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What Is The Best Way To Rebuild Credit After Bankruptcy

What Does Each Type Do To My Credit Score

How to Rebuild Your Credit After Bankruptcy

Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 affect your credit reports and scores slightly differently. Chapter 7 bankruptcies remain on your credit report for ten years.

On the other hand, Chapter 13 bankruptcy remains on your credit report for seven years. When your report lists bankruptcies, your score will suffer. However, if they approve you for bankruptcy, it is likely that your scores were low to begin with.

Comparing The Best Credit Cards After Bankruptcy

Keeping these key factors in mind, here are our top picks for credit cards to consider post-bankruptcy:

  • Put down $200-$3,000 dollars as a deposit and get a matching credit limit
  • All cardholders get an APR of 17.39%
  • Annual fee of $35
  • No bank account required

Our take: With a relatively low APR and annual fee, the OpenSky Secured Visa credit card is a great card for those with bad to fair credit. You can keep fees low and qualify for the card without a credit check.

If youre willing to tie up money in a security deposit, the OpenSky Secured Visa is one of your best credit-building options after bankruptcy. To start, its one of the few credit cards for bad credit that does not require a credit check, so you wont be putting your score at risk by applying.

All OpenSky Secured Visa cardholders are assigned the same relatively low APR of 17.39% and credit range . Having the option to put down such a large deposit wins this card a ton of points, since doing so will make it much easier to keep your credit utilization in check.

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On the downside, the card charges an annual fee of $35, though this is relatively low compared to most cards for people with bad credit . It also lacks a secured card graduation option that would allow you to switch over to an unsecured card with responsible use.

Rebuilding Your Credit After Bankruptcy

Remember, your finances and assets are not the only things that will be affected after declaring personal bankruptcy. Your credit will also be damaged. If its your first bankruptcy, the information will remain on your for a minimum of 6 years after the date of your discharge. If its your second or third bankruptcy, it will remain for up to 14 years, but times may vary in accordance with the province/territory you live in. Once your credit does take this significant hit, any time a lender reviews your credit report, theyll be able to see the notice of bankruptcy there, which is warning sign that you have trouble managing your money. As a result, it can cause those lenders to reject your applications for new credit. While there are private lenders out there that will work with borrowers who do have bad credit, be forewarned that their interest fees will be much higher than those of a typical lender, like a bank.

To find out how long information stays on your credit report, read this.;

So, once your bankruptcy has been fully discharged, you can start working toward rebuilding your credit and improving your damaged credit score bit by bit. It will take some time and effort, but it is possible.

Pay All Your Bills On Time And In Full

Get A Copy Of Your Credit Report

Apply For A Secured Credit Card

Apply Now

Save More, Spend Less

For Loans Canadas essential guide for saving, .

Contribute To An RRSP

Dont Apply For Too Much Credit At Once

Watch Out For Credit Repair Scams

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Lower Impact On Credit

In general, a consumer proposal is not as harmful to your credit score as a bankruptcy is. A bankruptcy will stay on your credit report for six years, while a consumer proposal will drop off after three years. How will a consumer proposal affect your credit? That will depend on what else is on your credit report, but it will drag your score down significantly. Thats guaranteed.

Ultimately, whether bankruptcy or consumer proposal is better for you depends on your situation. Your needs are going to determine which is the right choice for you. Whether youre declaring bankruptcy or entering into a consumer proposal, it will be difficult. Its important to remember that there is light at the end of the tunnel and there are things you can do to ensure that light is as bright as it can be when it gets there.

Add Alternative Data To Your Credit Report

5 Ways You Can Rebuild Your Credit After Bankruptcy

Yet another almost effortless way to perk up your credit scores is to add alternative data like your utility and cellphone payments to your credit profile.

You can add them to your Experian credit report with the credit bureaus free Experian Boost program. There are no eligibility standards to meet, and after enrolling, all you have to do is pay those bills on time.

This program works especially well for people who have low credit scores or thin profiles. Experian reported that consumers with FICO scores of 579 and below had the highest scoring increase: 86% grew their scores and the average increase was 21 points. Sixty-four percent jumped from a bad credit range to fair.

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How Do I Get A Credit Card After Bankruptcy

When you apply for a credit card after bankruptcy, youll most likely start with a secured card.

As opposed to a typical credit card, secured cards require a deposit, which will usually serve as your . If you put down a $500 deposit, for example, youll typically only be able to spend $500 on the card before its maxed out.

Secured cards generally come with fees and high interest rates, and most dont offer rewards like points or cash back. But they can still be a great way to build your credit. Unlike prepaid debit cards, most secured cards report your payments to the credit bureaus.

Applying for credit cards does have the potential to hurt your credit scores, albeit usually only slightly. So, you should be selective about which card you apply for and make sure you have a good chance of getting approved.

To get an idea of which cards might be a good fit for you, check your credit scores and look for pre-qualified credit card offers in the mail or online. And, before filling out a credit card application, read the fine print to ensure the credit card issuer doesnt have any restrictions when it comes to bankruptcies.

How To Rebuild Your Credit After Bankruptcy


The unfortunate truth? Debt problems happen. Its important to remember, as you build your finances, assets, and credit, that saving enough money to prevent serious debt problems should be considered a top priority. Then again, situations sometimes occur that push people down the steep slope that is bankruptcy. Their debts become too large to manage and theyve exhausted all other options . So, they hire a licensed insolvency trustee and start the long, time and money consuming hike, back up that slope towards rebuilding their credit.

So, how exactly do you rebuild and repair your credit after being discharged from bankruptcy?

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Keep Up Payments With Non

After you file bankruptcy, determine which accounts were not closed. Bankruptcy cancels much of your debt, but theres usually some remaining debt, such as or alimony payments.

Repair your credit post-bankruptcy by paying down these balances. This lowers your and which should boost your credit. To speed up progress, pay more than your minimum monthly payment when you can. Making timely payments is key to building good credit.

Learn Discipline Through Budgeting

How do I rebuild my credit after a bankruptcy? – Credit Card Insider

Aside from rebuilding your credit, learning how to create a budget and then sticking to it is the most important step of rebuilding credit after bankruptcy or consumer proposal. Youll be looking closely at your money anyway, so use this time to get a real grasp on your entire financial situation. Understand where your money comes from, and, more importantly, where you spend every penny. Youre going to need to make friends with spreadsheets and familiarize yourself with all your bank and bill statements.

  • Create categories of all your expenses
  • Using your past bank statements, look at what you are currently spending in each category. Youll probably be surprised at how much money you spend in some!
  • Set limits for how much you will spend per month in each category. This will likely mean making some sacrifices to ensure your budget balances . However, be realistic – don’t tell yourself you’re going to stop doing things you enjoy altogether. Instead, cut down on how often you do them. E.g. budget for a meal out once a month rather than a couple of times a week.
  • Get in the habit of planning and recording every single expense, not matter how small. Keep receipts and go over where your money has gone every month. Plan rewards for different milestones along the way. It’s important to have things to look forward to and motivate you along the way.

Check out these tips for finding the motivation to stay on budget!

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Make Sure Your Credit Report Is Accurate

You might;think you dont want your bankruptcy to appear on your credit report, but it’s much better than displaying outstanding and;delinquent balances. Instead, your credit report should show a $0 balance for any accounts that have been discharged through bankruptcy.;

It’s not unheard of for creditors to continue to report negative account information even after your bankruptcy discharges, so it’s important to inspect your credit report regularly.;It might cost you a few dollars to check every few months, but it’s money well spentand you’re entitled to one free credit report each year.;

If any of your discharged debts are shown as active, send a;dispute to the credit bureaus to have the account updated.

You can access your major credit reports for free once per week through until April 20, 2022.

The Best Way To Rebuild Your Credit After Bankruptcy

ByKen Lordis;;|;;Submitted On May 08, 2009

It can be difficult to rebuild your credit profile after a bankruptcy, but it is also very important.;And the faster you are able to establish good credit and show potential creditor that you can repay responsibly, the quicker you will be able to borrow money for more expensive items, such as a house or car.;Rebuilding can be made easier if no debts remain after your bankruptcy.

Even though getting a prime credit card may be your ultimate goal, they can be almost impossible to get right out of bankruptcy. Here are some concrete steps that outline the best way to obtain credit cards after a bankruptcy.

Often a secured credit card is the best concrete step for someone who has had his or her bankruptcy discharged. If you’re still going through the bankruptcy then you may not have the financial flexibility to set up a secured or prepaid credit card.;;

But remember, the more time between you and your bankruptcy discharge, the less risk to the lender. If your goal is to re-establish credit – then so start by learning what to do next – that’s the only way to make things better for the future.

Ken has written many articles and commentaries on the economy, credit and business in general. To know more about this subject, the information is available at the following website:

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S To Rebuilding Credit After Bankruptcy

You might think youre a pariah in the eyes of lenders and credit card issuers, but thats not quite true. Youll have to prove yourself, of course, but it can be done.

Although your goal building a good credit score is the s ame as that of someone starting from scratch, your situation is different. Your problem isnt that creditors dont know anything about you, but rather that they know a lot. Here’s how to start rebuilding your credit after bankruptcy:

Check Your Credit Report To Ensure Your Bankruptcy Is Accurately Recorded

Best Way To Rebuild Credit After Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy seriously damages your credit report, but there can be errors that make it worse than it actually is. For example, debt shown as active or late instead of discharged might harm your credit report.

Be sure to review your after bankruptcy. If you spot an error, dispute it as soon as possible. Lexington Law can often help you to work to remove bankruptcy related items from your credit report.

Many consumers find unfair credit reporting and outright inaccuracies. Be aware that your old bankruptcy shouldnt linger on your report after seven years or 10 years have passed.

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Buying A Car After Bankruptcy

At some point in your post-bankruptcy life, youll likely want to buy a car. You can certainly do so and even walk into a dealership with some bargaining power.

To prepare for this moment, use your credit card responsibly for at least six months. This simple act adds to your credit history and shows that creditors can trust you to make on-time payments.

Build Good Debt Management Habits

Get in the habit of repaying more than the minimum payment every month even if you canât quite pay off the full balance. And be mindful of your credit utilization ratio. You want your credit card balances to be no more than 30% of your total credit limit. Going over – even if you still have plenty of available credit – will hurt your credit score.Â;Â;

Finally, youâll want to take steps to stay on top of everything. That means making sure all debt payments are timely. But it also means making sure that you monitor your credit on a regular basis.Â;

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Tip No 2: Check Your Account Statuses Carefully

Rebuild Credit Score [After Bankruptcy]

Each account on your has an account status associated with it. Once your bankruptcy is complete, every account included in your filing should say discharged or included in bankruptcy.

If you see anything else in the account status field for any;of the accounts, then it is probably a mistake and it needs to be corrected. This includes statuses like, active, current, delinquent, or charged-off.

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What Happens After My Bankruptcy Requirements Are Completed

When you complete all your;duties in bankruptcy, you will obtain a type of discharge, which is the official certification of how it was completed.

A record of your bankruptcy will remain on your;; for several years after your discharge.

Apart from the note of your past bankruptcy, your credit status will be clear. It will be as if you had never had credit. Like a young adult starting independent life, you will have to earn the trust of creditors from the ground up.

Live Within A Realistic Budgetsave For Unexpected Expenses

Have a monthly budget that lets you live within your means. Look at how much money you have coming in every month and how much money on average you spend. If youre spending more money than you make, then look at what exactly youre spending on and where you can cut costs. Alternatively, you can look for ways to make more money. The key is to balance your budget so that you dont rely on credit to make ends meet.

You will definitely need to set some savings aside for unexpected expenses. They tend to happen when we least want them to! Make regular deposits to your savings account and manage your normal monthly expenses carefully. More than anything else, sticking to a good budget is the best way to keep financially healthy.

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Check Out How A Secured Credit Card Can Helphelpful Charge Card Strategy

Apply for a secured credit card.;Companies report usage on these cards to the credit bureaus. Paying your secured credit card bill on time will have the same positive effect on your credit as paying a normal credit card bill.

To get a secured credit card, youll need to save up about $500 for the security deposit so that the credit card company can hold that money for up to 2 years. They use this money in case you dont make your payments and they need to close the card.

Use your card for one or two small, planned purchases each month, wait for the bill to arrive, and then pay it in full and on time. This will help to rebuild credit and clean up your credit history.

Build An Emergency Fund Into Your Budget

The Best Ways to Rebuild Your Credit After Bankruptcy

If possible, youâll want to make sure that a certain amount of your monthly income goes into a savings account. You do this by making the emergency fund one of the expenses in your budget. Then, make a plan to make sure this amount actually makes it into your savings account every month – or every payday. Donât just wait to see whatâs left after paying for everything else.

This will help you build a financial cushion in the event something goes wrong. Like the water heater breaking. Or getting an unexpected medical bill. You donât want to use the money youâve budgeted for bills and other monthly expenses for these extraordinary expenditures, if you can avoid it. And you donât want to be stuck having to get a high interest short-term loan either.Â;

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