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Bankruptcy Lawyer Bethlehem Pa

Bethlehem Pa Is Within The Eastern District Of Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Bankruptcy Lawyer – Bankruptcy vs Debt Consolidation

In addition to the national bankruptcy forms described above, the Eastern District of Pennsylvania Bankruptcy Court requires you to file a Pro Se Statement if you are filing without a lawyer. The purpose of this form is to tell the Court whether you have been assisted by a for-profit bankruptcy petition preparer. Petition Preparers must follow special rules set by the Court.

Other Details

How To Prepare To Meet With Your Chapter 7 Personal Bankruptcy Attorney

Prior to meeting with your chapter 7 personal bankruptcy attorney, get all your paperwork, assets, debts, loans, financial statements and other necessary documents in order. Once all the necessary paperwork has been gathered, meet with an a Bethlehem bankruptcy attorney to guide and advise you as to what best suits your particular situation.

Why File For Bankruptcy

People wind up filing for bankruptcy for many reasons, often involving outside forces or unforeseen expenses: Medical debt and unexpected health care costs can quickly spiral out of control, credit card debt can accrue due to business expenses or needing to use a credit card during periods of unemployment and low cash flow, investments in the stock market, real estate or other financial vehicles might suffer due to a financial crisis, or a supply chain shutdown can cause debt to cascade in times of pandemic or due to oil price fluctuations. In any of these situations, a bankruptcy attorney can help you find the best course of action.

What Questions Should I Ask A Bankruptcy Lawyer?

  • Not sure what to ask a bankruptcy lawyer? Here are a few sample questions to get you started:

  • How long have you been in practice?
  • How many bankruptcy cases have you handled?
  • How much does a bankruptcy filing cost? How much of that cost is attorney fees vs. filing fees?
  • Where is your office in Bethlehem located?
  • What are the next steps?

Want To Check Lawyer Discipline?

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What Sort Of Issues Can I Seek Legal Help With

Specialized legal help is available for most legal issues. Each case is unique seeking legal help is a smart first step toward understanding your legal situation and seeking the best path toward resolution for your case. An experienced lawyer understands the local laws surrounding your case and what your best legal options might be. More importantly, there are certain situations and circumstances such as being charged with a crime where you should always seek experienced legal help.

How Do You Find A Bankruptcy Attorney

Brett J. Riegel, Esq.

Youll need to conduct a little bit of research to find the best bankruptcy lawyer for your situation. Start by pulling up a list of attorneys near you. Identify a few lawyers who have high ratings, mostly positive customer reviews and the required credentials in your state.

Once you have a list of three to five potential attorneys you can hire, figure out how much they charge. Ask for a free cost estimate and ask them to explain their fee schedule. Choose an attorney with a solid track record and reputation, fair pricing and the right credentials.

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Chapter 13 In Bethlehem

Chapter 13 bankruptcy will require many of the same documents as Chapter 7, with the addition of a bankruptcy plan. Your bankruptcy plan will propose a monthly payment plan to satisfy your creditors over three to five years. The type of debt you have, along with your financial ability, will determine the monthly payment.

One of the benefits of Chapter 13 is that it will stop a foreclosure or scheduled sheriff sale. If you have fallen behind on your mortgage payments and your home is either in foreclosure or scheduled for sheriffs sale, a successful Chapter 13 filing allows you to maintain possession of your property. Once your home is in foreclosure, you usually need to pay the full amount you owe, plus attorney fees, to stop a sheriffs sale. If you can show you can afford the monthly payment, Chapter 13 allows you five years to pay the delinquency.

Chapter 12 bankruptcy is similar to Chapter 13 but it is specially designed for family farms or fisheries. While classified as a business filing, Chapter 12 is much less expensive and complicated than filing Chapter 11, or business bankruptcy. To qualify for Chapter 12, 50% of your gross income must be from farming and 50% of your debt must be related to your business operations. Chapter 12 can be a powerful tool for Lehigh Valley families to protect their farms.

Less Common Types Of Bankruptcy

Chapter 9 Bankruptcy

Cities or towns may file for Chapter 9 bankruptcy if they are overwhelmed by debt. It allows municipalities to develop a plan for handling debts while holding creditors at bay.

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

  • Chapter 11, often called reorganization bankruptcy is usually used by businesses.
  • It allows a business to work out a court-supervised plan to pay back creditors while keeping its doors open. We mostly hear about big businesses filing for Chapter 11, but small businesses or even individuals can use it, too.
  • The trouble is that Chapter 11 is usually too expensive for smaller undertakings and anyone other than the most wealthy individuals, because it entails lots of meetings, court hearings, and big bills from bankruptcy lawyers.

Chapter 12 Bankruptcy

  • This type of bankruptcy is a lot like Chapter 13 except its available only for family farmers and fishermen.
  • Its specially designed to help farmers and fishermen keep their livelihoods while paying off debts under a court-approved plan.
  • Chapter 12 has a higher debt threshold and more options to protect property than Chapter 13.

Chapter 15 Bankruptcy

  • Chapter 15 is for people or organizations that have debts and property in the United States and another country.
  • Under this chapter, federal bankruptcy courts can more easily limit their involvement in the case to just the property and people in the United States.

To qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you must show that either:

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What Is It Like Working With Legal Aid

If you call a legal aid organization, you can expect a phone operator or paralegal to first ask questions to determine whether you qualify for their free assistance and to see if youâre a good fit for bankruptcy.

Different legal aid organizations collect this information in different ways.

Sometimes it will entail asking you to come into their office for an interview. Sometimes it will entail filling out a paper or online questionnaire.

As you complete this questionnaire, it is important, once again, to remain totally honest. The information you provide will go onto your bankruptcy forms that are submitted to the court.

If your legal aid organization provides help in a limited assistance capacity, like nonprofits such as Upsolve do, then youâll be responsible for filing the actual bankruptcy forms on your own and showing up by yourself to the 341 meeting.

Go To Court To File Your Forms

Bankruptcy, Lawyers, Philadelphia, PA

Itâs now time to bring the bankruptcy forms and your Course 1 certificate to the court to file them.

The court is open from Monday through Friday excluding federal holidays during normal business hours. Call ahead of time if you want to know when it is open. If you have questions about how to get to the court, you can call the court staff.

610-208-5040400 Washington StreetReading, PA19601

Once you enter the doors of the court house, you will be greeted by security guards, who will ask you to pass through a metal detector. Once you pass security, you will go to the clerkâs office. And you will tell the clerk, âIâd like to file for bankruptcy.â Youâll hand the Clerk your bankruptcy forms, along with your filing fee of $338 in exact change. Or if you are filing a fee waiver or installment plan, you hand the clerk the fee waiver form or fee installment form instead of the cash.

The clerk will take your bankruptcy forms and ask you to take a seat in their waiting room. It shouldnât take long for the clerk long to process your case – about 15 minutes. During this time, they will scan your forms and upload them to the courtâs online filing system.

As soon as they are done processing your forms, the clerk will call you back to the front desk. The clerk will give you:

  • The name of your bankruptcy trustee
  • The date, time, and location of your meeting with your trustee

But youâre not home yet – there are other steps you need to complete to get a fresh start!

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What Can A Pennsylvania Bankruptcy Lawyer Do For Me

  • Explaining and guiding you through the bankruptcy process,
  • Analyzing your financial situation,
  • Evaluating your assets and obligations,
  • Advising you regarding which exemptions to claim,
  • Preparing and reviewing your bankruptcy petition,
  • Attending meetings with your creditors ,
  • Following up with your creditors to stop any post-filing collection efforts,
  • Representing you in any litigation that may arise out of the bankruptcy, and
  • Attending hearings on your behalf.

Types Of Bankruptcy In Bethlehem

No matter what chapter of bankruptcy you file under, there are general similarities they all share. Before filing bankruptcy, you will be required to take a credit counseling course. This must be provided by an authorized agency and be completed before the case is filed. Additionally, a financial management course is required before a discharge is granted. The timing of the second course depends on the type of bankruptcy filed.

As soon as a bankruptcy case commences, an automatic stay goes into effect. An automatic stay is a legal wall of protection that stops all collection actions against you. Creditors can no longer call you or send you letters, but more importantly, the stay stops all current legal proceedings. For example, an automatic stay will stop a judgment lawsuit or sheriffs sale. Our bankruptcy attorneys will thoroughly explain all the protections provided by an automatic stay as well as the legal remedies available should any of your creditors violate it.

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Keep Your Vehicle During Bankruptcy In Bethlehem

Bethlehem auto repossessions are not uncommon. You may be able to keep your vehicle even if you are behind on payments and facing auto repossessions. Contact a bankruptcy lawyer in Bethlehem immediately to file an adversary proceeding with the bankruptcy court. It is important to seek legal advice before you contact your creditor or make arrangement to pay the debt since doing so may affect your eligibility for bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy Services In Bethlehem Pa

Law Office of John Simone One West Broad Street, 11th Floor, Bethlehem ...

Filing for bankruptcy is often the best solution for those who are overwhelmed with debt and have exhausted all other options to pay off their bills. Bankruptcy can provide relief by wiping debts clean and helping indebted individuals regain control of their finances. The following is a list of bankruptcy services law firms in Bethlehem are experienced and ready to assist you in.

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Outstanding Experience & Personalized Service

Since March 20, 2020, our office location is closed by order of Gov. Tom Wolf who ordered all non-life-sustaining businesses to close their physical offices. We are working remotely to serve the needs of our clients. We are functioning normally and are available by telephone, email and video conferencing. Please reach out if we can help you or your business in any way.

REMOTE EXECUTION AND NOTARIZATION OF WILLS AND POWERS OF ATTORNEY NOW PERMITTEDWe have received inquiries about having wills and powers of attorney prepared and signed during the COVID-19 lockdown. Pennsylvania recently passed legislation which temporarily permits remote signing and notarization of documents provided the notary makes an audio-visual recording of the signing. Our notary is approved for this procedure. Please contact us for further information.

Contact The Firm

File For Bankruptcy In Bethlehem

Filing For Bankruptcy Can Get You Back On Track

Bankruptcy Legal provides individuals with legal counsel that inspires a true sense of hope. If youre looking for experienced, supportive and personalized legal counsel were here to help. Get connected with a bankruptcy attorney in Bethlehem, PA who understands the emotional and financial challenges involved in filing for bankruptcy. At Bankruptcy Legal, you can get the answers you need to move forward and the peace of mind that comes with knowing your rights are protected. Its time to take action, today.

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Contact Me Today To Discuss Your Financial Future

From our very first meeting, I will be listening and learning as much as I can about your needs and goals. I will then communicate clearly about all of your options including bankruptcy and certain alternatives. To schedule an appointment, call my Bethlehem office at . You can also fill out this online contact form.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.


Do You Qualify For Chapter 7 Personal Bankruptcy

Pennsylvania Bankruptcy Lawyer – How do I complete Pre-Bankruptcy Credit Counseling?

A Chapter 7 personal bankruptcy filing is also known as liquidation bankruptcy. The means test determines if you qualify by looking at your income and debt. Although Chapter 7 bankruptcy discharges some of your debts, it doesnt eliminate all debt. Contact a Bethlehem attorney to determine if you are eligible for Chapter 7.

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Free Bankruptcy Attorney In Bethlehem Pa

Upsolve is a nonprofit tool that helps you file bankruptcy for free.Think TurboTax for bankruptcy. Get free education, customer support, and community. Featured in Forbes 4x and funded by institutions like Harvard University so we’ll never ask you for a credit card.Explore our free tool

Written byUpsolve Team.

So, youâve decided to get a fresh start byfiling for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

This is a huge step toward a stronger financial future.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is an importantdebt relief tool for Americans in severe financial distress from losing a job, getting injured, or getting divorced.

Hiring a good bankruptcy attorney like a member of theNACBAis a great investment. They will be available to answer your questions and help take care of the Chapter 7 paperwork for an average of $1500.

The problem is that many Bethlehemresidents looking to file for bankruptcy but canât afford that rate.

If you need a fresh start in Bethlehem and cannot afford a lawyer, youâre not alone.

Weâll walk you through where to look and what âbrick and mortarâ legal aid resources are available in BethlehemPA to help you get debt free. Youâll also learn about our digital legal aid nonprofit,, that helps low income Americans who need a fresh start for free.

Whether or not you choose to file Chapter 7 using our free nonprofit Upsolve, this article will leave you much better prepared to obtain a better financial future.

How Do I Determine If The Bankruptcy Lawyer In Bethlehem Is Reliable

One of the most important attributes we look for in a bankruptcy lawyer in Bethlehem is whether they are reliable. The reason for this is that there are certain deadlines that have to take place, and you need someone who will meet those deadlines.

Some of the ways that you can determine this is potentially through rating and reviews because that gives you insight into other clients experiences. There are biased review sources out there, so our favorite review sites are Google ratings and reviews and Yelp ratings and reviews.

We like to sort from the lowest review descending so that you can really get a sense of whether this individual is reliable. See the image before of Ascend Bankruptcy Helps Google reviews , with the lowest rating descending.

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Top Bankruptcy Lawyers Serving Bethlehem

You are looking for a bankruptcy attorney in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and probably want to find the best attorney for the most reasonable price.

When filing bankruptcy in Bethlehem, there here are 5 attributes that we look for in bankruptcy attorneys, which are 1) Rate 2) Reviews 3) Relevance 4) Reliability, and 5) Referral. We also care about bankruptcy attorneys who offer free consultations and payment plans.

See the table below for bankruptcy lawyers servicing Bethlehem. If you’d like to understand the all-in bankruptcy cost in Bethlehem, we built a free qualification and cost calculator below to estimate fees. Update the zip code if youd like to refresh the list. Please note that the phone information below will first route to Ascend, and we will check our system for available attorneys who are available for a free phone consultation before transferring you to the attorney. If you’d like to speak directly to a specific attorney below, you should be able to find that information directly on the attorney’s website.

Fill out your information for the local attorney. Please note that the attorney selected may not be the one which contacts you.

This is why we built the zip code updater, so you can update the zip code to where youd like to hire a bankruptcy attorney, which potentially might not be in Bethlehem.

Complete The Bankruptcy Forms

Christopher William Merwin

This is the most time-consuming step. The Bankruptcy Forms include23 seperate forms totalling roughly 70 pages. The forms ask you about everything you make, spend, own and owe.

If you download and print out the forms online, you will have to enter repetitive data and make lots of math calculations.

So if youâre not able to hire a lawyer, you probably want to buy a bankruptcy software program or use Upsolve.orgâs free online bankruptcy service.

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What Is Legal Aid

Navigating the legal system can be frustrating and complicated, especially if youâve never done it before.

Legal aid organizations help low-income people get the legal help they need but often canât afford.

These organizations are typically funded by grants from philanthropists, like theKresge Foundation, and government agencies such as theLegal Services Corporation.

Legal aid organizations and are in place to address a variety of legal problems under one roof. These often include: tenant-landlord issues, debt collection lawsuits, domestic abuse cases, immigration, etc.

If your local legal aid organization canât help you with your specific bankruptcy issue, they can probably refer you to another organization or service in the Bethlehem, PAarea that can.

Itâs not uncommon for these organizations to have waiting lists, but sometimes they do not. When you do reach out, you may be put on hold or need to give them a couple of calls.

Keep in mind that the time you put into figuring out if you qualify may save you thousands of dollars.

If youâre wondering whether your local legal aid organization will take your case, the best thing you can do is give them a call and ask.

Below are some of the guidelines that legal aids use to see if youâre eligible.


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