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Where Can I Buy Pallets Of Merchandise

Wholesaling Vs Amazon Arbitrage

How to SAFELY Buy Liquidation Pallets in 2022

The biggest difference between the two is the product source. Wholesalers deal directly with suppliers so they can buy in bulk. Arbitrage resellers, on the other hand, source their products from retailers and generally buy less compared to wholesalers.

Arbitrage resellers thrive on discounts from clearance sales, and wholesalers rely on discounts because of the number of products they buy and their negotiating skills.

Amazon Vs Ebay: Which Is Better For Selling Used Items

are two of the biggest ecommerce companies right now. But which one is better when it comes to selling used goods?

There are lots of factors to consider, but in general, if youre just decluttering, its better to go for eBay. Used items are not eligible to get the Buy Box on Amazon, so customers have to do more work to get to your item. eBay, on the other hand, allows buyers to view used products immediately in the search results.

For example, we searched for iPad on eBay, and the first four products were either used or refurbished. Out of the 60 listings on page 1, only 11 were brand new.

If, however, you want to make this a more steady source of income, its better to go for Amazon to take advantage of FBA.

Things You Should Consider When Purchasing Your First Amazon Return Pallet

  • Compare different liquidation companies and try to buy returns at lower costs which can maximize your margins.
  • Make a small investment to see what the pallets are like first.
  • Dont buy a pallet of used electronic items for the first time. There is a high possibility that the items wont work, and if you dont know how to fix them, it will turn into a total loss.
  • Some liquidation companies will charge you for the shipping of your return pallets. Check freight costs before purchasing an Amazon return pallet. It could be more expensive than the amount you pay for the goods.

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Amazon Accelerate 2021 Highlights:

  • Last year, Amazon invested more than $18 billion in logistics, tools, services, programs, and teams to help sellers get started, build their brands, and leverage Amazons scale to reach more customers.
  • Product Opportunity Explorer is a new tool that will help sellers to identify new products to sell on Amazon.
  • Sellers will have access to a new dashboard, the Search Analytics Dashboard, that will provide the data to understand customers interests.
  • In 2021, they updated some of their tools by including these new features: Amazon Brand Referral Bonus, Amazon Customer Engagement, A+ Story Cards and Customer Review Resolution.
  • Amazon introduces sellers to a new program called Local Selling on Amazon.
  • Sellers will have access to 4 new products and services: and Customer Service by Amazon .
  • Access to new features, A to Z guarantee expansion and Seller Central Partner Network.
  • Amazon launches two new features aimed at helping sellers maintain good account health: Account Health Support Team and Account Health Assurance.

What Are Return Pallets


Returned pallets allow people to get their hands on a pallet of goods, with the caveat that you dont know why the items got sent back in the first place. They could be damaged beyond repair or perfectly fine, and youll only know for sure once you unpack and try them for yourself. You could save a fortune and enjoy an awesome bargain, or live to regret the purchase.

If the air of mystery and prospect of a good deal appeal to you, lets look at some of the best places to help your curiosity. lets you buy consumer product goods and commercial surplus inventory. It offers various deals on items from Amazon and other companies, and you can buy by the box, pallet, or truckload. The sale is typically made via auction, so you bid on what you want, and the highest bid gets it.

You can find pallets with goods under categories like apparel, electronics, houseware, and much more. Naturally, that doesnt mean every item you get will match the primary category.

For example, if you buy an electronics pallet, some houseware and apparel items might end up with you, too, and vice versa. That tends to apply to every place that deals with selling off pallets.

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How Can You Source Pallets Of New Merchandise

The most obvious way to stock your stores shelves or your warehouse is through purchasing pallets of brand new goods. Here are the several options you have if you want to buy brand-new items in bulk:

Directly From Factories

Many retail store owners opt to buy their merchandise directly from manufacturers as this possibility has only recently become an option for small businesses. Back in the day, small companies required a middle man to buy directly from producers unless they could quickly move vast quantities of products.

Nowadays, its possible to buy pallets of brand-new factory merchandise, all through the Internet. However, the most considerable drawback to purchasing new merchandise directly from manufacturers is that youll probably need to buy a larger quantity in order to get a suitable discount and have the space within your facility to store it. Or, in other words, if youre only willing to purchase a pallet or two, you may not get enough discount from the manufacturer to make respectable profit margins with your business.

Buying Through A Distributor

If buying directly from a factory isnt a good option for your newly established business, you can always purchase brand-new merchandise in bulk from modern-day middle man or distributors. You can think of distributors practically as go-betweens who buy vast amounts of inventory directly from manufacturers and then sell it at a mark-up to small retail businesses.

Buying Pallets Of Returned Amazon Merchandise

Buying pallets of from Direct Liquidation is quick and easy. Most of the pallets Direct Liquidation sells on behalf of Amazon are sold via live liquidation auctions which take place on Direct Liquidations site every day. To participate in these auctions, youll first need to sign up for a free account, which will require you to produce a valid resellers license a must-have for any business wishing to resell goods in the United States.

After signing up, you can head over to the Amazon landing page on Direct Liquidations site. There youll find all the currently available to buy via auction. Then its simply a matter of finding a pallet you wish to buy and waiting for it to come up for auction. You can set up an email alert which will notify you when the auction on the pallet youre interested in is about to go under the hammer, then you can enter bids up to a predetermined maximum bid level and wait to see if youre the successful bidder.

If you are successful, all you then need to do is pay for your goods and arrange your shipping. Most businesses like to arrange their own shipping, usually using a third-party courier or, if theyre close to one of Direct Liquidations distribution centers, going and picking their purchases up in person.

Finally, you can also approach the liquidator directly with your own offer. If they like what they hear, thats the price youll pay. You may just find you get an even better bargain this way.

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How To Bid In Pallet Auctions

Making offers is very simple. The key is to carefully read the characteristics of the batches and do a thorough product research. You must review the details that are exposed in each liquidation lot and know in depth what is included.

In this world, nothing can be assumed about inventories. Remember that these are customer returned items, so you cant expect new items.

Once youve fully understood what youll be buying, check eBay and Amazon for selling prices and how many units are selling each week. When you have all this information, you will be armored to decide how much money you would be willing to pay for the specific lot.

And dont forget! You must include in your cost structure the price of shipments. Once you know the potential selling price of all your inventory, you can make a decision to bid and know how much space you will have for a healthy profit.

NOTE: Keep in mind that you wont win every auction, but hopefully youll be able to win enough to maintain a successful business.

In order to start buying pallets of merchandise from Walmart or any other retail company, you must follow the steps that we show you below :

  • Go to the website of the settlement site where you will make your purchase.
  • Open an account on the website.
  • When you find a pallet with products, you must indicate the limit of what you can pay and enter your offer up to this amount.
  • Track your bids and check if you were successful.
  • Oklahoma Liquidation Pallets For Sale

    How to Buy Target Liquidation Pallets & Truckloads

    Oklahoma resellers looking to increase their reach and improve their chance of sales could benefit from partnering with a liquidation inventory supplier. These suppliers often offer a wide variety of inventory at deeply discounted prices. Depending on their needs and how they wish to sell their merchandise, resellers can choose between buying liquidation pallets and liquidation truckloads. This makes it possible for Oklahoma resellers to keep large amounts of inventory on hand at all times.

    Oklahoma Liquidation Inventory Supplier

    Partnering with a trusted Oklahoma liquidation inventory supplier helps resellers ensure their shelves remain stocked with high quality, name brand merchandise. It also allows small businesses and resellers to obtain a lot of merchandise, without spending a lot of money up front. When Oklahoma resellers purchase liquidation inventory, they can pass the savings to their customers. This increases the chance of sales and repeat business.

    Selling Liquidation Inventory in Oklahoma

    Oklahoma resellers have many options when it comes to selling liquidation inventory. While some resellers choose to sell merchandise entirely through open-air markets, others sell their inventory through online auctions or ecommerce websites. Offering merchandise in a variety of different ways ensures resellers reach the highest number of consumers. This also helps resellers determine the best way to sell their products.

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    How To See How Much Money A Product Is Making On Amazon

    Many people buying pallets of returns will actually want to resell these items back on Amazon. You can easily go on to Amazon and see how much money an item is selling for but the big question is do these items actually sell on Amazon?

    Thankfully there is software that will tell you exactly how many units of a product are being sold a month and how much money they’re making.

    Tools like Helium 10 will show you exactly how much money a product is making each . If you’re planning to do buy pallets and resell them on Amazon, a tool like Helium 10 is absolutely required.

    You can use the coupon code ECOMCREW50to get 50% off Helium 10

    Section 2 Of : Where Can You Buy Amazon Returns

  • 1Amazon warehouse If youre looking for individual items, sells pre-owned, returned, and opened goods at a lower price. You can shop by category and check the condition of the product before you buy.
  • Unlike most other sites, Amazon Warehouse has a “buy it now” option rather than a bidding process.
  • is one of Amazons direct liquidation outlets. On their site, you can find individual items, pallets, and even truckloads of returned goods. Find an auction and make your bid to purchase bulk items all at once.XResearch source
  • also offers returned goods from Dell, Macys, Sears, and more.
  • They also grade their goods from A-D: A being the best quality, and D being the worst quality.
  • is another one of Amazons direct liquidation sellers. You can purchase pallets or truckloads of returned products, all purchased by bids that you make via online auction. has several warehouses across America, so its likely that youll get your goods fast.XResearch source
  • They also sell returns from Walmart, Target, Wayfair, Sony, and more.
  • 4 If you live in the UK, is the best way to buy returned Amazon products. On their site, you can sort by category to find pallets of returned goods. Unfortunately, Mart Hill does not separate their goods by retailer, so theres no way to know which products are coming from Amazon and which products are coming from other retailers.XResearch source
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    Where Do These Truckload Liquidations Come From

    Just in case youre wondering where these truckloads of Liquidated merchandise originate from here is your answer.

    It originates from a wide range of different retailers who specialize in everything from apparel to home goods to sporting goods and so on. These retailers sell their liquidation stock at unbelievably low prices because they are solely focused on getting rid of the excess merchandise within the shortest amount of time.

    Here is an important rationale:

    Considering the liquidated inventory, it may not be sold. Therefore it spurs the retailers to make necessary preparation for space creation at its warehouses. especially for retailers. More spaces are required for the merchandise to facilitate sales.

    Before You Buy Pallets Of Merchandise


    Before asking where to buy pallets of merchandise, be sure to learn as much as you can about the liquidation industry.

    I remember way back when I discovered the concept of purchasing liquidation merchandise. I searched online for hours that turned into days with full excitement of the prospect of buying shelf pulls or customer returns. I spent so much time searching and reading because I wanted to fully understand what it was I was about to buy. It was intimidating, but exciting at the same time. Initially, I let my excitement get in the way of logic, and because of this, I made several costly mistakes.

    Industry sercets and DIRECT source contacts….I’m sharing 18 years of pallet and truckload buying experience within 200+ pages of the 2022 Liquidators Guide

    Lets review some important information about buying pallets and truckloads. When I write posts on this blog, I tend to forget Im talking to a lot of new buyers. I forget the fact that terms I use may not be recognized by someone who is just getting started.

    Are you new to the liquidation world? Are you what some would call green? Ill assume that you know absolutely nothing about the liquidation industry-at all.

    Customer Returns No particular guarantee as to item damages items may be gently handled or broken. Always expect a percentage of damaged and unsellable items when you buy in this category.

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    How Do You Know Where To Buy Pallets Of Merchandise And Who To Trust

    Although Walmart is a reliable company, there are other companies that are responsible for selling products on clearance. Its not bad to buy from other sites, but this world is extremely competitive, so it is important to know who to buy from and the terms under which the transaction will take place.

    If you are going to buy from another company, you need to make sure that all the rules are clear and that they will sell you the product at the correct price. You will not have this problem with Walmart, since this company needs to empty its warehouses to make room for new products.

    However, good companies tend to have fair and transparent business practices in any dealings. If you go with another liquidator, they should:

    • Let you see the merchandise
    • Verify the sources from which they obtained the products
    • Have return and warranty policies

    These are just some of the recommendations. Try to think of all the aspects to check before making any transaction. In this way, you can avoid making business decisions that you will regret later.

    Where Do These Pallet Liquidations Come From

    Just in case youre wondering where these pallets of liquidated merchandise originate from here is your answer.

    It originates from a wide range of different retailers who specialize in everything from apparel to home goods to sporting goods and so on. These retailers sell their liquidation stock at unbelievably low prices because they are solely focused on getting rid of the excess merchandise within the shortest amount of time.

    Here is an important rationale:

    Considering the liquidated inventory, it may not be sold. Therefore it spurs the retailers to make necessary preparation for space creation at its warehouses. especially for retailers. More spaces are required for the merchandise to facilitate sales.

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    How Customer Returns Affect Amazon Sellers

    Amazons returns come at no cost most of the time to the customers and are also prone to abuse and return fraud. The only exception is if the reason for return isnt a result of an error, the cost of return shipping will be deducted from the refund. But in the other cases, how exactly this policy affects sellers?

    The expenses that come out of your account every time customers return orders can end up having a high return rate which is terrible for account health and could even lead to account suspension.

    Also, add the monetary loss generated by the return of a product. Read more on .

    Every product returned to Amazon is inspected and if it meets Amazons high standards to be resold as new, its re-listed for sale.

    Although for many small businesses, the cost of reopening, repackaging, and restocking those items is huge. A great alternative to having the inventory removed or returned to the seller is Amazon return pallets.

    Thus, Amazon return pallets are pallets of goods that have been returned to Amazon. These pallets are sold unseen at discounted prices to sellers who want to take the risk.

    You can make a lot of money by refurbishing and reselling used items online.


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