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Surplus Inventory For Sale

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Product Liquidators is a buyer of closeout and overstockliquidation products in the United States. Our mission is to provide fair prices for our customers, by purchasing small to large quantities of general merchandise.

We make it easier, faster and cheaper for our customers to continue the business they need to do. We help them by being flexible with effective order intake, and by guaranteeing 100% satisfaction to our customers.

Product Liquidators is ready to buy your surplus merchandise at all times, and we have the professional skills to make the best deal, faster than our competition. Distribution is always protected for the manufacturers, importers, distributors, retailers and service companies. You can also check out Bulk Inventory Buyers to see how you can be helped further.

Selling Your Products Is Quick And Easy

Product Liquidators is an experienced and reliable company that helps people and companies who have excess bulk inventory, overstock items, or closeout merchandise to sell. Our fast, easy process is designed to respect your time and solve your challenging problems. We also believe in presenting you a fair and competitive offer for your products.

We buy all types of consumer-related products. If you need to liquidate overstock inventory, we would like the opportunity to help you. Our focus is on retail-ready items. If you have components or unfinished packages, we may also have a solution for you. We purchase all types of quantities ranging from one case pack to entire warehouses. We work with wholesalers, retailers, manufacturers, liquidators, distributors, importers, freight warehouses, and bankers.

Product Liquidators can help you solve problematic Amazon inventory Ship right to us from FBA warehouses!There is no doubt that selling on Amazon is becoming harder every day. Maybe your item is too slow moving or the marketplace has become too competitive to make money? Maybe your Amazon fees and storage costs have become too high to be profitable? Maybe your item has become restricted? Maybe your PPC/SEO costs are too high? One thing for sure, it is critical to remove your inventory as soon as possible! Product Liquidators can help you solve the challenges. Contact us to discuss your solution today.

Surplus Inventory: Avoid It Identify It Sell It

A customer cancels a large order. A vendor offers a moderate discount to double an order for products you might sell over the next 12 months. This month’s sales forecast is inaccurate. All of these scenarios can result in something industrial distributors dread: surplus inventory.

As much as distributors may like to tuck away the problem as easily as they can tuck away the surplus inventory in the dusty, back corner of their warehouse, they can’t. The bottom line is that surplus inventory is one of the largest costs that today’s industrial distributor faces. The cost of the products themselves, the loss of working cash and the ongoing holding costs are just a few ways that surplus inventory can eat away at bottom-line profits.

According to an article published in Barter News in January 2000, manufacturers, wholesalers, direct marketers and retailers have used corporate barter companies to move a portion of their surpluses, which in 1999 reached a staggering $350 billion. It’s estimated that product overstock and surplus inventory will total $445 billion by 2002.

The magnitude of the problem warrants immediate and dedicated attention. In a soft, yet highly competitive economy, industrial distributors must find ways to avoid, identify and sell surplus inventory.

Manage stocking inventory by days of supply, lot control for shelf life and aging analysis. Non-stocking inventory should include only direct ship, special order, obsolete or de-listed items.

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Liquidating Old And Surplus Inventory: 11 Smart Ways To Get Rid Of Excess Stock

Quick take: This post will showcase the many ways to handle surplus stock. Youll learn:

  • How to creatively sell and market excess stock
  • How to avoid having surplus inventory to begin with
  • The retail inventory tools and solutions to use in order to stay on top of stock control

Having too much inventory is pretty high up on the list of no-nos for retailers. In addition to taking up precious backroom or shelf space, surplus stock ties up capital and can keep you from re-investing in your business or buying things you actually need.

Thats why regularly paying attention to your sales and inventory data is so important. You need to keep an eye on how products are moving so you can make the right purchasing and marketing decisions. At the same time, staying on top of inventory counts enables you to get a handle on the merchandise you have so you can prevent having too much stock in your store.

Still, excess inventory problems can sometimes turn up because of things you cant control. Perhaps there was a sudden change in whats trending, or your demand forecasts didnt pan out as well as you hoped. Whatever the case, dont fret. If youre looking at a surplus of merchandise in your store, there are several steps you can take to liquidate them:

Buying Surplus Inventory Online In The Us


Every year, the retail industry in the United States holds an eye-watering $250 billion in surplus inventory that it needs to dispose of. This staggering sum has the potential to cost retailers huge losses unless they are able to both remove it from valuable shelf space and claw some of the costs of this surplus back. In the case of larger scale retailers, they cant simply give over large areas of their retail space to selling discounted goods. So what do they do instead?

A popular way to dispose of the mountains of surplus inventory retailers build up year on year is to sell it via online liquidation marketplaces direct to businesses at a considerable discount. In the following article, we explain how this system works, what a business can expect from an online liquidation wholesale marketplace and why buying surplus merchandise from a liquidator is a cost-effective way to supply your business with top-quality stock that wont cost you the earth and will increase the likelihood of your business making a profit.

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Buying Surplus Inventory Online

If youre looking to buy surplus inventory online, then you should look no further than Direct Liquidation. With over a decade of experience at the top of theliquidation industry, Direct Liquidation is trusted by some of the countrys biggest retailers to sell surplus inventory on their behalf.

Usually sold via liveliquidation auctions which take place on Direct Liquidations online sales platform on a daily basis, surplus inventory can be bid for by the pallet or by the truckload depending on how much stock your business requires. For smaller businesses, flea marketers and startups, surplus inventory can even be bought by the boxload. This means you wont have to break the bank buying too much stock or upgrade your storage capacity when youre not yet ready to do so.

If bidding on surplus inventory viaonline liquidation auction isnt for you, there is quite often the option to buy the wholesale merchandise youre interested in for a fixed price that will still be fantastic value for money and will still be well below each boxload, pallet or truckloads worth. Look out for a Buy it Now button on the lot youre interested in. If its there, it can be purchased straight away without the need to wait for it to come up for auction.

Buying surplus inventory in the US is simple, affordable and quick thanks to top-tier liquidators such as Direct Liquidation, so why not check out what they can offer your business today? We guarantee you wont be disappointed!

How To Use Surplus Inventory To Boost Online Sales

Weve established that too much surplus inventory is less than ideal. Its eating away at your profit margins and taking up space in the meantime. But theres no point dwelling on the negatives. Were here to provide positive, actionable solutions. Lets turn the problem on its head and discuss how we can use our surplus inventory to boost online retail sales.

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Selling To Other Businesses

  • Retailers that have a surplus of nonperishable products might sell those products to other businesses. This usually occurs when the surplus of inventory is causing space issues, preventing the retailer from stocking additional product. By selling to other businesses, the retailer can typically unload a large amount of inventory in one sale compared to selling only a small portion of the product to consumers.

  • References

    We Specialize In Wholesale Liquidation Of Amazon Fba Obsolete Inventory

    Welcome To Vanguard Motor Sales

    Do you have unsold inventory you want to sell? Or problems selling Amazon inventory? Wondering who will buy your unsold Amazon FBA stock? Ship directly to us from any “Fulfillment By Amazon” warehouse!

    Before Amazon fees to ship and warehouse your merchandise become too high for you to make money. CALL US!

    Selling on Amazon is becoming more and more difficult. In addition to Amazon fees and storage, sometimes your item is just too slow-moving or the marketplace has become too competitive to make a profit. Other times items may have become restricted. Or maybe marketing costs are too high to get any visibility on Amazon. Whatever the case is, if your FBA goods aren’t moving, it’s critical to remove your inventory as soon as possible! Selling Excess Inventory can help you solve the challenges of Fulfillment By Amazon.

    We’ll give you a fast, & free quote while saving you money and time. We will buy your unsold or excess FBA inventory. Don’t pay for shipping twice. Contact us before your FBA inventory is shipped back to you. We’ll pick up the inventory or have it shipped directly to our facility – while paying you upfront.

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    Overstock And Obsolete Inventory Liquidators

    With over one-hundred years of experience combined dealing with Overstock Inventory, We Buy Excess strives to be the industry leader for all types of inventory liquidation.

    Regardless of what your excess inventory may entail, the WE BUY EXCESS Team are the best inventory liquidators for you. We service all industries, including manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, service industries, and more.

    Whether you have obsolete inventory that no one cares for anymore, or expired and short-dated product that needs to be sold off quick we can help you!

    We buy anything and everything, including apparel, as seen on tv, bedding, beverages, cosmetics, detergent, food, footwear, general merchandise, hair care, health and beauty aids, housewares, impulse, kitchen, licensed goods, and so on.

    If youre a retailer looking for unheard of growth and margin, we are the merchandise liquidators you need to call. We are always looking to expand our network and outlets every way possible. Whether youre a big box store, a regional chain, or even a flea marketer looking for an opportunity buy, please e-mail us to be added to our affiliate list!

    While every situation is unique, our guarantee to you will remain the same.

    Excess Inventory, Closeouts, Surplus, Salvage, Customer Returns, Store Closings, Bankruptcies, Expiration and Date Code Issues, Irregulars, Factory Defects, Seconds Not only do we buy it all, but we PAY OUR BILLS IMMEDIATELY.

    Donate Then Take Advantage Of Tax And Marketing Opportunities

    One other option is to donate your surplus inventory to charityand get some tax deductions out of them.

    Research how these deductions work in your state or country, then start giving what you can.

    According to Gary C Smith, president of, a gifts-in-kind organization that provides free merchandise to non-profits, schools & churches, businesses in the United States can can earn a federal income tax deduction under Section 170 of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code.

    In an insightful post on the topic, he writes:

    The IRS Code says that regular C corporations may deduct the cost of the inventory donated, plus half the difference between cost and fair market value. Deductions may be up to twice-cost.

    Lets say youre a retailer of office products and you buy a desktop stapler for $2.00. Your price to the home office consumer is $4.50. Your deduction is $3.25. If the markup is considerably higher, deductions are limited to twice cost.

    If youre an S corporation, partnership, LLC or sole proprietorship, you qualify for a straight cost deduction.

    Its not just about taxes, though. Amy Kilvington, a Marketing Executive at Interior Goods Direct, says that donating your merchandise can also have a PR benefit.

    We also recently worked with Dogs Trust , to donate and make products for them out of our materials. Its been great PR for us.

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    Improve Stock Ordering By Observing How Customers Interact With Your Merchandise

    Ensure that youre ordering the right products by keeping your customers needs in mind. Talk to them and observe their behavior so you can gain insights into what items will sell.

    As shoppers come into your store your sales staff should hear them make comments about fit, quality, etc. for a particular item this will help clue them in as to why they do or do not like a particular item, says Kat. I would start off by talking to the sales staff to figure out what comments have been made and why the product isnt moving.

    What Is Excess Or Surplus Inventory


    In simple terms, surplus inventory is excess stock. Some companies will hold excess inventory on purpose, as a sort of back up supply in case demand is higher than expected. But, more often than not, excess inventory is the result of overstocking due to poor demand forecasting.

    Sometimes ordering a consignment with a small amount of excess or surplus inventory can be useful for instance, if youre anticipating a seasonal sales spike. However, chronic overstocking can very quickly become a major drain on resources.

    Inventory costs. It takes up space and money in storage, and sometimes businesses even end up footing the bill for disposing of excess stock. Furthermore, for those who sell perishable goods, theres the added problem of expiry dates.

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    Why Might You Have Excess Inventory

    You may have excess inventory for a number of reasons, both within and beyond your control.

    Some of the most common reasons that you can control include:

    • Failing to forecast expected demand and sales: Overestimating the markets demand for a certain product will ensure you have too much of it.
    • Overreacting to demand changes: Fads and trends happen, which can lead to a rash of orders for your products. However, overreacting to these demand shifts by doubling or tripling your typical manufacturing order can lead to a big problem when the fad ends.
    • Reducing quality to meet demand: If you accelerate the production process to meet increased demand, you may put out subpar products. As a result, you may see more canceled or returned orders. Whats worse than excess inventory? Excess inventory that is too low-quality to resell anywhere.
    • Business pivots: Pivoting your business towards selling one product more aggressively may result in excess inventory of another product. Thats fine, as long as you have a plan to sell that excess inventory.
    • Poor inventory management system: Making transactions, purchasing and ordering products, and processing sales are all part of an inventory management system. Poor coordination between sales, purchasing, and operations teams may lead to mistakes. When you have a poor tracking system, youre more likely to order too much of a product.

    Why Having Surplus Inventory Is Bad For Business

    But why is all this spare inventory such a bad thing? Surely its good to have extra products to sell?

    Well, not always.

    Unless that extra stock is serving a purpose , it festers and grows into a resource drain, taking up space, costing money in storage, depreciating in value, and tying up financial capital in stationery products on shelves. When a business overstocks on a regular basis they are more likely to encounter space problems in-store. Lingering stock prevents retailers from placing new-season items on the rails, restricting sales opportunities.

    As old products depreciate in value , new products are denied the space and attention they deserve. That means reduced profits for the quarter as that excess inventory must be slashed down in price in order to shift it at all. In the worst-case scenario, some companies will resort to selling their products below the purchase price and thus incur a loss. Mobilizing multi-channel retail software is the best way to regain control over even the most complex of supply chains. Retail solutions centralize and automate all retail processes from purchasing to inventory, warehousing, shipping, and more.

    However, there are ways to avoid surplus inventory affecting your bottom line. Instead, make it work for you by boosting your online sales.

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    A Huge Range Of Surplus Inventory

    On an online liquidation marketplace, youll find a huge range of surplus inventory that will satisfy the vast majority of resellers needs. On Direct Liquidations online sales platform, for example youll find surplus inventory being sold by some of the countrys biggest retailers such as Walmart, , Lowes Hardware and Target in the following categories:

    Adult, Automotive, Baby, Books, Clothing, Shoes & Accessories, Electronics, Fixed Assets, Food, Furniture, General Merchandise, Health & Beauty, Home, Home Improvement, Industrial Supplies, Jewelry, Movies & TV Media, Office, Parties & Occasions, Patio & Garden, Pet Toys & Pet Supplies, Sports, Fitness & Outdoors, Toys and Unsorted.

    As you can see, thats a pretty comprehensive list. Youll find a massive range of surplus inventory from global brands such as Apple, Samsung, Black & Decker, Sony, Fisher Price, Disney, LEGO, Microsoft, DeWalt and HP. And because Direct Liquidation works with retailers such as Walmart and Target, youll also find boxes, pallets and truckloads of well-respected own brand products from lines such asMainstays andBlackweb.

    So, if your business specializes in selling surpluswholesale electronics, for example, an online liquidator such as Direct Liquidation can supply your business with everything from high-end consoles, games and peripherals, PCs, monitors and laptops, to the latest smartphones and tablets including the highly-regarded and much sought-after iPhone and iPad models.


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