North America Target. At Direct Liquidations online platform, business can buy liquidated Target customer returns, overstock, and closeouts at very low prices.

    Direct Liquidation provides Target with the very best place to sell its goods, with distribution centers located throughout the United States and Canada, a proven track record of providing excellent logistics and customer service thats second-to-none.

    Direct Liquidation provides its business customers with a steady supply of top-quality, cheap wholesale merchandise at prices youll struggle to find elsewhere and because a lot of what Direct Liquidation supplies are sourced from Target liquidations, it is able to offer a huge range of merchandise from some of the worlds biggest manufacturers at a fraction of its MSRP value.

    What Direct Liquidation says is on the manifest is on the manifest, and no pallet of Target goods it handles has been sifted through to siphon off the best stuff. Every pallet it handles is as described, meaning that if, for example, you buy a mixed pallet of Target goods, youll get a good mix of items and conditions of stock that you can then sell on at a wide range of competitive price points to suit customers from all income streams.

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