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Bankruptcy Attorney Des Moines

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An experienced bankruptcy attorney at Marberry Law Firm, P.C., can help you determine if there are alternatives to bankruptcy, or decide the appropriate course of action in actually filing for bankruptcy.

We are not here to judge we are here to help. Please connect with us online or over the phone at or to receive more information.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

See If Youre Eligible

If you think you may qualify for free legal aid help, you should call your local legal aid organization rather than guess whether you qualify for free help or not.

Most legal aid organizations require you to beincome eligible. This means that they can only assist you if you make less than a certain amount of money.

Although it varies, most legal aids help people below 200% of the poverty line or below 125% of the poverty line.

  • At 200%, that is about $24,280 for an individual or $50,200 for a family of four.
  • At 125%, that is about $15,175/year for an individual and $31,375/year for a family of four.

Free Bankruptcy Attorney In Des Moines Ia

Upsolve is a nonprofit tool that helps you file bankruptcy for free.Think TurboTax for bankruptcy. Get free education, customer support, and community. Featured in Forbes 4x and funded by institutions like Harvard University so we’ll never ask you for a credit card.Explore our free tool

Written byUpsolve Team.

So, youâve decided to get a fresh start byfiling for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

This is a huge step toward a stronger financial future.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is an importantdebt relief tool for Americans in severe financial distress from losing a job, getting injured, or getting divorced.

Hiring a good bankruptcy attorney like a member of theNACBAis a great investment. They will be available to answer your questions and help take care of the Chapter 7 paperwork for an average of $1500.

The problem is that many Des Moinesresidents looking to file for bankruptcy but canât afford that rate.

If you need a fresh start in Des Moines and cannot afford a lawyer, youâre not alone.

Weâll walk you through where to look and what âbrick and mortarâ legal aid resources are available in Des MoinesIA to help you get debt free. Youâll also learn about our digital legal aid nonprofit,, that helps low income Americans who need a fresh start for free.

Whether or not you choose to file Chapter 7 using our free nonprofit Upsolve, this article will leave you much better prepared to obtain a better financial future.

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Looking For A Reliable & Dedicated Des Moines Bankruptcy Attorney

If you want to make your bankruptcy journey smooth and quick, you need to ensure that your attorney is capable of providing you with all the facilities and expertise required. While Des Moines Bankruptcy Solutions will help you connect with a suitable lawyer, you should also be aware of the qualities and knowledge that your lawyer should have.

A bankruptcy attorney Des Moines Iowa will work as an advocate for you and will guide you in your confusing times. There are many features that a lawyer should have, but expertise, and fair price with strong communication skills are a must.

Here are all the details on the qualities that every good and competent bankruptcy attorneys in Des Moines Iowa should have:

The best bankruptcy attorneys in Des Moines Iowa need to have a deep knowledge in bankruptcy and all the areas it covers. Without an expert, you may find yourself trapped with someone who wont benefit you in any way.

But how can a legal center measure the knowledge of a lawyer? For starters, every specialized attorney has certificates that represent their educational background. A lawyer with certificates related to bankruptcy or similar areas are ideal for this job.

Some lawyers also have an affiliation with the prestigious NACBA, which means that they are committed to provide assistance to people dealing with bankruptcy.

Your communication with a lawyer should give you comfort and must also allow you to be open about anything you want.

Things To Keep In Mind When Considering Legal Aid

mediastyledesign: Bankruptcy Lawyers In West Des Moines Iowa

Getting help from a legal aid organization is a great option if you need guidance but canât afford an attorney.

That said, there are some things that might impact your experience with legal aid.

Itâs important to keep in mind that, although they offer assistance for a variety of legal needs, many legal aid organizations donât do bankruptcy. And, if they do, there might be a waiting list to receive assistance.

Because legal aid organizations offer face-to-face contact with a lawyer, it takes longer for them to help each client. Because of this, itâs important to know what your timeline looks like and how long you are able to wait before getting relief.

Even if legal aid does offer bankruptcy assistance, as we mentioned above, you would still need to qualify for help based on the criteria mentioned above.

These limits in legal aidâs ability to provide service to people in need sometimes complicates things if you need straightforward bankruptcy help.

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What Can An Iowa Bankruptcy Lawyer Do For Me

Filing for bankruptcy is a complex process requiring a thorough knowledge of state and federal bankruptcy laws so you can decide what chapter to file under and which exemptions to claim, among other things. A bankruptcy lawyer will help guide you through this stressful and time-consuming process. Some of the ways a bankruptcy lawyer may be able to help you include:

  • Explaining and guiding you through the bankruptcy process,
  • Analyzing your financial situation,
  • Evaluating your assets and obligations,
  • Advising you regarding which exemptions to claim,
  • Preparing and reviewing your bankruptcy petition,
  • Attending meetings with your creditors ,
  • Following up with your creditors to stop any post-filing collection efforts,
  • Representing you in any litigation that may arise out of the bankruptcy, and
  • Attending hearings on your behalf.

Because filing for bankruptcy can affect you for many years, it would be beneficial to speak to a qualified bankruptcy lawyer today.

Benefits Of Filing For Bankruptcy

Regardless of which bankruptcy you file for, there are some common benefits that you as a debtor might reap.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy gives you a much-needed fresh start. It gives you relief from a certain amount of debts, which encourages you to start a new journey. Alternatively, if you want to continue with your existing business, as it gives you a consistent income, Chapter 13 Bankruptcy allows you to create a workable plan for your repayments.

Bankruptcy helps cancel all the liabilities that are at least three year old.your existing business, as it gives you a consistent income, Chapter 13 Bankruptcy allows you to create a workable plan for your repayments.

This proceeding is a much more convenient way to escape from lawsuits, defaults and any missed repayments.

Even bankruptcy cant save from any debt related to student loans, but it does prevent lenders from any aggressive or uncalled collection action.

Bankruptcy puts an end to things such as, repossessions, threats from creditors and even lawsuits.

Bankruptcy allows many exemptions, so it does help you to keep some things when paying off a debt.

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Iowa Bankruptcy Lawyer Serving Cedar Rapids Waterloo Des Moines And Mason City Iowa

Our law firm has been practicing law over 100 years, and our bankruptcy team has decades of combined experience helping people face the financial trials of life. We have a lengthy track record of helping those in financial distress. We will chart your path to a fresh start. Consider us part of your debt management team.

If you want to discharge your credit card debt, medical and utility bills, avoid foreclosure, and assess the viability of debt management plans or debt settlement plans, you need the assistance of qualified bankruptcy attorneys. We have the ability to help you with credit counseling decisions and can help you purge your debt load through bankruptcy.

Your first consultation with us is FREE and without obligation. If you are only interested in non-bankruptcy options, check out the information available on this site by in our Non-bankruptcy Options section.

If you want more information online about bankruptcy, check our client letter, the bankruptcy questionnaire and the frequently asked questions section. No documents need to be reviewed or completed, and no fees need to be paid in order to set up your free initial telephone consultation with an attorney where your eligibility for bankruptcy will be analyzed and discussed with you free of charge, and without any obligation. Simply call our toll free number at 1-877-888-1766, or email me at to set up your free initial consultation.

We Focus On Iowa Bankruptcy Law:

Assistant Iowa attorney general files lawsuit against Des Moines police

Iowa bankruptcy law. That is our focus, and that is what we have become experts at doing. Because many lawyers dabble in several different areas of law, most do not have the experience to help you with a bankruptcy. For that reason, we have made our services available to everyone in the state of Iowa, whether they live near or far from our offices in Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, Waterloo, or Mason City. We believe every Iowan deserves access to the most competent bankruptcy lawyers that the legal profession has to offer, whether they live in a large city, in a small town, or on a farm or acreage miles from the nearest lawyer. If you have access to a phone, then you have access to the best Iowa bankruptcy law firm, and we will represent you in your bankruptcy, doing what we do best: helping Iowans discharge debt and obtain a new start through bankruptcy.

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Do Most Bankruptcy Attorneys Offer Payment Plans In Des Moines

Yes, many bankruptcy lawyers take a payment plan, and I would estimate that would be no different in Des Moines. A Chapter 13 bankruptcy is already a payment plan bankruptcy, so many Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyers will take a payment upfront and then include the rest in the plan.

In a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, many lawyers will take payment plans, but the total attorney fee often has to be paid before filing. If an bankruptcy lawyer in Des Moines will only take all of the money upfront for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy and not provide payment plans, you may be able to find one that does take payment plans.

Just to confirm, you may always want to check which type of bankruptcy you are filing. Some bankruptcy lawyers may offer payments plans or $0 Chapter 13 options, but those may be much more expensive in the long run than doing a payment plan upfront on a Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Business Bankruptcy Attorneys

If your business has been hit by the recent downturn in the economy, you are not alone. If you are struggling with the burden of unmanageable business debt, you can obtain a fresh start through a Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

The bankruptcy attorneys at our firm handle consumer bankruptcy and business bankruptcy to help clients that are struggling with debt problems. Attorney Michael P. Mallaney handles a significant share of the business bankruptcy cases at our firm. Michael has more than 30 years of legal experience and has a strong knowledge of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code as a former law clerk for Richard F. Stageman, a bankruptcy judge for the Southern District of Iowa.

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Low Fees And Payment Plan Options:

Our fees for pre-filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy services are one of the lowest in the nation. Frequently our clients tell us they have shopped around to many law firms, and ours are by far the lowest they have found. Even so, bankruptcy is still expensive, and for that reason, we offer nine different payment plan options that will fit most budgets.

What Are The Fees To File Iowa Bankruptcy

mediastyledesign: Bankruptcy Lawyers In West Des Moines Iowa

Jeff charges a fixed Chapter 7 attorney fee that is based in the complexity of your case. You can request a from Jeff and he can quote you a fee via email after collecting some basic information.Jeff is able to charge less than many Iowa attorneys because he files so many Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases. Jeff also uses technology to add efficiency. If you are unsure about entrusting Jeff, you can read his client reviews. There is nothing wrong with attorneys throughout Iowa charging more for Chapter 7, most do not specialize, don’t have the efficiency Jeff does. People drive to see Jeff from the entire state of Iowa. All bankruptcy cases are filed in Federal Court. Jeff accepts fees in cash or money order. There are two online courses that are required by the Court. They both charge although they are affordable. If you want to you can search around online for a cheaper provider of either the first or second course. The provider Jeff recommends is reliable. Free ConsultationJeff can consult on your case via telephone, email or in person. There is no charge for this consultation. If when we meet you decide not to go forward, you pay nothing. While you are waiting to file:

  • If you will be filing within six months, go ahead and do your pre-filing credit counseling certificate.
  • Get organized. All bills neatly in order. Collection letters clipped behind each one. Keep your paystubs so you will have at least 60 days worth when you come in.
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    What Is Business Bankruptcy

    Businesses can also consider bankruptcy as an option should they face financial hardships. Filers can leverage bankruptcy to reorganize their debt in order to maintain their operation, or a business may consider bankruptcy to help close their business and get rid of their business debt entirely.

    Whether the solution involves liquidation, repayments, or reorganization, Lisa Pendroy, Des Moines, Iowa’s experienced bankruptcy attorney, can help inform and guide you through this difficult process.

    Working with a business bankruptcy attorney can help you to regain control of your business, keep your business open, and provide financial stability to your business.

    What Is It Like Working With Legal Aid

    If you call a legal aid organization, you can expect a phone operator or paralegal to first ask questions to determine whether you qualify for their free assistance and to see if youâre a good fit for bankruptcy.

    Different legal aid organizations collect this information in different ways.

    Sometimes it will entail asking you to come into their office for an interview. Sometimes it will entail filling out a paper or online questionnaire.

    As you complete this questionnaire, it is important, once again, to remain totally honest. The information you provide will go onto your bankruptcy forms that are submitted to the court.

    If your legal aid organization provides help in a limited assistance capacity, like nonprofits such as Upsolve do, then youâll be responsible for filing the actual bankruptcy forms on your own and showing up by yourself to the 341 meeting.

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    What Are The Top Questions Should I Ask A Bankruptcy Lawyer

    • What is the usual process to resolve my case?
    • How long will it take to resolve this?
    • What are the likely outcomes of a case like mine?
    • What should I expect during bankruptcy?

    An experienced lawyer should be able to communicate a basic road map on how to proceed. The lawyer should be able to walk you through the legal process, key considerations, and potential pitfalls to avoid. Once youve laid out the facts of your situation to the lawyer, they should be able to frame expectations and likely scenarios to help you understand your legal issue.

    Want To Check Lawyer Discipline

    A Des Moines attorney unveils her life as prostitute
    • It is always a good idea to research your bankruptcy lawyer prior to hiring. Every state has a disciplinary organization that monitors attorneys, their licenses, and consumer complaints. By researching lawyer discipline you can:

    • Ensure the attorney is currently licensed to practice in your state
    • Gain an understanding of his or her historical disciplinary record, if any.
    • Determine the seriousness of complaints/issues which could range from late bar fees to more serious issues requiring disciplinary action.

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    Getting A Fresh Start Through Bankruptcy

    Although you may strive to pay your bills on time and in full, an unexpected change in financial circumstances may prevent you from fulfilling your obligations. The federal bankruptcy law is a powerful tool thats designed to help people going through a rough time. Filing bankruptcy gives you a chance to eliminate your debt and start over.

    At Marberry Law Firm, P.C., we help our neighbors in Urbandale and the surrounding communities receive the financial relief they deserve. Whether you are behind on mortgage payments, unable to pay medical bills or other expenses, we will use the law to silence creditors and remove the debt that is holding you back. Guided by our bankruptcy attorney, Mark D. Reed, we will identify the best approach that fits your circumstances.

    What Can I Do If I Cant Afford A Bankruptcy Lawyer

    If youthink you should file for bankruptcybut canât afford an attorney, you still have options.

    There are nonprofit and legal aid organizations around Des Moines that are able to provide free legal help to IA residents.

    These organizations may have different requirements to use their service. Itâs important that you meet the requirements.

    If youâre eligible, they can usually provide free legal representation or assist you in filing on your own.

    Locating the service that can best help you is the first step to getting a fresh start.

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