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How To Find If Someone Filed Bankruptcy

How Will I Know Whats Going On

How Can Someone Find Out If I Filed Bankruptcy?

Sometimes, you may first learn about a bankruptcy in the news. If you hold stock or bonds in street name with a broker, your broker should forward information from the company to you. If you hold a stock or bond in your own name, you should receive information directly from the company.

You may be asked to vote on the plan of reorganization, although you may not get the full value of your investment back. In fact, sometimes stockholders dont get anything back, and they dont get to vote on the plan.

Before you vote, you should receive from the company:

  • a copy of the reorganization plan or a summary
  • a court approved disclosure statement which includes information to help you make an informed judgment about the plan
  • a ballot to vote on the plan and
  • notice of the date, if any, for a hearing on the courts confirmation of the plan, including the deadline for filing objections.

Even when stockholders do not vote, they should get a summary of the disclosure statement, and a notice on how to file an objection to the plan.

Stockholders may also receive other notices unrelated to the plan of reorganization, such as a notice of a hearing on the proposed sale of the debtors assets, or notice of a hearing if the company converts to a Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Using Government Sources To Find Bankruptcy Information

The Securities and Exchange Commission and the Bankruptcy Court also keep records online and in paper files. Because the SEC plays a small role in reviewing plans of reorganization, it keeps bankruptcy records. Those records can be accessed online or in person at the SEC headquarters in Washington, DC. The Bankruptcy Court in the state where the company is incorporated or has its main place of business will also have those records.

If you want to review court filings, you can access them through the PACER system, which is a web-based index of filings in federal courts. To do so, you need to set up an account. Please note that PACER charges a nominal fee for access to court filings.

Because trustees are appointed in bankruptcy cases, you can also go to the U.S. Trustee at the Department of Justice. The office can help you find the trustee assigned to the company youre inquiring about. It can also help you obtain information about the status of the bankruptcy.

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How Do I Find Out If Someone Who Owes Me Money Has Filed Bankruptcy


The Office of the Superintend of Bankruptcy maintains an electronic record of each insolvency filed in Canada since 1978. The information consists of, among other things, the name and address of the bankrupt , the date of the filing, the date of the bankrupts discharge , the trustees name, address, phone number, and if the trustee has completed the administration of the file, the date of the trustees discharge.Anyone who wishes to conduct a search of the database may do so at minimum cost of $8. This amount is payable even if there is no record on file matching the name being searched. In order to minimize the charges, be as specific as possible when entering the search criteria. The link to the search may be found at

Lets get together and find a debt solution that works for you.

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A Fast Way To Get The Information You Want

Getting public records used to be a time-consuming and frustrating process. You had to visit the local county clerk and submit a written request for your documents. If you wanted to search records in a different state, you might have to actually travel to that state and appear in person. Instant Checkmate takes the hassle out of uncovering someones past by making it easy to run a background check online.

Resources For Tax Payers

What Does Filing For Bankruptcy Mean For Your Finances?

If you have questions about your pre-petition liabilities you can access information about your tax accounts using your My Alabama Taxes . If you do not have a MAT account, you can sign up for an account at the MAT website.

You can request copies of income tax returns or individual income tax account information by submitting a written request, along with the required fee.

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Reviewing The Results On Nj Bankruptcy Pacer

If the name of the person does not show in the search results, it is likely that he has not filed bankruptcy in New Jersey or has filed outside of New Jersey. If you do find the person youâre looking for, click on the results, and then click on âDocket Report.â This will show you a list of all the events in the bankruptcy case with links to the documents that have been filed. Each docket report search costs $0.10 per page. Click on the docket number to the left to open the document. Bankruptcy records are stored in PDF format, and you can view, save and print them.

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Public Terminal In The Courthouse

Looking at the public terminal in the courthouse will allow you to determine whether or not someone has filed for bankruptcy. The records are updated daily to ensure that you receive up-to-date information.

Another option is to get in touch with one of the major credit reporting agencies and inquire about your options.

In the last seven years, they will be able to tell you whether or not a particular individual has filed for bankruptcy. However, remember that this may not be completely accurate because individuals may choose not to report bankruptcies to credit reporting agencies on occasion.

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Searching In The New Jersey Ecf System

After you click the link from the ECF welcome page, look across the top and select âQueryâ to begin your search. Enter as much information as possible. The first name, last name and New Jersey county the person filed in will help narrow down the results if you have a Social Security number, the results will be the most accurate, as sometimes filings are made with misspellings, or a person may have changed her name. You may get more than one result, as more than one person with that name may have filed, or the person may have filed multiple cases. If there is only one entry, the site will take you directly to the record for that case.

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Who Else Needs To Be Told

How to Find Out if Someone Filed Bankruptcy?

The unfortunate reality is that there are some parties you may not want to inform of your bankruptcy, but it may be necessary.

For example, you may not want your landlord to know that you are filing for bankruptcy, but if you are behind on your rent, your landlord is suddenly also considered a creditor.

While the automatic stay can give you some time, your landlord will still need to be informed and they could chose to evict you after bankruptcy, but cannot so so during.

Aside from creditors, there are some instances in which your employer will need to know of bankruptcy filings as well. If you are filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, your repayment plan may require that payment be deducted from your wages.

This would mean that your employer would be alerted to your bankruptcy for the wage garnishment.

However, depending on your profession, how you manage money outside of employment will likely not have an affect on your career.

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Will My Licensed Insolvency Trustee Reveal That I Have Filed For Bankruptcy

No, your LIT adheres to a strict code of ethics. Your LIT will only share this information with the OSB and your creditors unless there are certain circumstances that require them to tell your employer. Your LIT can only reveal your Bankruptcy information if it is mandated by law or if you give them explicit permission.

If you are considering Bankruptcy but find yourself stalling out of fear that someone will find out, your first step should be to reach out to a Licensed Insolvency Trustee. A LIT can walk you through the Bankruptcy process and, hopefully, help to ease some of your anxieties. Remember, you dont have to do this alone, there is professional help available. Call Adamson and Associates today at 519-310-5646 for a free, no-obligation consultation.

Bankruptcy Information For Consumers

Bankruptcy is a federal legal process through which individuals or businesses who are in debt may seek to eliminate the debt, repay some or all of it, or liquidate their assets to obtain relief from their financial troubles and start over.

It is important that consumer creditors be aware of deadlines related to a Bankruptcy filing. You may call the Bankruptcy Court where the business filed to obtain more information and specifics about a claim as a consumer creditor. There are three offices of the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Massachusetts that are located in Boston, Worcester and Springfield. The contact numbers for each are as follows:

Boston 748-5300

Springfield 785-6900

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Your Bankruptcy Will Show Up On Your Credit Report

Your credit report is the most common place that your bankruptcy will show up. The details of your bankruptcy, including dates, creditors, and debt owed will show up for up to seven years after your discharge. Access to this information is somewhat restricted and you normally must give permission. This includes when you apply for a credit card, an apartment or sometimes employment.

What Information Do I Need To Find Out If Someone Filed For Bankruptcy

bonniemartindesigns: How To Find Out If Someone Filed Bankruptcy

Very little information is needed to begin investigating whether someone has filed for bankruptcy. Bankruptcy courts, which are federal courts, are where bankruptcy petitions are filed. As a result, you must find the federal district court in the city where the subject of your interest is located.

Then, call the court to get the case number using the persons full name, social security number, or, if you are looking into a business, the tax ID number.

The PACER system can access further information online with the case number. Additionally, you can access the bankruptcy record in person at the courts.

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What Is Bankruptcy Protection In Texas

Bankruptcy Protection refers to a legal process where a bankruptcy court prevents creditors from claiming a debtors properties or assets. It prevents actions and appeals on judgments passed on a debtors assets before filing a bankruptcy petition. Thus, bankruptcy protection protects a debtors assets until the bankruptcy case is over.

Use An Online Bankruptcy Name Search

The most convenient method for determining if someone you know has filed for bankruptcy protection is by using an online bankruptcy name search service like CheckThem.

For a low monthly fee, you can check on potential bankruptcy filings for anyone you know.

This service is fast and extremely accurate. To get started, you will only need the first name, last name, and state of residence for the person you are searching for. That said, you may need additional information to confirm you have the right person. This is especially true if the name you are searching for is common.

Thankfully, validating a persons identity is often simple. The more biographical information you know about the person, such as age, date of birth, address, or even employment history, the easier it will be to determine if you have the right person.

The most convenient part of this service is that the search is nationwide. Some states have multiple bankruptcy courts, and filers do not always file in the district in which they live. With a background check, you can search nationwide for bankruptcy filings in seconds.

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Public Access To Court Electronic Records

PACER provides the public with electronic access to selected court case information on the Internet. Registered parties can access cases, documents, and docket sheets electronically. To register for a PACER account, use our convenient registration process at . To report problems, please contact the PACER Support Center at 676-6856.

Each court maintains its case information locally. To access the Northern District of Ohio Electronic Case Filing System, click here:

If you do not know where the case is filed, use the PACER Case Locator

How Can I Find Out If Someone Has Filed Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy & Foreclosure : How to Find Out if Someone Filed Bankruptcy?
  • Posted on Feb 23, 2015

You can do a US Party Search on Pacer, but if all you have is a last name , that would not be helpful. You can search by Social Security number, if you have that. If you are being told by someone who owes you money that they filed for bankruptcy, your best option is likely to ask the person for the case number. If they havent really filed, they wont have an answer for that.

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Research At The Courthouse

If you are not tech-savvy or simply do not feel like researching bankruptcy online, you can search for bankruptcy filing records at the relevant federal courthouse. There are some obvious problems with this method the first being that each courthouse may only have the records for the district it sits in. Your research may not pick up a filing in another district or state. And like with PACER, you may be on the hook for a per-page fee if you want to print any records.

What Is The Downside Of Filing For Bankruptcy In California

One of the immediate downsides to filing for bankruptcy is its impact on the subjects credit report. More often than not, filing for bankruptcy in California will result in a lower credit score*. Just how steep the drop is will depend on the individuals original credit score. A person with an average credit score of 680 could lose as much as 150 points, while people with an above-average score may lose almost 240 points. This effect can last for years. Depending on the type of claim, bankruptcy remains on a credit score for 7 to 10 years. Some of the other downsides to filing for bankruptcy include:

  • Loss of real estate and personal property
  • Difficulty getting new lines of credit or credit cards in California
  • Difficulty securing mortgage
  • May negatively affect the ability to secure new employment
  • Possible denial of tax refunds for cases not covered by Californias Bankruptcy Exemptions Code

For people with low credit scores , filing for bankruptcy may result in a slight increase by boosting their debt-to-credit ratio.

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Gather Information About The Debtor

To search the bankruptcy filings either in person or online, youâll need some basic information about the debtor and the bankruptcy case. If a debtor owes you money, the bankruptcy court will mail you the case number, which you can use to pull up the records. If you do not have the case number, you can search using the debtorâs full name and county, or you can use the debtorâs Social Security number.

Is Bankruptcy Public Information

Mortgage Forgiveness and Bankruptcy

Yes, bankruptcy records in the United States are public information. This means that anyone can access these records to determine if someone has filed for bankruptcy.

The only exception is when a person files for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, typically granted to people with little income and few assets. In this case, the debtors name is not listed on public documents.

The best way to find out if someone has filed for bankruptcy is to search the United States Bankruptcy Court Records Database.

When you access this website, you will search by name or case number. If you do not know the persons name, you can search by their address.

The website will then provide a list of all the bankruptcies that have been filed in that area. You can also call your local courthouse and ask them if anyone has filed for bankruptcy in your area.

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Is My Bankruptcy Filing Public Will Everyone I Know Find Out

Bankruptcy can carry with it a certain stigma, despite how useful it can be in helping people dig themselves out of their financial struggles. And when considering bankruptcy, you might wonder: will other people be able to find out that you filed? Are bankruptcy filings public?

Yes, actually. Most court records, including bankruptcy filings, are public. But, that does not mean that just anyone can access all of your personal information. Typically speaking, your friends, family and acquaintances are not going to find out about your bankruptcy filing unless you tell them yourself. There is a public access system known as PACER that contains information about bankruptcy filings throughout the U.S. But to access this system, you are required to register and pay per page of documents you obtain. As such, the average citizen will not be able to see your bankruptcy filing.

However, your creditors and co-debtors will find out quickly. Once you file for bankruptcy, creditors and co-debtors will receive a direct notice. Major credit bureaus will also be notified of your bankruptcy, and the bankruptcy will show up on your credit report for ten years Because your bankruptcy will show up on your credit reports, any company that is running a credit check on you will find out about your bankruptcy. That means that if you apply for a job, a rental apartment or any kind of credit, whoever you are applying to will be able to see your bankruptcy filing.



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